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Chap 42
Here I am

She yawned twitching her face due to the sun rays directing hitting her delicate milky white face. Stretching her arms she sat up. She folded her arms and took her Devi Maiya's name before looking at her left side.
She smiled looking at her lazy cat snoozing away in the glory. She took her quilt and leaned onto the fury fluffy Acer and kissed her, for which acer responded with a lazy stretching.
Khushi nuzzled her face on Acer's belly and wished her a cute good morning. Acer slowly opened her lazy eyes and stretched further.
Rubbing Acer's belly she ordered her to get up "Get up you little lazy cat, otherwise I will be late for my office".
Khushi straightened her crease got up from the bed.
After coming out from the bathroom, she dressed herself in a salwar before making her move towards the kitchen to prepare her breakfast.
This is the regular routine of khushi from the past 2 months, since the time she is in delhi.
Khushi has always been a very strong woman, she very well knew how to over come the toughest situation. No matter how much she was hurt, no matter how much she was sad, she always made sure that she move on in life and take life as it comes, unlike Arnav who dealt with things in a worse way. Khushi always tried to be happy and engage herself in other things, rather than sitting and crying in the situation. May be it was stuck in her head that she is meant to lead her life all alone. Firstly her parents left her and now the person whom she loves the most has abundant her from his life. The little happiness she got out in her life she prefer to cherish those moments rather than cribbing for what she is lost. She has always been a gainer in this regard because she had the ability to see the positive things around even if that is the most negative thing that has happened to her.
"Uff Acer, you will drive me crazy one day. where are you?" holding a spatula, leaning below the kitchen counter peeping through the holes, spreading her big honey brown eyes she tried to find her crazy cat.

She tucked her dupatta and tied her long hair.

Sighing she stood up frustrated, arms on her waist,  just to find her cat sitting on the frying pan.

Khushi glared at Acer she showed the spatual to scare her away gesturing with the spectual give "I am going to beat you up look", but as her name suggest she was the might Acer, she refused to hop down from the pan.

Khushi huffed and blew her hair strand from her face making it shift to the side and held her from her neck (head and neck joint, where the mumma cat holds her baby with there mouth when they are small) and placed her on the ground near her red food tub.

Pointing her index finger towards her she said angrily "dont you dare try to hide from your mamma".

"Meaow!!!!" she made a puppy face, closing her eyes and giving her a lazy look.

Khushi immediately melted by Acer's gesture and pouted.

"Awe my baby, you know the right tactics to melt down your mamma, dont you?" khushi said picking her up and kissing her furry coat".

Acer smuggled in khushi's hand by brushing herlself with Khushi's skin.

She made her sit on her shoulder and started preparing Maggie for herself. Ocassionally giving her finger to Acer to make her taste the Maggie soup.

Once she was done with her cooking, she placed Acer's food tub on the dining table and gave her some cat food.

Both them enjoyed their morning breakfast together. No matter how much she fed Acer, Acer always wanted to eat her mumma's left over. It never matter whether it was very or non veg, she just loved to eat Khushi's left over.

And khushi always made sure she kept some portion for Acer after she has finished eating.


She was washing her plate when her ears were practically deafening by the loud continuous horn

Walking quickly towards the window and peeped out to see NK waiting for her looking at his watch time to time.

She signed and smiled. "this male never fails to come and pick her up everyday. The little she knew why he always picked her up and drop her home irrespective of a company car which was given to her. She hardly used it due to NK's presence in her life for past two months now.

She waved her hands before smiling ear to ear and he waved her back having his ever charming smile.

Khushi nodded and gestured him to wait.

He showed her the watch and gestured to make it fast.

"I am coming". She screamed from the window. He stuffed his finger in his ears gesturing as if she was loud and then smiled looking at her

"Come fast princess". He shouted back.

Khushi sighed and nodded her head in little frustration.

After couple of minutes she came down wearing a smart cotton saree, perfectly pleated and tucked. Her hair elegantly tucked in a pony tail.

