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Chap 33
 Just Leave Me

Before pulkit could react to her unconsciousness Arnav picked her in his arms and walked towards his sofa.
"Pulkit, dekh kya rahe ho? Get the damn glass of water NOW".
Now this was new to him, he has never seen Arnav so concern for somebody other than Misha and his daughter.
He silently walked towards the table and grabbed the glass.
"FAST PULKIT" he shouted while patting her cheeks.
"God I hope she isnot pregnant" he thought.
"Khushi open your eyes damn it, this isnot funny".
In the meantime pulkit was watching each and every reaction of his boss. How panicky he looked.
He gestured pulkit to give the water by lifting his arms. When pulkit did not give him he just turned and looked at him.
"Arnav ji, let me". Pulkit said in a straight voice.
Arnav gritted his teeth and slowly moved away and stood right right beside her.
Pulkit composed himself and sat beside khushi on the sofa.
Arnav so did not like it. It was the same sofa where he gave her the ultimate pleasure that she had experienced. It was indeed a very precious place for him and he just couldnot take that Pulkit sitting on the same sofa and making his khushi come back to her senses.
Arnav knew why she fainted. He knew his words touched limits today. He knew she was broken inside. He shouldnot have just said about their private moments. But it was heat of the momement.
He saw each and every action by pulkit. How he took water from the glass and patted her cheeks, how he jerked her soft cheeks, how he caressed her face with the back of his finger.
For the first time Mr. Arnav Singh Riazada stood like a helpless man.
It was almost a minute and a hald when she started gaining her consciousness. He could see the stress marks on her forehead. He could clearly see the panic in her facial expression; he could see the semi dried tears of hurt. But she just cant do anything.
He saw her lips parting, she tried to speak it looked like.
Her tongue trying to make the right words, her vocal code trying to bring out the word.
"Arnav ji''''..h"
he heard her, he was overwhelmed with the feeling. He dindot know how to react. Only he knew that he just wanted to hug her.
"Arnav'''ji''..h" was the call second time.
"F*ck that pulkit and his love, f*ck what he will think. She is calling me, calling me" was Arnav's inner call.
Without wasting time he went towards his khushi and stood beside her.
Pulkit was shocked to here Arnav's name in her mouth. "Whats going on?" he thought.
He saw Arnav looking at khushi lovingly while still the inconscious khushi taking his name.
Pulkit got up from the sofa and gave way to Arnav, still shocked.
"Arnav'..ji'h!" she called him again
Arnav slowly touched her palm which rested on her stomach.
Khushi slowly opened her eyes, her vision pretty exhausted.
She saw her Arnav ji sitting beside her. She touched his palm with the other palm and again said "Arnav'..ji''h!
Tears rolling down
Sobs getting harder
Heart throbbing loudly
Lips quivering frequently
He touched her cheeks and she immidiatley leaned to find comfort in his palm and starting crying bitting holding his palm.
"Khushi! Stop crying"
But she did not listen
"I said stop it".
Still she did not listen.
He held her shoulder and jerked her up into embrace.
Khushi did not hug him back, still his words echoing inside her head and ears. How he did not think twice before humiliating her.
Arnav felt her cold behavior, which was so not khushi and slowly broke their embrace.
Khushi was still looking down.
He understood her anxiety, her hurt, her pain, which he has given her.
She tired to get up when he held her shoulders but she waved his hand off.
He was surprised at the same time felt sad.
She got up from the sofa and again felt dizzy when pulkit held her. She waved his hand also.
She was angry truly angry on her Arnav ji. But she was unable to show it to him, because she did not know whether she has the right to show her emotions to this man.
She silently took the glass of water and drank it. After composing herself she just turned her heels towards the door and went outside living the two men there.
"Pulkit, just go along with her, she is not fine to travel alone"
He put his palm in his pocket and walked towards his rest room.
Pulkit looked towards arnav's retreating figure and was lost in deep thoughts.
It was almost two days that khushi did not attend office. She was down with high fever.
As the days past Arnav became more and more restless and anxious to meet her. He just couldn't concentrate on any of his work. He regretted his words like hell now and he knew unless he goes and apologize to her his anxiety is not going to let him leave peacefully.
He was standing in the poolside when misha came and hugged him from behind.
"Hey Mish! Whats up princess?" he said rubbing her hand.
"I am fine bhaiya. Erm How is khushi? Subha se baat ho nahi payi. Did you speak to her?"
Arnav felt really bad when misha asked him whether he has spoken to her or not.
He did not,  he couldnot. How could he? After what he did to her, he did not have a face to talk to her. No matter how many times he saw her number in his phone and no matter how many times he dialed and disconnected the line he just couldnot gathered the courage to talk to him and hear a simple hi from her end.
"Bhaiya! Bhaiya!"
"Kya huya? You look a little lost"
"Nothing mish, just work pressure".
Misha came in front and snaked her arms around chest and rested her head. "Bhaiya, I am sure she is feeling all alone, imagine I just take the whole house in my head when I have fever. I want you 24/7 beside me. Poor thing she doesnot have anyone around her".
Arnav gulped and relpied "Don't worry mish, pulkit is there with her".
"Do you think she will tell her pain to him bhai?"
misha looked at him while he looked all lost in misha's words.
"Probably she wont" he thought. "But if she can tell me about her pain then I am sure she can will tell pulkit"
"Bhai, I wanna meet her, will you take me to her?"
"Mish, I don't think it's a good idea to go to her house now".
