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Chap 40
The Realization
"What? Resignation?" Arnav gritted his teeth.
Pulkit with his composed behaviour he sat quietly while Arnav went through the resignation letter.
After completion he folded the paper and looked directly towards pulkit making a very surprising gesture.
Nodding his head he asked him "So you have got a better opertunity in US? That's why you are leaving?"
Pulkit smiled and sighed "I don't have any reason to stay here Arnav ji".
Arnav was blank, he has so wished to punch him right on pulkit's nose if he takes Khushi's names but she remained quite.
"what do you mean?"
"Well, Arnav ji you knew it very well that I was here only for Khushi, and you have send her in delhi so I guess my responsibility is over".
Arnav narrowed his eyes and shot a glare.
"I am getting married, Arnav ji and I am needed there".
Suddenly all his anger drained out. "Marriage?"
Pulkit smiled and said "Ya, I am getting married".
"To'.to whom? I mean you were getting married to Khushi I guess".
"Ya, I was but not anymore".
"Does he know about Him and Khushi?" Arnav thought
"Khushi and Me, we both are very good friends. We are marring each other under compulsion. Our Mom and Dad wanted us to get married. We have never loved each other but we look this decision for the sake of it. She did not have anyone in her life and even I was alone. Ek aadat si ho gayi thi (she was a part of my daily life same like I was hers)"
Arnav just stared at him blankly. He just couldnot register anything, which he was telling.
"But now that I know what she feels for me and how things are between me and she has already moved on in her life, I don't want her to stay back with me out of compulsion. But yes I hope someday she gets her prince charming".
"Her prince charming"
"She doesnot love pulkit"
"Pulkit doesnot love her"
"Pulkit is getting married"
"He is leaving for US"
"Khushi is alone in Delhi on her own".
"She doesnot love pulkit"
"She doesnot love pulkit"
"She doesnot love pulkit"
His thought was snapped by pulkit's call
"Arnav ji"
he jerked his head and looked at pulkit.
"Are you ok?"
"Yes Arnav ji, I am absolutely fine, but I think you are not fine".
"Haan? Erm No I am fine".
"So when are you planning to go to US?"
"Next week".
Arnav tucked his lips in and spoke "wont you meet Khushi before you leave?"
"I would have love to meet her but she never called me since the time she has reached delhi".
"She never called you?" Arnav questioned him getting quite surprised.
"Nope she did not. I had tried to talk to her many times, but she never picked up my phone. I think she is feeling guilty that's why".
"Guilty? Guilty about what?"
"Guilty about her confession."
There was a pause for a minute or so.
"The day she left for delhi, she confessed that she cannot marry me, because she is in love with someone else".
"Bohot pyaar karti hai ussey, khud se bhi zada, sabse zada" (he loves him a lot, more than her, infact more than anything)
Arnav's heart stop hearing the same line which he had lip read.
His pupil still on Pulkit. He couldnot even blink.
"But I am scared for her Arnav ji, I know what she has chosen she can never get. She will be all alone in the near future. But I guess its her fate".
Arnav knew it very well, about which pulkit was talking about. It was him and he also knows whi pulkit was afraid because he knew Arnav too well. He is not a man to settle down atleast not till Misha's wedding. Arnav doesnot have anything which he can tell his own. AR Group, RM and each and every project was in Misha's name. How can he get married and ruin another person's life when he cannot give security. But the little pulkit knew about arnav's heart condition. He was madly in love with this woman, from whom I has always got unconditional love, from whom he has got care, from whom he has got which he has never thought a woman can give. Despite of parting her all the time like a magnet she stuck to him.
"I know I souldnot say this you will think chota muh bari baat (I am too small to say this to you) but as a friend, her best friend and being associated with you for so many years I have to say this. Arnav ji you are really very lucky".
Arnav's hurt sank hearing this from pulkit. It means she''.she loves
"See loves you a lot".
Gulping down the lump formed inside his throat he sighed loudly.
His heart beat racing fast.
Like a wave his emotions were taking over his mind.
He, remembering her words "Trust is a big thing in a relationship" which he always failed to do despite of his heart, which always stubbornly acted against his mind.
A lone tear dropped from pulkit's eyes. She is lonely Arnav ji very lonely. She doesnot share her sorrows with anyone, not even me. She always covers her sorrow with her sweet and chirpy external faade. But deep down she is very lonely. And who knows it better than me.
Both the guys looking at each other, nothing else to share, nothing else to discuss. Bot talking about only one person who is someone's best friend and the other ones life, his Khushi, his joy, his better half.
After a brief silence of 5 mins both thinking about Khushi's presence in their lives pulkit spoke up.
