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Chap 31
 Kyun Dard Hai Itna
Tere Ishq Mein
(Why there is so much pain in your love?)

Pulkit kissed her on her cheeks and slid his lips towards her lips.
Khushi fisted his t-shirt and closed her eyes as tightly as possible. She could only see Arnav touching her. His stubble tickling her chubby cheeks, his breadth kissing her entire face, his lips eager to claim hers, his hand itching to touch every part of her.
She gave in, and started breathing heavily.
Pulikt was a little surprised with Khushi's behavior; he had never thought she will let him do it to her so easily.
Though she was more of a friend to him, but today he was just carried away with the very thought that he is alive just because of her, she is the one who did all these for him. Everyday she called his hospital to check how he is. He truly felt proud to be her fianc.
The more he brought his lips closer to her the more she arched.
"Khushi! Babes, look at me".
That's when she opened her eyes and was shocked to see pulkit instead of Arnav.
Pulkit leaned further while Khushi shockingly looked at his quiverin lips and his adams apple going up and down due to their close proximity.
"NO STOP" she screamed. She pushed him hard making him slip a little, but he supported himself with his arms.
Pulkit frowned a little and looked at her state.
"What babes? Come on yaar, there is nothing wrong in it. We are about to get married soon, and by soon means real soon, I don't want to delay our marriage further. Enough of separation".
Khushi moved his hand and got up, brushed her hair, which was already messed up.
Pulkit got up along with her.
Khushi fiddled with her kurta, feeling nervous.
Pulkit turned her towards him and looked at her. He could see that she was not able to look at him.
"Look at me Princess"
Khushi still looked down.
No difference in her behaviour.
Being and intelligent guy he understood that something major had happened when he was not here. Khushi is not behaving like she used to be. She used to hug him "n" number of times when he came late. She pulled his cheeks, messed his hair and even slapped him whenever he tried to come close to him.
"Khushi! Is everything all right?"
That's it, her patience drained out, her tears started off. She looked at pulkit and crashed herself in a hug.
Pulkit was absolutely clueless what was going on. Why is she crying like this? There was something very different in her touch today. She was seeking comfort unlike the independent Khushi she always had been.
He caressed her hair to comfort her.
"Are you angry with me Khushi that I tired to kiss you?"
She was just going on weeping and weeping. Soon her weeping started to turn to bitter crying.
"don't cry honey, I promise I am not going to touch you sweetheart".
"I am already touched Pulkit" she slid down her chest towards his legs. And Pulkit froze at her statement. He was unable to make any sense out of it. Khushi will never touch a man. She has been brought up with pulkit, forget about touching a man, she made sure she is not within his proximity other then her hugs which she needed time to time.
"I am touched everywhere, pulkit"
she cried bitterly.
"He has touched me everywhere"
"He has kissed me everywhere"
"I am no more eligible for you pulkit"
"I cant marry you".
"I am not a virgin".
"I have been f'.." she couldnot complete her words.
Khushi have never used such raw words in her life so she just couldnot use that term.
Pulkit went numb. He was shocked would be an understatement to describe his current situation.
"Who is he?"
Khushi's breadth hitched, her heart skipped a beat, she felt dizzy.
Pulkit sat down beside her where she was sitting and took her hand. He knew Khushi is definitely not those type of females. She always valued life and specially these things. He was sure there must be something more to it.
Khushi looked at him and cupped his face and narrated the whole story.
How he needed the ventilator,
She was short of money
She went to AR
Arnav's proposal
The guest house
How she bleeded
How he took care of her
How he gave her job
How they started working together
How he asked him to be strong
How he himself trained her.
Pulkit looked at each and every expression of Khushi how she narrated the whole thing to him. One thing he got very clearly that Khushi had a huge respect for Arnav despite of his brutal acts and he also did not miss Arnav's attention towards Khushi. He knew Arnav too well, he always portrayed his negetive side to the world but today he hard so many new things about him.
Khushi was about to tell pulkit about the accident and so on when her phone rang.
She picked up the phone to see who was it
