Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hey guys I am her with another concept.
As my previous FF One night stand was loved by all, i had planned to give you Part 2. Check the Teaser.

of my previous and ongoing  works

The reason behind i started this FF is the two contrasting characters of Khushi and Arnav. All my previous FFs Arnav is very sweet natured and Khushi is Bold, with this one i tried to experiment my imagination making Arnav very dark and khushi a little delicate.
KC, (karmachameleonyou have been the seed for this. If it was not you who have pointed me out regarding the boldness in all the leads in all my FFs i wouldnot have ended up writing this.


Arnav: Hmm, So you are pulkit's girl friend?

Khushi looked down.

Arnav checked her top to bottom: Please be seated.

Khushi nervously sat opposite to him.

Arnav: So miss gupta, i guess you know about the criteria to get selected in AR.

Khushi nodded in approval looking down.

Arnav: So did you guys make out?

Khushi closed her eyes, gripped her chunri.

Arnav: I hope you will not be this shy when you will be on bed with me.

A lone tear dropped from her eyes on the table.

Arnav: Khushi! let me make it very clear to you, if you want this job then you need to be bold enough to night.


  1. Umm.. i reallly love all the works ..of your's ! really you are a blessed writer ! ;)

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  3. very nice and interesting stories.


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