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Chap 46
Unsaid Emotions

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Khushi couldnot get a proper sleep in the night due to her husband's bone cracking hug. She tired to set herself free after her husband slept, but all went in vein as he did not let her move an inch.
It was around 4-4.30 that she finally slept due to the tiredness of the yesterday's event and the guss of emotions and her little break down thinking about her past encounter with Arnav.
She fluttered her eyes and woke up around 8 am in the morning and found herself at the corner of the bed. Rubbing her eyes she yawned. For some moments she forgot that Arnav was with her, as her sleep took over her brains and her booting was not completed.
With trembling feet she stood up and went towards the bathroom completely ignoring Arnav who was still sleeping on the bed.
She opened the bathroom door and went in. Still sleepy she opened the water tap and splashed some cold water on her face and looked through the mirror, when she realized she was in the same saree that she was wearing yesterday. She was a little surprised as she never did something like that. She always changed into her night dress before sleeping.
She tried to think hard that why she did not change but her sleep did not allow her to think straight.
She undraped herself and was about to open her blouse when a warm pair of hand pulled her holding her waist sending goosedumps all around her body.
Fortunately unfortunately Khushi did not lock the bathroom door, which has now allowed her husband to enter the bathroom when she was inside. Actually she never locked the bathroom when she started staying in Delhi as Acer was too small, and she did not want to take any risk with her. And that left her a habit of not locking her bathroom door while she in inside.
Khushi gasped feeling him and tried to move but he did not let her move.
Arnav hid his face insider ther hair and let out a husky warm "good morning Khush!" which forced her to close her eyes and feel his closeness Subhah Subhah (in the morning)
Arnav kept on holding her and swaying along with her a little still half asleep. But he liked the feeling of being with her in the morning and feeling her warm cozy form.
In the meantime Khushi was so loft in his warmth that she totally forgot that she was not in her full clothes in front of him and she was also enjoying his morning effect.
After a minute or two Arnav slowly opened his eyes and looked at her cute, messed up morning face with drolly eyes through the mirrior.
He saw her messed kohl and her half erased lipstick adoring her face and she was looking absolutely tempting like that. As if she has just done IT with him and now resting in his arms.
Oh how he wished to do IT with her in the morning. The very thought itself made him look down to her cleavage peeping through her blouse. Unable to control his desire he slid his finger tips from her bare waist towards her swells, feeling which she jerked up and opened her eyes and saw him through the mirror.
He was totally lost in her and her eyes looking at her swells.
A furious blushed crept through her entire cheeks anticipating the next position of his fingers.
His finger still gazed his soft skin on her belly making its way towards its next destination that when Khushi realized their position. Her booting was not fully completed and all thanks to her romantic husband. The moment she realized what they were upto she quickly held his hand and stopped him.
Arnav opened his eyes and met his eyes with her through the mirror and gestured her "What?" through his expressive eyes.
Khushi's grip became stronger and she tried to push his hand but Arnav never let that happen.
"Let me feel you Khushi" he pleaded
"Chodiye humme Arnav ji"
"No" he said in a husky tone.
"Aap humesha aisa nahi kar sakte hai, you just cannot force me". (you cant do this everything)
"Really? And as if you are not participating in what I am doing? Or would you say I am forcing you to participate Khushi?"
Khushi was tongued. She did not know what to answer. No doubt she never initiated but she never failed to participate in his acts.
She tried to dodge his question by saying, "I don't like all these Arnav ji".
Listening to that he just opened the knot of her petticoat (inner skirt) and it dropped down in one go.
Khushi was show shocked by his gestured at she practically trembled and felt weak on her knees.
In one swift motion his hand was inside her panty.

WARNING!!! Matured content

Khushi threw her back on his chest and gasped really hard sensing his hand resting on her lower part of the body, which was yet to make its way towards her already wet core.
"Please arrrnrav ji" she let out a throaty moan begging him to stop.
