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Chap 54
Arnav gritted his teeth and clutched his jaw. Today she has brought him to the edge where he never wanted to come. In last two months he had controlled a lot and today he is a changed man. A man who gained lots of patience in him, a man who thinks before he acts. But her one word broke everything.
Holding by her wrist he started dragging her through the stairs. No matter how much she cried in pain, but it seemed like he did not care.
Finally they reached their flat and he shouted on her to open the door.
She got so nervous she started fumbling. In one go he pulled her towards him and slid his hand inside her bag and pulled out the key.
Opening the door he twirled her around and shout the door behind. He ganged his fist in frustration and closed his eyes to calm down his agitated nerves. "I am his mistress, his contracted wife"'it was not much of his help. He opened his eyes and turned around to see his traumatized wife standing right in front of him clutching her lower abdomen.
"WHY" he barked loud.
She flinched seeing his old self, furious will be an understatement to describe his state.
He narrowed his eyes and continued'"Mistress?" he said in a low voice. "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THAT WORD?" he said it loud.
He advanced towards her and held her tightly from her shoulder. She flinched in pain "aah!" she cried out.
"WHY THE F*CK DID YOU SAY THAT KHUSHI? WHY DAMN IT?" his pitch rose with every single word.
"Because I am the one", she said in a low, hurtful voice.
"SHUT UP", he barked gripping her more digging his fingers into her skin.
"What wrong did I say?" she added more fuel. "you have used me like a puppet, did not you? when you wanted me you touched me, when you wanted me you threw me out of this house, when you wanted to hug me you hugged me, when you wanted to yell at me you yelled at me. Do you have any idea how I felt?"
Arnav was hell shocked and dumb folded. He never know she have felt like this these days, so was his love forceful? Did he force her all the time? Does she hate him now?
His heart swelled at the very thought "hate". He stood staring at her blankly, trying to read his mind and heart.
But why he always felt that it was mutual? Why he always felt she loved to be touched by him? What was that when she hit her climax, why she never opposed him when he tried to be physical with her? Why it never looked like as if it was forced and one sided?
His series of thoughts broke with her next question.
"Why? Why did you mention about our marriage in front of out siders, when life span is of only 4 months? Why you have to link our name together when there is no future to this contract marriage? Why? She sat on the floor crying bitterly'."why?"'.sobs.
Arnav just couldnot figure out what she was talking about? Was it the effect of alcohol that she is talking non-sense, or is it real?
"What? 4 months?" Arnav was confused to the hell. "what the hell are you talking? Why will I marry you for 4 months? And what contract marriage are you talking about?".
"Shaadi jo aapne mere saath kiye hai".
(the marriage which you have done with me)
"Khushi! Tum kya bol rahi ho?" I think you need rest.
She wiped her tears and stood up clutching her abdomin and said, "I don't need rest I want answer, "wohi contract marriage jo aap karne wale the with roshni ji, I am talking about those contract papers jo maine sign kiya hai".
"WHAT? What are you saying? When did you sign on those papers?" Arnav was all the more confused.
"Aman ji ne mujse sign karwaya tha".
"Aman ne? kab? Kahan? Are you sure?"
"he gave me the papers and I had signed it".
Arnav held his forehead and ran his fingers in between his hair.
"Khushi, I think tumhe koi galat faimi hui hai" (I think there is some confusion, some misunderstanding) "when did aman gave you those papers?" he asked feeling frustrated.
"the day I left for delhi", she said in a firm voice.
"Khushi! Aman aisa kar hi nahi sakta hai kyun ki I have asked him to destroy the contract on the very day when you saved musky from those people. That contract was not meant for you. I have never intended to make you sign on those shitty contract. How could you even think of that? Out of all the people I will bind you in contract? Do I have such a horrible impression on you? and why are you askng this today? Why did not you clarify with me before? God Khushi! How could you think like this? Out of all the people you? you are misunderstanding me and that too big time?
Khushi was shocked. She did not know what to believe. She was blank. Yes to be honest even she wanted not to believe the contract part as he had never mentioned about it ever to her, not before their marriage and not even after their marriage. But then what did she sign?