NK opened his car door for her and gestured her to get inside the car.

"Aap kab yeh sab karna bandh karoge?" (when will you stop doing all these?)

"Haye, if you tell me so cutely princess, I will never stop doing these things", with that NK closed the door and hopped inside the car from the other door.

Both of them tied their seat belts and started for their office.

Looking at khushi cutely NK said "Looking elegant as usual, princess!"

"Nikhil ji, aap mujhe princess bulana kab bandh karenge?" (when will you stop calling me princess?)

"Jab aap mujhe aap bulana bandh karoge, tab". (when you will stop being so formal with me)

"Yeh kya baat huyi?" (what do you mean?) "aur waise bhi aap mujhe kyun princess bulate ho?" (by the way what do you call me princess?)

"Because you are one you know".

Khushi gave him a weird look.

"Khushi, you look no less than a princess you know, and someone really treats you like a princess".

Khushi gave another weird look towards him.

NK just snapped himself for blurting out what he was not supposed to say. It was Arnav's order to take care of Khushi, he has only asked NK to pick her up and drop her home from office. And NK can never refuse Arnav. From the day one NK knew Khushi meant something else to arnav not just employee. Everyday they spoke about khushi in between their official talks. And Arnav never failed to ask about her. It was very evident from Arnav's concern that he had a soft corner for this girl. But he made sure NK doesnot get any glipse of that softness. But little did Arnav know that "Pyaar chupaye nahi chupti". He has even seen khushi go stiff whenever there was come discussion on Arnav. Her face always drained out and she looked restless.

Many times he tried to talk to her regarding her personal life, but as we all know a woman's heart is the ocean of secrets (courtesy TITANIC).

NK's thought process was snapped by khushi's next question "Who?"

"Erm!! Aapke Arnav ji (khushi looked the other side) mujse kaha tha ki as you are a woman so I should take care of you".

"He is not my Arnav ji, Nikhil ji", she said gulping her hurt and clutching her saree.

"Erm! Khushi, but you are the only one who calls him Arnav ji, so woh tumhare arnav ji huye na?"

Khushi remained quite while NK tried to get some reaction from her.


After sometime of silence'NK spoke

"Well, what plans for tonight?"

"Erm! I have spoken to the organizers and everything seems to be in place".

"Yap it had to be, after all Khushi Kumari Gupta, has done it".

Khushi felt a knot on her belly hearing her previous surname, she also recalled the day when Arnav taunted her taking her maternal surname.

She looked down and felt a little sad that Arnav never acknowledged her with his surname. She sighed and planted a smile on her face to mask her emotions which was rushing down her vains.

"I hope everything goes well Nikhil ji"

"Don't worry princess, everything will be just fine. Well I have spoken to gaur khan, she has already arrived in the hotel".

"Excellent". I wish you were here arnav ji  she said mentally.


While driving towards their bunglow anrav smiled looking at the delhi city, for the first time he was excited to be in this town. He kissed the sleeping muskaan on her head and closed his eyes to feel Khushi's presence in the city. "Few more hours to go khushi, I am here".


Khushi suddenly felt something different, she did not know why, her heart beat started racing, her skin erupting with goose bumps, her mind drifted towards her Arnav ji. She frowned "why do I have a feeling that he is here?" she thought mentally".


It was evening time and everything was ready. The dcor, the mood, the music, the food everything was planned by Khushi. It was needed a very important day for delhi office and keeping in my the reputation of AR, she made sure everything looked classy.

Khushi walked down in a blue saree, with minimal make up, yet looking stunning as ever.

Everyone greeted her and congratulated and appreciated her for such beautiful planning.

She was NK and arranging her pleated she walked towards him.

The moment she stepped ahead, her honey eyes met his brown eyes, she froze for a moment looking at her ever handsome husband standing on her path looking at her amusingly.

She menatally called his name "Arnav ji!" feeling happy and sad at the same time.

