Friday, 3 August 2012

ARSHI FF:ONE NIGHT STAND2 (Character Sketch)

Character Sketch

 is my life, my love, the sweetest girl on this earth, full of masti, full of fun, an oasis in a dessert, she loves me so much that she can go to any extent for me...and that is how her whole life changed...that one night, that ARNAV SINGH RIAZADA, that AR gorup changed my khushi's life forever...pulkit

I have always been worried for him, our only son, feel said to see him in this condition. I always curse myself for leaving him in so early age and dying leaving him all alone. I wish i didnot commit suicide after my husband's death. I wish i was with him and show what love is. I wish Arnav Singh Raizada finds solace...arnav's late mother

is my jaanu, my love, my everything, oh i just love him so much, the best partner one can ever imagin, i wish to marry him soon and have a beautiful life ahead...Khushi

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