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Chap 36
The Contract

After signing on the paper he looked at khushi, and that very moment she also saw him and a lone tear rolled down her cheeks.

He came close to gul, who was not fast asleep in her maah! Arms and kissed her forehead.

Aman took the paper and thumped it on the table where soffie was standing.
Khushi looked down at gul and kissed her exactly where arnav kissed her and then clutching her in her grip she ran outside.

Misha came running towards arnav and hugged his brother.

"Bhiaya, nobody can separate Gul from us now. Gul will always remain with her paah! And maah! And Bui" she said before kissing arnav on his cheeks and moving out calling khushi continuing weeping.


"So Miss Soffie, that's it I guess".

Soffie gritted her teeth clutching the Lawyer's paper. She came near Arnav ans crossed her arms.

"So you think, by tricking us with your so called road side mistress'." She wasnot able to complete her sentence when Arnav barked "ENOUGH! It's Khushi! Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada and she is my wife not some mistress like your sister".

"SHUT UP MR RAIZADA, How dare you?" she pointed her finger towards him.

He locked her finger with his and removed it from her face, smirking.

"I can sue you right now by complaining about your bad throat. I am a respected businessman and you better know how to talk to me. Just one call to the human rights and you will be behind the bars like your sister".

"Your brother in law never loved your sister and this child is outcome of lust not love".

Arnav composed himself and dealt with her cooly this time.

"Well, I think you are going through a short term memory loss you know, Gul Arnav Singh Raizada is the name, and she is my daughter, no one elses".

"No matter how much you try to provoke me but the truth will always remain the same you sister was the second woman in my brother-in-law's life. Her name can never be taken respectfully".

Soffie advanced towards hearing this from Arnav's mouth. She waited to take away gul to punish Arnav was putting her sister behind the bars, she waited and tactfully managed to impress the authority and get this case by sending her senior in some other important issue. But today he had failed. She did not see this coming. She tried to aggetate arnav to the fullest so that he looses his mind and do something and then she would have send her behind the bars but here everything was happening opposite of what she had planned.

"Miss Soffie, this is the last warning, stay away from me and my family, otherwise I will forget where you are coming from and I will go to that extent which you have never thought off".

Arnav dialed Human Rights people and complained about Soffie. He had so many eye-witness and he knew she cannot abscond from there.


Misha saw khushi siting on the bench with sleeping gul and went towards her. She sat and hugged khushi. In a low voice she said "Thank you so much khushi. If you wouldnot have come then Gul'." , she gulped the lump which formed inside ther throat and continued "gul wouldnot have been with us khushi".
Khushi looked at misha in a very serious expression "Misha why did not you call me before? What if I was late?"


Misha while running towards the car immediately stopped on her tracks, she bit her lips and dialed Khushi's number.

In a sleepy tone khushi picked up her phone "Hello?"

"Kkkhushi, misha here. Khushi, they are taking gul along with them". She narrated the whole story before khushi said "What?" she disconnected the line, took her bag, without bothering to call pulkit and inform she ran outside her house, leaving ACER behind meawing alone".

She prayed to her Devi Maiya holding her locket to keep everything under control and specially keep gul safe and sound.

She told herself "Khushi, aaj who waqt agaya hai, jab tujhe arnav ji ke liye kuch karna hai, you cannot back out no matter what you have to do, you have to get gul back in arnav's life".


"Khushi is was so tensed and that time bhaiya was not picking up the call so I just couldnot inform you. I am really sorry.

Khushi heard each and everything that she said and she was again lost in her thoughts.

Misha patted her, khushi looked at her staring blankly.


She was still staring blankly but this time she was looking at Gul, her pout, she tired swollen eyes, her tiny fingers fisting khushi's dupatta. Khushi's eyes gave in once again. She sniffed and said "I had to come Mishu, I had to. I know the pain staying without parents and I just couldnot see someone take her away from her paa. Khushi hide her face inside misha's crocked of the neck and started weeping. "I love her a lot Mishu, I truly love her a lot".

And bhai?" misha asked her in a firm tone giving her shivers down the spine.

"Don't you love him? Did you do this only for Gul?"

Khushi looked up, she did not have to speak, her eyes conveyed the message to misha and she understood it rightly.