"you still don't believe me right?" he said in a very hurtful tone.
Arnav took out his cell phone and dialed aman's number.
"Hi! aman, is it a good time to talk to you?...ok'great'aman I am putting you on the loud speaker'I am right now with Khushi".
He connected the loud speaker.
"Aman, did you make Khushi sign those contract papers?"
"what contract papers ASR?"
"My marriage contract papers aman the one which Khushi drafted"
"No, why?"
Arnav looked at Khushi with hurtful eyes.
"Aman! on which papers did Khushi sign?"
"ASR, I have only took her signature on your marriage application paper when she was in Mumbai and I had forwarded her of your marriage certificate after 4 days in delhi to take her signature on it and finally forwarded her, her hard copy through courier".
"thanks aman"
"but ASR did you ask me to destroy those papers?"
"yap that's what I was thinking. Anyways thanks for the clarification".
Arnav disconnected the call and looked at her.
She was looking everywhere but not him. She was ashamed of herself, she was ashamed of thinking so low about this man. How could she not trust her heart? How could she even think that this man will ever leave her? But he did leave her. He has sent her away from him, without even telling her.
She saw him coming towards her and holding her by her shoulder.
her tears were not stopping, her breathing was abnormally high.
He sighed and closed his eyes.
He took a deep breath her words still playing in his mind "you have used me like a puppet, did not you? when you wanted me you touched me, when you wanted me you threw me out of this house, when you wanted to hug me you hugged me, when you wanted to yell at me you yelled at me. Do you have any idea what I felt?"
He wiped of her tears with his thumb, "Khushi I have married you forever not for 6 months, I myself know it very well the value of marriage. Don't ever call yourself as mistress, I know the pain which my mom went through. She was nothing but a second woman, a mistress of my father. She had never ever enjoyed her life being someone's wife, a legally wedded wife. Jeete ji she could never use his surname and not even after her death. But as far as you are concerned you are my wife Khushi, my legally wedded wife and you will always remain one. Never ever insult this pious relationship Khushi! Do have no idea what a girl who is someone's mistress goes through. I can never ever ill-treat, coz you can never be one. For me marriage is a sacred bond and it is for life time Khushi! Not for some months. As far as the contract thing was there, it was only meant for the person who agrees to marry me for 6 months but when it was you there was no question of that. Yes Khushi I have always believed you no matter how much hurt I have caused you, but I always had 100% trust on you as far as Musky was concern. I never ever gave a second thought by nominating you as caretaker of Musky's property and also the owner of this house.
But you know what Khushi! Mish was right".
A tear slipped from his eyes. He tucked his lips and bit, "she was absolutely right when she said "I don't deserve you" in the way she said "meye tumhari layak hi nahi hoon" (I don't deserve you).
He smiled feeling hurt "see even on your birthday I have made you cry". I am not worth Khushi!, I am not worth of anyone's love, care, affection.
I only know how to hurt people, how to scream at them, how to humiliate them, how to demean them. I will never learn to love, I will never learn to respect, I will never learn to care others feelings. I am a beast and I will always remain a beast.
Another tear rolled down his cheeks.
He cupped her face and looked at her messed up state. For the first time he was unable to figure out her expression.
"You know Khushi! It hurts, it hurts a lot. I am still dying to listen to my name for once from your mouth. But I guess you have made up your mind that you will not call me by mine name. I know this is crazy, but that's how I am. I love small small things, small small gestures, but the saddest part is I can never express them, demand them, you call it my ego, but that's how it is with me. Maybe because of that I was afraid to love and to be loved. But when I met you I found someone who is ever forgiving, who understood my silence, who took all the pain without uttering a single word from her mouth, who'who loved me unconditionally". His voice chocked and his heart thumped.
"you may hate me today, and you have all the right to hate me, because I haven't done anything because of which you should accept me, love me, admire me".
He leaded further and brushed his lips on her quivering ones.
