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Chap 8
Woh Bitey Din
He dropped khushi near her house and then drove back to RM. After that morning incident both remained quiet and behaved extremely professional.
But Arnav did notice Khushi's comfort around him during their visit to the textile manufacturer. There were times when she was about to trip on the materials and he saved her from falling each time. In return he always got a sweet smile and voiceless thanks from her. He did steal glances with her during the meeting whenever he could and he found her most of the time chewing the end of the pen, or scribbling something on the pad, once or twice looking at him and flattering her lashes standing like a dumb not understanding a single word of the manager but that cute smile never went off from her face. Arnav was so engrossed in observing her that the manager had to repeat thrice what he was saying to Arnav.
He wondered what she was writing so much. But he did not question her as he felt that at least she was trying to get involved.
He finally reached RM and went straight to Gul's room. He opened the door and saw misha changing into her shorts and t-shirt.
Misha: Hi bhaiya, how was your day?
She came and hugged Arnav. Arnav kissed her forehead and patted her back
Arnav: It was fine Mish. How was your university?
Misha: It was damn good.
Arnav: you have your final exams right?
Misha: Ya bhaiya.
Arnav: howz the preparation going one?
Misha: Its good.
Arnav: Mish! I want you to top this time ok? I don't want any excuse. And tell that bugger rohan to meet to tomorrow in the evening. I need to talk to him
Mish: Bhaiya, please don't scold him ok?
Arnav touched her head and embraced her. I can't believe that my little sister is in love, and that too with that snob.
Misha: Bhai he is not snob ok? It's his defense mechanism. He doesnot want to be involved with stupid chipku girls.
Arnav caressed her hand: But he should have told me earlier Mish! Meye usko khha thodi jata. I know him since his diaper days.
Misha: Bhaiya! Ho has any balls to say anything in front of you? Everyone is hell scared of you. They keep safe distance.
Arnav: That's my defense mechanism Mish! I don't want people take undue advantage of my goodness.
Mish: But bhaiya, not all the people will take advantage of you. I mean there must be some people who genuinely respect you.
Arnav: My god, looks like my little sister has matured enough. And all thanks to Rohan I think.
Misha: blushed like crazy.
Arnav: Oh now my sister blushes also?
Arnav held her hand and made her sit on his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist.
Misha rested his head on his head and rocked on his lap.
Arnav: did you guys kiss?
Misha punched him on his chest and hugged him tightly. "Yes bhaiya"
Arnav: my my, that's an improvement. I thought Rohan to be a hopeless lover.
Misha: bhaiya! He is a damn good kisser ok?
Arnav raised his eyebrows and made her look at him. He saw his little sister blush like a ripened tomato.
Misha: Bhaiya, please not don't embarrass me.
Arnav hugged her back. Love you honey. Stay like this forever.
Misha: I love you bhaiya. I couldnot have got a better bhai like you. I am so blessed that you are my brother. You mean a lot to me bhaiya.
Arnav saw his dad's dead body lying on the floor beside his dad's wife. He saw a cute girl sitting at the corner weeping badly clutching her parent's photo.
Arnav walked towards her. She looked up. Her eyes pouring tears.
Arnav: Misha?
Misha looked down not understanding who he was and continued weeping.
Arnav picked her in his arms and put her head on his shoulders and came near her parent's dead body.
Their bodies were taken in the burning ghat. Arnav did the mukhagni holding misha in his lap. He knew more than him Misha has the right to burn her parents after all she was his dad's legitimate daughter.
After everything was over he sat in his car placing misha on his lap and took oath that he is going to give his half sister each and every right. He will treat her like he treats his own sister Anjali. Misha was a little kid who lost her parents at so early age. He just couldnot let her suffer for what his dad has done to his mother. It was very shocking for him when he got to know that Misha's mother gave the entire property to Arnav and Anjali after she came to know about her husband's relationship with Arnav's mother. Misha's mother was a nice woman. She even planned to file a divorce but the destiny stopped her for doing that because she came to know that she was pregnant with his dad's baby. For the sake of Misha, she took her step back. Arnav always respected misha's mom for that and hated his own mother. Thought Anjali was born before his dad's marriage with misha's mother but arnav was born after his marriage. He hated the fact that his mother easily became the second woman in his dad's life and she continued to have physical relationship with him even after knowing that his dad got married. Anjali was the proof of their love but Arnav was the proof of their illegitimate relationship.
