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She was dropped by Misha and Arnav at her house, though misha wanted her to take her to their house but Khushi refused to go to night. She wanted to spend sometime alone. Moreover today she wanted to take her Devi Maiya out from the cupboard.

After bidding a teary good bye to all of them and sharing a cute yet intense eye look for few seconds with Arnav she went inside her house and Arnav drove off.

Khushi came inside and after washing her hands she straight way went to her cupboard.
She saw her devi maiya sitting peacefully smiling at her. He eyes welled up she pouted and touched her feet.

"Humme maaf kar dijye Devi Maiya, maine aapki puja nahi ki itne din. Par aap jante the ki kyun. Par aaj ussi insaan ko meine apna pati mana hai aur isiliye woh paap aur paap nahi raha. Who mere pati hai" she smiled and blushed "Aur meye unhen bohot pyaar karti hoon" she blushed again. Wiping her tears she took her Devi Maiya in her hand and brought her near the sinhasan (table) she placed her made her wear her chunri rightly (vail). Shaadi me baad pehla ashirwaad meye app se le rahi hoon, aur kisse lu? Mera aapke, pulkit ke aur Arnav ji ke elawa aur hai hi kyun? And I cannot share this news with pulkit right?" she blushed again. She looked at her devi maiya and continued. "aap naraz nahi hai na mujse? Meine bina aap se puche shaadi jo karli. Arnav ji ache hai, haan thode akhro hai, lekin ache hai. Devi maiya aap unko hamesha raksha karna aur meri pyari se gul ka bhi. Mishu strong hai in teeno mein se lekin woh do nahi hai".

(forgive me devi maiya, I have not worshiped you these many days, but you know why, but today I have accepted him as my husband now so what I did that night is no more a sin, he is my husband and I love him a lot. I am taking your blessing after my marriage and why wont I? after all i don't have anybody other than you, pulkit and arnav ji. But I cannot say anything to pulkit na. you are angry on me that I have not asked you before I took this decision? He is a little rude but he is nice. Devi maiya always save him from evil eyes and save my little gul also)

Khushi touched her feet once again and hugged her sideways.

Next morning she was up early. She was definitely feeling very different today. She could sense some flattering in her stomach, like some mice doing summersaults. She was tensed, very tensed. Tensed because she will be facing her Arnav ji.

But what was so different about today?

The difference was she has accepted him as her husband and she was blushing about the whole fact. Forgetting about the contract part she smiled and hugged her pillow.

She was milling like a mad person.

She got up and got ready. For the first time in life she spend sometime to select her dress and finally managed to take out a red churidar. Unlike other days she wore a bindi along with it and she looked really pretty. She remembered how he was about to kiss her yesterday and she blushed again.

Slapping her thoughts she said "Bas ab bohot ho gaya hai khushi kumara gupta, office chalna hai ki nahi? Unko dekhna hai ki nahi? Kya woh bhi mujhe dekhne ke liye'.uff tu kitni sochti hai kabhi kabhi, abhi jaldi nikal, you are already late. And if you enter late you know the consiquences, he will scold you and are you ready for that scold today? No na? then LEAVE".

She took blessing from her Devi Maiya, took Acer with her and proceeded to the office


"Hey maria, how are you?"

"Hi! Khushi, I am fine. The little one is kicking"

"Awe how sweet is that".

"Hmm! You will understand dear, when you will have one".

Suddenly khushi's chirpiness vanished in that statement. She brushed off her thoughts and proceeded towards his chamber.

She was about to enter his chamber when she saw Gul and Misha sitting. She excitedly entered and hugged misha, Gul raised her hand and grinned towards khushi. Khushi tooked her in her arms and kissed her madly. Gul giggled while khushi tickled her on her soft full belly.

"Maah! Aaah! She screamed happily.

"My baby" she said in a cute tone.

"Gul is always so happy when she is with you khushi'..umm bhahi" misha said teasingly.

Khushi blushed hearing bhabi from her mouth and slapped misha lovingly on her shoulders.

"You know what", khushi said pointing towards gul, "she should have been named as muskaan". She is always smiling, no matter how much hardship she has to go through.

"Hai na musky baby?" khushi said in a childish tone. Which make gul more excited and she started bouncing her butts on khushi's lap. She pulled her hair and planted an open mouthed kiss.

Knock knock

Misha and Khushi both looked at the door.

"Erm! Ma'am"

Khushi looked here and there not understanding to whom Aman is referring.

"You need to sign on these documents".

Khushi understood that he was talking to her only. She felt a little bad hearing about the documents, but she cannot do anything about it. She herself have agreed to the contract and she can do this much for her Arnav ji, after what he has done for her.
Khushi took the papers from him and signed them all.

"Aman ji, aap please mujhe khushi hi bulaya ki jiye, you know Anrav ji might not like this, he wants to keep this secret. So please let this remain within four of us".