"I think I have hurt you enough Khushi, and I guess tumhari Khushi isime hai ke meye tumse door rahoon".
Immediately Khushi looked directly in his eyes with that statement.
He just could see in her eyes anymore. He turned to wipe of his tears when he heard, "if you think so, then why don't you just LEAVE ARNAV JI"..she screamed her lungs out, making Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada flich for the first time.
"Leave me and go just like my parents did" he heard her chocked voice.


She finally broke down in front of him crying her heart out.
"Go Arnav ji, just GO" she screamed while holding his abdomen and was about to collapse when he held her and pulled her in his embrace".
She clutched his back and pressed herself hard on him, "mat jaiye Arnav ji, mera aapke alawa aur koi nahi hai" (I don't have anyone else other than you). hum aapse...aapse bohot pyaar karte hai..I love you damn it.
Suddenly everything stopped around them.
"Say it again Khushi!" he demanded
"I love you Arnav ji" she said hiding her face in his chest.
He just couldnot believe his luck, when everything looked dark as a moonless sky, this time yet again his Khushi has enlighten his darkness with her everlasting spark.
"you love me?" he asked in a suffocating tone.
Khushi started crying badly, finally she said it, finally put it across to him that she loves him and now there is no looking back. Yes she loves him madly, yes she loves him unconditionally, yes she loves him whole heartedly, yes she loves her Arnav ji the most.
"yes I love you and I love you a lot...a lot. "Pyaar Karta hoon. Bohot bohot pyaar karti hoon, shyad khud se zada, sabse zada"..
He broke the hug and looked at her, this is the second time he was hearing her confession, the same words that she had said before in front of pulkit and now she was telling him. he kissed her on her forehead and started crying in front of him. He just did not want to hold anymore. Just let go of his male ego and submitted himself to her today. She deserves this, she deserves every inch of Arnav.
"then don't ever ask me to leave you Khushi! I cant I cant leave you, because I cant live without you. meri sanse ruk jayegi agar meye tumhe chod dunga (I will stop breathing). I am incomplete without you.
He caressed her hair and kissed her checks; "I am here for you for lifetime babes. You are my existence, my ego, my strength, my weakness, my life, my love".
"shaadi ki hai, haath thama hai, kabna chodne ke liye" (I have married you, I have held your hand, I will never leave you).
"Promise?" she asked him innocently.
"Promise sweetheart"
She sniffed and asked again "Pakka Promise?"
He couldnot hold anymore but to smile "Pakka promise"
With that she jumped on him and claimed him lips. He moved three four steps back to steady himself due to impact, holding her tight in his arms letting her kiss him.
She kissed him madly, tasting each and every part of his mouth, marking him as her forever. She did not even gave him any chance to breath just went on kissing him as if there will be no tomorrow.
In no time he picked her up in his arms and walked towards their bedroom.
Placing her on the bed he went up to lock the door. She looked at him shyly batting her lashes and smiling at him.
He came near her and hover over her to kiss him. She sunk in the bed and he claimed her lips now. It was his time to show his love to her. He licked her lips and kissed her passionately. Just the way she liked to be kissed. Slidding her blouse and exposing her shoulder he caressed her skin over there making her aware of his intentions. She blushed furiously thinking of herself being totally exposed in front of him. He bit her shoulder bone and kissed her breathing strongly over her skin, burning it at the same time. She arched back being pleasured and moved her head other side so that he can devour her fully.
Arnav smiled looking at her state and touched her there. The moment he touched her there,she became conscious and held his hand. He felt the barrier and asked her, "Khushi! You are chumming?"
She immediately turned tomato red and blushed furiously with that statement of his. She once again hid herself but this time placing her head on the crook of his neck and nodded in approval.
"that's ok, no need to feel so shy with me Khushi!"
she pulled back and looked at him, she cupped his face and said "I am sorry Arnav, I am really sorry. That day in the office I said about our first night..."
He immediately placed his finger on her lips and stopped her from talking about it. "Khushi! Don't ever say about that night like that. That night holds a very special place in my heart. That night when we became one. Call it God's wish or our destiny but that night I got you Khushi!"