**End of Flashback**
 Arnav looked at gul who was sleeping peacefully.
Misha broked her hug and looked at arnav.
Misha: Bhaiya, she missed you a lot today. She was totally cranky.
Arnav went towads gul and picked her up in his arms and kissed her soft chubby cheeks.
His eyes became teary all of a sudden. He quickly brushed off imaginations and held misha's hand and dragged her towards him room holding gul in his arms.
He placed gul inside her coat which was their in his room and asked misha to smuggle inside the quilt.
Misha happily did that.
Arnav went inside the bathroom to change finally and came out. He saw misha's smile and came towards her and kissed her on her forehead.
"Good night sis"
"Good night bhaiya"
Hey laid on his side and relaxed. I was after all quite a eventful day the thought. First facing khushi after that night, then the scene with lavanya, then the conversation between him and khushi in gul's room at AR.
He closed his eyes when he remember how she charged him telling that "you cannot touch me whenever you want to" he immediately opened his eyes. Then he thought the same thing that he thought that time.
Khushi this was the first time and last time you tried to find out something about me. Next time you better be away from my personal life otherwise mujse bura koi nahi hoga. I don't want to hurt you. Stay away from me. I have already hurt you a lot but no more. You are my responsibility.
He stopped there. RESPONSIBILITY? My responsibility? Why do I think she is my responsibility? Why? Whats wrong with me? Jabse pulkit has told me about her why do I have to think about her most of the time? And now when I saw her, it is being all the more difficult for me to not to think about her. Why did I asked Aman to reprint her biodata when I myself tore it after seeing it for the first time. Why did I call her for the interview when I had decided not to make her inter AR? Why couldnot I see her in pain when took her? Why was I so harsh on her that day? Why was I so desperate to have it with her? Why was I so affected with the fact that she was engaged with pulkit? Why is she not like other females? Why she manages to grab my attention even that time when I did not even see her. Why why why I never stopped pulkit when he used to tell me about khushi? Why I always heard him with interest? Why just her name effect me? Why cant I call her by her name? why do I feel that if I call her by her name I will fall weak? Why her name echoes in my ear? How did she manage to stay so comfortable around me after what I have done to her? Why was she smiling looking at me today? Why I felt happy seeing her smile? How does it matter to me whether she is happy or not? Whether she smiles or not? I have 30 more female employees whom I never paid attention to any then why her? I did not I shout at her when she was acting clumsy infront of the manager chewing the pen? Why did I held her and hurt my hand for her? Why his name sounds so different from her mouth?
Suddenly his tranz broke when misha wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest.
He looked at her once and kissed her tiny hands.
He closed his eyes to get some sleep. But before he slept he decided to ignore khushi for next couple of days. The first thing in the morning he will do is to talk to aman and brief him her next set of work and ask him to take charge.

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Chap 7
Kuchh To Hai
(Something is there)
He looked at Khushi angrily.  Khushi was totally perplexed. She did not know what to do, whether to scream or not. She tried her best to scream by the voice never came out.
Arnav leaned further and touched her palm. She jerked and opened her eyes to see arnav who was just few inches away from her.
He held her nape and brought her more close to him and brushed his breadth on her lips.
Khushi closed her eyes and pressed her lips tight anticipating a kiss. But to her surprise it never came.
Her having chest
His tightened grip
Her quivering lips
His determined looks
Khushi opened her eyes sensing his loosened grip. She flattered her lashes to see a tiny smirk on his face.
"15 days" he uttered huskily.
Khushi looked at him like a wax doll not understanding a single word what he was trying to say.
He moved back and picked his trousers. He slid his long legs and wore it. He brushed his hair with his fingers and straightened his shirt.
He looked back to see khushi who was still sitting on his working table looking at him. Though she hardly saw him, she was highly shocked due to the recent incident that it made her paralytic.
Arnav came towards hem, she leaned back trying to avoid eye contact.
"15 days" he uttered again.
