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Chap 32
 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?
(what shall we name this love?)

Khushi was about to leave when anrav block her tracks by slamming the door close with his palm.
"sheena, out right now"
Khushi looked at him. He has never seen him so furious. He was practically boiling in anger.
"OUT I said"
Khushi flinched when he shouted.
She was about to open the door when he squeezed her wrist and crashed her on his chest.
He pinned her hand and locked it behind her back. Khushi was truely scared now. Scared of his rage, his anger. But why? Why was he angry?
"sunahi nahi deta hai? I said GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE SHEENA"
He did not break the eye contact with Khushi while he gritted his teeth and waited for the model to go out.
Khushi tried to free her hands but she failed. She kept on rubbing against her wrist.
Arnav saw her top to bottom.
"So miss gupta" enjoyed?
Khushi looked at him confusingly.
"Oh baby don't act infront of me".
"Aap kya bol rahe hai?" she was almost in the verge of spilling her tears. (what are you trying to say?)
""Kal jot um pulkit ke saath kar rahi thi".
"Meye kya?" (what did I do?)
He pressed her more towards the wall, making her yell in pain
"How was he on bed Khushi?"
Khushi who was frowning now just looked at him blankly.
"samaj mein nahi araha hai tumko what I am trying to say? Well how many time did you guys f"
"Arnav ji" she called his name in a firm tone.
He leaned onto her further. There nose touching each other, their breadth mingling each other, their agitation in sync.
"where did he touch you?" he asked her looking straight at her.
Khushi was speechless. She was shocked. She did not know what to answer and why should she answer him? But the fact was she wasnot to answer him; she did not want him to think that something happened between them. She wanted to be clear.
"Arnav ji aap.."
"Aap jaisa soch rahe hai…."
"Oh really? He did not pick you up in his arms?"
Khushi was dumbfolded yet again. "how did he know? What will she say? She cannot lie. But what he was thinking is wrong. Yes he did pick her up but…"
"SAY" he screamed
"y……….e…………s he did"
"He closed his eyes in frustration and banged his fist on the wooden door".
Khushi just couldnot control her tears anymore, they started spilling now. She was sobbing.
"DID YOU HUG HIM?" he gripped her shoulders and jerked her
'haan!" her lips remained open.
Arnav was throwing dragger through his eyes now. His eyes were in the verge of spilling angry tears. He gulped and controlled.
"You hugged him Khushi?"
She closed her lips and looked at him apologetically she did not know why.
He composed his softness and again masked it with his rage.
"DID HE……..
DID HE…….."he turned his face not wanting to ask his next question. Infact he ddidnot want to hear the answer which he was planning to ask her"
Khushi closed her eyes and prayed to her Devi Maiya, she knew what was coming and she truly did not want him to ask her that.
"Kiss you Khushi?"
She couldnot hold the breath, which she was holding. She tucked her lips in between her teeth and nodded.
Arnav's eyes widened when he saw her nodding.
"Come again" he asked her suspiciously
Khushi looked at him and started crying bitterly. She slipped down the door while he released his grip.
"He kissed me on my cheeks Arnav ji"
Arnav inheld his rage and digged his nails in his own palm.
There was a silence for 2 mins, only her tears, and his flaring nostrils, his fight with his mind and brain and her pain for cheating her Arnav ji unintentionally.
Tring Tring
His trance broke with the irritating rings of his intercom.
He slid his hand inside his pocket and picked up the receiver after clearing his throat.
"Hello……hmm…….(he looked at Khushi who was still sitting on the floor crying bitterly)….send him in my chamber".
He disconnected the call and advanced towards her angrily.
He roughtly picked her up and pinned her in between his hand which he placed on the either side.
They heard a door knock. He smirked looking at her. She was not in a position to react anyway. She was too sad.
"come in"
"Hi! ASR"
Khushi recogninsed the voice and looked aside to see a shocked pulkit standing in front of them.
Khushi immediately turned her gaze towards Arnav who was giving her a wicked smile.
"How are you my boy?" Arnav asked not breaking his gaze.