He leaned on the pillow and pulled her towards him making her rest her head on his chest caressing her bare shoulder. You know Khushi "maine tumhe tabse pyaar kiya jab meine tumhe dekha tak nahi, bus khali sunatha tumhare barein mein from pulkit, I used to feel jealous I don't know why. Everytime he took your name, your name started spreaded like a vemon in my blood intoxicating my blood and heart forever. Then one day I realized I am crazy for this girl named Khushi kumari gupta. And when you stood in front of me that day when you came for interview, I couldnot believe my eyes that I was seeing you, seeing Khushi whose imaginary image I have made in my mind. But you know what tum usse bhi zada khubsoorat (prettier) aur pyaari nikli (loving).
I couldnot stop myself from getting attracted. I was highly smitten with your innocent charm.
I loved you then, I love you now and I will be loving you forever...jab tak hai jaan. (till I survive)

Chap 55
She silenced her with her wet kiss on his lips and pulled back, never ever say like that Arnav ji. Ab aaki jaan mere paas hai aur hamesha rahegi.
"with pleasure" his heart swelled up in happiness.
He removed her pallu and exposed her contrasting milky white skin and gazed at her beautiful cleavage. He ran his tongue along it and rested his nose in between her swells. She tucked his hair and pulled him close to her.
He touched one of them and caressed it lightly over her blouse, she touched his fingers with her fingers and moved them in sync.
"I want to see you Khushi!"
she smiled feeling sigh and nodded in approval.
One by one he opened her buttons and finally removed her blouse. He took out her bra and threw it aside. She wanted to hide herself but before she could he pinned her hands on her side and looked at her swells and perfect taut nipples. "oh!" How he missed them to take it in his mouth these months. He felt elated to be the devourer pinky circumference and her firm nipples. She is no less than a temptress who can seduce a man with her innocence.
He slowly leaned on her and pecked her nipple. She moaned when his lips brushed her. With the other hand he touched the one, which was feeling left out.
She closed her eyes in pleasure and gulped her desires.
she gasped and held him back feeling his nude body touch her for the first time. In no time her swells were crashed into his hard toned chest. He felt heaven feeling her like this for the first time.
He removed her pleats' and undid her skirt dori.
There clothes lay scattered on the floor and both wrapped inside their duvet.
His hardened from pressing her on her panty and he was furiously biting each and every part of her body marking her and his forever.
If was getting difficult for him to control further, after all he was a man and no man can resist this sweet torture.
after a lot of apprehension he said "bohot mann kar raha hai Khushi!"
She smiled and kissed his cheeks. "abhi bana deti hoon"
Arnav pulled himself up and looked at her "bana deti hoon?" he asked.
"haan, you want to have jalebi's na?"
"what the? Jalebi's?"
"haan us din bhi aapka man kar raha than a?"
"Khushi mera jalebi khane ka nahi woh karne ka man kar raha hai jo tum uss din sochi thi"
Khushi's jaw dropped she instantly said "no Arnav ji, that's not possible now"
"please let me do it Khushi!" holding her panty stap.
She couldnot believe her ears. Was he asking her to do that? How? It is not possible, she was chumming.
"Aaarnnnav ji!"
"Khushi! Aaj mat roko"

 Read after the pink part

with that he slid her panty and threw it aside.
She was damn embarrassed with this gesture of him. She was about to stop him but she was late.
She felt a sharp pain with he inserted his tip. She held her breath and dug her nails in his back.
She could slowly feel his entire form getting inside her devouring her creases fitting perfectly inside her.
"does it hurt?" she let out a throaty moan while saying "No it doesnot hurt, its perfect".
He kissed her madly while rocking himself being very carefull.
In no time their bed was soaked in blood but this time it was her chums. He looked at the state of the bed and smiled.
"Khushi! Look at me" her ordered her.
"I wanted to re live our first night, I wanted to be clad with your blood. I wanted to feel special tonight".
He took it out and showed it to her. "see I am fully marked by you today".