After 15 days I am going to make you permanent.
Khushi without thinking anything she pounced over him. "Mr. Raizada aap apni hadse agey badh rahe hai" (you are crossing your limits) how can you think so low of me?
Arnav glanced at her once and buttoned up his sleeves.
"Don't get so excited Miss Gupta, looks like you still have enough guts to stand before me after witnessing such a scene in front of you".
Well, I would like to thank you for intruding. I purposely kept the door open for you.
Khushi: HaaH!
Arnav: yes, I know I have scared you enough in the morning so I knew you would come to tell me about the models.
And you exactly did that.
You have done your job by coming rightly on time.
Khushi was shocked again. She thought he is going to be mad at her and will man handle her like lavanya if not more but here he was thanking her.
Khushi: I don't get what you say arnav ji
Arnav: You may go out now. Your job is done. I will come to meet the models in 10 mins and after that we are going to visit the suppliers. So be prepared.
Khushi gulped with the thought of her being alone with him. But strangely she did not know why despite of seeing his worst side she was not that scared what she was supposed to be.
That very thought amazed Arnav a lot too. He had a sleepless night after that night thinking how she hugged him after going through that pain he gave her. How she sat behind him and dozed off near the sofa.
Arnav has never experienced a girl like this in his life time. She was surely extremely strong willed person. Otherwise anybody in her place would have not only fainted but would have turned mental by know.
Khushi on the other hand thought arnav to be highly bipolar. One time he was nice the other time she was rude. She was all confussed with such behaviour and today was heights.
And yes by 15 days I meant you will be a permanent AR employee not an intern.
Arnav closed his eyes and thought about lavanya, how she used his name in the fashion world to grab assignments from different companies. She even leaked some of his very confidential deals to his rivals. Betrayal was something he never liked. Something he hated to his core. Pulkit was the one who gave all the information about lavanya's whereabouts and warned Arnav long back.
From that day he thought he will give a piece of word for her. All woman are same he thought except his beloved one. He thought of her face. Her angelic face. How she smiled, how she took care of him, how positive person she was. But now he can never get her back in this life.
Khushi got out of the room and walked nervously in the corridor when she saw someone entered a dark room. She was scared at first but she did not know what made her walk behind him.
Khushi was hell scared of dark. She opened the door and asked, "Who is there?"
She could sense the man turned towards her. She was about to run out when the door shut down behind her.
She screamed at the top of her voice. The man came to her and held her mouth with his palm. She ran here and there and tried hard to find where the switch was after escaping from him. She started running panicky when someone opened the door and she hit him hard. She screamed once again. The man held her arms. She recognized his touch. "Arnav ji" she questioned hell scared.
Arnav switched on the lights and looked at the man bewailed and Khushi panting hard in his grip.
Arnav: Aman?
Khushi gulped the lump in her throat and was shocked to hear the name.
Aman: Sorry ASR I tried to stop her scream but she bit my hand.
Arnav gave an "unbelievable" look to khushi who stood static in her place.
Arnav: What The?
Aman: ASR I was about to switch on the lights of this room when khushi entered and rest you know.
Arnav: Why the hell did you scream?
Khushi: I thought I thought he is a thief.
Arnav held his hand on air and marched out of the room.
Khushi closed her eyes and sighed.
Aman came towards her and asked in a low brotherly tone. "Are you ok? do you need water?"
Khushi looked at him and said "No thanks, I am sorry I did not mean to.."
Aman: That's fine. Well I am aman.
Khushi smiled at him and shock hands. Suddenly her eyes fell on the surrounding. She looked around. She turned 360 deg still holding his palm.
The room was painted in pink, it has a cot, a high chair, loads of toys, some wind chimes, a small swing, and a walker.
Khushi smiled enjoying the view. She so like kid's stuffs. She clapped her hand and looked at aman who was witnessing her expression how from scary it turned into jovial one then to excited one.
Khushi: Aman ji
Aman: Aman
Khushi: Ok aman, whose room is this? I mean in AR there is a Kid's room? That's unusual.
Aman just looked at her.
Khushi: You did not tell me Aman, whose room is this?
Aman: ASR's daughters.
Khushi's eyes widened. She was shocked again.
