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Chap 35

Misha furiously dialed arnav's number, tears rolling down her cheeks, gulping the lumos kept on forming inside her throat.
"Bhaiye pick it up please...please bhai...pick up the phone" she cried".
She pressed the disconnect button and redialed his number.
Arnav was busy explaining his new project in Delhi to his team members.
"Guys we need a driving force in the project which I will select very soon. Till the time aman will be handleing with NK. We have to appoint new designers and not to forget we have with us Roshni this time. You all are well aware of the company with whom we have tied up and'.."
Aman's phone rang.
Aman gulped and looked at ASR who was furiously looking at aman for not putting the phone in the vibrating mode.
Aman looked at the caller id and frowned.
"aman cut the damn call NOW"
"ASR but"
"Aman did you forget the damn decorum of the office? Don't you know you have to put your phone on office mode before you enter into a conference room for a meeting?"
His phone kept ringing.
"I said cut the call now Aman".
"ASR, its misha's call".
Arnav frowned and looked at Aman surprisingly.
Aman fumbled a little looking at the phone and glancing the angry ASR and finally decided to pick up the call.
Before he could say hello, he heard the over panicked Misha screaming out for her bhai.
"WHY THE HELL WERE YOU NOT PICKING UP MY CALL AMAN BHAI? WHERE IS BHAI?" she said in a very nervous broken voice.
"What happened misha?" aman practically panicked which made Arnav walk fast to reach aman.
He snatched the phone from Aman and heard her voice "AMAN TELL BHAI THAT SOFFIE and OTHER'.." she couldnot complete when Arnav's face turn red in anger.
Arnav looked at Aman "Whats the matter ASR?"
He took his coat, wore his sun shades and walked angrily across the corridor, aman following him behind.
"I will kill that b*tch today" he utter under his breadth Gul's cry piercing through is ear holes.
"Aman, call Mohan to get my car NOW".
"ASR, what is the matter?"
"THAT SOFFIE AND OTHER Lawyers are there in the house to take away GUL" he gritted his teeth.
"ASR but'.."
"we don't have time to waist aman, we have to stop anyhow. Ask the accountants to keep the cheques ready and get them in the house".  Also get my marriage papers along with you.
"you cant take her Miss Soffie"
"Miss Raizada, I think it is still not clear to you, we cannot keep Gul in this house, I guess you have not gone through the court orders clearly. It clearly states that Mr Raizada has 3 months to get married and then he can get Gul's custody. But your brother has bribed the authority and seeked some more time from us".
She crossed her hand and continued "Initially I couldnot do anything because I did not have the full authority, but now thankfully my colleague resigned and this case is no me and trust me I don't have any mercy either on your niece nor your brother. I think he has showed his money power but some people are saleable. And I am proud to be one of them.
"Well Miss Soffie I appreciate your dedication towards your work but, cant you see this child is happy and properly nourished? Do you think Mr Arnav Singh Raizada would not keep her safe?"
"Well my dear, law is a law and rules are rules. I am sorry to say he cannot take the custody unless he is married as Gul is not his own daughter. He could have but being a busy man I am sure he will not be able to keep Gul 24/7 along with him and we cannot risk it. So its better we take take gul in our custody".
"You cannot do that Miss Soffie" misha growled at the snobbish lady.
"Oh I can honey".
"Look your brother is still not here, when his niece is in the verge of taken away. How will you justify this act of him?"
"You are wrong Miss Soffie"
Soffie turned to see the angry young man standing right at the door throwing daggers through his eyes.
Soffie raised her eyebrows and clapped, well so the saver is her it looks like.
Gul starting struggling in Misha's arms crying madly when she saw Arnav.
"Paah!" she pouted and sobbed.
Misha bounced her to ease her anxity.
"You daughter? Hah! Well Mr Raizada, I think you are suffering from some kind of illusion. She is not your daughter" Arnav immediately fist. If she wasnot a female he would have turned her black and blue after hearing such a statement from her mouth.
"She is the daughter of Late anjali and Late shyam Jha".
Arnav shot a look "Anjali Raizada, did you HEAR Me?"
Soffie smiked, "the name doesnot change by your thinking Mr Raizada, she was never divorced with Mr Jha. Well that is not we are here to discuss right? We are here to take away Miss Gul Jha".
"She is Gul.Arnav.Singh.Raizada" he barked
"Not yet Mr Raizada, not unless you have her custody".
"How much money do you want?"
"Aaah! Here you go, ageye na apni aukad pe?" soffie gritterd.
"Well I am not saleable, sorry about that" she said taunting.
"Either show your marriage papers or else Gul is ours".
Aman interunpted "Well Miss Soffie".