He smiled looking at his khushi's state and took his hand out. Feeling relived at the same time a little disappointed she tried to make her breathing normal and gulped her desires.
The very next moment she felt him holding her hand and slowing putting it inside her own panty now making her very confused with his act.
He placed his fingers exactly on the top of her same fingers and guided her. With the other hand he opened her panty and slid it down so that he can get full access to her feminity properly.
He spread her legs with the help of his foot and locked it by placing his foot on her toes.
With his teeth he opened the knot of her blouse making it fall apart and then finally opening it with his free hand.
Khushi was not only in her bra and her panty with was stuck in the mid length of her long legs.
"You don't like this right?" Arnav teased her in husky tone making her own hand touch her core.
She let out a throaty moan feeling very shy of what her husband was making her do.
Arnav's mouth was near her ears whispering sweet nothing and slowing massaging her cl*t with her hands.
Now khushi was as usual totally lost in his deeds and relaxed her body on him.
Arnav was able to see her each and every expression through the mirror so he kept on glancing her face everytime he did something new to see what are the things she liked and he was presently surprised to see that when his finger travel towards her core she liked that the most.
He kept on massaging for few more minutes, holding her in position embracing his waist with the other arm.
Slowing he tapped his middle on her middle finger making its way towards her entrance. Holding her finger he started drawing circles around her core making her necture come out so that he can smoothly enter her finger.
She started gasping frequently now, her hormones took control over her and she was left with no open but to participate fully in her husband's act.
She felt his toe widen her legs a bit more and simultaneously she felt her own finger entering her warm unexplored area of her own body.
She could feel the skin separating which her finger made its way inside. Initially she wanted to take it out feeling a little *eeeu* but her husband never let her do that.
Arnav rubbed his hand over her hand so that she can do the same inside her c*** and she started doing it by reflex how her husband was doing over her palm.
She was so damn engrossed in the she did not realize that when he stopped but she continued stroking inside.
Arnav took that opportunity and started concentrating her cl*t. He has never seen a woman masturbating in front of him and the sight was quite arousing for him as well.
The desire totally took over khushi when they both simultaneously concentrated on her.
"Khushi, you know what arouses the most?"
"what?" she let out a throaty question
"When you see your partner getting satisfied by your acts. It's a treat to watch you so aroused. I swear".
In general situation khushi would have blushed but right now she totally forgot to blush as she was literally enjoying what they were doing forgetting everything around her. Forgetting that she was standing half nude in front of him, forgetting she was letting him aware of her uncontrolled desire for him.
Without any warning he pushed her finger inside her along with her.
"aaah!" she cried due to sudden intervention.
He kissed her cheeks sideways and continued his sweet torture.
"take you finger out" he ordered her. And she did.
He continued her expert stroke inside her bringing her to the edge. Khushi reciprocated by moving her body in sync with his thrusts.
She remembered their encounter in the office, when she was about to erupt. It was the same feeling she was having.
Her mind blank
Her breath hitched
She wanted him to stroke few more times, not knowing why she wanted that
She felt the pool of waves rushing down her lower part of the body ready to be flooded very soon.
But to her disappointment he took her finger out of her.
"Arrrnav ji!" she said, her throat already dried.
He whispered, "You don't like this don't you?"
Khushi fisted his palm. She was trembling; she was feeling as if something was yet to be completed.
A little tear dropped from the corner of her eyes and touched his nose as he was leaning on her cheeks and kissing it.
He felt it and turned her. The next moment he sat on the floor and spread her legs and in one go he darted his tongue inside her.
Khushi immediately held his shoulder to support her weak knees. He stroked his tongue few more time and she gave in.
He could feel her core pulsing furiously once again around his tongue. She fisting his hair and ordering him to lick hers, making his entire face rub her furiously.
Seven seconds of continuous numbness khushi finally collapse looking at her husband's face, which has now trued totally red due to vigorous rubbing.