Khushi: ASR's daughter? You mean he is married? That cant be possible we have never heard something like this about him. Well even pulkit did not tell me about it.
Arnav: Zaruri nahi hai sab ki sab kuch pata ho
She heard his voice dangerous again.
Arnav gestured Aman to go out of the room. And then glared at Khushi.
His look was so deadly that if he continued to look at her like that she would have surely peed.
"Ms gupta, what are you still doing here? Is this your chamber? No right? Did I give you any work in this room? No right? THEM WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HERE?"
Khushi: Woh
Arnav: SHUT UP (he said between his teeth)
Khushi flinched.
Arnav: Let me tell you one thing very clearly, I don't like people poking their nose in the matters that are not related to them. I did not give you the permission to ask whatever you want to ask. Make sure you ask things which are related to your work.
Khushi looked down nervously.
Arnav: What did you ask aman? Whether I am married or not? How is that related to your work miss gupta?
Arnav walked towards her to close the gap between them. He tucked her hair behind her ears and pulled her nape to look into his eyes.
It doensot matter whether I am married or not, if I want to have something I will have it (he said checking her out making her shiver)
He gripped her shoulders. For the first time she waved his hands off.
Arnav looked at her angrily
Khushi moved back nervously.
Arnav kept on moving ahead till the time when she was about to get pricked by the sharp edge near the window.
Arnav embraced her back but she moved back further just to keep the distance between the two. He quickly her held her and closed his eyes in pain.
Khushi: EVERYTIME YOU CANNOT FORCE ME ARNAV JI. I feel disgusted today. I was fine till the time I did not know that you have a daughter. How can a man be so mean? You are sleeping around with other females? What if someone does the same thing with your daughter?
That's it. He pulled her away from the window and threw her on the floor.
He pointed his index finger towards her, the very same hand, which just now saved her from getting hurt.
Arnav; GET OUT. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE BEFORE I DO SOMETHING, WHICH YOU WILL REGRET. How dare you talk to me like that? Tumhari aukaad kya hai? You typical middle class woman. And what are you teaching me? What have you done? You slept around with a man when you have a boyfriend? Look at yourself in the mirror first and remember if you point one finger towards me the rest four will be facing you. How clean are you?
Khushi felt like her world has slipped beneath her. She sat frozen on the floor. Tears escaped her eyes on their own accord. "He is right" she thought painfully. Though her motive was something else but even she cannot deny that she slept around with someone despite of having a bf.
She saw his blood stained hand. "Yeh?" she pointed her fingers towards his hand. He turned the other way. She saw the blood stains on the sharp edge near the window and immediately understood that he grabbed her to save her. She felt ashamed of herself for thinking so cheaply of him. Though she was not be blamed 100% about it as the lavanya incident few minutes ago didn't let her think straight.
She got up and touched his shoulder to make him turn around and stood in front of him with teary eyes. She touched his hands and he waved off.
"How dare you touch me? Khushi?"
She heard her name from his mouth for the first time. She looked at him. He looked at her. They stared at each other as if they were talking to each other through their eyes.

Khushi's pov
Arnav ji I am so sorry for misunderstanding you. I shouldnot have thought like that. But it wasnot my fault totally. I shouldnot have spoke to you like that. Its your life you can do whatever you want how could I question you like that? But why are you like this?
Arnav's Pov
Khushi this was the first time and last time you tried to find out something about me. Next time you better be away from my personal life otherwise mujse bura koi nahi hoga. I don't want to heart you. Stay away from me. I have already hurt you but no more. You are my responsibility now till the time pulkit is perfectly all right. I cannot harm you. I will not harm you. I don't want to harm you. So stay away. The thing that I did to you will haunt me forever. I wish tum mujhe sach bata deti.

After a minute of silence he heard a faint sorry.
He looked in her eyes. His hand automatically moved towards her to touch her cheeks but he immediately fisted it.
He stormed outside leaving her behind. Before he closed the door she heard a sorry from his end.
Khushi looked at the closed door and smiled. She was glad that he told her. She immediately felt a little light. His one sorry melted her anger and her sorrows. She wiped her tears and had a quick glance at the room before she switched off the lights and went out.