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Chap 29
 I Dont Belong Here

Arnav was looking at Khushi continuously while climbing up the stairs and was smirking. That did not go unnoticed by his beloved intelligent sister. Misha was hell shocked with Arnav's behavious. Though his behaviour towards females was not hidden from misha, but Arnav never brought that out in front of his family. His house, his sister, his daughter had always been kept in a scared place and he has never brought any female in RM. Whatever he has done it was in his guesthouse.
Misha tiptoed towards Khushi biting her lips and seeing her beveled state. She patted her shoulders and with that Khushi flinched.
"You ok?"
"haan! Yaaa i…….am……" she stammered.
Misha took gul from khushi's arm who was almost sleeping. "So what did bhai do to you". misha asked teasingly
Khushi's eyes went wide and her lips were perfectly "O" shapped.
"what do you mean?"
"umm, well bhaiya is all lovy dovy after he scolds his those who are close to him".
"Khushi! He kissed you just now, that means he fought with you before".
"No, he did not fight with me mish".
"Oh! Then what was the reason of being so lovy dovy all of a sudden?"
"Woh actually….."
She was about to spill it…but shut herself off realizing what she was going to tell.
"Nooo, I mean I don't know why he, you know…"
Misha hugged Khushi seeing her fumble and dragged her towards her room.
"Aman! I am joining you tomorrow, early morning send my car in the airport. And yes ask HR department to terminate rohit's contract".
gul was in Khushi's lap now peacefully sleeping in her mom's warmth and Khushi was caressing her hair and loving her cuteness. She was admiring her tiny pout and had an urge of kissing her lips.
She leaned and kissed her on her lips and immediately blushed thinking that few minutes back Arnav pecked gul on her lips, that mean she indirectly…
Her thoughts were interrupted by misha who was coming out from the bathroom after changing.
"you know Khushi, bhaiya is not what he looks like, I mean what he portrays. He is damn caring and loving. Ya I know he is rude sometimes but he is really a very responsible person. Khushi everyone sees his hate but me and gul know how much love he has stored in his heart. And I bet he will shower his love when he gets the right girl".
"Woh saadi kyun nahi kar rahe hai? Gul ko bhi maa mil jayega".
"Maybe he is yet to find his true soulmate. But I guess he is seeing a glimpse of her".
Khushi frowned not understanding any meaning of what misha just told her.
"Khushi, you know I think you are specil for him. I mean other than me and Gul he as never been with any girl for such a long time. You know what I mean right?"
Khushi looked down feeling some tiny butterflies inside her stomach.
"You like bhai, don't you?"
Khushi was shocked, she looked up to misha who was now leaning towards Khushi sitting on the bed.
"Oh come on Khushi, you are not that innocent, come on you can tell me"
Misha whispered her next lines "I will not tell bhai about it, you can tell me if you like him, which I am sure you do".
Khushi leaned back and out right denied.
"No…its nothing like that misha"
"Oh really Khushi? Then why were you all blushing when he kissed you? and if I am not wrong its nothing new to you, I mean the kiss? If did not look like you felt awkward".
Khushi was dumb stuck, she did not know what to say, how to react, what to answer.
Khushi picked up gul and rested her on her shoulder.
Misha touched gul head and continued…
"you know why you are so attached with gul?"
Khushi looked at misha not understanding what was coming next to her.
"Because she is Bhaiya's daughter. And when you love someone you love each and everything that is related to him".
"Khushi, I can see that even bhaiya cares for you, otherwise he would have never got you here forget about kissing you in his house in front of his sister". Bhai cannot express his feelings well. If you have the eye then you will be able to see it in his arrogance which I think you must had experienced quite a number of times".
"Khushi, I am not forcing you to think anything, please don't get me wrong, I am sure you must be feeling something nice to be with him otherwise the kind of behavior he has no girl like you would like to stay close to him, forget about coming home".
"Bhai is not a easy man to handle, but he makes their life easy whom he loves, maybe you are not that the top of that list at the moment, but surely your are there in that list".
"Khushi, do you lo…"
there conversation got interrupted with the knock on the door.
Arnav came inside and saw two girls engrossed in some serious topic.
He looked at Khushi, who was looking at him with a confused expression, measuring him top to buttom.
He frowned and diverted his eyes towards misha
"Erm! Mish, I will be leaving for the conference tomorrow, early morning. You don't need to wake you so early, I will manage, I have already told HP he will be there. You guys sleep well. And I will give you a call one I reach there no need to panic".
