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Chap 38
Adhura Pyaar
(Incomplete Love)
Khushi turned her face towards where Arnav was standing and said "Pyaar Karta hoon. Bohot bohot pyaar karti hoon, shyad khud se zada, sabse zada".

Arnav just closed his fist and glared at the duo. He all the more fumed looking at the pulkit's hand stroking Khushi's back and his face resting on khushi's head, his lips pouted saying "I understand princess, just calm down".
He more he did not want to trust his own thoughts the little he was able to thinking of the scenes of shyam making out with another woman in behind his di's back.
He just wanted to punch pulkit's face and drag Khushi out from there and punish him but he just couldnot do that. He felt horrible.
The girl who save his gul, the girl from whom he has fallen for, the girl who has become his day and night, that very girl actually loves another man. How could he forget that? He knew it from the very beginning then why is mad? Why he is feeling betrayed?
He closed his eyes and turned the otherside. With heavy steps he started walking towards his office lifelessly.
He was looking at the paper-weight which was kept on spinning in front of him. Images of Pulkit and Khushi clouding his positive thoughts.
After a brief moment he called up Aman.
"Aman, I have decided that Khushi will be taking care of delhi project. Get her tickets done".
"But ASR, Khushi is looking after our show here and she has all the details, she is so much involved…." Before aman could continue Arnav barked "I think you have not heard me correctly,".
"Now aman". And make sure you book business class for her.
Arnav disconnected the called and banged the phone on the table.
He looked at her empty seat and dialed another extension. "Maria, I want to make sure that you shift Khushi's desk by tomorrow from my room. She will be continuing her work from Delhi".
He cut his call and closed his eyes and rested his head on the head rest of his chair.
In few minutes, there was a knock on the door.
"Come in", he said still closing his eyes.
He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling and then looked towards the door.
"Roshni!" a weak smile broke from her lips.
Roshni entered his room with a straight face. She pulled the chair and sat opposite to him.
Arnav closed his eyes and sigh "How are you rosh?"
"Its Roshni, Arnav. I am no more rosh for you, I feel humilitated when you call me rosh and you know that then why do you always end up calling me that?"
Arnav touched her hand and pressed it a little.
She just jerked and waved his hands off.
"Don't you dare touch me Arnav singh Raizada".
"Rosh! Listen to me".
"There is nothing for us to talk Arnav, I am here to sign on the papers. And also to let you know that I will be handling your delhi project from here only".

"That's an awesome news. I will arrange for a cabin for you".
"No thanks Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, I have my own office here, though it is not as huge as yours but I am sure I can manage and thanks for the offer".
"How is gul? Can I go and meet here?"
"She is here only in her room".
"Well then I think I will just see her once".
Before she could leave Arnav held her hand and stopped her.
Roshni closed her eyes in anger and feeling disgusted by this touch.
"LEAVE" she growled in an angry tone.
"Not before I apologize.
Roshni was shocked. She turned to see him. And she just couldnot believe what she saw.
She was a broken man, his eyes full of guilt and hurt.
Her pupil was still on him. He walked towards her and cupped her face "I know what I have done is not at all forgivable. But I seek for forgiveness. Rosh, I have hurt my best friend when I needed her support the most. I have punished her when she was supporting me and my family only. I feel ashamed of what I have done".
Roshni thinned her eyes and advanced towards him "You are seeking for forgiveness after freaking years? And Arnav Singh Raizada, who never bends, today how come he is asking for forgiveness? Am I missing something?"
Arnav closed his eyes and remembered his encounter with Khushi in the guest house.
Arnav dragged Roshni from her house and made her sit in his car
"Arnie, what is the matter? Where are you taking me yaar? And why are you so mad? What is the problem yaar? And why the hell are you gragging me? It hurts".
"Oh really?" Arnav slammed the door and ignited his key.
"Arnie, what is the matter?"
"don't act smart Roshni, you know everything don't you?"
"what are you talking about arnav. Are you mad at me because I did not wish you today? Oh come on yaar, I wanted to give you surprise buddy".
"Shut up. i have already got the most horrible surprise by your brother".
Roshni was extremely puzzled now "Bro? whats with him?"
"He was bloddy f**king a blond in his and Di's room".
Roshni was truly shocked hearing his from Arnav.