Soffie showed her palm gesturing to stop him right away.
"I am talking to Mr Arnav Singh Raizada so please don't come inbetween".
"Well, Miss soffie, Mr Raizada has already field his marriage application on the court, here are the papers".
Aman handed over the court papers to Soffie, who took them throwing a sarcastic look and read it with a disgusting face.
She smiled and threw the papers on the living room table and took her papers and showed waving it in front of them.
"I guess you are very well aware of it Mr Raizada or should I read it for you".
Arnav narrowed his eyes.
"you have exhausted your time limit Mr Raizada and we are very happy to give you grace time of one month but I guess"'.she stepped towards gul "tsk tsk"'you are not so much concerned about your sisters daughter". Faking a pout.
"It shows how much your are concerned about this kid" she said caressing gul's head.
Gul immediately turned back and started yelling.
"Oh baby don't cry you so called papa, doesnot care about you, you know".
"YOU SHUT UP Mr Raizada, and don't you dare talk to me like that neither I am your servent more your mistress".
"you know Mr Raizada, I can sue you for using slang in front on an On duty officer".
"Oh really try it".
"Actually, I think I have a better option for you". she turned and snatched gul from Misha's arms
gul started crying furiously, kicking her tiny legs.
"LEAVE HER MISS SOFFIE otherwise I will not spare you".
"TRY IT Mr Raizada, I promise you if you touch me I will not leave any stones unturned.
With that she walked towards the door leaving the whole family shattered.
Arnav was about to move angrily to grab her when Aman stopped him.
Misha tired to run to gul and get her but she wad stopped by Arnav.
Soffie sat inside her jeep placing Gul in her lap and drove off.
Arnav banged his leg and broke the glass door.
"ASR please calm down".
"Aman I want Gul here right now".
"ASR we cant don anything. Still 15 days are left for your marriage and roshni is not in town she will be reaching Mumbai directly 7 days before your marriage as per my last conversation with her".
Arnav turned towards the exit angrily and moved out. He got inside the care and drove off in a full spead.
Aman and Misha ran behind her to meet up with his pace but failed. Till the time they reached he drove off blowing the dirt on their faces.
"Aman bhai, we have to go there before bhaiya put himself in some trouble".
"Let me try and call Roshni" Aman dialed her number while misha went inside to take another car out.
"Hello? She said in a sleepy voice.
Her eyes grew bigger listen to the person who was on the other side of the phone. "What?"
She disconnected the phone and took her bag and barged outside of her house.
Arnav parked the car and went inside the house.
Gul was in the verge of fainting due to her continuous crying.
Arnav banged his palm on the table and growled "Miss Soffie, how dare you take away my daughter from my house under my nose?"
"Welcome Mr Raizada, good to see you here. Look I have made you come here. Remember our small bet? Where you have denied to come and practically took an oath that nobody can make you so helpless so that you come here". She patted her back and said "I did that today, you have come here and standing right in front of me" The great Mr Raizada, who can buy anything who thinks that this world revolves around him is here today".
"Leave her now".
Misha and Aman burged in and stood beside him. "Oh so full family is here it looks like".
"Misha, saw gul and ran to her. She was about to take her in her arms but the warden refused to give her.
Gul was almost senseless and hicking up.
"Ya don't you leave the damn child damn it?" misha who wad quiet in the lot lost her senses and yelled.
"Awaze michey, this is not your father's house". Mr Raizada, ask your step sister to keep shut.
Arnav just lost it. He grabbed her collar and jerked her "One more word from your mouth and I will forget that you are a woman.
Soffie dragged his hand off from her shirt and pointed her index finger.
Arnav glared at her.
"This is it, OUT from here right now otherwise I have to call the security".
Arnav froze at the place. Aman turned to see whether he hard the voice.
Misha saw her and started crying badly she ran and hugged khushi.
"Khushi! They are not giving gul, khushi please do something, khushi please I cannot stay without gul, khushi please..." she hugged as tightly as she can.
Khushi has never seen misha so broken. She is the one who is stronger.
She saw Arnav standing and looking at her, a bit surprised. He definitely did not expect her.
Khushi's eyes fell on Gul who was has almost collapsed.
She ran towards her and took her in her arms. The atmosphere was shocking even the warden did not know what to do.
Khushi patted Gul's face and kissed her furiously. She hugged her and started crying seeing her state.
"Koi pani do please'." (someone give some water)
"Kaise insaan hai aaplog? You did not even feed this child? You guys were so busy that you did not even observe her state? What kind of authority is this? And how dare you get her here?"
Khushi stood up.
"she took the glass from the table and fed gul slowly. She took some water in her dupatta and wiped her face".
The warden was about to take gul from her hand when khushi turned the other side not letting her take gul from her arms.