"she did not know how she should feel, a part was feeling happy that he loves her so much that he can do it with her in any situation".
"Arnav ji but, my chums!"
"its our thing from now onwards Khushi! I told you before also we are not individuals we areONE.
He pushed himself inside her once more and she arched back feeling his full length inside her.
"Khushi I need to fasten the speed I am unable to control babes, he said breathlessly". To which she gave him a go ahead by claiming his lips.


Hittng on the right areas, driving her insane, bringing pools of waves inside her body, her mind, her heart, Her body shuddered when he brought her in the age of climax, her hips rocked to and fro. He gripped her in place and poured himself entirely inside her.
He hugged her tightly and kissed her cheeks. She kissed him back too.
He looked at her and whispered, I love you. she smiled and whispered back I love you too.
He immediately claimed her lips.
He took her in his arms and walked towards there bathroom. Steadying her on the floor he started the shower.
He saw her through the glass which was separating them and smiled. She felt shy standing in front of him wearing nothing at all. He tried to hide her bossoms crossing her hand and looked at him shyly crossing her feet to hide her womanhood.
He smiled and gestured her showing his fingers making an "o" with his thumb and index finger and the other three fingers erected.
YOU.LOOK.SEXY he barely whispered.
Nodding his head asking her to walk towards the shower cubicle, she sighly walked towards the cubicle. Once she was to his reach he grabbed her and pulled her towards her.
he spreaded the lather all over her body massaging her with his manly palm. Rubbing himself with her and smooching each other time to time.
He made her sit on the basin counter and inserted her yet again.
Bathing each other once more he covered her up in his bathrobe and picked her up in his arms.
Tucking her lose stands he asked her to change into her panties only as she was chumming. She blushed and wore the necessary things and quickly jumped into him arms in the bed.
After cozying around for an hour or so Arnav asked "Arent you sleepy?"
"hmm! No" she whispered against his chest.
"you ok?" he asked in a concerned tone.
Exploring his every damn muscles with her tiny soft fingers she said "hmm, I am fine".
"what about your pain sweetheart?"
"its not there".
He smiled and kissed her head. "you know I can take away your pain like this everytime you chum".
Her face flushed and she blushed. "Arnav ji aapko ajeeb feel nahi huya?"
"tumhara hi to hai, ajeeb kyun feel hoga?"
she looked at him when he said that, she smiled and asked "you love me so much Arnav ji?"
"you still doubt?"
she got up on him and started nibbling at his neck. She bit his ear lobes and he groaned in pleasure. The very thought of she loving him made him go all-hard.
She slowly moved towards his chest placing butterfly kisses all over his chest and paused near his nipples. Shyly she took it in between her lips and kissed it
He grabbed her wet hair and pulled. They both looked at each their with desired filled eyes.
"you are driving me crazy khushi".
She smiled looking at him and started sucking it just the way he did few minutes back pinning his hand.
He was going mad, no one has dared to imprision him like this but this girl have so much guts to do it. It turned him on more but he allowed her to do the way she wanted to.
Slowing she moved down near his tummy and bit him. He groaned once again, going mad to touch her once again, claim her once again but as she was holding his hand he was unable to touch her. He was getting highly teased now. He has never thought that someone can drive him to the edge like this. He wanted to enjoy more, he wanted her to take him in her mouth, but he did not want to tell her so he remained quiet.
He was so lost in his world that he could not feel her near his hardened form. She gulped seeing his length. She explored him with her eyes first fearing to touch it instantly.
She leaned more to kiss his inner thigh towards his main zone.
That's it, he couldnot control further, his throaty words came out "please Khushi, kiss it"

 Read after the pink part

She diverted her kisses towards it and he went mad by her first lip touch.
she started placing her feathery shy kisses all over him.
Khushi was kissing him senselessly there when she heard him say "take it in you mouth".
She nervously widened her lips to take it in her mouth and she did it. He gasped in ignition, feeling her warmth around his hardened form. Fisting her hair he guided her the way he wanted to and Khushi did exactly the way he asked her to do so.
