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Chap 39
The Loss

She ran outside the office leaving a shocked, stunned, confused Arnav behind. Picking up Acer she took an auto and headed straight towards RM. She had to meet her mishu for the last time, her daughter gul for the last time.
gul was crying bittering seeing her maah! Crying before her kissing her as if the world is going to end in sometime and all will die. She pouted and quivered her lips and was calling her Maah! Holding her chain.
"don't cry sweetheart, you are a stong girl no? don't cry baby" Khushi wiped gul's tears while misha hugged Khushi sideways.
"I don't believe it, Khushi! How can bhaiya send you to Delhi? Let me call him and talk to him.
Khushi pressed Misha's hand and stopped her from making her call Arnav. Wiping her tears Khushi continued "Mish, you know I am so looking forward to the trip, it's a big opertunity fro me you know" she said gulping down the lump formed inside her throat.
"Arnav ji has given me such a big responsibility. He has given me his delhi office to look after, isnot it a great news?".
"What about your responsibility towards Gul, Khushi?"
Khushi made a low face and clutched Gul more in her arms.
"Tum dono ho na" (you both are there for her no?)
"Khushi, are you sure you wanna go?"
"Ya Misha, I am really excited".
"I don't think so Khushi, if you were excited then you wouldnot look so sad".
"Oh, I am crying that's why you are thinking that I am sad?" see I am not anymore. Khushi erased the water marks.
Misha touched her cheeks, "Did bhaiya tell you anything Khushi? Did he force you to take this decision? Khushi you know you can tell me right?"
Khushi just hugged Misha to avoid any direct eye contact with her. She gulped her sorrow and said "Misha, let me go".
"Take care" misha brushed her hair with her palm.
Khushi was about to put Gul on Misha's lap when gul suddenly started howling.
Both misha and Khushi tried to stop her from crying like that but today gul did not seem to stop crying. The more Khushi kissed her the more she was crying. She was not letting her go at all. Gul clutched Khushi's locket and held it tight in her arm.
Khushi closed her eyes and unlocked the hook of the chain. She made her wear it and quickly ran outside the house bidding a final good bye to misha.
"what the hell aman" Arnav shouted. "did you check with the manager?"
Arnav disconnected the call frustratedly and ran his trembling fingers in between his hair.
"Where the hell are you khushi?"
Just when he was about to dial her number, his phone started blinking.
He looked at the phone "Mish calling"
He stared that the receiver for good 3 seconds and picked it up.
"Hey Mish".
"Hey bhaiya, can you give the phone to Khushi? Her phone is not rechable".
Arnav was really concerned now, "Her phone is unreachable?"
Misha frowned a little "Bhaiya, did not you go to drop Khushi in the station?"
"Misha, what do you mean by station?"
"Bhaiya, you are with Khushi right? She is leaving for delhi today by train right? Or you are not with her? Misha was about to blast on him when she heard no voice form the other side of the receiver.
Khushi was leaning on the railing looking blankly outside the window fiddling with her dupatta.
He scratch stop the car in front of the station and ran inside.
But before he could reach her he saw the retreating train in front of him. His eyes welled up his hand raised to stop the train but it was too late. He stepped back three four steps and whisperedKhushi!! A loan tear traveled slowly in between his stubbles. Her kiss still very young in his mind. The painful "Bye Arnav Ji" from her mouth still stabbing his heart innumerous time. Her tears pircing his ego and breaking it into pieces.
He lost her
He lost his love
He lost his strength
He lost his heart
He lost his mind
He lost the only thing he had today, due to his ego, due to his lack of communicating skills, due to his silence, due to his zid (stubbornness)
He lost the reason to smile
He lost his happiness, his Khushi, his wife.
Arnav dropped himself on the nearest bench and stared blankly at the tracks.
After a minute of two he picked up his phone and called NK.
"Hey buddy"
"Hey NK, I need a favour from you".
"Kya baat hai, Arnav Singh Raizada is asking for my favour?"
Without getting into much details Arnav said "NK, Khushi Singh'.i mean Khushi Kumari Gupta will be reaching Delhi tomorrow in the morning by train".
"Train" he shouted. "Since when AR Employee's started to travel by train Arnav?"
Arnav closed his eyes hearing AR Employee from NK's mouth. He realized what she must have gone through when he himself designated her as an employee few hours back.
"But Aman told me that she will be traveling business class and she will be reaching to night".
"NK, just do as I say".
"Ok Boss, go on".
"She will be reaching tomorrow, make sure you send a car for her, if not just go and pick her up by yourself".
NK frowned by Arnav words, "bhai, who is she? I mean is she some big shot? Erm, you have never given so much importance to any employee as far as I remember".
"NK, you don't need to know anything further on this. Just take care of her. I am clear?"
"well, I would also ask you to drop her in my house in delhi, she will be staying there".
"Wow wow wow!!! Thats a news aranv".
"shut up".
"Ok, fine I will drop your princess at your house. Well are you planning to marry her or what?"
Before NK could continue with his rant, Arnav disconnected the call.
Arnav looked at the phone and opened his msg box.
He started typing "NK, will be there to pick you up tomorrow from the station" he pressed the send button, with his shaky nervous fingers.
He waited for the message to get delivered but if did not.
He gathered himself and walked outside the station. With heavy legs stepping towards his car he just broke down.
After reaching RM he straightaway went to his room and locked himself up without even meeting Gul and Misha. This was the first time he avoided both of them.
Misha tried to talk to him but he remained locked inside his room. She thought of giving him sometime to open up as she was very well aware off that her brother is a man with less words. He just couldnot express himself in front of anyone. Just couldnot. The more he was, shattered the less he communicated. But being an intelligent girl Misha understood the tension between the two of the most special person in her life.
No matter how much close she was with Arnav, she became equally close with her bhabi. She knew there was something, which Khushi hid from her.
She decided to remain quiet for sometime and watch without pressurizing both of them to speak up.
Arnav just couldnot sleep the whole night. He was tensed, worried for his Khushi. He just cannot imagine her traveling all alone by herself in the train. The anxity level was high, he was pacing around in his room sipping water time to time to keep himself awake until he gets the news from NK about her arrival in Delhi.
It was almost noon when he got a msg from NK, stating that he met Khushi and she is with him.
After almost long hours of mental stress he relaxed.
He replied "Ok"
He immediately received another msg. "She is weird"
"What?" was Arnav's reply.
"She is not ready to stay in your house".
Arnav damned himself mentally and typed furiously
"Take her to my apartment and tell her that it is meant for visiting employees".
"I will not lie"
"shut up NK, do as I say"
"Arnav, whats the big deal? Let her manage like other employees".
"She is not just an employee".
"Is she my would be bhabi?"
"NK, don't piss me off now, just do as directed".
"Ok boss, done, you princess will be safely parceled to your apartment. Cheers".
Arnav finally snapped off and nodded his head "Crazy man".
He closed his eyes and sighed "Khushi! I hope you are fine"
Days passed, nights passed, but Arnav's condition wad getting worsened. He wad not taking his food properly, he was irregular in the office. Other employees started worrying, as they have never seen their boss in that condition. Khushi's desk was kept as it is inside his room. He literally blasted a poor soul who tried to take her things from the room according to his order.
His anger was on his tip on the nose now a days, Aman has seen his worst behavior but this time it was horrible.
He was hardly paying any attention towards Gul now a days. His schedule drastically changed. He visited his office late, making sure that he doesnot face misha in the morning and came back really late to avoid her.
Basically he avoided talking to anybody close to him.
It was almost a month now that Khushi as left. His health detoraited even more these days. One day while he was getting ready he fainted and later when some tests were done, he was diagnosed with diabeties.
Misha made sure that no matter what, whether he wants to talk to her about his anxity, dilemma or whatever, she has to take care of her.
In the meantime Misha was constantly in touch with Khushi, he noticed that she never asked about anrav and his whereabouts from her. But she know how badly she wanted to know about him. She made sure to update Khushi about Arnav all the time.
It was almost 2 months.
Arnav entered his cabin. He sat on his chair glancing khushi's empty chair and sighed. He opened his inbox and read all the details about her in NK's msg.
Arnav made sure that he kept NK around Khushi all the time in order to keep her safe and made sure to get all her details and whereabouts from NK.
He was almost done with his reading when Aman entered his room with a file. He looked worried a little.
"Whats the matter Aman?"
"ASR, has you gone through the delhi project file?"
"Whats with that?"
"I mean its good, but I wonder how suddenly they have started getting projects? I mean are you aware of it?"
Arnav frowned before him having no idea on what aman was trying to tell him.
He flipped through the pages and realized that there is a sudden shoot up in the projects in the Delhi branch. Unlike its typical lazy working environment everything seemed to be in the place.
After going through the entire file he asked aman to take out the list of the companies, which was associated with them.
Aman was about to exit his chamber when both of them saw Pulkit standing on the doorway.
"Is there anything to discuss Pulkit?" Arnav shot a cold glance at him passing a stem look towards him.
"May I come in Arnav ji?"
"Please come".
Pulkit handed over an envelop to him.
Arnav looked at him and asked "What is this?"
"Its my regisnation letter".
Pulkit making Arnav realase how much Khushi loves Arnav.
Arnav missing Khushi and realizing his love for her.
Misha Blasting Arnav after knowing the truth.
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Q and A
Why Arnav did not tell roshni about his marriage?