Misha touched khushi's hand and pressed it.

"Bhaiya? Contract? You mean that contract which he made'gosh!".

"Mishu, please yaar, its ok. Nothing to feel bad you know. Anything for my musky". She kissed gul saying that.

"You know khushi, muskaan sounds to right. After all she is your daughter. Khushi and muskaan lovely Jodi" misha side hugged khushi.

Khushi saw Pulkit entering the office premises. Still 15 mins were left to be 9.30.

Khushi excused herself and went down.


"Ya Rosh, I will be there in 5 mins. I will wait for you". Aranv disconnected his Bluetooth.

"Hello'ya aman'.good'.so send the application'yap'.fine'.thanks". he disconnected the line, a small smile playing on his lips. "Khushi Singh Raizada" he muttered under his breadth you are Epic" he smiled thinking about their incomplete kiss. He so wanted to kiss her madly yesterday after what she has done. None no one in his life did so much for him. He gripped the stiring excitedly and adjusted himself more to drive fast. He just wanted her to kiss endlessly today in his chamber. He just wanted to pull her in a bear hug. He accelerated his car to zoom.


"Erm! Pulkit

He turned and looked at her, so many questions still unanswered in his mind.

That night, when he and misha came back they saw her resting her head on his chest and Arnav caressing her.

Then sharing her private moment with him.

He has never seen khushi so close to any guy other than pulkit. But after he has returned he has seen that enquisitiveness in her eyes whenever she sees Arnav. He has seen her twinkles, her anxiety, her eagerness to be with Arnav.

"I need to talk to you".
"ya say" pulkit said.

"Erm not here. Can be go to the park beside the office?"

"Ok, lets go".


Arnav was about the enter the premises with a smile when his smile vanished looking at Khushi and Pulkit entering the park.

He just went numb. "No I just don't want to think anything negative as of now. I trust her" he closed his eyes and drove towards his office.


Khushi held pulkit's hand and pressed it.

"I don't know how am I gonna say this but pulkit'.erm'.erm".

"I am listening princess".

Khushi closed her eyes and said "I cant marry you".

She stood like that not able to meet his eyes, he stood like that not moving an inch from there. The silence was killing her, she wanted him to react but he did not. He stayed like that.

"You love him, don't you?"

Khushi was just shocked. She opened her eyes with shocked expression written all over her face.

"you love Arnav ji, khushi".

She tucked her lips inside her mouth and nodded in approval.

She burst out crying saying "I am sorry pulkit, yes I love him. I love him a lot".

He hugged her and she did not stop him. Even she wanted to hug her best friend and tell each and everything what was going on in her little heart.

"Hey princy, don't worry yaar, why are you crying?"

"I am feeling bad pulkit".

"for what? Loving him?"

"NO" was her sharp answer.

"I am feeling bad that I have to tell you like this".

"Khushi! Relax, I am your best friend right? And you can tell me anything and everything. Tu mujhe pehle kyun nahi batai?" (why did not you tell me before?)


Arnav parked the car in the parking lot. He so wished not to go and slalk her but he just gave up. He started walking towards the park.


"I just couldnot pulkit, the way you were expecting certain things from me, I just couldnot. And after all you saved my life, so I just couldnot say"

He patted her and said "Pagal, so what I have saved you? Wouldnot you have done the samethiing khushi if I was in danger? Infact I think you did much more badly than me, you practically solded yourself. I know your morals khushi".

Khushi turned her face on the other side still hugging him resting her face on his chest.


Arnav on the other hand was searching for them and finally he was able to locate them and he was shocked seeing khushi hugging pulkit.

He was standing at a distance so he just couldnot here what they were talking. He just saw her hugging him and pulkit caressing her head. He wasnot able to see her face because she has turned it otherside. Then after sometime she faced towards him still closing her eyes telling something to pulkit. He gave a close look to read her lip and he was shattered what he saw'


"Khushi, let's think it this way if I were on your place and one day I have come to you and said, khushi I like some girl and I cannot marry you, what would you have done? You would have happily accepted that right? Khushi we both know it very well that we don't love each other. I mean we are good friends and we have always been good friends and be went extreme to save each other for whatever might be the reason but we freaking don't love each other".


"I am really happy that you love someone, but yes I am really worried that you love none other than Arnav Singh Raizada, he is not a simple guy khushi".

Khushi turned her face towards where Arnav was standing and said "Pyaar Karta hoon. Bohot bohot pyaar karti hoon, shyad khud se zada, sabse zada".

Khushi seeing Arnav and Roshni Hugging each other


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  5. Awesome! Cant wait for the next update! loving ur FF so far!

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  9. hey plz update soon..............
    u will also quit writing these stories if barun quits the show
    "PLZZZZZZZZZ DONT STOP WRITING"..................

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