Suddenly he saw her smiling and walking towards him. he took his steps towards her but suddenly he saw her crossing him without acknowledge him at all, as if he was not present in front of him.

He looked back while she continued to move towards NK and stood beside him smiling charmingly towards him.

"Hey princess! Wow you look stunning tonight, Kya baat hai?"

Khushi was about to speak when she felt a familiar touch on her shoulder, she closed her eyes and composed herself before turning and looking towards the man.


Khushi's eyes welled up immediately, she gulped her emotions and said "Hello Sir!"

Arnav was shocked hearing her referring him as "Sir"

He gave her a "what the" look and clutched his jaw.

That's when the performance of the evening started.


Khushi Performaing in Parda (One apon a time in Mumbai) 
Captured in this VM

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Please dont copy any concept or scenes without taking my permission otherwise i will report your thread.
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If i see anybody coping my concept or stories i will stop posting any story.
I strictly mean it.

Chap 41
The Scream

He sat covering his face near the poolside, listening to the whistling breeze, trying to calm down his restlessness but unfortunately he was unable to remove his anxiety. Each and every word that misha told him started haunting him badly.

The more he tried to wipe it off the more it creep his mind.

The first day when he met Khushi how she bumped into his arms

Her single drop of tear, still so fresh in his mind, when he spoke about their first encounter.

Then how he pulled her saree and without any warning he entered her

How she laid like a lifeless creature below him felling numb in tremendous pain

How his bed became red in fraction of time that's when he realized that she was a virgin.

How he picked her up in his arm and helped her to stop the blood from oozing.

How she hugged him instantly when she came back to her senses.

How she apologized him for lieing to him that she was a virgin.

How he allowed her to join office without a second thought

How he helped her to get pulkit's check up done.

How he taught her to become a good employee

How he scolded her innumerous times

How good he felt when he first saw her with muskaan.

How she took care of her

How muskaan reciprocated her by nuzzling her face on her breast

How he tried to punish her by taking her breast in his mouth

How he asked her to stay away from muskaan

How he said all hurtfull things about her, practically pointing towards her character.

How she walked lifelessly on the streets.

How he saved her by coming inbetween the truck and her, without giving a damn about his life, misha and muskaan.

How she saved him and brought him to the hospital

How her forhead got marked by his blood.

How warm he felt seeing his blood on her forehead, as if it was meant to be. How they were destined to face this.

How she never wiped his blood.

How she tried to take care of him when he was unwell.

How forcefully he tried to wipe off his blood misunderstanding her but fate as done the reverse. How she got hurt and he spreaded her blood by his own hands.

How he made her wear her locket.

He pulled out her locket from his pocket and looked at it. He clutched it and took her name "Khushi!"
His heart started racing, he looked at his left side and looked at his reflection on the pool. He could only visualize a retreating Khushi after their first and their last kiss.

He got up from the recliner and headed toward his room. Taking his car keys he went out.

**After driving aimlessly finally he scratch stopped his car making a u-turn.
His grip getting stronger, his vision getting blur due to his rage, his breathing getting hitched everytime he was thinking about Khushi.

He got down from the car and slammed the door.

Kicking the door frustrated he let out a loud "Damn".

He furiously paced near the car thinking.

How she came running to him and hugged him telling about pulkit's good news.

How that night she managed to keep him away from the other woman.

How he allowed her to stay at his house

How she took care of muskaan when she fell ill.

How he wanted to make love to her that night forgetting everything but stopped.

How he warned her to stay away from rohit.

How he saved her from getting raped

How he loved her with his mouth inside his room without asking her

How she submitted herself to him, letting him do whatever he wanted

How he satisfied her by making her hit the climax

How satisfied he was seeing her satisfied.

How she jerked her hip and rubbed herself elegantly without any second thought on his lips.

How he hugged her to calm her down after she climaxed.

How he gave her permission to stay at his house.

