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Chap 6
The Intruder

"What the hell are you doing arnav?" How on the earth you have started teaching your employees? What is wrong with you?" he thought endlessly looking at the closed door.
He punched his fist on the table "Damn It"
He made some quick calls when he heard the door knock.
"Come in"
Khushi came inside his chamber with his coffee. He looked at her once then ignored.
Khushi stood glued where she was, looking nervously towards his voice who was typing something furiously.
After copule of minutes he glaced at the pale figure in front of him and said in a dangerously firm voice "Do you wish to stare at me whole day miss gupta?"
Khushi immediately looked down still holding the cup.
Arnav: You can keep the cup on the table and LEAVE.
Khushi kept the cup and rushed towards the door and then stopped immediately and turned towards him.
Arnav saw her from the corner of his eye and looked at her.
He shrugged his shoulder gesture "What are you still doing here?"
Khushi: Sir!
He heard her voice. It was so damn soothing in his ears.
"Hmm" he said looking at the laptop
khushi: where will I sit?
Arnav shot a look at her. "Right now I don't think you have time to sit miss gupta, don't you think you are already late? I guess you did not understand the amount of work I gave you.
Khushi: Yes Arnav ji, but I need some place to sit.
Arnav stood up and came towards her, she nervously moved back. She was almost pinned by him in the nearest wall when he whispered in her ear, "Well you have my lap, if you want you can sit on it, I wont mind"
Khushi bit her lips hearing such bold, shameless words from his mouth.
Arnav: If you think I would pass a remark like that on you then shove it of your a**. He said angrily. You don't have a permanent seat miss gupta. You are an intern so just work work and work till you earn it.
Khushi looked at his retreating back and stood still.
Arnav: I guess my coffee is cold now and I don't like cold coffee. Get me another one and start working asap.
It was almost 12pm when she sat on the sofa after completing her work in the file room. She was quite impressed with herself that she has completed her work in record time.
Why wont she, there was nothing much to do there as the records are absolutely well organized. She wondered why arnav gave her that work when it was already done in an organized manner.
She saw some good looking girls enter the office. They look so beautiful she thought. Why wont they after all they are going to be a part of the greatest design company. Who wouldn't want to be a part of AR.
Arnav was blessed with terrific design skills. He was indeed a perfectionist and khushi had already experienced that in the morning the way he made her understand each and everything and how he wanted her to act.
"Where is ASR maria?" a tall girl enquired in the reception. She was good looking and smart, slightly dark but having a sweet face. The dimple enchaced her cuteness, khushi thought.
Maria: Oh lav darling, good to see you after so many days.
Lav: Well, what can I do maria, you boss doesnot call me quite offen now a days
Khushi totally understood the meaning of what she was telling.
Lav: Where is the handsome hunk?
Maria: In his chamber dear.
Lav: Call him
Khushi was shocked out of her wit. The kind of image she had in her mind, nobody, nobody has dared to do call him unless he was willing to talk and this girl? "Hmm, this girl seems to be close to him" she thought.
Maria: Boss has asked you to go to his chamber.
Lavanya picked her bag and gave a wink at maria then approached towards his cabin.
Maria: Bye darling ENJOY
Khushi could just look at her retreating back and then she glanced at the smiling and nodding maria.
Khushi: Maria! Who is she?
Maria: ASR's Khaas
Khushi: Khaas?
Maria: Hmm, his office MATE
Khushi's eyes widened with the word MATE
Khsuhi: Mate?
Maria: Yap. They have been together for more than 2 years now. She is the only one who managed to stay with him so long. It is an open secret. Every one knows about them. They are kind of living together but both deny the fact. In fact the denial is from ASR's side. She is the only girl which whom ASR slept around more than once. In fact it was a regular affair in the office a year back.
"how disgusting" she thought.
Maria: It is very difficult to impress him khushi, but lavanya cracked that.
Khushi gave her a whatever look and proceed towards the meeting area where other models were seated.
Khushi got introduced with them. They all stared at her weirdly, maybe because of her dress or maybe they thought she doesnot belong to AR.
After checking the attendance she gave a call to Arnav. But to her surprise his intercom was engaged.
She called up Maria to connect the line, but maria refused to do that. She wondered why.
It was almost 20 mins and she was not panicky. She wondered what if arnav blast her in front of them at also at her first day work. She decied to go to his chamber and let him know that the models have arriaved. After all he had strickly instructed her to do the same.
Khushi was about to climb up when she was stopped by another employee.
Seema: Where the hell are you going behenji?
Khushi looked at her weirdly.
Khushi: Arnavji' office
Seema: Well, I don't think it's a good time to go.
Khushi did not bother and she continued to close the gap between her and his chamber.
She knocked the door but the door got opened.
Both Arnav and Lavinya looked at her.

They were lying on the sofa in a compromising position. 


Lavanya was totally nude, but arnav was in his full clothes except this trouser which was cluttered below his foot, He was thrusting her with raw passion while sucking her dark nipples.

***Few Minutes Back***

“May I come in” Arnav heard a husly voice.

Lavanya came inside with a warm smile spreading across her face.

Arnav got up and crashed himself with her. He immediately opened her clothes in no time and picked her in his arms and placed her on the sofa.