Wait for somemore time you will get your answer

Is Roshni a positive character?

Yes she is positive. But a short lived character. Initially I told you guys that Roshni's character is a vital one. Yes she is and I hope now you know why. I don't want to continue her character anymore. She was just a cameo but an important one. Her name will be mentioned in future chapters but she might not be present physically but again depends on the flow of the story. If I think she is needed in some point of time I will bring her back. But I confirm she is not negative.

Will Arnav repent badly?

Umm depends upon how you see his redemtion. For me if the redemtion is heart felt I think it is more than enough.

When will the romance start?

Well guys we are on its way.

Will Khushi ever grow a backbone?

I have confirmed this earlier also Khushi is like this only and she will be like this maybe a little change in her behaviour you will be seeing in coming updates but I confirm Khushi cannot change and will not change.

Some Facts

Introduction of NK's character

He is again a positive character here. He is Arnav's cousin as narrated earlier. He looks after Delhi office.


role will be ending in next chapter. I hope you have enjoyed his character. He was definitely a very important character in this entire fiction. I have enjoyed thoroughly writing his part. and I am sure you will love him more in the next part.

I will try to wrap up the whole story in 50th Part as 80% is already narrated and you guys know I don't stretch my stories unnecessarily.


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  3. seriously.. the great ASR crying.. so sweet:-))
    now why r the projects showeing in delhi office?? is everything alright??

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