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Chap 2
An Approach To the Den
Well Miss gupta before you leave, I would like to tell you curtain things which I like and dislike.
Khushi was about to get up but she sat back.
Arnav: Firstly, Miss gupta, first of all as you are pulkit's girlfriend, I am giving you this chance otherwise you are neither my type nor AR type.
Secondly, I don't like nave girls, I hope you wont resist in any damn thing which I would like to do with you, it can be ANY DAMN THING remember that.
Khushi watched him pacing in the room and making him aware of his criteria. She wandered how on earth Pulkit always used to say good thing about his Raksash Boss. He was truly a bad guy with pervert motives.
Arnav glaced khushi: Stop thinking about my character, you can do that when you leave this room. Listen to me carefully, I don't like to repeat things and (leaning towards her once again) I don't like to repeat girls unless they are really really good.
Third: I need you to shave. I hope you understood where (he said looking up and down dirtily)
Khushi looked at him shocked.
Arnav: there is nothing to be so shocked khushi! I like hygienic people and I don't want you to compromise on that.
Khushi looked down.
Arnav: And please for god sake get out this stupid salwar. He went near his drawer and threw a bundle of INR. 500 notes. Get a good dress for yourself. In anycase I am turned off looking at you, I don't want the same state at night.
Arnav: Last and most importantly, I hope you have told pulkit about this, I don't want him create a scene later on.
Khushi: A tear dropped on the table, I am sorry I won't be able to fulfill the last criteria.
Arnav frowned looking at her, he saw her tears, he closed his eyes and yelled. STOP THIS NON-SENSE NOW. I don't like delicate darlings!!
Khushi wiped her tears and looked at him, I wont disappoint you Arnav ji
Khushi flinched: Sorry, but that is what pulkit use to refer while talking about you.
Arnav held his head in frustration. GET OUT NOW.
Khushi took her file and smiled looking at him: Thanks for giving me second chance. She forwarded her hand to shake.
Arnav looked at her, he know that she was in deep problem, otherwise a girl like her can never opt for this. Pulkit always had a lot of respect for her and tht was very envident in his talks.
Arnav held her hand a squeezed it a bit sudctively, scanning her with his eyes.
Her touch, she is soft, he thought, she is different than other girls whom he has taken, he did not know why for the first time he had a feeling of fear. She is too innocent for him he thought. He can never be polite to females, he was a monster on bed, emotionless monster.
He realized her hand, while khushi turned to go out of his room, before closing the door she once again glaced at him and smiled.
Aranv stood there for something and them came back to her seat.
Arnav to the operator: I don't want any calls now. Divert all my calls to aman, cancel all my meetings right now. And did that girl leave?
Operator: Yes Sir, she is just leaving.
Arnav: Ok, just tell her sharp at 8pm in the office.

Khushi dressed herself in a nice simple green saree, a little bit of mascara to give volume to her lashes, a stroke of blush-on. She opened her nose ring and kept it in her bag.
She reached to Devi Maiya and cried like hell, she knew it very well, what she was going to do is sin, not only having physical relationship with a guy when he is not her husband but also to pulkit to whom she can never disclose this.
That Arnav Singh Raizada was surely an animal, and today she was his prey, the little she knew about his bed stunts, still she feared about the night.
She kept her DM maiya inside her cupboard taking oath that she is not going to touch her anymore as she will become impure after tonight.
She called up someone and told to take care of the house as she wont be returning to night.

