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Chap 3
Laga Chunri Mein Daag
(I am maked forever)
The driver opened the door for her. She adjusted her saree and got down nervously from the car.

Her legs were shivering
Her hangs were freezing
Her stomach was having 1000s of summersaults
She was having difficulty to breadth.

She steadied herself on the ground looking nervously to the guest house main gate.

She flinched with the noise of ignition of the car. She looked back to see the car retreating from her leaving her in the darkness of the night under the cloudy hazy sky, no stars to see her, no moon to guide her, it was darkness everywhere. She closed her eyes and exhaled. There she is today. She was going to be impure forever, he was doing to be touched by the person whom she doesn’t feel, all this for the love of her life, her pulkit, a lone tear rolled down her beautiful soft cheeks. "Pulkit, please forgive me" she could only tell it to herself. She looked at the sky to search her parents, but alas they were not there to see her, "how can they?" she thought. No parents can see her daughter like this giving away her soul just for money. She felt disgusted; she felt no less than a prostitute today, who sleeps around only for money. In fact she was even worse than them, atleast they are not committed, they are not into any relationships, but she............she sighed.


He could hear the tinkles of the ice in the glass, making himself a drink on the rocks, it has been ages he left drinking but today, he felt the urge to take a sip or two. He did not know why his mind was not working the way it should have. He tried to be normal, but he was not.

He called up someone and after talking for 3 minutes he disconnected the line, feeling a little sad. He looked at his phone and searched pulkit's no, he had a photo stored in his mobile with his no, a smiling one. He pressed the remove pic button and deleted his picture. “Damn It". He gulped the rest of the drink in one go and removed his jacket.

He heard the door bell, he turned to look at the bedroom door, after placing the jacket on the bar counter, and he walked out of the room and went towards the main entrance.


Khushi gradually prepared herself for the worst night in her life

The night, which is going to take her soul
The night, which she had never ever dreamt to face in her life
The night, which is going to haunt her forever
The night, which is going to be the turning point of her life
The night, which she was going to sacrifice for her love.
The night, she will become impure. Maybe her body will become impure but her heart?

Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness; They are sign of pure heart....

Her lips curved into a smile, while her eyes filled with tears..."Khushi, tu yeh sirf aur sirf pulkit ke liye kar rahi hai...itna mat soch...tera jism maili ho sakti hai par tera soch kabhi nahi...(khushi dont think so much, you are doing it only for pulkit, your body can become impure but your soul, uoir thinking is pure)

She wiped her tears, tucked her saree and finally walked towards the main door.

She stood there for few seconds prayed to her devi maiya for the last time and pressed the bell.


Arnav opened the latch and saw her.

A cool breeze blew, it was about to rain he thought, she met her eyes with him, "Come in" she heard.
Arnav moved to give her space to enter.

"Third room from the right" she heard him again. She could hear him locking the main door.

The passage was dark really dark. She could hardly see anything except the tiny jet of light coming from a wall. She tried to move when she heard him again "are you planning to stay here for the rest of the night?" his voice was dangerously dark, his attitude like a roaring lion.

He walked passed her and opened the door and went inside. Khushi realized it was a door not a wall from where the light was coming.

She grabbed her saree, lifted it a bit and followed him.

She entered the room nervously. The ambience itself made her so scared that when she was brushed by her own pallu she screamed and hugged him from behind clutching his t-shirt, spilling his drinks.


She instantly moved back "I am Sorry, I am really sorry..." before she could say anything further he splashed his drinks on her face and pulled her by her hair.

AHHH! She cried

She fisted his t-shirt somewhere near his neck.

Continued from I-F

He pulled her hair making her arch and cry in pain at the same time. He gazed her wet saree, which was now translucent showing off her cleavage. He pulled the pallu, not bothered about the pin which got stuck in her skin and removed it from her body.

AHHH! she cried again.

"SHUT UP" he said clutching his teeth.


Arnav: I said just SHUT UP Miss Gupta. He trailed his tongue along her long swan like neckline, giving time to each and every area he slid. He stopped near the ditch of her neck and flicked twice. Khushi gasped, she wanted to scream, she felt horrible to be touch by him, he was lusting on her, and her inner self was not approving her motive. Khushi closed her eyes and gripped him more to stop herself from reacting.

Arnav bite her on nape and pulled her skin with his teeth and cutting it.

Khushi was losing control over her legs, she was feeling tortured. AHH! She cried again, when he bit her.

Arnav: This was for stretching me with your time mind it; i don’t like to be marked by someone. If you can’t control your desire then hold on to something else. If you still do it, you won’t be able to go out in light....remember that.

Khushi got really scared, really, really scared. She never thought a guy can be this dark and emotionless. He did not even care about her gender. In fact he seemed to be more rude on girls.

