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Chap 5
A Fresh Start

She stretched her arms, yawned. Her abdomen pain had faded. She sat up on the bed and pushed back herself on the head board, rested her back for some time before she gathered herself and walked inside the bathroom to take shower.
She wore a simple salwar, tied her hair in pony tail and looked herself in the mirror. She saw her dark circles under her eyes, which was due to lack of sleep he had for last two days. The terrified night and pulkit's concern did not leave her thoughts. She sighed and packed her lunch quickly before glancing at the clock.
It was her first day at AR, she thought. The name AR itself gives her goose bumps. Those memories with pulkit and now facing the most arrogant man, who is her boss now made her weak, really weak. Given a choice she would have never ever entered that office.
She closed her eyes and prayed to her Devi Maiya to give her strength to fight.
It was aroung 8.30 in the morning when khushi reached her office. She was supposed to meet Aman for briefing as confirmed by him over the phone yesterday night. She did not receive her appointment letter as yet, so she was unware off what kind of job profile she was supposed to get.
Aman has told her that she will be working as an intern for one month before she shifts to her designated department which will be decided on her capability basis. That mean she was supposed to work on anything and everything which is going to be allotted to her.
She stepped in and looked around. The office was empty. She went near the sofa and relaxed for some time before the phone in the reception area rang.
She looked here and there nervously, but as no one was there to receive the call, she got up little shaking and walked towards the reception. She once again looked hoping to find someone but no one came.
Khushi finally decided to pick up the phone after lot of thinking. But just when she was about to pick it up the line got disconnected.
She sighed and turned around when the phone started ringing again, she hurriedly picked up the phone just to find some one yelling at her.
"Why werenot you picking up the phone damn it?" He yelled.
Khushi held her breadth and very well understood who the caller was.
"Arnav Ji?"
"Excuse Me?" she heard his voice again.
"What do you mean by aap?" he yelled again
Khushi looked at the receiver again and finally said "No I did not expect you to be in the office so early"
"Come to the conference room" NOW.
Khushi stood there bewailed, trying to figure out what was happening? No one in the office yet and he is here so early?
The phone rang once again
Khushi immediately picked it up.
"What are you still doing there? Don't you understand I asked you to the conference room Ms Gupta" he literally barked.
Khushi quickly disconnected the line and started running here and there trying to find out his chamber.
She again heard the phone ring and ran to grad it.
"Hello" she answered panting heavily.
"STOP RUNNING LIKE AN INSANE. Take the stairs and walk up" he ordered.
She looked up to see a huge glass cabin which was connected with glass stairs.
She grabbed her bag which was lying on the sofa and stood near the first step. She inhaled some oxygen before making her move towards the conference room.
"Come in" came the husky voice making her nervous even more.
She opened the door and peeped in
"May I come in?" she asked
"I have already asked you to come in Ms Gupta, then why the hell are you asking me again? Don't you understand English?"
Khushi hurriedly came inside and blurted in one go "no-I-know-English-just-that-I-am-a-bit-nervous.
Arnav finally looked at her piercing his gaze. Khushi could not withstand any more she looked down.
Arnav got up from his chair.
She suddenly felt a little conscious. "No one in the office, just him and her, she gulped. What if he again starts touching here like that? No no Khushi don't think negative" before she stopped thinking he was standing right in front of her.
She moved nervously still looking down.
Arnav put his hand inside his pocket and checked her out from top to buttom. She could feel his gaze all over. It was terribly hot. She started sweating and that did not go unnoticed by him.
"Well, if you can start relaxing a bit then we can go ahead"
Her eyes shot up and looked at him nervously.
"Whhaat do you''."
Ms Gupta, I am talking about you assignments, what you are here for.
Khushi exheled lightly so that he doesn't see her fear and gave a small smile.
"Good" Shall We? He gestured her to take the first chair beside his head chair.
Khushi slowly moved towards the chair and pulled it.
She tried to make herself a little comfortable which was practically impossible at the moment when he is around.
He took his chair and started typing on his laptop.
"So, Miss gupta, first of all, I want you to talk to me and not only me but anybody looking in their eyes, I know it will be difficult for you with the kind body language you have, but still you have to try because I don't like people who lacks in confidence. I want you to be confident if you want to continue after one month of your intership.
Second of all, you have to change your body language, which includes this shakiness, shyness etc etc. I cant have shy girls around AR. It's a fashion design company, you need to be BOLD."
Khushi's eyes shot up and she looked at him, the word Bold made her shakier forget about changing it.
"Bold doesnot only related to bed Ms Gupta, boldness also means impressing clients by your gestures and communications. Slight amount of wit and positive aura helps to attract people around you. It is very important that one has to possess if they wish to work in a fashion house"
"thirdly, get out of these clothes, I guess you are aware of the dress code in AR, well for you I can still excuse you for a month as you will be working as an intern and you don't fall under the direct pay roll of AR for next 30 days, but that doesnot mean you can wear anything. Western; wear shirts and trousers to start with.
Khushi looked at him nervously fiddling with her dupatta.
He got up and leaned towards her. She looked down panting heavily
"Look.at.me" he said with authority.
She looked up, he looked at her, she looked at him, her breadth brushing his lips, her eyes melting in his gaze, her body shuddering in the close proximity. She continued to look at him.
"Good", he said and moved back.
"Quick Learner, I must say"
Continue like this Miss Gupta, you have passed your step one, looking at people directing in their eyes.
Arnav sat back while khushi straightened herself.
Arnav: So, let me proceed with your assignments of the day.
Firstly, get me a cup of black coffee, no sugar please
Secondly, go to the record room and check whether the files are kept serially date wise.
Third, please inform me when the models arrive today, they are supposed to report here around 12.
Fourthly, have your lunch.
Khushi immediately looked at him surprisingly.
Arnav: Well we need go to meet our manufactueres to check the quality. Make sure you carry your note pad with you. This is going to be your first step for your future.
Fifth: When you come to my chamber make sure you carry a note book with you, I don't like people forgetting things, as I don't like to repeat myself.
Sixth: You will go home late
Khushi straightened herself, "Sir but"
Fashion Week is very close and I want you to take the full charge on that, which means late night even you can have to stay back whole night in the office with me.
"Aman will be there to help you out with each and everything, he will guide you what you have to do and what not. Take all the details from him and start studying thoroughly. You have 7 days' time from me to learn about fashion week.
And Miss Gupta, I want you to report your daily work to me at the end of the day.
That's it, so all the best. Get me the coffee and start working. Hope you live upto my expectations Ms Gupta. I hope you will not disappoint me.
Khushi was about to leave when she heard him saying
"If you have to go to the hospital anytime during office hours, you can go but do let me know when you leave. I hope Pulkit is recovering. Any help regarding him, just tell me without thinking twice. Take care"
Khushi turned and looked at him, he avoided looking at her by typing away in the laptop. He can very well sense her tears and her glowing smile on her face.
Thanks Arnav ji, she said softly before moving out of the conference room.
He saw her retreating back and leaned back on the head rest of the chair and closed his eyes.

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