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Chap 30

She was walking down the lane lifelessly, pulkit's sms, her and Arnav's encounter in the office, the accident which made her life mess by putting Pulkit in coma, the accident which made her life come out from the mess when the truck hit arnav's car, then his blood on her forehead, then her blood had spread by Arnav himself, his saving her from hitting the pin in the office, his saving her from Rohit.
Her mind was totally in a mess when she heard the bells coming from the mandir. She looked up and saw the red flag waving due to the strong wind. She remembered how she locked her devi Maiya inside the cupboard when was about to lose herself infront of a man whom she doesnot know at all, whom she doesnot love.
But what about her next encounters with him? She willing submitted herself to him each and everything, without giving a second thought, without thinking about her fience, and now when he is back her life is in another big mess. Arnav Singh Raizada has tagged her forever no matter how hard she is going to try she knows that she will just fail, fail miserably because no matter how harsh he is no matter how much pain he has given her, she has always fell back on him everytime. She has got the desired warmth from him what she always expected from her loved ones. She was indeed loved by him. Yes her heart knows that kahin na kahin he loves her madly but he will never tell her that, because he is a man of few words, he can only express his feeling sexually not verbally, which he has already conveyed to her and he got his pulse.
She sat on the bench near the road and closed her eyes, "I love him, yes I do. But I will never ever make this feeling come in between us, I know he will never accept his love for me, and I don't want also, if my Devi Maiya wants, one day she will make him confess his feelings. This man has faced a lot of hardship in his life, more than me, he deserve to be loved, he deserves to feel special, he deserves to be taken care off, he should feel that he is wanted, he should feel that he is needed, she should feel that at the end of the day there is someone who loves him unconditionally.
She opened her eyes and smiled. "Devi Maiya, mujhe sakti do taki meye inhe woh jab de sakun jiska yeh haqdaar hai, ek dost banke hi sahi, meye sirf aur sirf pyaar dunga inhe, badle meye mujhe kuch nahi chahiye". (Oh lord give me strength so that I am able to give him the peace as a friend. I want to give him love and only love and I don't want anything in return".
Her chain of thoughts broke with the very call
She jerked up hearing her ringtone.

She took her phone and saw some international number.

Her hand was shivering, her nerve was falling, she was going all cold.

How can she explain everything to Pulkit.

his name kept on flashing on her screen.

Finally she gathered some courage to pick up.


"Khushi! Kaise ho?"

She was totally blank she didnot know how to react. What will she say? how will she reply back.

After few minutes of silence she asked

"How are you Prince?"

"It feels so good to hear Prince from your mouth Khushi. I missed you so much yaar. Did not you miss me?"

"I missed you" khushi said in a low ton.

"You dont have to miss me anymore".

She looked up and waited for him to continue

"I am waiting for you in your house".

She froze.
"Pulkit in my house?" she thought
"Khush, kahan khoo gayi yaar (where are you lost?)"
"Erm! No I mean ya, woh pulkit I am actually in sabzi mandi, why don't you go to your house and rest I will come and meet you".
Pulkit frowned a little and looked at the receiever.
"Khushi! Is it you? Are you ok?"
"Umm, ya prince I am fine, just that I am unable to listen. Yahan kafi shor hai".
"Khush, tu thik hai na?"
"Can I give you a call once I am through?"
"Yap sure" he bit his lips.
Khushi immediately disconnected the line and sighed.
Pulkit is intelligent enough to make out that something is wrong somewhere. His Khushi cannot be like this. She is ever chirpy and fun loving. She loves his presence a lot and she should be excited about the fact that she is meeting him but here the scene was totally opposite. He has never seen her like this. She seemed to be gloomy (sorry KC I had to use your name here without your permission) lifeless, deeply engrossed in some thoughts".
"Khush, tu mujhse Khushi chupa rahi hai" (you are hiding something from me)
She opened her phone book and scrolled down to find Arnav's Number. Finally after getting his number, she dialed. It went in his voicemail.
"Hi, this is Arnav Singh Raizada, right now I am unable to answer your call, please leave your number and message, I will call you back soon. Thanks"
A lone tear dropped from her eyes, she so wanted to tell him that pulkit is back but she just couldnot say anything after listening to the voicemail. She disconnected the line and moved towards her house.
Arnav walked fast towards the office area in his presidential suit "Aman just call khushi and tell her that our marriage papers have been applied, we need to wait for a month now. make sure she reaches here one day prior to the date of marriage. I dont want any complications".

Aman was blankly staring at him.

Arnav looked up and gave his "what" look to him.

"ASR its roshni, not khushi.

Arnav realised what he said few minutes back. He took khushi's name instead of Roshni.

"Erm! i meant roshni only.


arnav looked at him

"Pulkit is back in india".

Arnav was signing on some cheques, he just broke the nib in frustration spreading the ink all over the cheques.