Without further delay arnav pulled her pleats off from her petticoat, khushi froze in shock, her eyes still, tears rolling down in its own accord.

Arnav looked at her from, she was slim, fair, and soft, untouched...."UNTOCHED?" he thought.

He moved back leaving her like that, while khushi stood still glued at the place. He could only make out her having breast, moving up and down, her cleavage tightening and loosening inside her blouse.

He turned back to make another drink.

"Start Striping" NOW! he ordered.

Khushi: J....j.....iiii?

Arnav: Open the remaining clothes.

Khushi was hell nervous now, she did not even open her dress in front for her mom after she had her chums and now he was asking her to stipe in front of him?

Arnav turned after making his drink and saw her in the same position.

His anger was rising, which he knew was not good for this girl, he prepared himself to be a little softer towards her before he came but this girl was not helping him to stick to his views.

He clutched his fist and stormed towards her, SLASHED another round of bath in wine, this time on her breasts and abdomen.

Khushi flinched and shivered. The AC was chilled and the drinks on her made her worse.

Arnav pulled her towards him crushing her on his hard chest grabbing her waist, leaned and bite on one of her swells hard.

Khushi grabbed his hair and pulled him, it was more of a punishment pull than an arousal, and arnav was no naive not to understand that. that was it for him to loose his control over his anger.

He picked her up and crashed her on the bed. Removing his trousers, pulling up her skirt dragging her panty down making her thighs bleed due to his dragging digging nails on them, he pulled her by her legs, holding her hands tight above her head with one hand and placing her one leg with his hand widening his access, he plunged in, in one swift motion ripping her apart.

It was so sudden that before she could react to anything, she felt a sharp pain; as if someone pricked her 1000 of needles in one go without anesthesia. She clutched his finger which was holding hers and cried out loud.

But before he could know anything about her state, he stroked his full length inside her, four to five times vigorously due to his rage.

Khushi collapsed her back on the bed, retreat her fingers from his, her mouth opened to swallow air, her eyes still at the ceiling.

He grind her 3-4 stroked more when he literally failed to understand her tightness, he felt that he was unable to adjust himself inside her which was a little wierd he thought. Every girl feels the pain if it is done unannounced but they get adjusted after sometime, but this not similar in her care. It was practically impossible for him to stroke more.

He quickly pulled himself out and was about to stuff it in her mouth when he suddenly stopped at the scene.


He went blank. he saw her lifeless form and then his length. It was as if tossed in blood, as if someone has ripped him apart. Someone has stabbed him brutally over there. For a moment he thought it was his own, his blood, but then everything fell in place, "SHE. WAS. A. VIRGIN?" 

He looked on the bed which has turned into a red ocean, for the first time in his life his heart stopped pounding at the site. His brain stopped giving right signals. He did not know what to do, he looked at her.

She was shivering, yet she was in the same position as it she was paralyzed. only her eyes shading blood like tears and her chest having, and her little heart thumping.

He immediately pulled his handkerchief and blocked her there, nervously looking at her.

He could not believe what was happening in front of him, his hanky turned red soon and was drenched.

He picked her up in his arms and rushed to the bathroom, he made her sit on the floor, resting her back and rushed to the tub, opened the tap, closed the trap and started filling it with luke warm water.

He rushed to her and grabbed her, he jerked her once " Khushi!"

No answer

"Khushi!" he called her again, jerking her this time.

Khushi looked at him with dead eyes and blinked.

Arnav slapped her hard on her checks making her come back from the shock.

Khushi saw arnav and finally started reacting, her breathing increased, her face muscles now reacting; she looked at him he looked at her.

what happened next, arnav had never imagined to happened.

She crashed herself in his chest hugging him tightly crying madly, as if she was about to chock.

Arnav: Stop it Khushi

Khushi: I...I am...Sorrr...aranv ji...i...i...lied to you.

Arnav held her droopy head for support.

Khushi clutched him more and more.

Arnav picked her up and placed her on the tub.

AAAH! She cried in pain.

Arnav looked at her state and hated himself for the first time for feeling guilty.

Khushi held his hand, stopping him from moving out of the bathroom.

Arnav could still see her blood oozing out and getting dissolved in the transparent water.

He placed his hand on her core while she held his hand.

He pressed it for some time so that the blood stops and he was successful in doing that. He once again picked her up in his arms and took her to bedroom. Khushi rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

He placed her on the bed and wiped the water from her body, slowly cleaning her core. He removed all her clothes and makes her wear his. He could see that she had given up. She did not have that resistance anymore. He felt that he has practically raped her and that very word made him mad. He immediately placed a quilt on her got out of the room before loosing his temper once again. At any cost he just could not hurt her more than this. For the first time in his life he was in the same situation which he hated the most.


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