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Chap 43
The Knock

"Here we present you the famous Gahuar Khan, who is going to perform in her very famous song "Parda" from the movie Once upon a time in Mumbai"
The light went off, and Arnav pulled Khushi towards him making her land on his chest.
The music started'..
There eyes met once again
Raising his eyeborws he said in his husky tone "Sir? Really?"
She looked down and replied him back "Ek employee aapko aur kya keheke pukarega?" (what do you expect from your employee to call you?) she said in a much hurt tone bitting her lips at the end of the sentence.
"You were my employee when you were in Mumbai also, but you never called me Sir there". He retreared back
"Aap apka boss hoga mujhe jata chuke hai Sir". She said, her eyes partly welling up.
Arnav smirked at her cute antics and said "Kuch aur bhi jata sakta hoon Khushi. I think you are forgetting apart from your boss I am someone else to you" he said in a naughty, sexy tone.
Khushi glared at him before releasing herself from his grip.
The song started'


Duniya Mein Logon Ko Dhoka Kabhi Ho Jata Hai
Arnav looked at her moving towards her and she moved back until she hit herself with NK who was standing and chatting with one of their clients.
Ankhoon Hi Ankhhoon Mein, Yaaron Ka Dil Kho Jata Hai
Nk held her shoulder so that she doesnot trip. "Hey watch out princess, you could have fallen". Khushi straightened herself and thanked NK. Before turning towards NK she saw Arnav for the one last time who stood approximately 10 feet away from them watching her eacn and every reaction.
Do dil, dono jawan, Aankhon ka hai yeh beyaan
Dono ke darmiyaan, koi bhi ho na yahan
Parda parda haan parda parda haan apno se kaisa parda
Parda parda haan parda parda haan apno se kaisa parda
Monica O my darling
O Monica O my darling
She turned her head to steal a glace at him over her shoulder and she was surprised to see him still looking at her. She gasped feeling goose bumps all around her body the way he was looking at her with intense looks. She immediately turned and joined the conversation NK was having with one of their clients.
"NK, all thanks to Khushi that we got an opertunity to work with AR. It was indeed pleasure to work with such a soulful woman"
"Bihani ji, we should never under estimate small companies, because we never know what capability they have and unless we explore them and give them a chance to perform how will we know? And AR being a big company can afford to give chance to your companies. But we are definitely very happy to work with you, and your dedication is commendable. Today you have made me proud in front of my Boss". Khushi said.
Suddenly Arnav felt so proud of his wife, the way she talked and way she behaved, the way she was caring herself elegantly, he could clearly see his Khushi dealing with the things how he used to deal. The only difference is she always had a smile and he did it in a much shrewd manner. He felt happy to see her talking to people looking at their eyes directly. The confidence she has grown within herself is appreciable.
Khushi could sense a pair of legs coming towards. Khushi turned to see Arnav walking towards them only to be halted by Gahur Khan, who twirled her hips holding Arnav's hand and waved her body pressing herself with Arnav doing seductive moves.
Khushi could feel her heat raising, her hand fiddling with her dupatta, her anger raising for the first time seeing a girl around her husband and this did not go unnoticed by her husband who was presently surprised to see his cute wife feeling jealous all of a sudden.
He twirled the lady and held her by her waist seeing with khushi's eyes became wide and lips shapped "O"
She angrily held NK's hand and pulled him to the dance floor seeing which Arnav totally understood her mental condition. He was getting sadistic pleasure seeing his wife all jealous. "So Khushi singh Raizada is all jealous but me touching another woman? Umm interesting" Arnav smiled inwardly and looked at his cute wife on the dance floor with NK.
NK was some, what shocked to see khushi's behaviour. No doubt she is always very chirpy but she has never done something like this.
Khushi twirled all the dancers around with her hand who were standing in front of her
Dilbar ki fitrat mein, dhoka bhi hai aur chahat bhi
She moved her legs doing some dance steps remembering how Arnav hugged roshni the day she wanted to confess him.
Jaan jaaye toh jaaye, sochun kyun jab maine ulfat ki
She remembered how Arnav lovingly picked her in his arms when she was chumming to ease her pain.
Thinking that her eyes welled up again.
Jaaye bhi toh kahan, dushman hai saara jahan
She looked at Arnav with hurt filled eyes and danced insync with NK and the guys around.
Arnav could see her each and every expressing and it inner thoughts were crystal clear to him. He felt a knot in his stomach when he saw her tear filled eyes. He so wanted to ran to hug and hug her instantly and wipe her tears but he controlled himself at that moment because he did not know how will she react, whether she wants to be addressed as his wife or not.
Jispe bhi ho gumaar, kehna tu uska yahan
Khushi held NK's shoulder and danced with him, but her sight was fixed on Arnav all the time. NK was just a tool to distract. But she did not know that she was dealing with Arnav Singh Raizada.
Parda parda haan parda parda haan apno se kaisa parda
Parda parda haan parda parda haan apno se kaisa parda.
She completed her moves and the venue busted out in claps. Everyone started appreciating her dance and Arnav once again felt proud of his wife. He never know she can dance so well and so elegantly. He was about to walk ot her and tell appreciate her when he saw her hurriedly leaving the venue wiping her tears.