"Speechless? Haan?"
He slid his index finger touching khushi's bare arms towards her nape.
Pulkit was still in a state of shock. Only his eyes moved in sync with arnav's finger.
"I did not want to disturb you, you know, but somehow couldnot help".
Arnav finally released Khushi and folded his arms.
"Look at this girl" he gestured towards Khushi.
Pulkit saw her and fisted and Arnav saw that. His anger now shooting heights. Here he is trying to break their relationship and there pulkit is all set to punch him? Really?
"bohot naaz than a tumko apni Khushi par?" (you had great belief on your Khushi right?)
"abhi bhi hai?" pulkit answered him
"Oh well, then I think tumhara yeh mahan Khushi did not tell you about our guest house encounter I guess? How I made her bleed?" he taunted.
Khushi closed her eyes feeling disgusted and humilitated. She never thought that Arnav can disclose that in front of anybody. It was just too personal and she wanted it to be kept within them. But here he is disclosing everything.
Arnav immidiatly regrated what he said. He knew he just did not mean to expose her like this. But when he is mad he is just out of his mind.
"I know Arnav ji" I think I know my Khushi a little better than you.
Arnav was in the verge of loosing it now. How could this guys say "my khsuhi?" after this harsh truth? She is mine and she can never be anyone else's. he thought.
"She told me yeterday and my respect for her got much more than what I used to do".
"Arnav ji, aap aaj bhi galat ho, har ladki manipulating nahi hotey, har ladki conditional nahi hotey, har ladki aapki jijaji ke girl friend jaisi nahi hotey. Khushi ladki Khushi jaisi bhi hoti hai. Naah! Infact it is actually hard to get a girl like my Khushi. She is one in a billion. She is priceless".
Arnav looked at Khushi, his heart was stabbed numerous times when pulkit claimed her as his Khushi, his breadth hitched each time.
Khushi looked at Arnav only Arnav secretly asking him why did he disclose about their guest house fact infornt of pulkit
Arnv just apologized silently to her keeping his apologetic looks on her.
After that whatever pulkit said about Khushi was blured out. These two were talking to each other without uttering a single word. Only he could feel her pain and only she could feel his apology.
He knew she wanted to hug him right now, she knew he wanted to squeeze her embracing her in his arms.
He wanted to kiss her madly, she wanted to feel his lips on her.
But the situation did not permit.
He had said what he had to say she has heard what she had to hear. And it was bitter, exptremely bitter.
This man standing between them went on and on and on defending her. But the other two were just lost on each other.
Once they were back to there conscious they both heard
"I love my Khushi irrespective of whatever has happened in her life when I was not there. I trust her Arnav ji I trust her from the core of my heart and I know this trust will never break".
"turst is something very vital for a relationship Arnav ji, agar woh hi na ho to koi kya kisise pyaar karega?"
The word trust hit him hard very hard.
"aur hum dono mein itni turst hai ki koi nahi tod sakta hai yeh trust".
"I know what she did that with you Arnav ji, because she wanted to save my life, life of that person whom she loves the most".
Both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other when he said that. "She loves him" is it?
"Anrav ji kaise kahon aapko aur pulkit to ki mein aapse pyaar karti hoom?" she cried thinking that.
Pulkit walked towards her and held her hand. He kissed her nukkles while she saw Arnav close her eyes and fist his hand "Khushi, thanks a lot for telling me yesterday about it otherwise I would have surely misunderstood you".
"Khushi I am really sorry for forcing you like that yesterday, I really am, I did not get a chance to say sorry to you, but I am asking for forgiveness. Please forgive me Khushi, I promise you I will never touch you before we get married".
Arnav was speechless, that means nothing has happened between them?
Pulkit turned to speak to Arnav when he saw her holding her head and closing her eyes.
Arnav quickly ran to her taking her name "Khushi!"
Khushi was about to fall when Arnav held her and embraced her.
Pulkit saw his boss holding his girlfriend in a panic state.
He saw Khushi looking at Arnav before she fainted in his arms.


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