"It was Aman Calling".
"Aman ji? Itne raat ko?"
she wiped her tears and connected the line.
She learnt that Arnav will be back tomorrow so she needs to join office.
After disconnecting the line she looked at pulkit who was still sitting on the floor, lost in deep thoughts.
She came and sat beside him. Touching his shoulder she said "I am sorry pulkit, I really am, please forgive me".
Pulkit looked at her, that when she saw his teary eyes. He hugged her tight.
"I don't care Khushi, I really don't care what happened, how it happened. But today my respect for you grew more. Just to save my life you lost everything you had? How could you Khushi? What good deed have I done that I got you in my life?"
Khushi just let him cry.
"Khushi, after knowing each and every truth about your life I am asking you", he cupped her face "Will you marry me Khushi?"
Khushi was shocked to hear such a thing from him. She never expected this. She was dumbfolded. How could he ask this to her.
"Pulkit I cant, please understand, I am really guilty".
"Khushi I accept you for whoever you are these things will never effect us, and you did this for me Khushi, not to satisfy your lust".
"I accept you. please man jao. Please stay with me. I don't care what this samaj will think. I care a damn. What I know is I really respect this female who is right now in front of me and who has sacrificed her everything just to keep me alive".
Next day morning Khushi prepared breakfast for pulkit who stayed last night in her house and was about to get out when he held her hand and looked at her.
"I will wait for your answer Khushi and I hope you come out of this shock as soon as possible".
Khushi just couldnot say yes to him last time, no matter how much he pleaded she just couldnot because she wanted to talk to her Arnav ji now, at any cost. She was feeling suffocated, she wanted to see him, she wanted to hug him, she wanted to pour her heart out, she wanted to touch him to sooth her anxity.
Khushi pressed his hand and said "Bye pulkit see you at AR soon.
Khushi was asusual early at AR. It was her Routine that she always reached office before time. She kept Acer with the guards and headed towards the main entrance.
She was so engrossed in her thoguhts that she missed to see the white SUV parked inside the office premises.
She silently walked towards the stair and started climbing up, her emotions, her thoughts bottling up.
Finally she reached infront of his chamber. She turned the latch and entered.
The two people inside the room looked at Khushi entering. One of them had a smirk on his face and the other threw a disgusting look.
Khushi flinched looking at both of them not expecting this.
Arnav was leaning on the wall and the girl was all over him, his one hand was sqeezing her butts and the other was rested on her nape. Her hand was circling Arnav's neck.
Khushi was shocked to see him like that. Thought both were fully dressed but she could well visualize that they have started making out.
Arnav threw a devilish look towards Khushi and said "Come on babes, don't waste time, do what you were doing" he ordered the model.
The model turned back and started kissing him on his cheeks, neck, roaming her hand all over her chest squeezing herself on him.
Arnav pulled her more smashing her breast against his chest and Khushi could see her extra bulge popping out from her off shoulder dress.
Arnav removed her hair and sucked his nape while eyeing on Khushi. He did not missed a tiny tear which fell down from her already swollen eyes.
Arnav closed his eyes in frustration, the phone call still raw in his mind.
"I guess miss gupta, you still havenot learn from your past experience that you need to knock the door before you enter your BOSS' chamber. Or should I say you enjoy seeing live telecast?"
Khushi felt utterly humiliated and turned.
"GET ME A COFFEE, Miss Gupta and this time please knock before you come, you might not know in which position you will see us. Not that I mind, but I guess you wouldnot like to see us in the same position you saw me and LAVANYA right?"
Arnav getting close to different models. ASR questioning Khushi about Khushi's and Pulkit's closeness. Pulkit witnessing Arnav's and Khushi's close proximity. Arnav telling Pulkit about Guest House Event infront of Khushi


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    1. i am glad that i am able to keep them alive. thanks for your support othewise i wouldnot have got so much inspired. Trust me if i rely on the show then only god knows what would have happened. Only due to my reader i am here still alive giving you updates.

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