Only he knew how he control.
Breadthing heavily he said "Khushi I need to go the the wash room baby".
She understood why he said so, but still asked "why?"
He looked at her and said "we cannot do it anymore to night baby, I don't want to hurt you in this condition".
She innocently pouted and said "aap hi ne kaha tha ki it is must more pleasurable to see your partner getting pleasured more than you getting pleasured".
He smiled and looked at her. He was overwhelmed with the thought that she wanted to pleasure him.
"I want to make you feel the same way you make me feel while'while'" she stopped feeling shy.
"while I suck you?" he asked in his super husky tone.
She raised her lashes and nodded in approval.
"then do it Khushi!"
he guided her once again and this time he showed no mercy on her, three four more stroked he warned her but she gracefully said "aap hi ka to hai".
He smiled back hearing his words back and finally filled his mouth with his necture.
She chocked slightly but managed to gulp it down, happy tears rolling down her cheeks.


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I strictly mean it.

Chap 53

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He touched her lips with his and lingered it on her much eager ones. Drowning in their own sweet and sensuous wold they totally forgot that they were standing in the middle of the hall in front of several people.
Suddenly their trance broke by the innumerous claps practically deafening them. She immediately looked at him and blushed furiously getting caught on the wrong foot. He naughtily licked his lips, which was only visible to him to tease her. She immediately lowered her lashes and turned all red in embarrassment.
Winking her he moved back and was immediately dragged by her sister to take shots.
As per the plan without any warning Rohan put the nozzle of the bottle inside he mouth and started tilting it screaming, "bottoms up bhabi'come on" cheering her.
Hearing Rohan's voice Arnav looked at Khushi who had already had one fourth of the alcohol.
Rushing towards her he held the bottle and gritted his teeth towards rohan.
Before he could scream at him he felt her hands snaking him. Resting her head on his back she hiccupped and started giggling.
He immediately forgot all his anger and turned to face her.
She looked at him and widened her smile and then wrapping her arms around him once again she rested her head on his chest and smuggled up feeling his warmth.
She looked towards him still holding him tightly and made a puppy face. Stealing glances towards his lips she barely whispered "Kiss Me" in a very tempting tone.
His heart thumped listening her husky voice and her desired filled eyes. If it would have been in their apartment he would have ripped her saree and his outfit into pieces and in no time would have pleasured her, satifying her with everything she wanted to do with him.
Wiping of his desire he pecked her cutely and looked at her lovingly.
For the first time she wanted to be kissed, for the first time she has asked something from him, for the first time she demanded something from him.
She pouted sensing a loss when he just pecked her. She frowned and pulled him by him collar. In her tipsy tone she said "I wanted a kiss, Mr Riazada, not this".
He smiled and leaned near her ear, "baby I will give you whatever you want trust me, but not here".
He pulled back and watched her face. She was still frowning. "then where?" she said patting his lips with her finger.
He guest couldnot stop his giggles anymore. She was looking absolutely a cutie-pie and an innocent kid who is "out" for the first time, doesnot have any clue what took over her.
He picked her up in his arms and signaled Misha that they are leaving. She showed a thumbs up sign and they made their way towards the car.
"yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hai deewana"
he looked at her who has just started to sing a sing loudly. He noticed some people were looking at them.
"You are ashamed of yourself for being me me kya?" she asked him while he was looking at others who were looking at them.
He turned his face towards her and said, "I am enjoying every moment with you".
"Really?" she said excitedly and hugged him snaking her arms around his neck and pecking him on his cheeks, leaving her lipstick mark on him.
Looking at the mark she gigglied.
Arnav frownd a little and asked her "why are you giggling?"
She took her tongue out a little and touched her upper lip and closed her lips while saying "LIP" ''''.and then roaming her finger on his stubble where she kissed him "STICK" came out from her mouth.
The way she pronounced the bloody word was so freaking arousing that he just couldnot control himself, he placed her on the bonet and pressed his hardened from in between her legs making her saree rolled up a little so that he can fit himself exactly in between her legs.