"Kya bakwas hai yeh" (what crap is this) "How dare you talk about my brother like this Arnav?"
"Oh ya? Then what is this?"
He showed her shyam's and his mistress's nude picture. Roshni was shattered looking at them.
She was truly scared now. She knew it very well that when Arnav is mad, he just forgets about his surroundings.
Arnav scratched stopped his car near RM. He pulled the door and dragged her out of the car.
Roshni tried to protest him a lot but she failed.
He continued dragging her to his room and whirled her around. Looking the door he pushed her on the bed.
"Arnav, what the f*ck are you upto?" she started moving back with the help of her elbows.
"I will destroy you today Roshni, just like your brother destroyed my sister, I am going to do the same.
Roshni, was shocked to here such a thing from Arnav. "Are you mad? I am your best friend Arnav, how can you think so cheap about me?" she was almost crying.
Arnav pulled her towards him and dragged her panty out.
Roshni was over shocked now.
"Arnav please don't do this". She pleaded. "please don't destroy me Arnav!"
Without wasting further time he placed himself near her feminity and was about to enter her when she screamed "I am a virgin damn it".
She slapped Arnav, which brought Arnav back to his sense.
"I am a virgin damn it" the line hit his hard hard. He saw her tensed form underneath him. Her eyes puffed due to the shear torture he has given her. He could feel her shaky from.
He closed his fist and immediately released her.
She did not move. He quickly pulled her dress to cover her. He himself got up and banged his fist on the bed.
Roshni covered her face due to embarrassment.
Before Arnav could say anything she just blasted on him and ran outside the house.
It was the last day, Arnav saw roshni. He tried to call her up many times to explain his situation but roshni always stayed away from him. No matter how much hard it was for her also to stay away from her best friend but the sight before her, her best friend trying to rape her always restricted her to forgive him.
Arnav still never wanted to apologize to her, as he always believed that what he tired to do with her was due to sheer vengeance and nothing else, until Khushi happened to him. The night spend with her in the guest house was indeed an eye opener for him. What if he did the same thing with roshni? Why would he want to give pain to his best friend when she is not at fault.
After that day he repented like hell. He so much wanted to talk to Roshni and apologize.
Arnav opened his eyes and said "I am really sorry rosh! I truly am. Please forgive me".
Roshni could always read his eyes, she could see how apologetic he was.
A lone tear rolled down his cheeks, roshni just couldnot help but to go an huge him. Arnav hugged her back with equal intensity. "I missed you so much rosh! I missed you like hell. Please mujhe maaf karde yaar".
Roshni started sobbing hard on her best friend's chest clutching him. She so missed her best friend these days. Her heart bleeded each time she was rude with him. Today she is here only to help him out. To save her niece, her bhabi's last nishani.
She closed her eyes and he rested his head on her head closing his eyes.
In Aman's cabin
Khushi was almost in tears "Are you sure aman ji?"
Aman made a sad face and looked down.
"How can Arnav ji send me to delhi? He did not even speak to me. This cannot be true".
Khushi turned her heals and walked towards arnav's cabin.
After reaching near his door she just barged in.
The door flew open and Khushi was shocked to see the duo in that position.
Both Roshni and Arnav flinched when the door opened.
Khushi was not in any position to say, react anything seeing another girl in his arms.
She looked at Arnav, with so much hurt in her eyes and Arnav looked at her in anger filled eyes.
*Extension will be updated soon*
Roshni broked the hugged an looked at the pretty woman standing right in front of the door.
Arnav fisted his fingers, "I have told you many times Miss Gupta not to enter my cabin without knocking, don't you get that? Her heart sank listen to Miss gupta, she tried to gulp down her tears. She looked at roshni and said "Arnav ji I need to talk to you".
"Cant you see I am in a meeting right now", he said in a tauting tone.
Khushi was about to leave when Arnav stopped her "Wait"
Arnav turned towards roshni and said "Can you give me a moment? I need to talk to her".
"Ya sure arnie, I will wait for you. and can you please aman to send the marriage papers to me? I just need to read it once before signing".
Arnav just kept quiet, while Khushi is shocked once again. She felt really sad now. Her Arnav ji will be marring someone else now? No it cant be. She has already signed on the marriage papers in the morning then how come he will think of marring someone else? Or is it maybe after six months. But who is she?