"Stop this right now".
"what are you guys made off? What joy did you get by torturing this poor soul?"
"Whoever you are just stay out of it. This is in between the authorities and Mr Raizada".
Khushi gritted her teeth, came and stood in front of Soffie. She showed gul and said "try to take her from me".
Soffie smirked at Khushi and crossed her arms "interesting, who the hell are you madam? And I like your guts, that you are challenging an on duty officer".
"she calls me Maa, do you GET IT?" she said in a much composed tone.
"You know the meaning of maa right? I am her maa and I think no one in this world have more right other than a maa".
"Maa? Really? What kind of maa are you? Oh come on cut the crap and don't waste my time. Give her to me right now".
"Just touch her and see. Yes I am her maa, so what I havenot given her birth? So what I am don't have any blood relationship with her? That doesnot change the reality. Aaj bhi Yashoda ji ka naam ata hai devaki ji se pehle when we ask who was the mother of Lord Krishna". Even his own mother gave Krishna the option to decide with whom he wanted to say. I have the most right than anybody else in this room because she consideres me her mother".
Everyone in the room was shocked.
Arnav was speechless
Aman was stunned
Misha was crying madly looking at her beloved friend standing like a pillar of their family. Whoelse other than Khushi deserve to be the mother of this child?
"Miss, enough of your gyan but I am really sorry, court will not take this mythological talks. The court believes in the tiny scribble on the papers not your rants. So if she has accepted you as her mother then why don't you marry Mr Raizada? That would solve the problem I guess".
Khushi was dumb stuck. She looked at Arnav helplessly and lowered her eyes.
"Kyun kya huya? Hogai bolti band?
Khushi looked down.
"Nahi, nahi hui bolti band, my brother and khushi will marry right now" misha said in a firm voice.
Khushi and Arnav looked at misha in a shocked expression.
Yes Miss soffie, I guess then you wont have any issues right? Then you have to give gul's custody right away.
"Oh aman ji that's not possible, you need to apply for the marriage for one month and if someone doesnot object then only you can go ahead and get married".
"you are wrong Miss Soffie, so what if you are not saleable, but others are".
Aman dialed ASR's lawyers number and spoke to him.
After few minutes
"Well, we have objected roshni and ASR's application and now we have put ASR's and Khushi's application which will get confirmed within 4 days.
"So come after 4 days" soffie said and about to turn when aman said "Wait, I have the permission from the judge who is looking after this case, he said we can have a hand written statement on a stamp paper from them stating that they will be submitting their marriage certificate within 4 days failur of which will lead to loosing Gul's custody until Arnav Singh Raizada gets married in this case ASR cannot force anybody to make Gul stay in his house. You will be receiving the fax soon".
Immidiately after aman complete his statement they received an offical fax from the judge stating the same.
Aman came near Soffie "So Miss SOFFIE, can I please have the stamp paper?".
Soffie made a face and gave a stamp paper to him.
Misha came close to Khushi and touched took her hand. "Khushi, you consider yourself as Gul's mom right? Will you do this for her to save her from being taken away? Will you unite GUL with her paa? Will you marry my brother?"
Khushi's eyes welled up, she saw the sleeping gul in her arms and kissed her.
She looked at Arnav who was observing each and every move of khushi. Each and every expression of hers.
Misha looked at her brother. Today for the first time she took a decision on Arnav without involving him. But kahin na kahin she knew his brother is not going to disobey her decision. Kahin na kahin even he feels immensely for khushi but he just cannot express it in words.
Misha walked towards her brother and hugged him. "Bhaiya, please get gul back and this is the only way we can get our gul back in the house. Please bhaiya".
Aman capped the pen and took the paper to Arnav. "ASR we are ready with the papers". Arnav looked at it and took it. After reading he looked at Khushi who was sitting with his life in her arms, his gul.
"Aman I cant do this".
Misha was shocked and so was Aman
Khushi looked at him tears rolling down her cheeks.
"What? what you guys are looking at me like this? Come on man how can i marry her when she is engaged to pulkit?"
Misha dropped down in the chair.
Khushi sniffed and got up taking gul in her arms.
She stood infront of arnav and looked at him. He looked at her.
She took the papers and placed it on the table. After taking a deep breath she signed.
Arnav stood shocked. It wad indeed the most emotional moment for him.
"Meine kaha tha na aapse i can do anything for you for what you did. i am keeping my promise Arnav ji. My whole life belongs to you now. keep it or leave it the choice is yours".
Arnav looked at his love standing right before him marking their marriage legally today.
He took the pen from her hand and signed his name.
Soffie Arnav confrontation. Khushi leaving then at RM and going to her house


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