She gasped feeling his hardened form somewhere near her inner thighs.
"YOU" he stressed, "drive me crazy girl".
She pulled him by his tie and looked at him closely. She suddenly remembered his words, he said something seeing your partner getting pleasured by you is much more pleasurable than getting pleasured.
She poked her finger on his shoulder and pushed him back, lazily blinking her eyes "you hav asked me no to touch you Mr. Raizada".
He pulled her towards him making her get down from the bonet "then who will touch me?" he said sexily.
"your ABCDEFG" high class models will touch you Mr. Raizada she said to him in her droopy voice.
"I am a married man now Khushi".
"you were a married man then also, when you have hugged that girl"
there was a pin drop silence between the two. Arnav was trying to recollect what she was reffering to. Not able to get what she was talking about he tried to talk when he saw her walking towards the passenger seat of the car.
She got in and he closed the door. She sniffed and wiped her tears.
Closing the door he looked at her sitting on the driving seat.
"What were you reffering at Khushi?"
she was quiet. She did not even look at him. He could sense something was troubling her. She wasnot opening upto him. She has changed. She is no more that Khushi what used to be.
He ingnite the car and drove towards their apartment.
She was quiet mostly and he kept on stealing glances at her.
"Kyun thi woh?" she broke the silence still looking straight towards the road.
"Woh kyun?" he asked her not getting what she was talking about.
"that girl in your cabin, the day I had left for delhi" came her straight reply.
"delhi?" he thought hard and finally was able to recollect, "oh Rosh?"
Khushi looked at him in disbelief "roshni singhania? She was the one with whom he wanted to get married? That means if she would have come a day prior then today he would have been married to her".
"aap unke saath shaadi karna chahte the hai na?" (you wanted to get married to her right?)
Arnav was dumbstuck. "How did she know? Who told her? Aman can never say this? Did she draft her contract papers?"
"she is your best friend right?" came another one.
"is she or is she not?"
"who told you this?"
"am I right or wrong?"
"yes she is my best frined"
he pressed a sudden break and looked at her.
"Yes she is and she will be and I don't love her Khushi. And if you are thinking that there was something more in that hug, then let me tell you there was nothing in that hug".
"she is just my frined and we have never being physically attracted. Is it clear?"
Khushi looked at his rigid face, which only reflected truth, nothing else. She has never suspected his words in her life and today was no difference. She knew it very well that he never lies. If he has something to tell he will tell it on face, and he will never care about the person how much hurt she/he will be.
She immediately threw herself in his arms and started sobbing.
"Relax, Khushi! There is nothing wrong in thinking this way. It natural to think like that. Just like how I felt seeing you, hugging pulkit that time". But Khushi I never knew you also felt it that way" he said caressing her hair.
"I don't know why I felt like that. H know I shouldnot have. I have no right to think that way".
"You have every right to think like that Khushi! I am your husband after all and you have every right to question me and ask me about everyone associated with me".
"I have never given an right to anybody till date to question me, ask me, grill me. But today I give you that authority to ask me, do anything you want to with me Khushi!"
Khushi pulled back and looked at him, "Can I kiss you?" she said looking at his lips and parting her own lips.
Arnav cupped her face and said in his husky tone "".
She immediately pressed her lips on him and kissed him with a chuckling sound lingering her lips on his for quite sometime, holding his collar.
Anrav felt her lips on his lips and remembered the day when she had first kissed him. What a kiss it was, no matter how many times they have kissed but he always cherished their first kiss. Maybe it was from her side that's the reason.
He mad her press against him and let her kiss him the way she wanted without breaking her rhythm by intervening.
Breaking their kiss he moved back to her seat. He gave a loving look towards her and started to drive his car.
It was drizzling outside, the wiper of the car wiping away the tiny spots which was getting accumulated on the windscreen. Khushi leaned near the dashboard to look up towards the streetlights.