Arnav was back in RM, the whole day he couldnot stop thinking about Khushi. Her innocent eyes, her pure heart, her desperation for pulkit, her love, her everything was driving him crazy, He has never gave himself time to think about any girl in his entire life, but khushi, he just couldnot stop thinking. He banged his fist on the near door.
He closed his eyes and shot open at once. He did not know why her smile just a mere smile was making him mad, it was taking away his ruthlessness. I was over powering his dirty thoughts, I was capturing his strength. It was shadowing the evil in him. He was fighting with himself when he felt the tendor touch on his legs.
Two tiny hands waiting for him to embrace, two tiny feet eager to crawl to come to him, a beautiful smile with sweet tone eager to call him.
Arnav turned and looked down: Hey princess, my baby!
She giggled and clapped her tiny hands, now pulling his trousers desperate to be in his arms.
PaaH! She said in a throaty tone with all her strength.
Arnav: Aww! Come sweetheart, arnav took her in his arms and nuzzled her on her tummy, she laughed, he continued his sweet torture and she pulled her hair. He started making weird noises pressing her lips on her cute sweet chubby tummy.
She giggled and giggled.
Arnav held her high and tossed her in the air, her face enlightened, her beautiful eyes grew wider and naughtier, she slapped his face with her tiny fingers holding his nose and then putting his nose in her mouth she started chewing.
Arnav: No'No baby, papa is untidy now, don't do this.
She slapped him more and more in excitement making his face red.
Arnav took her to his room and placed her on the bed, he took some amount of sanitizer in his hand and rubbed it.
Gul got all the more excited seeing him coming towards her, she tired to escape crawling but he held her tiny foot and dragged her towards him.
He pinned her on the bed and started rubbing his stubbles, gul fisted his hair, she never likes when arnav rub his stubbles on her chubby cheeks.
She frowned in irriatation. Arnav looked at her and started kissing her all over.
Chhorry babbby!!
My kuchy-pie
He held her hand and blow his cheeks and slapped his cheek with her hand blowing out the air from his mouth.
Gul smiled looking at him. He kissed her on her lips and she tried to take his lips inside her mouth putting all her saliva around his lips.
Arnav: eeeks! Ganda baccha (naughty kid)
Gul pouted.
Arnav just couldnot stop smiling looking at her. After all she is his life, his everything, He can make the entire world upside down just for her happiness She is his JAAN. She is the only person who can pacify him, the only person who can comfort him no matter how bad his mood is. She is his daily dose. She is his patience, she is his positive side.
He kissed Gul on her forehead: I love you sweetheart. I love you a lot
He heard a knock on his room both looked at the door.
Arnav picked her up and opened the door.
She stood placing her hand on his hips while gul turned the otherway round not wanting to see her.
Person: There you are.
Arnav: Tum kabhi kisko sambhal nahi payi (you have never ever be able to control her)
Person: Sorry, but I was making her food and uske beech mein kahan chala gaya I was unable to tress her.
Arnav: My princess did not eat abhi tak? He make gul look at him, while she pouted and struggled to be glued with arnav.
But all her effort went in vein when she took her from his lap and gul started cry throwing her tiny hands and legs in the air.
Her eyes welled up, her lips turned red, she was calling arnav paah! In between her hick ups'
Arnav: Misha! i will be late tonight.
Misha holding Gul: Ok, are you going to be back or not?
Arnav: Well, I will try to be back but I cannot guaranty you.
Misha: I hope she sleeps, last time she did not sleep without you the whole night, she gave me touch time.
Arnav went towards Gul and kissed her on her forehead: Now stop crying baby, you are spoiling your beautiful face.
Gul: pa'''''''aH! She sobbed.
Arnav placed a peck on Misha's checks and ask her to take care of Gul. Gul looked at him in pleading manner while misha took her to the bedroom.
Arnav got back to his room, he loosened his tie and dropped himself on the recliner.
He closed his eyes and dozed off.
Khushi asked the Cab driver to stop after reaching AR. He paid him and got down of the cab nervously.
She looked at the office and thought how she used to come often here to meet pulkit, how they used to rush outside near the phuchkawala during the lunch time and have all chatpata stuffs together.
Gone are those days, now she is standing in front AR waiting for Arnav's car to pick her up and drop her in his den.
She breadth sigh and entered in the office. No one except a peon was present.
He asked her to sit in the reception and offered her a cup of tea.

Arnav came out of his bathroom and dressed in casuals. He was looking fresh as he took a nap. He applied after shave gel and wore his watch, took his wallet and went straight to Gul's room.
He saw both misha and gul sleeping piecefully, he picked up misha's leg which was hanging from the bed and placed her properly.
Arnav leaned to kiss her and then carssed Gul's cheeks and shut the door behind.
Gul A. Singh Raizada
He informed HP that he will not return home today. He also asked him to convey that to misha so that she doenot panic.
He started his car and drove off towards his guest house.
Khushi saw a figure right behind her, she sipped the last portion of her tea and picked up her bag, and turned to go.
The driver escorted her towards the car and held the door.
Khushi entered the car nervously.

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  1. I just want to let you know that my intention isn't to hurt you or bash your fic, i have a lot of respect for writers, these are just my though on what I've read so far.....

    You realized that what Arnav is asking of his female employes is borderline sexual harassment right? Yes no ones forced them into anything but a requirement like that in one of India's top fashion house just re enforces the stereotype that people have of the fashion industry.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that you didn't chose a name that starts with A for the baby(and shes sooo cute i just wana gobble her up!!)I think the baby might be Anjalis(maybe that why you didn't tell use what the A in her middle name stands for) or she could be Aakash's. The bond between Gul and ASR really seem to be him redeeming quality.
    ARS's is a father to a little girl what makes me scratch my head is that he doesn't treat women the way how he would want men to treat his little girl when she's older.

    PS The VM is amazingly done, you have so much creative talent. My stick people figues turn out deformed hehe.

  2. ur writing skills r really gud,the way u handle each scenario :-) but i don't like this Arnav,he is kind of unrealistic..hope he changes his mindset


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