"I see" was the only word he could utter after that.
He picked up his phone and called his house. Misha picked up the phone.
"where is Khushi?"
"Bhaiya, she just went to her house to get her clothes, why?"
He disconnected the line.
"Aman, give a call to pulkit and tell him that I want to meet him in my office when I am back".
Aman dialed Pulkit's number.
"Hey dude whats up? How are you?...hmm'that's amazing'well ASr wants to meet you soon'umm'ok'.I see'.did you meet her?...oh that's great'.ASR will be back in town day after tomorrow''cya then'bye take care'spend some time with her'"
Aman cut the call in a naughty tone which made Arnav's blood boil. He could make out from the conversation that Aman was at khushi's place and misha has confirmed that Khushi has gone to her house. So they will be meeting. He just closed his eyes in frustration and all ugly scenes between Khushi and Pulkit started coming in front of his eyes. Without wanting to think something further he just dialed some random number and burged out of his room.
After driving aimless for some hours he came back to his room. He threw his coat on the bed and texted Aman to book his ticked back to Mumbai tomorrow itself. Aman reminded his about his important meeting but he rudely ordered him to act as he said.
After few hours the door bell rang and he went to open.
He saw his new model standing at the door. He picked her up in his arms and slammed the door behind. He girl caressed his rough stubble and kissed his cheeks. She traced his lips and was about to kiss him when he threw her on bed harshly.
"Open your damn clothes".
"Oh come on ASR, not like this" the female got up and touched his manhood above his torusers.
He waved her hands off, she pulled him by his tie making him fall along with her. She held his hand and made him touch her big bosoms and gestered him to press them hard.
Arnav showed no interest. The more he wanted to divert his mind from Khushi the more he fell into it. He was just unable to do anything with her. Every move he did it reminded him of her, her innocent face, her errotic breadthing whenever he touched her, how she closed her eyes feeling his fingers on her, how she surrendered herself to him everytime.
"i dont have time to waste, just get to the point".

Arnav teared her panty he made her turn, hovering over her, placing himself rightly he just plunged inside her.

His whole world crashed down in that one thrust. He gripped the girl's hair and pulled her towards him.

"Get the f**k out of the room right now".

"but ASR"


"But why sweety? You dindot like mine?"


He slammed the door behind after the girl left his room.

He picked his phone to give a call to Khushi without thinking the consequences.

Khushi was packing her stuffs to take it to RM when her door bell rang. She immediately got alamed. "Hey Devi Maiya, I hope it is not Pulkit".

She walked towards the door when her phone rang, she saw Arnav calling. She smiled as was about to pick up when the door bell rang again.

She just pressed a key to stop the ringtone and before she could open the door she saw pulkit standing in front of her.
Khushi was about to touch his hands when he held her hand and by mistake the call got connected.
Arnav was about the say something when he heard which he was not supposed to hear.

"Oh my prnicess, I can believe this, I have never thought I will see you".
Pulkit picked her up in his arms.

"Prince just put me down" Khushi struggled in his arms

Arnav was just fuming visualizing the scene.

"Not today baby, I let me love you, do you have any idea how I have spned his whole period without my princess?"

Khushi still struggling "Please pulkit mujhe nichey utaro".

"No please not on bed".

Arnav closed his fist.

"Ouch. Aah!"

Khushi still holding the phone was dumped on the bed.

Pulkit came close to her and whispered "You look more beautiful now sweetheart"

After placing her on the bed he leaned onto her to kiss her cheeks.

she brought her hand and placed it on his chest looking at him.

He gulped and leaned further, their lips were inches apart, he was breadthing on her face making her fringes flew away from her lips.

She moved her face side ways when he tried to kiss her on her lips.

He placed his index finger on her cheeks and moved her face towards him. "dont stop me today, Khushi".

"Pulkit!" she took his name before closing her eyes.

"I love you khushi"

That's it, Arnav just couldnot bear it anymore, he knew what was coming. He knew they will just make out right now any normal couple would have done that. He just disconnected the line and threw his phone in anger.


Pulkit kissed her on her cheeks and slid his lips towards her lips

(vid credit 
Pulkit in AR. Arnav kissing other models in front of Khushi
Guys howz pulkit? Doesnot he look cute? I find this guy too cute. Well whether he is a negetive or a positive character only time will tell.

Sorry guys, i know there are loads of mistake in todays update, but trust me i hardly had time to write. i totally forgot that i wont be able to udate tomorrow as we have laxmi puja so i had to update this today only. 


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  5. Y did Pulkit come now..
    Poor Khushi n Arnav..He was so sure abt his feelings to call Khushi..But fate played its game..
    I'm sure Oulkit n Khushi wont get intimate..Khushi cant do that..Mighty ASR was not able to do his deed with the model..So Khushi too cant i feel..
    Awaiting the next part..

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