Arnav saw her smiling and enjoying the drizzles. This was the first time he saw her enjoying something. And most importantly she was smiling. He started to adore her even more tonight. Her cute smile, her teeny behavior he just loved this side of his Khushi. Today he could see the glimpse of that Khushi whom he has always admired secretly since last 5 years. The innocence, the craziness, added to her persona.
He saw her sticking her nose on the wind screen and touching the glass with her finger, as if caressing the rain drops.
Out of curioucity he asked, "What are you looking at so keenly?"
"haan!" she became a little conscious "Erm! You know when you look outside while it it drizzling or raining through a glass partition it seems as if it will drop inside your eyes and you tend to blink them off". She giggled. "but the funniest past is that even you know that the water will never reach your eyes, but you still become conscious". She smiled again. Trying to look outside yet again.
"I am sure it must be fun". He gave her a warm smile acknowledging her.
"can we open the sun roof?" she asked him hopefully.
Without answering anything he pressed the switch.
Khushi looked at sun roof amusingly, her eyes twinkling feeling delighted.
She quickly opened her sandel and got up on the seat. Poping her head out of the roof, she felt the blast of the wind blowing in the opposite direction of the car.
She stretched her arms in the air making it horizontal to her shoulder and closed her eyes to inhale the smell of the soaked mud. She was so in love with that smell which specially lingered on a rainy day.
Arnav slowed down the speed a bit so that she can enjoy as much as possible. As they were very near to their apartment, Arnav started driving extra slow.
She came down after sometime and sat on her seat. She threw her back on the head rest, while breathing hard due to excitement.
Picking up his speed he finally looked back to her.
Numerous droplets of water adored her face. Her hair all messed up due to the wind. Half of her hair was wet. Her translucent green saree enhancing her complexion clinging onto her, like a second skin, giving view of her sexy cleavage.
She moved towards him and cuddled his arms. Placing her head on his well-built shoulders she closed her eyes as the alcohol was taking over her nerves.
He locked the car and carried the sleeping Khushi inside their apartment. Once they had reached the lift Khushi woke up. She looked at him and then tried to register her surroundings. She frowned feeling a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.
Before she could react and ask him to put her down they saw some neighbour peeping out from their flats and taunting her.
"Hum logo ne kya socha tha aur yeh kya nikli?" (what did we guys thought about this girl and what she has turned out to be)
"haan yaar, iska to apne boss ke saath chakkar hai"
(ya, she has an affair with her boss)
"chhi, aaj kal ki ladkiyon to koi sharam nahi hai"
(gross, she is so shameless)
"din dahari aiyashi karte hai and upar se koi farak hi nahi padta hai"
(she doesnot ever care what others will think about this behaviour of her's)
"aise ladki ache society mein rehne ki layak nahi hai"
(she is not apt to stay in a good society)
"arrey apna promotion ki sochti hogi, boss ko bistar pe Khush karti hogi"
(I am sure she sleeps around with her boss for her promotion)
That's it, he cursed himself for not shutting them off before he went for the party.
He steadied Khushi on the ground and barked
"Mr Raizada, aap yeh mat samjhiye aapka chilla ne se sach badal jayegi" (don't you think that the truth will change if you shout)
"SHE.IS.MY.WIFE.DAMN IT" he raised his voice further.
"Oh what a story, jo ladki na sindoor, na mangalsutra kuch nahi pehenti ussey aap apni wife bolke humko convince karna chahte ho?"
He closed his eyes and fisted his palms
"I am warning you Mrs Kassap! Mera muh mat khulwaiye, otherwise I will tell your husband where you go every morning".
He looked at another neighbour and said "Kyun Mr Goswami? Should I speak?" he said sarcastically.
Mr Goswami cleared his throat glaring at Mrs Kassap and gestering her to keep shut.
"M.I.S.T.R.E.S.S...I am your Mistress, you contracted wife".

"You know what Khushi? I dont think i can ever keep you happy. Misha was right, you deserve much much better than this. See i made you cry on your birthday, i can never change i guess. its better i leave".
"Fine, THEN LEAVE" she screamed...

(Next chapter is going to be last chapter of ONS2)