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Chap 25
 Pyaar Ka Dard Hai
(Painful Love)

Khushi was breathing heavily, Arnav could see the mist forming on the glass door by her breath.
She closed her eyes closed sensing his lower body flushed with her.
He took his hand from the glass and touched her bare shoulder with his index finger. Not breaking his gaze he started sliding his finger from the shoulder towards her nape.
He could see her shuddering. He continued sliding his finger now towards her locks, which was tickling her smooth skin. He gazed her finger for sometime on her cheeks to feel her softness.
She is indeed very soft. He skin is like butter, which can melt anytime with his hot touch.
When his fingertip touched her lips she opened her eyes and turned towards him feeling uneasy.
He shut her up keeping his index finger on her lips "Shh!" leaning further on her.
Khushi felt his hot finger on her soft lips and his hard toned chest piercing her soft curves.
He slid his finger gazing her lips and feeling each and every corner of it.
His other hand cupped her butts. She gasped feeling his hand there. He touched her toe with his toe and caressed her thumb with his squeezing them in between his index toe and thumb and then seductively ran his thumb all over her toe.
He flipped her and starting moving towards her. She moved back not breaking their eye contact. She tripped and fell on bed.
He hovered over her and in no time he was on her.
He leaned and brushed his stubble on her soft cheeks making it go all red. Then nuzzled his entire face on her. His nose all most all over her face and his breadth kissed her everywhere. He brushed his stubble on the other chin as well treating it equally with passion.
In no time her entire face became red.
He touched her bare legs with his palm.
She gasped and gripped his t-shirt hard.
He slid his palm up towards her tonned thighs almost digging his nails marking her as his.
He stopped near where her shots ended. He slid his middle finger inside her shots and started tracing her panty line caressing her skin on her butts. He picked her leg and placed it on his hips and cupped her butts from inside.
With the help of his teeth he slid the spaghetti strap and let it hang on her shoulder.
He could feel her wetness soaking through her shots now. Her lower part was burning in hotness. He pressed himself on her and she realized how hard he was. Before she could say anything he bit her on her cleavage and started licking the blood.
He nuzzles his entire face on her cleavage and touched her nipple with his finger over her top.
He came close to her face and looked at her lips, which was already parted.
He gulped, his man hood throbbed and that's when Khushi felt a little uncomfortable feeling the very new sensation around her feminine part.
She looked at him nearing her. There lips were inches apart; his finger was almost touching her core, her having chest touching his. Her minded suddenly drifted towards the horrifying night, those blood, that pain, his roughness, her surrender, his care, her hug.
Arnav saw her expression changing and she was wiggling uncomfortably under him. He knew what she was thinking.
He immediately got up and stopped near the bed. He looked at her state. She was lying on bed, shutting her eyes as tightly as possible, clutching the bed sheets in fear, sweating madly.
He turned the other side and punched his fist on his other hand and rushed out of the room through the French window.
She knew he was not here, still she laid on the bed in the same position. How could she? Why did not she stop him? Why couldn't she say anything to him when he did that? Why did she allowed him to touch her again?
She rose from the bed and looked at her state. How could she forget what she was wearing? How could she just stay for so long in front of him like that?
She uncomfortably crossed her hand on her chest pulling the strap up on her shoulder.
She walked towards the French window and glance outside, frustration and madness written over his face.
She stepped out and looked at him, he also looked at her. She lowered her lashes and walked away from him towards Misha's room.
Khushi stretched her arms and smiled. Forgetting everything what has happened last night she wished herself good morning still closing her eyes.
She rubbed her eyes and tried to clear out her vision and smiled again looking at the naughty son peeping through the curtain.
After registerting where she was she paniced and sat up on the bed. She looked at the otherside of the bed just to find it empty.
"Misha? Where is she?"
Khushi got up and took shower. She wore her white flowing salwar, which she wore yesterday. She was searching for her dupatta when she remembered she tore it for Gul.
"Gul, oh my god, how is she?"
She took Acer up from the box and rushed to arnav's room.
"Arnav ji?" she knocked.
She found the door opened. She peeped inside but found no one. She went inside and checked the pool side also but he wasn't there as well. She came back and saw his bed and she remembered glimpse of their last night.
