Friday, 3 August 2012


Chap 1

Khushi opened her eyes, very well aware off where she was, she couldnot believe she landed on Arnav Singh Raizada and that to like this.

Arnav loosened his grip from her waist slowly steading her on the ground.

A good looking girl wearing a formal churidar, shade of dark green enhancing her skin tone, her long black hair tied in a ponytail, her personal details file on the floor due to their impact few seconds back. She was of decent height, very fair, innocent looking girl.

Arnav raised his right eyebrows after an eyelock of 10 seconds, and gestured towards her hand which gripped his shirt.
She immediately pulled back and moved back straightening herself.

Arnav brushed his shirt and bend down to pick her while when she also tried to pick it up and they ended up hitting their head.
Arnav gave a what the look and held her hand which was about to touch the file.

Khushi looked up in his eyes while he picked up the file.
He went towards his table and started unbuttoning his waist coat. Khushi was shocked to see that. He then unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the sofa.

Khushi was dumb-folded, in fact shocked. Not that she has never seen a bare chest man, but surely not on their first meeting that also her could-be boss.

Arnav angrily dialed someone from his intercom and yelled at him to bring his mobile shirt cupboard.

He asked khushi to sit gesturing with his hand.

Khushi pulled the chair and sat nervously.

He opened his glass cubboard and sprayed some musky deo when they heard a knock on the door.

Arnav: Come in (he said in a husky voice)

This was the first time she heard his voice and she looked at him, he also looked at her and smiked.

He flicked his finger towards the peon asking him to enter his cabin.

Arnav: could you please get me a shirt?

Khushi was looking down.

Arnav: I am asking you Miss. Gupta, can you get me a shirt?

Khushi looked at him all confused she blinked her eyes.

Arnav: Shirt.Miss.Gupta (he said raising both his eyebrows and placing a cute but tight smile on his face)

Khushi: Excuse Me.

Arnav: Forget it (he blew his hands on air)

Arnav got up and took a shirt from the cabinet and looked at khushi.

Arnav: Should I wear this?

Khushi: Hah?

Arnav clutched his teeth: I am talking to you miss gupta.

Khushi: Is this a part of my interview?

Arnav smiled and wore the shirt, while wearing he said: think something like that and for your information you failed in the first round. You may leave.

Khushi: Arnav ji, but?

Arnav looked at her frowning.

Arnav remembered it was pulkit whom he had only allowed to call him Arnav ji.

He closed his eyes and gulped. He opened his eyes again and asked her angrily.

Arnav: But what Miss Gupta?

Khushi got a little scared hearing his dangerous tone. She started stammering: wwwoh! Hhhow can it be a part of my iiinterview? (she asked innocently)

Arnav banged his fist on the table: So now you will guide me how I will take your interview? He folded his arms against his chest: go on, teach me.

Khushi: I did not mean that

Arnav: you have failed miserably on the 2nd round also, now just get the hell out of here.

Khushi: 2nd round? Arnav ji (she started panicking)

Arnav: Ya you heard it right, second round, I dont keep people who stammers. And what the hell are you doing here he screamed at the peon who was still standing there in his room

Khushi closed her eyes in fear. She is not very used to such shouting.

Arnav looked at her again and this time he lost his cool totally.

He got up and held her arms, dragging her towards the door he twirled her, then pinned her on the door holding her shoulder.

Arnav: Listen Miss Gupta, I really don't have time to waste. I have told you that you are not selected, So JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. He growled.

Khushi looked directly in his eyes this time: No Arnav ji, you have to see my CV please, I accept I was a bit nervous, this is my first job and I am not used to this kind of a situation.

Arnav still holding her, pinning against the door, clutching his hand digging her skin.

Khushi vinced in pain, AAAH! You are hurting me Arnav ji, it is paining, AAH!

Arnav saw his hand once and pressed it harder.

Khushi: AAAH!

Arnav: You cannot bear this pain then why are you here? Don't you know the criteria?

Khushi looked at him nervously'.I''..I Know.

Arnav raised his eyebrows, oh you know, and still you are here. Miss Gupta, I don't think you will pass in that also.

Khushi looked down.

Arnav left her and turned: Just leave RIGHT. NOW. He said in a firm voice.

Khushi walked across him and stood in-front of him.

Khushi: I am not going to leave until you see my bio-data.

Arnav: Stubborn, stubborn you are.

Khushi: Please Arnav ji, it's a request.

Arnav: Extremely stubborn. Fine come and lets see what you want to show.

Khushi came and pulled the chair, straightened herself and sat.

Arnav slid his coat and sat opposite to khushi.

Arnav: So miss gupta, I have gone through your bio-data and I must say you have a lot of potential to join elsewhere not in AR you know.

Khushi: Arnav ji, I know that, if I had an option I would have perefered to join a bank rather than AR. But my hands are tied.

Arnav: So you have a reason behind joining. And can you please explain why is that?

Khushi: No one, no one in this city would give advance other than AR.

Arnav: Interesting!!! He said in an amused tone. So Miss gupta, you think AR will give advance to you, When your work experience is nil. Great hopes I must say.

Khushi: Arnav ji, I really need money to save your mist hard working employee. I know I can never replace him, but I guaranty you that I will do my best.

Arnav looked at her, she looked nave and untouched.

Arnav: Did you guys have sex?

Khushi was shocked to hear such question, she looked at him widening her eyes.

Arnav: Miss. Gupta, I have asked you something did you guys have sex?

Khushi was still quite did not know what to answer.

Arnav: I guess you did not understand my question.

Khushi: What has it got to do with my interview?

Arnav got up and started walking around her: Well Miss gupta, as you know THE CRITERIA for joining AR, you must be knowing whatelse than this interview you need to do.

Khushi: I know that arnav ji, she gulped.

Arnav: I see. So let me make it very clear to you before we that this interview forward, I don't touch a virgin to be honest with you and looking at you I have a doubt whether you are one or not. If you are then I am sorry, but if you are not then'.

Khushi: I am not a Vvvirgin.

Arnav: hmm. Ok fine, I will give it a thought. He leaned on khushi and she tried a move her head back, he slid his finger from forehead till her lips.

Khushi felt nervous when his fingers touched her lips, she parted a little and looked at him.

Arnav: The only thing I liked about you is you are stubborn, which means you will be demanding. Fine miss gupta, I would like to try you tonight.
Guest house
Sharp at 10.30
Come to office
Driver will be there, he will take you.
Is it clear to you Miss gupta?

Arnav: Don't think I am very impressed with you, infact I am not at all, but since you are pulkit's girlfriend I am bound to try you, but if you fail this task then I am sorry.

Khushi stood up: Fine Arnav ji, see you at your guest house tonight.


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