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Chap 4
The night before the dawn

WARNING!!! Read it on your own risk, it can cause some disturbance.

Before he could leave the room, she asked him to switch on the lights as she was scared of darkness. If it was someone else he would have given her left right center but he know how terrified she was, he did not bother to answer her.
He switched on the lights and barged out to the room.
Khushi closed her eyes and relaxed a bit on the pillow. She closed her eyes remembering pulik.
Kahin na kahin ussey darr tha, if she fails to impress arnav tonight, she might loose out of the job.
Khushi: Taxi!!!
The taxi came and stood near here. She bend down to ask whether he will take her to the city hospital.
After few minutes' drive she got out of the cab, paid him and went inside the hospital.
She stood near the icu, seeing her love under ventilation, fighting for his life. Khushi was unable to see him in that state, the most cheerful guy in her life, her happiness he was and today he is lying there lifeless.
Last one month she had been taken care of him, she has spent whatever she had for him, she even mortgaged her one bedroom flat for his treatment. But now she was standing empty handed. She looked at her palm, her fate line which was now in aranv singh raizada's hands. Today she is going to loose her most precious and most important thing in her life after Pulkit.
She did think twice before doing this, she knew if pulkit comes to know once he was normal, then he might not be able to forgive himself nor her.
But right now it was not the time to think about all these. His life was important and for that she can go to any extent, even this.
She flinched when a palm touched her shoulder.
Khushi: Dr???
Dr: Khushi, have you arranged the money for his ventilator?
Khushi gulped her sorrow: Doctor, I will deposit that within 24 hours.
Dr: Couldnot bare to see her in that state but nothing was in his hand. He know how much she did for all these, sleepless nights, skipping food. She really felt sorry for her.
Khushi: Doctor, he will be ok na? I mean he will talk me right? I cant bare to see him this. Its all because of me. I wish it was me who ran down the car that day? I wish he did not save me. I wish''''''.i wish I was like this in this condition.
She covered her face and started crying.
Dr: Keep faith in god khushi, let god decide what to do. I am sure there must be a reason behind everything. There must me a reason why are you not there today and why he is in your place.
Khushi: doctor, he has always taken all the hard times on him taking it away from me. Doctor, I want to talk to him, I want him to hug me right now, I am so he'.lp'''..le''sss she said in between her sobs.
She tried to get up when she felt a sharp pain on her abdomen. She held on the head board and tried to get up when a pair of strong hand lifted her up and placed her on the bed.
She saw arnav again tucking the blanket on her.
She held his hand and looked at him with puppy face. She tried to get up once again when he screamed at her.
She was shocked. She got scared.
He sat beside her popped out some medicines from the foil and handed over to her with a glass of water.
Khushi looked at him all confused.
Khushi looked down.
I said TAKE. IT. NOW he yelled before her.
Khushi flinched at took it from his hands. Just when she was about to take it he held her hand and looked at her.
He closed his eyes and clutched his jaws, thinned his lips. He remembered someone close to him.
He flew open his eyes and asked "Did you eat something?"
Khushi was so scared that she couldnot utter a single thing.
Arnav gripped her hair and made her look at him: did you eat? He asked with a firm voice.
Khushi could just nod no, about to spill her tears which had accumulated in her eyes.
"DAMN IT" he got up and marched outside the room leaving khushi behind and yelling at her telling her not to have the meds until he is back.