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Chap 45

Khushi was still on the bed wondering why is her Arnav ji staying with her? Why she can sense something different in his behaviour? The more she wants stay aloof the more she was getting attracted to him. Especially in his new way he was behaving with her since he has dropped in the apartment.
"What does he mean by saying he will eat me up? Kuch baki hai kya? Hamesha to dante rehte hai. Isn't that the extreme side of him?" she thought.
"But his kiss?"A cute smile broke she felt a little shy. Did he just kiss me on my lips twice?" she wondered touching her lips and brushing her fingers trying to recollect his kisses.
She blushed furiously thinking how he tasted her mouth few minutes back. To be honest she like this beasty side of him. He was actually too hot to resist.
She compared her kiss with his and came to a conclusion that his kiss is way more passionate than hers. The way he drank her sweet nectar, the way he devoured her lips, the way he filled her mouth with his tongue was just toe curling.
Her series of sweet thoughts broke when she heard a click in the bathroom door.
There eyes met again, Khushi felt thousands of butterfly seeing his perfectly shapped abs through his super fitted t-shirt. She gulped her desires and tried to looked other way.
Arnav smirked and walked towards her. Raising his both eyebrows he said "Kuch kaye?"
Khushi's eyes became wider and her lips shapped "O". she snapped towards him with a disgusting expression "Aap……."
"Shh! I am talking about food. What did you think sweetheart?" he asked her naughtily making her all the more nervous.
"Hey devi maiya, yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai?" she thought.
"Hatiye, isi waqt hatiye, aapko kya lagta hai aap mujhe double meaning words bolke confuse karnge?"
Arnav smirked again, crossing his hand against his chest he said "to tumhe double meaning words samaj mein ati hai?" with that he picked her up in his arms.
"chodiye hume" she tried struggling in his arms but failed to get rid of him.
He carried her towards the kitchen and made her sit on the slab.
"Kuch kana hai?" (do you have some food in the house?)
"Nahi hai bolana aapko?" (nothing is there, I have told you na?)
Hmm! He kissed her on her cheeks and made his way towards the fridge.
Seeing that she quickly got down and stood in between the fridge and him.
"wooh! Kya hua?" he was surprised.
"aaap…..aaap fridge nahi khol sakte hai" (you cannot open the fridge)
He smiled "I can, I know how to open the fridge".
"Nahi mera matlab hai, you cannot open this fridge".
He twitched his lips a little "excuse me. Move Khushi!"
He pulled her aside and walked towards the fridge.
Khushi this time held his hand and pulled him again "Meine bola na you cant".
"Stop this Khushi, I am really hungry, if you cannot make anything, atleast let me have on my own. And what kind of behavior is this?"
"Aap job hi samjho, I am not letting you open the fridge".
"What the?" he gritted his teeth and fisted his palm in anger.
"I said move Khushi!"
"Enough!" he pulled her towards him and held her firm against his chest.
He opened the fridge finally. Khushi closed her eyes and gripped his t-shirt.
His rage immediately drained out seeing a plate inside. He felt so happy today seeing his wife so concerned about him.
He saw a plate full of jalebis inside the fridge and immediately he understood why she did not want him open it.
He was so lot in her goodness that he did not realize that she was crying holding him until he heard some sniffs.
"Aye! Don't cry Khushi!"
"You came so suddenly….sobs….that I couldnot…..sobs……take them out".
"Its ok Khushi!"
"No I did not mean to hurt you".
"Shh! Its fine babes".
Khushi broke the hug and looked at him with teary eyes.
She inheld some air and said "I am s….."
She couldnot comple her sentence when she felt his finger on her lips.
Caressing the corner of her lips he said "It is not your fault Khushi, and stop saying sorry in each and every thing you do".
He kissed her forehead "and listen, you can have jalebi's whenever you want to, I don't have any problem. Do you get that?"
Khushi turned towards the fridge and took out the plate. She poured the entire jalebi inside the trash can.
Anrav was about to stop her from doing this but he was a little late.