"Really bhai? You think so? Did you forget being a girl she stayed her when I needed her that night when you met with an accident and see we don't even go and see her for last two days? Bhai she fainted god damn it. If yoy are not coming with me, its fine I can manage myself".
"you are not driving Misha"
"I am bhaiya".
Misha turn towards the door to leave when she heard
Misha turned to see his brother.
"I am coming".
Misha did a littlee dance mentally when her bro agreed.
"I will wait for you bhiaya, even Gul is ready".
She covered her face after blurting out.
"Bye bhai, get ready soon"
Misha just flew from there before Arnav could ask anything.
Pulkit opened the door, "Hey mish! How are you sweetheart?"
"Oh my god pulkit, how are you?" she hugged him.
"I am fine girl".
"Emm! You look a little sick still now".
"Umm well a little stressed, woh khushi ki tabiat thik nahi hai na" (Khushi is not keep well na)
"By the way what are you doing here?" he asked
"Misha turned pulkit and started pushing him inside holding his shoulder. "Well mere bhaiya, I wanted to meet Khushi".
Pulkit was surprised.
"you know khushi?"
"Offcourse I know her pulkit". He released her shoulder and looked back towards the door "Uff, yeh bhai aur gul kahan rehe gaya hai?" (where did my brother and Gul go now?)
"Oh Arnav ji is also here?"
Just when Arnav came in carring gul.
"Hi Pulkit".
"Hi!" he faked a smile.
"Erm! Where is khushi Pulkit?" misha questioned him.
"In her room".
"Umm can I go and meet her?" she asked raising her eyebrows.
"Ya sure".
"I will stay here" Arnav said.
"Oh no bhai come on, I am sure khushi wants to meet gul".
"Take her"
"Bhaiya please"
Misha came to pick gul from Arnav's arms when she refused to go.
"good girl" misha patted her mentally.
"I don't think she wants to come to me bhiaya, why don't you come along with us?"
Arnav exhaled and agreed. "Ok"
"Just a second, aah! Let me check whether she is in a postion to meet you or not".
"Oh pulkit, you must be kidding me, khushi is ever ready to meet bhai, I mean gul and me".
"where is her room?" misha held pulkit's hand and forced him to enter khushi's room.
"Hey Khush! Can we come in?"
Khushi opened her eyes listening to misha's voice. She was so so happy to see her in her house.
Misha quickly went and hugged her. She sat beside her and tucked her locks.
"Awe you look really pale dear".
Just then she saw Arnav holding gul.
Gul saw khushi and started bouncing on Arnav's arm. She clapped and made a throaty sound "Maah!"
Khushi just melted in her words. She gestered Arnav to give Gul in her lap.
Arnav smiled and went towards khushi and placed her on her lap.
Gul looked at khushi and smiled her two teether smile and slapped her chest lovingly and then resting her head on her shoulder while grabbing her favorite locket which khush wore.
Pulkit looked at khushi once and then Gul and their amazing bonding.
"So Arnav ji, she is your princess it looks like".
Arnav flinched a liitle because the entire time his attention was on Khushi and gul.
"Kyun khushi, looks like she is very very to you".
Khushi felt a little uncomfortable and remained quite.
"You know Arnav ji, khushi always wished to have a daughter, we have talked a lot about it. Infact we have fought a lot about the issue. I wanted a boy always and she wanted a girl. I always used to say that I have one and I don't need other".
Khushi looked at Arnav anticipating his gaze on her. And she was right he was looking at her when pulkit brought out the kids matter.
"You know Arnav ji, now I also want a girl, just like my khushi. Innocent, always giving and beautiful" pulkit sat beside her and held her shoulders.
"We are planning to get married soon".
Khushi was not absolutely nervous she did not know what to say how to react and on the other side Arnav was just shifting feeling awkward.
"bhiaya, sorry pulkit, sorry to interrupt you actually, bhaiya I need to go and get your diabetic medicines. I totally forgot to bring it.
Misha new Arnav and Khushi wanted to spend sometime with each other and this pulkit is making this worse.
"I will go and get bhaiya".
"Wait I will also come with you".
"Arrey no no bhaiya, I will go, umm pulkit can you come with me? I don't know the locality much will you show me?"
Pulkit looked at Khushi and then to Arnav.
"Ya misha, just coming".
Misha picked up gul and she immediately started protesting. "Gul baby wants to go out hai na baby?"
"Misha, what is this, leave gul here".
"bhaiya she loves to go out in a car na, I will take her, uska bhi outing ho jayega. Come pulkit its go".
They left leaving Khushi and Arnav behind alone.
After minutes of silence Arnav spoke
"Erm! How are you?"
"So dreamt of a daughter with him?"
khushi just shot an angry disgusted look to him.
"So miss gupta how do you want your child, I mean pulkit and your child to look like? Should she look like her father? Or you?
Khushi was truly hurt this time.
"Aapko isse kya? Meri beti kaise dekhegi isse aapko kya Arnav ji?" (why are you asking me this? And what difference does it make?)
Khushi removed the comforter and was trying to get up when he held her hand.
"where are you going?"
"aapko issey kya?"
"I have asked you something'where are you going".
"I don't think I am answerable to you Arnav ji. Aaah! Chodiye humme".
He picked her up and lied her on bed.
"Leave me Arnav ji."
"what do you want?"
Khushi looked at him angrily.
"I want you to just leave my house right now Arnav ji".




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