Roshni's Pov
Well, she looks cute, but who is she? And what is she doing in AR? Arnav will never keep a girl like her. Is something cooking between the two of them? Well it looks like. The way she was hurt looking at us, the way Arnav flinched when he saw her. The way he released me from the hug much before I broke the hug. And most importantly no one has the balls to enter his cabin without his permission then who come she??? Hmm! I pata kana parega.
Arnav turned the otherside to avoid looking at Khushi.
"Arnav ji"
Arnav closed his eyes hearing his name from her mouth. It was so painful the way she called him. Her voice cracked.
"I don't want to go to delhi".
Arnav opened his eyes, he never expected direct words from her mouth.
"I cant go Arnav ji. How can you send me?" she was literally crying now
Arnav turned towards her composing himself. "I have decided and that's final Khushi".
"I will not go".
"Why arnav ji? Why are you sending me there?"
"Because…because you are not required here anymore".
Khushi was shocked.
"I….i am not required?"
"No, what good you are doing by staying here? What have you done so far these days? NOTHING….You did nothing. So you better go from here and join my branch office. I have better people in the hard office to look after your position".
"My position?" she said in a chocked voice.
"Yes your position".
Khushi felt really bad thinking about their first night. She thought he was hinting that night.
She remained quiet for sometime stairing blankly.
"Leave now"
"If I refuse to leave?"
"You cannot. I think you have not read your appointment letter. It is clearly writing that you will not say no if the company shifts your in the other branch office".
"none of the employees can leave the job during their notice period".
"Employee?" she chocked once again.
"So I am an employee for him?"
Arnav knew he should have said like that to her. But he just cannot tolerate her with any other man.
Arnav just couldnot see her crying any more, he once again turned towards the other side and stood there for the while until he felt her hand on his shoulder.
He waved her hands off and barked, "DON'T. TOUCH. ME"
Khushi froze.
"I cannot touch him now?" she thought.
"Why don't you understand? I don't need you Miss gupta, just get the hell out of here".
After a brief moment she asked him "Kab ka tickets hai?"
"am I your P.A?" was the taunting answer from him
"Aap mujhe chodne ayenge?"
"am I your driver?"
Khushi was really hurt now. She just turned her hells and ran towards the door.
Arnav turned back to see her.
Suddenly she stopped on her tracks and turned towards him. There eyes met she tucked her lips inbetween her teeth and ran back to him.
He just looked at her blankly for sometime.
"Arnav ji! Can I….can I touch you for the last time?"
Arnav's heart sank, the way she asked her, the pain she had in her voice was making it difficult for him. He just stood where he was without answering her anything.
Khushi came close to her and touched her shoulder. He look sideways and saw her hand.
Khushi while crying bitterly leaned towards him. Tiptoeing she almost reached near his lips.
He saw her quivering lips
He felt her trembling fingers
He heard her heart pounding.
Khushi closed her eyes leaning further on him.
Arnav saw her closing eyes and before he could make her move away, he felt her soft lips on his.
He gasped immediately feeling her warm lips, her breath kissing his nose his nose touching her soft cheeks.
Both of them breathing in the rhythem.
He slid his hand around her waist to support her form.
He so wish to devour those lips, he so wished to reciprocate her kiss, he so wish to show her how desperately he wanted to kiss her.
He was about to stop her when he felt feathery pecks on his lips. He pulled her more into his embrace and started kissing her too. Both were kissing each other at the same time. Arnav slowly took her lower lips inbetween her lips and he lost all this control. He moved up his hand and gripped her neck to support. Slowly he took over the control on him and guided their mutual kiss.
It felt heaven.
The slow kiss grew into a passionate one.
He was ruffling her hair making it messy, she was tucking his hair into her fist. None wanted to pull back from the kiss.
He was about to entire his tongue to devour her entirely when he felt light sobs on his lips.
She was still pecking him madly but at the same time she was not able to control her sobs.
Gradually she pulled back and looked at him.
He looked at her and her swollen lips.
"Khushi!" he called her in a low voice.
Khushi moved back and closed her eyes which made two three strands of water drip down her eyes.
"Bye Arnav ji"
Arnav Missing Khushi terribly and Leap of few months.


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