"what the hell is this Khushi? Did not you follow what I said? Why did you do that?"
see was quit
"say damn it"
"I cannot see you hurt" she said lowering her lashes.
His hearted filled with so much love after hearing this from her. She was truly and angel who always gave him happiness. Who always worked, talked, behaved according to him. Atleast she has always tried.
Feeling overwhelmed he pulled her in a warm hug.
He closed his eyes and wished even she hugs him back, but she did not.
She closed her eyes remembering his words "don't touch me" and pressed her eyes.
Arnav grabbed her hand and made her sit on the island counter and took out some bread.
Fixing the toaster he prepared two of them for him and two for her.
"Rehne dijiye" Khushi got down and stated applying butter and Arnav was just cherishing the beautiful moment seeing his wife preparing food for him. He did not know why but he liked it a lot seeing her doing this for him, just him. He felt possessive for her.
Arnav advanced the toast towards her and jestured her to take a bite. Initially she protested but later when he stuffed it inside her mouth she took it.
After having their dinner Arnav went inside the bathroom to wash his hand. Simultaneously, Khushi was racking her brain how to share the same with this man.
Her eyes fell on the single blanket on the bed. She wandered how can they sleep inside the same blanket. "Muskil se she was only able to cover herself up, now how can they both get covered in that tiny piece of cloth.
Scratching her head her eyes fell on another blanket kept above the cupboard
Pulling the dressing unit stool she stood up to reach the blanket. She was about to grab it when he hard the bathroom door knock. She was about to tell him not to come as she was standing right in front of the bathroom but she was a little late.
Bannng! Opened the door which hit the stool, she lost her balance and was about to fall when his strong pair of arms caught her.
"what the?" kya kar rahi thi tum?
Khushi opened her eyes and saw him holding her.
"Woh meye, I was talking out a blanket for you".
"that blanket is too small for you, so I thought I should get a bigger one for you".
Arnav smirked at her and took her towards the bed.
"Khushi we will manage in that blanket".
"Ya we" he smirked.
"eeeyes" he showed his teeth while pronouncing the word.
"Muskil se I am able to cover myself up in that blanket, how can we fit in?" aur waise mujhe thodi zada thand lakti hi".
Arnav smiled looking at his cute wife pouting. He quickly placed a peck and slipped beside her. "Don't worry, I am there to warm you up".
Khushi wanted to hide her blush listen to this but she couldnot.
"Waise achhi lagti hoon, when you blush"
Arnav fixed the blanket and covered himself up.
Khushi was about to get up when he pulled her towards him and she dropped her entire body weight on him.
She looked at him, looking loving towards her and rolled her beside him.
"we cannot sleep like this in one blanket".
"Ya true, you need to smuggle up more to get inside this blanket" with that he pulled her in bone crashing hug.
Khushi felt a little suffocated the way he was holding her.
"I……I don't want to sleep with you like this" she said angrily
"You don't have a choice babes".
Khushi huffed and puffed.
"I am not used to sleeping like this".
"Hmm! To aadat dal lo" (get used to it from now onwards)
Khushi struggled in his grip, but Arnav was Arnav, he did not let her shift an inch.
"I am having problem in breathing". She rebelled.
Arnav pushed her a little to see her face.
"Khushi! I have not done anything yet jisse you will have problem to breath. What will you do when I will…….."
he couldnot complete his sentence when he saw a beautiful blush creeping on her cheeks.
Arnav hugged her making her head rest on his chest and caressed her hair "Let us sleep tonight Khushi, I am sure you must be tired. But from tomorrow don't expect yourself to sleep because I will not let you sleep".
Khushi closed her eyes, finding no way out sighing.
For the first time both of them slept in each others warmth.
Arnv had a cute smile on her face while khushi was all confused with her husbands behaviour. it is not that she didnot like it, but why all of a sudden? she has so many questions to ask him but she just couldn't gather enough courage to do that tonight. she mentally cursed mish for not letting her know about her arnav ji's plan.