Misha cupped her face, "Khushi, you know I am really proud of you today, I don't think Di could have done this for her own child. She was weak, she was very weak. I always hated her for the reason that she did not have guts to stand against the tide. But today you proved it, women are not the weaker ones. Her mom is not weak. Her mom is a stong woman and that woman is none other than you. koi accept kare ya na kare, I have accepted you as Gul's mom and as my sweet cute bhabhi". Misha said still weeping and caring her cheeks.

She could have given her life a second chance for the sake of Gul, but she failed, she failed miserably.  I bow down to you Khushi, you have sacrificed your entire life just for this girl, her happiness, her family.

"ASR we need Khushi's sign on these papers tomorrow".

Arnav was still lost in the series of incidents which just happened few minutes back. How suddenly everything changed. How every relation changed. How new relations formed. How new responsibilities added on his shoulder.


"Haan!" he came back from his trance

"ASR we need Khushi's sign on these papers tomorrow".

And those contract papers too.

Arnav looked at Aman and sighed.


Misha, I need to talk to Khushi if you don't mind.

Both of them stared that Aman and Arnav and misha kissed Khushi and took her leave.

Aman followed Misha in the car.

Gul was still in her arms. Khushi's eyes composed, she was looking towards Gul.

"Khsuhi! Erm!..."

"Mujhe manzoor hai Arnav ji". (I am ready to do it)

Arnav saw couple of tears fell on her lap. He was a little surprised. What was she talking about?

Khushi looked at him and said "aap contract ki baat karne aye hai na?" (you have come here to talk about the contract, right?)

Another shock for Arnav. How does she know about the contract? Who told her?

"Khushi! Which contract are you talking about?"

"Our marriage contract" was the sharp answer.

Arnav now was going mad.


Khushi closed her eyes to compose herself further and gulped the lump. She clutched Gul and spoke

Clause no 1: This marriage is for 6 months after which either party has the right to file a divorce and get separated without asking each other any explanation.

Clause no 2: I cannot ask for any money for my survival after the divorce.
Clause no 3: Gul will souly belonged to Arnav Singh Raizada, I cannot take her even if I try to.

Clause no 4: I will have no right on the properties, fixed assets and cash of Arnav Singh Raizada.

Clause no 5: I have to keep this marriage secret for all time to come otherwise I have to give penalty of Rs 100 thousand.

"Last but not the list, if I ever'.." her breath hitched, "If in all these we get physically intimate and I become pregnant then either I have to abort the child or that child will have not right on his/her father's properties and I cannot claim it".

Arnav just stared blankly at her.

"Aman ji has given me long back to draft it, so I know. I have no issues with these clause and the contract marriage Arnav ji. Be rest assured, I have nothing to do with these. I want this innocent soul to stay with her family. She has been orphaned once, and I know the pain. I cannot se her orphaned again".

"Let me know when do I have to sign on those papers? I will do it. And Arnav ji I will never ever try to destroy your reputation".

Arnav was about to tell her something when gul woke up and Khushi's attention fell on her.

She kissed her and softly rubbed her for head with her finger tips "Hey my baby, how are you sweety?"

Gul saw Khushi and smiled ear to ear.

Khushi pouted her lips and kissed her forehead.

"Anrav ji! Humne chalni chahiye, I think you need to feed her, she is just up and after all these I am sure she will be hungry".

Khushi was about to get up when Arnav held her hand and make her sit. He brushed her locks and tucked it behind her ears and cupped her face.

He looked at her lips and seeing that she couldnot control but to look at his lips also.

He parted his lips and leaned forward caressing her cheeks with his thumb.

Their lips were inches apart'..when his phone beeped.

Both of them felt a little acuward at the moment and straightened themselves.

Erm! Lets go.

Khushi stood up and walked towards the car while Arnav checked his inbox.

Message from Rosh

Meet you @ 12pm @ RM.


  1. excellent update , thanks so much :)
    - R

  2. I knew there had to be a connection! that women is so damn vindictive!! How did ASR have her sis thrown behind bars?? You can't charge a person with adultery and she wasn't even the one that was married. Why do i get the feeling that their might be a separation after the 6 months.

    Is roshni going to try and cause a rift btw Arshi?? Shes in love with ASR right?


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