She was about to move out of the room when someone hit her. She was doing to fall but she herself held his shirt for her support.
"Maah!" gul clapped looking at Khushi
"Khushi looked at Arnav and then is crumbled shirt and then a happy giggling gul.
Gul excitedly raised her had to go to Khushi and Khushi after sealing glances two three times took her in his arms.
"you have 15 mins, after that we are leaving for office. Have your breakfast".
He rushed inside and took another shirt and moved inside the bathroom.
Gul affectionately slapped Khushi on her cheeks to grab her attention and then planted a open mouthed kiss on her cheeks which were still red due to yester night's activity.
She felt a little burning sensation when gul's saliva touched her skin.
She cuddled gul and took her down in the living area.
Both of them happily had their breakfast together. Khushi occasionally feeding gul some idli from her plate ater checking with stela about gul's food timing and was having her own breakfast.
Both the mother and the daughter was having gala time with each other chirpy and gul also chirped with her new mom god knows what in her baby ascent. (appy: gul treats Khushi as her mom so I have mentioned mother and daughter).
"Arnav saw both of them and headed straight outside RM".
Khushi kissed gul all over her face and handed her over to stella, feeling a little emotional while leaving here there. She quickly took Acer who was half done with her morning milk and ran behind him.
"Arnav ji, please wait". Came the panting voice from behind.
Arnav removed his sunglasses and looked at her. "do you think I am your driver?"
"Sorry", said in a low tone.
Half of their journey remained without any words. Suddenly Arnav pushed the break hard making Khushi jump up from her seat and hit her head on the frond glass.
"Ouch!, Arnav ji".
"Get Out".
Khushi looked at him confusingly.
"Sunai nahi deta hai tumhe? Get out ka matlab nahi janti hoon?" (cant you hear? Don't you know the meaning of Get Out?)
"Kal aap itne'"
"Kal? You think I am attracted to you Khushi?"
Khushi was shocked.
"Don't think tumhara kal ka behaviour will have any damn effect on me. Remember you are just an f*cking employee for me", don't try to become my gul's mom".
Khushi was now in tears. She has never expected him to take the whole thing this way.
"you can fool misha and gul with your charm not me, do you understand?"
"agar koi farak nahi padta hai to aap why were you so lost in me Arnav ji?"
Arnav was shocked. He never expected her to talk about yesterday night.
Khushi looked at him with teary eyes. "Boliye Arnav ji, kyun aap woh sab kar rahe the agar aapko koi farak nahi padta hai to?"
"You think I did that because I wanted you last night? No Miss Gupta, I can surely get better girls to sleep around. 'CLASSY ONES' you know?" he mocked.
"I get turned off thinking you being such a betrayer, no less than that b*tch, who tricked my sister". And now you are tricking Pulkit by sleeping with me. Why did not you stop me if you are that saint?"
"I just wanted to check whether you are those type of a female or not and you proved me right miss gupta, you are indeed one of those".
"Don't you ever think that I did all those things coz I got carried away".
He said that and banged his stirring.
He knew he was lying to her
He knew she is not that kind of a girl
He knew how much he respected her today after yesterday
He knew his heart melted when he saw gul and Khushi together
He know his heart skipped a bit with Gul acknowledged Khushi by calling her Maah!
He knew he was falling madly for her
He know even she was attracted to him
He knew she was concerned for him
He knew she is the missing piece of the puzzle
He knew she is innocent and cannot withstand a ruthless guy like him
He knew she lost her virginity to save her love, her pulkit
He knew how much she loved pulkit and viseversa
He knew she cannot get away from his charm
He knew she will always submit herself to him whenever he wanted her
He knew one last thing that she can either be the happiest girl to be with him or the most unfortunate girl.
He opened his eyes when he heard the door slammed beside him.
He saw her moving lifelessly on the empty road as if she has lost everything.
He fisted his finger and banged the gear. He opened his door and got down. He walked towards her and grabbed her elbow and in one swift he turned her and dragged her towards the car.
She cried in pain when he pulled her. She tried to free her but all went in vein.
He continued dragging her towards his car and made her sit then closed the door. He sat on the driver seat and zoomed off from there.
Precap: Khushi meets Rohit


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