Needless to say she was presently surprised but again she was not at all prepared for all these.
She was thinking about all there when she heard "sleep now, you have the entire day to think of those things tomorrow".
Arnav made her smuggle more and gave her a final hug before both of them slept.
Mishu and Musky in their apartment Cry

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Chap 44
Angel and The Demon 
Arnav slowly slid his fingers brushing her bare belly while his lips brushed her delicate cheeks. He drew one (1) with his finger on her belly making khushi feel weak on her knees. Arnav made sure he holds her tighly in his warm embrace and continue his sweet assult.
He slowly dragged his lips towards her lips and placed a warm firm kiss near the corner of her lips.
She shivered by his tough, her eyes lazily closed, her skin feeling his touch after such a long time.
Arnav could sense her having chest against his and his chest became tighter with the feeling that even today he has the same effect on her like he used to have, infact even more than before.
He broke his kiss and looked at her who was still standing in between his arms and heavily panting due to the close proximity.
He leaned towards her left side and bite her neck a little . She pressed her eyes even more and moved her head to the other side giving him more access to her long milky white neck.
Arnav taking it as cue placed open-mouthed kiss all along after breathing on her skin. He dragged his nose, smelling her sweet perfume and bit her ear lobes.
With the other hand he inserted his index finger under her blouse, inbetween her shoulder and the blouse and caressed her bra inside feeling the sleekness of the strap and mentally imagining how she will look like without the blouse.
The same finger made its way towards her lips, which was already parted due to her heavy breathing and brushed possessively on her lips making her gasp. He cupped her face after spreading her entire lipstick with his thumb.
Khushi's eyes were still closed. He looked at her, she was looking no less than a temptress standing right in front of him. The Blue saree complimenting her white skin the spreaded lipstick making him lose all his control then and there.
He gulped before he made his way towards her luscious lips to claim them.
The moment she felt his warm breath against her lips, she opened her eyes and met with him.
His close proximity driving her crazy, his warm touch making her lose all her senses, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine and his sexy possessive lips making its way towards her.
Her breath hitched
Her eyes looked towards his lips
Her mind stopped working
Her heart sending singnal to her assaulted hormones.
Her lips quivering due to the anticipation of their next move
Arnav slowly closed his eyes before pressing his lips on her and kissed her making a chuckling sound slightly pulling her lips holding it in between his.
The moment their lips touched it was fire works all around them.
She fluttered her eye and searched his face. He remained in the same pose, slightly tiled head and eyes closed, his lips now adored with little amount of gloss transferred from her lips making it more desirable.
Khushi was about to take a step back when he pulled her towards him holding her nape, she was about to crash on his chest when she stopped berself from falling placing her hand on his chest.
He opened his eyes and looked at her, her eyes were all teary, her lips quivering due to her sobs, her entire form shaking due to her inner turmoil.
"Stop it Sir!" she managed to say.
Arnav's eyes mellowed down and he looked at her in an apologetic way.
"Khushi I..."
She gestured him to stop by signaling with her hand.
Before she could turn and leave, he pulled her towards him holding her waist. Her back touched his chest, his hand made its way towards her shoulder touched each and every part of her arms.
Khushi once again closed her eyes feeling his touched. She just couldnot avoid his touch and she knew it very well.
He smelt her hair and kissed in between them, she leaned back towards him and he embraced her more tightly.
After a minute or so Arnav's phone rang.
He opened his eyes and looked at her sideways. She opened her eyes and touched his hand, which was placed on her waist. Slowly removing it from her body she took few steps.
Turning towards him she said "I am getting your luggage inside". she said with a straight face.
He gestured drawing an imaginary smile near his lips seeing which Khushi just ignored and walked towards the door.
Arnav felt a little sad seeing her like this. He knew he has taken away all her happiness and made her like this.
For the first time she did not hug him and that did not go unnoticed by him. No matter how bad he was, how rude he was, she never failed to express herself to him. But today she did not show anything to him.