How he loved to see her in his clothes.

How he witnessed the three most important persons in his life staying together like a family.

How he misbehaved with her when she made jalebies for him

How he blurted out his sister's bitter truth in front of her and then abused her.

How he got her back once again taking her in his arms.

He slammed the bonnet of the car and hit his back, dragging himself and finally drooping himself on the road he couldnot control his stubborn tears. He fisted his palm and cursed himself for breaking down like this but he just couldnot stop.

He shouted at the top of his voice before breaking down further.

He closed his eyes remembering his phone call how he misunderstood her and pulkit's conversation.

How he insulted her infront of pulkit by telling about their first night

How she fainted after that incident.

How she took his name only once she gained her conscious.

How she waved off his hand and left the office.

He hid his head resting it on his knees and cried bitterly, taking out all his pain, all his sorrow, all his frustration.

He remembered

How she disclosed her chums before him

How she slept in his arms

How she felt shy discussing about her pain

How he massaged her back giving her warmth

How she came and saved Muskaan

How she signed on the papers without thinking twice

He let out another shout "I LOVE YOU DAMN IT"



Tears rolling down his cheeks, breathing hitching everytime, voice cracking with every word. Arnav Singh Raizada today was the most poor guy in his whole world. He has lost the most precious assest of him. His Khushi

He remembered how he misunderstood her seeing with pulkit

How he hurt her by comparing her with an employee. But he never wanted to compare, it was his uncontrollable anger, which made him blurt out.

How he said whether he his her driver when she asked in her broken voice that whether he will drop her to the airport or not.

He felt extremely disgusted with himself thinking how much he has hurt her. And remembering misha's words he gathered himself.

"Mishu you are right" sob "She doesnot deserve an evil like me" sob "She should get much better person in life" sob "who will give her love" sob "respect" sob "and care" sob "the more she stays with me, the more hurt she will be" sob "But mishu I love her a lot" sob sob sniff sob "a lot mishu" sob "I can never love a person like I love her" sob sniff.
His Pain in captured in VM

**Misha was sitting by the poolside waiting for her bhaiya to come. She knows she has hurt him a lot. But she wasnot right. If Arnav is her bhiaya then Khushi is her bhabhi and she has all the right to scold her bhaiya for her bhabhi if she seeing his bhaiya is doing injustise. She exactly did that.

But she also knows how much love her bhaiya does to her bhabi and she also know only her bhabhi can keep her bhaiya happy.

She waited and waited.

It was almost 3am when she heard his car.

Wiping her tears he rushed towards the main door.

Opening the door she saw a shattered Arnav, who seemed to be fought with himself.

His face pale

His eyes blank

His form shaken

His sight lifeless.

Misha hugged him with her full strength, that's when he broke down once again holding his sister in his arms.

Both of them cried for one person without talking to each other understanding each others silence.


"Go and get her".

Arnav broke the hug and saw misha. He cupped her face and smiled "Tu chaligi mere saath? Nahi to meye bohot akela padjaunga. Agar woh nahi ayi to? Tu rehegi na usko manane ke liye?"
(will you come along with me? Otherwise I will feel lonely. If she refuse to come back? You will be there to convince her?)

Misha cupped his face and wiped his tears.

"Dulhan ko to aaphi to lana padega, hum to baarati hai"
(you have to get your wife I am from the boys side)

Both smiled at each other and hugged

"I love you mish"

"I love you bhiaya and I am really sorry for hurting you".

Arnav caressed her back.

"Bhaiya, you love her na?"

Arnav nodded and smiled at her.

"We are going to delhi tomorrow. Tell rohan to come along with us. You guys are having vacation right now right?"

Misha nodded in approval.

"I will talk to his dad. Don't worry".

Misha kissed Arnav and hugged him.

"Pack your and Muskaan's stuffs. We will take the earliest flight. Waise bhi kal Delhi office ka annual day hai, I will give her a surprise".


Arnav meets Khushi