Friday, 3 August 2012



Crackling his knuckles he stretched his muscular arms above his head. He gripped his black coffee mug and sipped his espresso, licking the excess coffee from his thin lips, fiddling the pen anxiously he looked outside his grand office.

He placed his mug and digged his hand inside his trouser pocket and took out his watch to see the time.

His secretary Aman entered his room to inform him about the last payment couriered on account of Pulkit Sharma, his ex-employee and the most reliable employee that AR group has ever produced.

Pulkit is a nice guy. He started his internship under AR group of companies 4 years back and soon be came his bosses favourite, as he was hard work and extremely dedicated and Arnav Singh Raizada was a man who never failed to appreciate hard working people.

Aman kept the file on his table after Arnav gestured him to do so. He also informed Arnav about Khushi Kumari Gupta's interview.

The name Khushi Kumari Gupta was not alian to Arnav, he know it very well that she is Pulkit's girl friend for last 2 years. She often came to AR but they never met face to face. He has heard about her a lot from Pulkit who never failed to appreciate her beauty and her intelligence. But Arnav always found it very difficult to understand how one can survive dating only one girl at too for two long years. For Arnav Singh Raizada, dating a girl for two years was bizzare. Infact the word dating itself was funny concept for him. Why? Well, ASR (yes that's what he is called in the town, and every girl, mind you; every girl in town was crazy for this most eligible bachelor. Sleeping around with good looking girls was ASR's pastime.
ASR was known for two things one is AR, that is his fashion house which was the company employees would die to work for because it was THE TOP fashion house in town and employees were treated with handsome amount of salary and relaxed atmosphere except during fashion weeks and launching of new clothing line. Employees were interviewed by his best man Aman, who has been with him for quite a long time now.

The other thing which he was very famous for was girls, wondering whats up with that? Well, apart from him being the sexiest lad in town his interest was on girls. Aman was incharge of employing guys but when it came to girls, it was ASR who always chose them, apart from their merit, they needed to have some special criteria which they needed to fulfill before they were employed in AR. And that special criteria was sleeping with him. If he was satisfied with her then only that girl was gifted with the appointment letter of AR group of industries.

He was also very particular about the dress code of his female employees, 5 days a week they needed to be in formal skirt which ended just below their sexy perfect round butts with leggings revealing the skin beneath and a three quarter shirt which held their cups perfectly a scarf around their neck. There was no particular mandate on colours as it was a fashion house but for guys, it always had to be white shirt and grey/blue/black trouser. Well ASR has explanation to that as well, the office highlight should be the girls to attract his clients so all the men should be subdued including him. But no one coul deny his charm, he would have given tough competition to all the Hollywood actors when I came to smartness. He is no less than a Greek god.

Aman excused himself from his cabin and shut the door behind him. Arnav spent few more minutes standing near the huge glass window overlooking the sea. After finishing his coffee he went and leaned on the table taking the flexy file in his hand. It was tagged with Khushi Kumari Gupta's name. He brushed his rough fingers through the entire name and then opened the file to see. Before he started to read his phone rang.

His pregnant receptionist informed him about arrival of khushi kumara gupta. He asked her to tell her to wait for sometime after asking Maria about her health.

Maria happily blushed before keeping the phone and requested khushi to sit for sometime on the sofa which was placed in the reception.

Maria received a call from Arnav and disconnected the line.

Maria: Hey dear, could you please come with me, I will show you the way to go to his cabin.

Khushi dragged herself up straightened her dress which she was wearing, wiped the tiny droplets of sweat which formed just above her lips, merged her lipstick pressing both the lips together, brushed her hair with her finger, removed her file from her bag and followed Maria.

Before reaching to his cabin she stopped in the mid way. Maria turned to look at her sensing that she has stopped.

Maria: What happened my dear?

She saw the girl extremely nervous, slightly shivering due to the chilled air conditioner.

Maria: Don't worry, you look perfect.

Khushi gave her a sheepish smile and started walking towards her.

After a walk of 2 mins they finally reached the chamber.

The name plate read Arnav Singh Raizada, it was stainless steel finish letters against dark brown (wenge) wooden door.

Maria: Here you go. All the best

Maira patted her back before leaving her there.

Khushi looked at the name plate once again, she closed her eyes holding the door knob and recollected Pulkit's face, she gulped her tears, her sorrows, took a deep breadth and before she twisted the knob the door opened and as khushi was holding the knob she couldnot maintain her balance and she hell on Arnav's chest. He immidiately gripped her waist in reflex so that she doenot end up falling on the floor after hitting him.

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