He parted her long legs and placed himself on her and thrusted her. Lavanya gripped his hair lightly, knowing very well at he never likes hard grips and moaned in pleasure.

This is so good ASR..Oh god I missed this so much Lavanya said while he thrusted hard inside her. He cupped her breast and pressed it hard.

Aaah! Wild you are wild she said.

And you like me wild on you don’t you? He said in a seductive tone

Oh ASR you are just too good. No one has satisfied me like you do. You are the god of SEX.
Arnav fastened his pace on her while she moaned in pleasure. Both of them were about to climax when they saw khushi standing near the door.

Lavanya was about to get up when he held her.

***Current Time***

Arnav looked at overly shocked khushi and asked angrily “Who has asked you to come inside?

Khushi nervously looked back.

Arnav slid himself out and went towards her. He locked the door with his remote and turned khushi towards him.

“Now that you have come here, stay here till I finish myself with her” and don’t you dare close your eyes. Otherwise I will not leave you today.

Arnav went back to lavanya and thrusted inside her once again. Lavanya cried in pain.

Khushi was hell shocked. She never know she would be witnessing this in front of her eyes. She felt numb all of the sudden to shock to even close her eyes.

Arnav continuously looked at him while he thrusted hard really hard inside lavanaya.

Lavanya was now struggling. Arnav had always been wild but today, in fact right now he was too hard on her. She was in pain. She tried to tell him but he was no way listening to her. His eyes were glued on khushi and flashes of that night with her was coming in his mind.
Khushi felt extremely nervous with his constant gaze on her. Her throwt became dry.

His pace became faster.

Lavanya’s cry became scream

Finally lavanya managed to push him hard and looked at him crying madly.

Lavanya: Whats wrong with you ASR?

She said weeping. That’s when arnav came in his senses.

Arnav left Lavanya and she ran towards his bathroom.

Arnav paced towards khushi who was now standing like a statue.
He grabbed her shoulder. I want to complete this with you now Miss Gupta. He dragged her towards the table and opened her zip.
She was hell shocked by that move.
You have once again left me starving. And do you know what happens when a lion starves for long?
Arnav pierced his gaze on her making her scare. "HE.EATS.HIS.PRAY.BRUTALLY"
Beofre he could advance he saw her eyes, her exression was same as that night, lifeless, helpless.
Arnav closed his eyes and gluped.
WHY THE HELL DID NOT YOU TELL ME THAT YOU WERE A VIRGIN??? Came the next dangeriously serious tone
Khushi stood frozen.
Khushi was too scared to reply anything when both heard lavanya coming out from the rest room.
She was limping a little. She saw both of them really close. Khushi was sitting on the table, and ASR standing in between her legs.
Khushi was about to move back when arnav held her from the waist.
Lavanya: ASR!
Arnav: what is wrong with you lavanya? Looks like you cant handle me now a days.
Lavanya threw a dirty glare at khushi and said "I guess you got the one you wanted"
Arnav looked at khushi and smirked.
Are you referring to her? "Well, she is hopeless and I don't wish to touch her"
Lavanya: Oh really? Then what is your hand doing on her waist? And ASR this is something new to me, I mean I have never seen you behave so coolly with her. I mean she has seen us in a compromising position and instead for firing her you are holding her?
Arnav: Well that is a even worse for her to see us like that.
Lavanya: do you know how much you have hurt me today? Its all sore.
Arnav looked at khushi and said: Ask you so-called male models to suck yours to relax your pain.
Lavanya looked down.
I guess you have many who does that right?
He did not removed his eyes from khushi.
He leaned further on her and kissed her on her nape. Khushi closed her eyes.
Lavanya: See you ASR. I think you will be busy now.
Arnav: you are right Lavanya. Please close the door behind. I don't want anymore to intrude us now.
Khushi bit her lips nervously while his grip strengthened.
Lavanya barged out of the room fuming; shooting angry glances at his recently found MATE.
After she closed the door anrav shot his angry glare at Khushi.


  1. That was hawt !!!!!!

  2. Just came across this FF today..
    Its very different..
    I wonder wat wud be the reason for Arnav being like this..
    N is Gul his own daughter??ie,is he her biological father..I loved the way he played with Gul..So sweet..Somewhere I feel Kushi will be treated by him the similar way..
    Awaiting the next part..

    1. Well all the questions will be answered in the FF. Keep patience and read dear. Lets see how khushi will be treated. No where in the near future she will be treated good. Lets see

  3. omg!!!...arnav did it infront of khushi????...poor khushi!!!
    anyway..very much hotttt budddy...update soon :)

  4. Inserting in lavanya while keeping his eyes fixed on khushi, truly shows arnav's inner desire.
    I thought the chapter had a lot to offer. Arnav left the door open for khushi. He wanted to see the depth of khushi's toughness. He again complained to khushi that y had she not told him about her virginity. Somehow I cudn't help to relate the two together......arnav tursting in lavanya and him complaining that khushi wasn't a virgin. Lastly him telling lavanya that he won't b having sex with khushi simply shows that at on one hand he wants khushi to come out of any fear that she may have towards him and onthe other hand he was telling him loudly more than khushi & lavanya, that he should not have sec again with khushi no matter how much his body desires. Wonderful chapter. Thanx rzu


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