He got some peanuts and some chips from the kitchen, barged into the room and handed over the bowl to her.
Khushi took the bowl and started stuffing the food in fear. She kept on glancing him, he called someone over the phone and disconnect angrily.
Just when he was about to yell at her, he saw her face changed, it went pale, she was about to throw out, he ran to her and placed her hand below her mouth.
She held his hand that vomited whatever she ate.
Arnav closed his eyes in digust still sitting beside her; khushi was too exhausted to think anything. She leaned back placing her palm on the bed.
Khushi was about to thank him, when she was what she has done, she was nearly in the verge of fainting when she saw him clutching his jaws with closed eyes.
Khushi: I'''''''''''''..i am so'''''r
Arnav: F**K OFF
Khushi moved back.
Arnav: Get the hell out of here RIGHT NOW.
Arnav got up and went straight to the bathroom.
Arnav to himself
This is disgusting, this woman is disgusting. He closed his eyes and stood in front of the shower. He was about to wash his stem when he saw her blood stains all over it. "Sh*T", that bloody female has lied to me. How dare she, she thinks she will get the job? No chance. And now, no ways, I don't care about what relation she has with pulkit, I don't care how much pulkit is suffering. I  DON'T CARE. Eeegggh
He washed the remaining stains and dried himself. He came out nude and went straight towards the cupboard.
Khushi couldnot look at him, she looked down.
Arnav while putting his clothes on: I have asked you to leave, what are you still doing here?
Khushi: Arnav ji
Arnav threw the towel on the floor and grabbed her.
Khushi: aaah! She held her lower abdomen.
Arnav: Listen Miss Gupta, you better leave right now before I hurt you, do you understand that?
Khushi: Par arnav ji
Khushi: But
Arnav: You know what, all woman are same, SAME. You have a boyfriend, who loves you madly still you are here to sleep with another guy. You are a bloody cheater.
Khushi was shocked, she never expected him to react like this.
Arnav: Not only a cheater but also a lier. You have lied that you are not a virgin, but. You. Were.
Khushi looked down.
Arnav: What do you think? I will give you the job just like that? Miss gupta, I hate liers.
Khushi dropped down on the floor sliding arnav's form and sat on the floor crying madly.
Khushi: I am sorry arnav ji, I did not have any other way.
Arnav: Go away
Khushi: I have to pay for his ventilator tomorrow early morning.
Arnav: go away Khushi
Khushi: He will die arnav ji
Arnav closed his fist then pull her up in one jerk. He threw her on the bed and climbed on her.
Arnav: Fine'then lets finish what we have started.
Khushi looked at him nervously. She saw him coming close to her really close and then banged his fist on the head board and got up. He shut the door behind her and went out.
Khushi suddenly got panicy and called him. She stood up and walked towards the door with great difficulty.
She opened the door and saw him sitting on the sofa. She went towards him and placed her palm on his shoulder.
Arnav brushed off her hands. "Stay here till tomorrow morning, but before I get up I don't want to see your damn face"
Khushi slid down the sofa brushing her back and cried bitterly until she dozed off.
Khushi woke up hearing a some noice.
She saw aranv pacing in the room. She saw herself on the bed and a warm quilt embracing her.
Arnav saw her once and then turned and looked outside.
Arnav: Aman, I said send it now, right now.
Aman: But sir, we cannot send it in Pulkit's name, his employment has been terminated.
Arnav: Make it in the name of Khushi Kumari Gupta.
Khushi looked at him surprisingly.
Aman: But Sir.
Arnav: Cant we give advance to your new employee aman? What the hell are you for if I have to give you these damn idea?
Aman: Are we recruiting her?
Arnav: Yes Damn it. Do we have any other way? Arnav Singh Raizada daan nahi karta hai. People are paid against their deeds.
Amanl: Ok ASR. I will take it up from here.
Arnav disconnected the line and was about to exit when she held his hand.
Arnav: Stop touching me, what the hell are you upto?
Khushi: Thanks arnav ji
Arnav: Don't think you got this job becasuse you deserve it. You got it because of Pulkit, whom I love the most.
Khushi: I am indebted to you, I am sold to you today. Thanks a ton for saving my love arnav ji, you don't know how much it means to me. But just one question, why have you agreed to give a lier this job?
Arnav: Because this lier is pulkit's girlfriend who was the most honest employee of my organization. I am sure he must have seen something in you at made him fall for you so madly that he did not bother about his life when it came to you. And I am sure pulkit could have never loved a lier. So thank him that he is your boyfriend otherwise you are not fit for this job.
Before leaving her asked her to have something and take the medicines.
Khushi sat there for some time then called a taxi and went straight to the hospital.


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