"and you, if you want to stay here with misha, you can stay here until I am back and no need to go to office as I have already told you. take two days off".
Khushi just forced a smile and looked at him.
He walked towards Kushi and pecked Gul's head.
Anticipating his next move she just closed her eyes pressing her lips tighter.
Arnav looked at her cute expression just walked towards misha and hugged her.
"take care sweetheart" he said and left the room.
Khushi who was holding her breadth finally released a sigh.
Misha could just enjoy the cuteness between the most adorable couple.
"No, I cannot wear this"
"why Khushi?"
"Mishu, I am not comfortable in such short outfits, please give me something which covers me up"
"Don't worry bhai will not come to our room".
"No, please misha, I cannot wear this".
"Ok ok wait"
Misha left her room and closed the door behind.
"Hey Devi Maiya, how can I tell her what had happened few days back in that Laad Governer's Room", Khushi muttered to herself.
"Bhaiya, can I come in?"
"Ya sure mish, anything important?" Arnav said checking some random files.
"Bhaiya, woh can you spare one of your track pants and a t shirt?"
Arnav made a weird face and asked her "Why?"
"Actually, khushi isnot comfortable wearing my clothes, she wants something to cover herself entirely, but I hardly have those kind of clothes you know".
"Hmm! Take it from the cupboard, crazy female" he uttered under his breath shaking his head.
"Take this" misha threw his clothes beside Khushi.
"Yeh? Yeh to Arnav ji ke hai"
"Haan haan, he has loads of them don't worry you can keep it with you if you want".
"I cant wear this misha"
"Kya Khushi whats wrong with you? you cannot wear mine, you cannot wear his, then what will you wear? Are you planning to sleep *ahem?* well I don't mind but what if bhaiya comes in?"
Misha winked before her and Khushi started hitting her with the pillow.
After there pillow fight for sometime both laid on the bed pretty exhausted and stated laughing.
After a long time Khushi actually laughed and enjoyed. Jabsi that accident happened to Pulkit, she just forgot to laugh and today she laughed her heart out.
Both of them hugged each other and Khushi thanked misha for making her laugh.
After changing both of them slept.
Arnav came inside their room to bid silent good bye to misha. He kissed her forehead and caressed her hair.
Misha tossed and bid goodbye in a sleepy voice while hugging him sideways.
He walked towards Gul's crib and did not find her there. He searched her on the bed and found her beside Khushi.
He slowly got up on the bed and kissed gul. Just when he was about to move his eyes fell on his Khushi.
She was sleeping piecefully, her top slid up exposing her milky tummy. He carefully slid the top down and leaned on her.
He was on top of her.
"Khushi kumari gupta, you have no idea how aroused I am right now for you, you think I will get attracted to you if you cover yourself? You are wrong, I like you more seeing you in my clothes. He quickly placed a small peck on her cheeks and was about to kiss her forehead when he saw that scare which is now almost in the verge of fading.
He touched it and caressed it.
"You are beautiful" he whispered and smiled.
He got up and saw the three most important people in his life that seemed to be completing his family and prayed to god to bless them all before he left for his journey.
It was early morning when Khushi woke up on a beep in her mobile. She rubbed her eyes and stratched herself. She saw gul beside. She kissed her pressed her cheeks.
She was feeling nice she did not know why. The least she know that her happiness was short lived.
She opened her text message and saw Pulkit's message.
Your princes is gonna meet his princess very soon. I am back in your life sweetheart. Just cant wait to see you right in front of my eyes…yours pulkit.
Suddenly her face fell. Her sweet memories with Arnav turned into her greatest night mare.
Her lovy dovy moments with him which she cherish turned into a very ugly truth.
How could she just forget about her pulkit? How could she just let herself involved with ASR like that? How could she just enjoy her closeness with ASR when her life is only meant to be fro Pulkit?
His sweet kisses
His caring
His touch
His feel
His smell
His anger
His possessiveness
His marking her as his physically, religiously, mentally.
His closeness with her
Arnav ji
Everything seemed to good to be true now.
This is not where she belongs
This is not where she is born to be with
This is not Khushi kumari gupta's future
Her future is with Pulkit
She closed her eyes and tears started rolling on their own accord.
"ARNAV JI" was the only word she could think of in her dilemma. She hugged gul and started sobbing.


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