"anyways Arnav ji, mujhe ab chalni chahiye, ek request thi. Can you sign on my release letter a little earlier. I know I have serve one month notice period before I could actually be released but I have to reach US real soon".
Without looking at pulkit and wasting time Arnav brought out his letter pad and wrote his release letter by himself.
"Have a nice life buddy. It was indeed a pleasure to have in honest and hardworking employee like you. May you get what you want".
Pulkit smiled and advanced his hand to shake.
Arnav stood up and came towards him to hug his most efficient employee. Patting hard on his back jerking his shoulder he acknowledged his final departure.
Before Pulkit exited, he turned and said "You are a great man, a man with a golden heart. You will always be my mentor".
He gave his cutest smile before leaving his room. Leaving Arnav alone inside the room to fight with his emotions, which was hammering him from inside.
It was almost midnight, Arnav was standing near the poolside looking blankly above the sky, remembering pulkit's each and every words, how he misunderstood his Khushi when misha came and hugged him from the side
Arnav caressed her head and spoke "Hey, mish whats up dear?"
"Bhaiaya, I am not getting any sleep tonight".
"Why what happened?"
Misha dug her face in his chest and clutched his hoodie.
"Did you fight with Rohan?"
"No bhai, I don't fight with him at all".
"Then what is bothering my sister?"
Arnav stopped caressing her head. Breaking his hug he looked at a droopy misha in front of him.
"what with her?"
"bhiaya, you don't feel like visiting her in delhi?"
Arnav was quiet.
"Bhaiya, you are always so concern about both me and musky, if anything bothers us you go mad and ghar ko aap sir pe utha lete ho, don't you feel even she needs you. don't you think even you have some amount to responsibility towards her?"
Arnav did not know what to say. Misha has always hit him under his belt. She has always made him realize the emotional part of life.
"Bhiaya, she is all alone there, she practically has no one with her. She doesnot have anyone beside her to share her sorrows".
"Bhaiya why have you send her there? Why bhaiya? Why?"
"Because I misunderstood her Misha".
Misha was shocked, she started spilling her tears which he managed to control for long time.
"I''misunderstood her mish" Arnav broke down in front of her for the first time in his life".
Misha saw him dropping himself on the recliner. But that doesnot lessen her anger on him
She touched his shoulder and make him look at her.
"You misunderstood her?" she shouted making a disgusted face.
Arnav just nodded yes.
"You misunderstood that woman who''.forget it bhai, you know what you deserve to be alone".
Arnav was shocked to here such a thing against him from her.
"Its good that you have send her in delhi, atleast it is better for her. She is hopefully leaving in piece without facing you".
"No bhiaya, today I will not stop".
"you misunderstood what?"
"Tell me bhaiya, what has she done?"
Arnav nararrted the whole incident to misha and misha was utterly shocked.
"The world world can see how she madly loves you bhaiya, and you thought she loves pulkit after what she has done for Musky and You?"
"She has put her legs inside something which she never know what her future will be. And you misunderstood her?"
You misunderstood the woman who accepted you for what you are?
You misunderstood the woman who signed on the marriage papers only for your daughter?
You misunderstood the woman who without giving a second thought accepted her future with a man like you?
You misunderstood the woman who despite of knowing your aweful behaviour with girls still loves you madly?
Bhaiya, you misunderstood your Khushi??? Your Khushi?
"I feel ashamed of you today. I feel ashamed to be your sister bhaiya".
"I am sorry to say, you have lost a true love, you have hurt a pure soul and trust me bhaiya, you will not be able to leave in peace and forget about me even Khushi can never forgive you for this".
"you have doubted her?"
"you have taken away her daughter"
"you have taken away her sister"
"and last but not the least you have taken away her husband from her".
"You know bhaiya, actually she deserves much better person in life who will respect her, who will respect her love, her care, her submission. Not a person like you who will suspect her all the time. She is much better off staying away from you".
"today I feel sorry for you. I don't feel sad for you. you know why because you yourself have destroyed your future which could have been like a rainbow but you chose to make it cloudy".
"Hats off to you Mr Arnav. Singh. Raizada, you have well mentioned your ego".
Saying that Misha stormed out from him room leaving a shattered Arnav behind covering his face in pain.
Arnav missing Khushi.
Sorry guys just couldnot fit arnav's pain in this part will do it in next part. I hope you liked this chapter. I know no arshi thought and no Khushi but this is important before Arnav goes to bring back his wify. Yes guys he will be soon in Delhi. Those who wants Khushi POV during these two months you have to wait for that.


  1. Even though u couldn't write Arnav's pain fully in this update whatever u wrote did give a big picture...
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  3. love it i was crying the way u wrote thing are superb thank u

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