He knew she was excited to see him
He know she wanted to hug him
He knew she wanted to touch him
But he expected her to show those feeling to him today.
He mentally slapped himself of being such a ruthless person to her all the time when in return she always gave him warmth.
He already started to miss her warmth.
The call which got disconnect once again started ringing.
"Hello Mish     Ya I have reached.    Ya she looks fine (Khushi was just crossing him with the suitcase, Arnav saw her with guilty eyes and mentally pouted) good, I hope you and rohan are well placed     talk to chacha      if she is sleeping then let her sleep don't wake her up the journey was tiresome    love you sweetheart     take care     muah!"
He disconnected his call and made his way towards his bedroom. He saw Khushi taking out her stuffs from the almirah.
He walked towards her and held her hand.
Khushi gave a side glance and twisted her wrist to get of his grip.
Arnav saw her doing that and in one sweep he turned her and pinned her near the almirah!
Khushi angrily looked at him.
Arnav glared at her naughtily "don't. look. At. Me. Like. That."
Khushi managed to slip her waist from his grip "warna? Warna kya karenge?" she said in a challenging tone. (or else? or else what would you do?)
Before she could anticipate anything, his tongue was inside her mouth, licking every corner inside.
Her shocked eyes were open and her fingers fisted his suit collar.
His kissed grew into a passionate one and then an like a hungry lion starving for years.
He did not leave any corner untouched.
He pulled back holding her hair and looked at her with desired filled rage.
"aap yeh" she spoke gritting her teeth
"Warna yeh hoga, jitni tum dur jana chahogi meye ussey kahi zada tumhe aapne kareeb launga". He tapped her lips with his index finger "Remember that Mrs Khushi singh Raizada". (or else this will happen, the more you try to go far from me the more I will pull you closer)
He smirked at her shutting the almirah.
He held her hand and made her sit on the bed. "From today, we are sharing this room, this almirah (he said pointing towards it) this bathroom (pointing that as well) and finally leaning on her, he moving back he whispered near her ears "and. This. Bed" blowing near her ears sending tingling sensation.
She pushed him and got up from the bed.
"No way, I refuse to stay with you in the same room".
He pulled her towards him by her waist "meine ek baar bol diya so bol diya. That's final" (once I have said, I have said)
"You cannot force me". She said angrily.
He smiled looking at her red nose due to her rage boiling inside her.
"I don't have to sweetheart, you will come to me anyways".
"Hah! You wish" she said grumpily
"Azmana chahti ho? Azma lo". (wanna try? lets try it)
With that he picked her up in his arms and made her lie down on bed. He hovered over her slid the pallu from her belly to expose her skin. Without any warning he bit her there and she arched back moaning in pleasure. She gripped his hair feeling a new sensation and he started his assult licking her allover her bare belly. She wiggled slowly like a snake and dragged him towards her. Once his face reached near her she looked at him.
He was smiling, he knew in anyways he is going to win, because when he is in front of her she just loses herself.
"Stay with me" he said in a husky tone".
Khushi just nodded a yes.
He smiled before her and kissed her forehead.
He got up from the bed and took his stuffs out from his suitcase, while Khushi just stared at him, watching him closely how he shifted all her dresses and added his own with her in the same cupboard.
Finally taking out his night suit he turned toward her and wiggled his eyebrows.
Khushi looked down grumpily. Arnav quickly nodded and said "Pagal Ho, lekin cute ho actually".
"Bohot bukh lagi hai, kuch kahan milega?" (I am really very hungry, can I get some food?)
"Nahi!" she screamed.
"Ok, I don't have an issue, I will anyways be eating you whole night. Be prepared".
Khushi's jaw dropped immediately. She threw the pillow behind him but it unfortunately hit the door as Arnav already closed the bathroom door before entering.
"How can we sleep in this single quilt?"
Arnav pulled the quilt making her practically fall on him. She tried to struggle
He tucked her lose strands and said, "We can share this quilt sleeping close to each other".