Before Arnav could reach her, he saw her getting inside the car and drove away from his sight.


She quickly slammed the car door behind her and ran upstairs to her apartment. The driver kept calling her "Ma'am" but she wasn't in a state to listen to anything at that moment.
She fumbled with her flat keys, as her tears were not letting her enter the key in the hole properly. After a minute, feeling pretty exhausted she finally opened the door and went inside.
Immediately after she entered the flat she slammed the door shut and broke down immediately.
"How could I call him sir? Devi maiya? Did you see how much hurt he was? How could I ignore him?"
she kept crying and crying and crying till her entire face became red and her cheeks heated up due to muscle contraction.
She sobbed and sobbed taking Acer in her arms.
Visuals of him holding the model close to him was iriking her to the hell. "How could he, she thought". But after some minutes she gathered herself. "Why wont he Khushi? Tu lagti kya hai uska? Kuch bhi to nahi? Biwi tu khud bani without his concent, to tu expect kya kar rahi hai? Aur aaj kyun? Last two months kya expect ki hai tu?"
(what are you to him? You became his wife without his consent, so what do you expect from him? And why today when you did not expect anything from him in last to months?)
"Did you ever bother to ask him whether he was fine with your decision of sighing those marriage papers? So why did you felt bad when he touched someone else?"
"Because''.because I love him Devi Maiya'.and like all other girls even I feel jealous of him touching someone else. Meye kya karun? I cannot stop loving him Devi Maiya, meine unhe puri tarha se apna pati mana hai".
(What can I do devi maiya, I just cannot stop loving him, I have taken him as my husband whole heartedly)
She cried bitterly.
"Jitne din woh humse dur rahe, maine apne aap ko sambhal liya tha
Lekin aaj jab who mere samne hai to meye kyun kamzor pad raha hoon?
Kyun meye khud ki feelings ko rok nahi paraha hoon?
Kyun meye aaj bhi unki baahoon mein jake simat jana chahti hoon?
Kyun aaj bhi unke mojudgi se mujhe parak padta hai?
Kyun aaj bhi unhe dekhe mera dil zoor se dharakne lagta hai?
Kyun aaj bhi unke ek chune se phighal jane ko man karta hai?"
(I have managed to stay fine when he was away.
But now that he is in front of me, why I am not able to control my emotions?
Why I cant stop my feelings towards him?
Why do I feel like hugging him instantly whenever I see him in front of my eyes?
Why his presence matter to me always?
Why my heart races whenever he comes near me?
Why his one single touch makes me melt in his arms?)
Khushi was fighting with her emotions when her door bell rang.
She looked at the clock and wondered who could it be so late at night.
Wiping her tears she turned the latch.
She was a man wearing a white pant and a white shirt standing at her door step.
"Ji yeh saman kahan rahoon ma'am?" (where should I keep these ma'am?"
Khushi looked at two heavy suitcases  and wandered
"Yeh kya hai bhai sahab?" (what are all these brother?)
"Yeh sahab ka saman hai".
Khushi frowned and looked at the man.
"Kaun hasab? I think aapko koi galatfaimi hui hai, yahan koi sahab nahi rehta hai". (who sir? I think you have come in a wrong house)
"He is where he is supposed to be"
Khushi heard his voice, the driver moved sideways and there stood Arnav folding his arms and looking at Khushi.
Khushi straightened her eyebrows looking at him, who was looking absolutely handsome in his three-piece suit.
"I think you are forgetting that his house belongs to the owner of the company".
"But the owner gave permission to his employee to stay here and without a notice he cannot chuck her out of the house I think".
Arnav gestured the drive to leave the bangs on the path and leave.
Arnav walked towards Khushi who was standing right near the door.
"well, can you please move so that I can enter?" with that he pushed her inside holding his waist.
They were standing absolutely close to each other. Arnav gazing her beautiful face and Khushi feeling his warm breathe against her face.
"I havenot ask you to leave Khushi!" he whispered in a husky tone. "I said I am moving in. you don't need to leave this house, we are going to stay together in this house".
Khushi closed her eyes feeling his warm lips on her heated cheeks.
Her first night with her husband Embarrassed


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