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Chap 23
 New Bonds

She started pouring herself.
"I am so sorry Arnav ji, I did not have a single clue about this. Turst me Arnav ji if I would have know this I would have never made jalebis".
He stood consoling Khushi by rubbing her back. He closed his eyes and inhald her shampoo while caressing her.
Misha who was witnessing these two hopeless love birds planned to move from there and arrange the dinning table taking gul along with her.
Gul looked at her paah! And maah! And wanted to go to him. But before she could react misha took her along with her.
Arnav somewhere feeling a little bit relaxed today. He did not know why but after pouring out his frustration he felt light.
They stood in that position for couple of minutes more when misha cleared her throat making them come back to their senses.
Khushi broke the hug and looked at him shyly. She wiped her tears and straightened her kurti.
Arnav was about to touch her corner of the lips with his thumb when she moved her face back.
"Erm! The sugar syrup is still there".
Khushi picked her dupatta and cleaned it shyly glancing him.
"Bhaiya, come here, lets have our dinner".
"Erm! Are you joining us for dinner?"
Khushi looked here and there.
"Ofcourse she is joining bhaiya, come Khushi, mujhe bohot bhukh lagi hai yaar (I am really hungry)"
"Misha!, bohot raat ho gai hai, I have to go home you know (its already very late)".
"Dirver will drop you" Arnav said looking directly at her.
"Erm, Khushi I was thinking why don't you stay back today?" misha aksed while putting the sabzi in Arnav's thal.
Khushi looked at Arnav nervously and then looked here and there.
"Don't worry bhaiya can never say no to me. Please stay back. We will have fun. Please bhaiya'please..please'.please".
"Misha, she has lot of working tomorrow in the office"
"Bhaiya, she can go to office with you na? Please bhaiya let he stay please".
"But I need to get kitty".
"Oh wow, how cool, please bhaiya, even I wanna play with that cute kitty".
"FINE, ask mohan to get her here. You girls don't need to go".
"But my house is locked?" Khushi looked him with confused expressing.
"Give the keys to Mohan he will get her. He is reliable".
Misha made a portion for Arnav and fed him first. Arnav smiled at her and held her hand and took it in his mouth.
Misha sat beside him resting her cheeks on her palm wiggling her eyebrows she asked "how is it bhaiya? Not good? She pouted".
Arnav was so lost in the test that he couldnot say anything for a moment.
He finished the portion and cupped misha's face, "you cook like Di".
Misha bit her lips and looked down "Bhaiya aaj jo kuch bhi maine banaya hai Khushi has taught me".
Arnav looked at Khushi woh just raised her eyes to look at him. He saw gul comfortably playing with Khushi's locket like last time occasionally looking at Khushi and smiling. Khushi held her chain when gul pulled it towards her that's when there eye lock broke. Khushi cuddled gul in her lap and nuzzled her nose on him. Gul stretched her palm and caught Khushi's nose and slurp it with her tongue.
"Kya huya bhai? Kahan kho gaye ho?" misha snapped in front of Arnav.
"Nothing" he replied in a serious tone and started having his dinner.
"Can she test these?" Khushi asked Arnav pointing towards gul.
Arnav was about to open his mouth when he heard her saying "don't worry these are very light".
Misha waited impatiently for Arnav's answer.
"hmm" was is relpy
Khushi immediately pushed aside her plate and grabbed another small plate for her.
"She have her food in high chair". Arnav said looking down in his plate.
"Can I feed her like this? I mean I have never fed kid in a high chair".
Arnav was silent and Khushi took it as yes.
"My baby is going to have rice today" Khushi chirped in a baby ton making gul all excited as if she understood what Khushi said.
Khushi masked the steamed fimely so that gul doesnot have any problem consuming it and put a little bit of yellow dal in it. She picked a little bit of curry with her finger tip and brushed it againsed gul's lips.
Gul flinched a little. Her eyes became smaller. She scratched her head with tiny fingers then licked her lip putting saliva all over.
"ummm yummy right?" Khushi widened her eyes and checked her for reaction".
Gul held khushi's finger and brought it near her mouth she made a throaty noice "hmm hmm" and licked khushi's finger.
"awe my baby liked dal rice?"
Misha was all awe seeing the bonding between them. She has never seen gul responding to any body other than Arnav.
Gul chuckled to wanting to eat more.
Khushi made small potions and started feeding her.
Gul excitedly held her hand and pulled the spoon towards her everytime Khushi made a portion.
Khushi managed to eat her food along with feeding gul.
In the meantime Mohan arrived with Acer woh seemed to be all tensed in some strangers hand.
After handing over gul to misha she took Acer and ran her finger in her tiny head.
"Meaow!" acer brushed herself on khushi's palm.
"Oh my baby is hungry?"
"HP bhaiya, warm some milk and serve it in Gul's old bowl". Misha requested.
"Mish, I am taking gul along with me tonight". Arnav kissed Misha on her forehead and bid goodnight".
"I want you to be ready by 9.30. We will be leaving for office by 10 sharp".
"But Arnav ji the office starts at 9.30 and I need to be there at 9.30 otherwise I will be marked late".
"shut up".
Arnav marched towards his room taking gul along with him.
"Misha slapped her from behind, "Khushi are you crazy? You will be entering the office with bhaiya, who will mark you late?"
"But that's not fair Mishu. I am no different than other employees".
"Maybe you are duffer". With that she dragged Khushi along with her in her room picking up the lazy Acer who fell asleep on the table after having his dinner.
"Mishu I cant wear this, please" Khushi pouted looking at the shorts and a spaghetti top.
"Fine then I am going to bhaiya's room and getting one of his track pants and round neck T".
Khushi immiditely held a marching misha and turend towards her.
"Are you mad?" she sighed and without protesting she went inside the bathroom to change.
In the meantime misha brought her album and leaned on the head board relxing and flipping pages.
Eveny night before she slept she browsed the album. It held her childhood memeories, some good some bad.
Khushi came out of the bathroom shyly and closed the door behind. She checked the room entrance door whether it is secured locked or not after confirming she turned to see misha.
She was shocked "Why are you crying mishu".
Khushi quickly paced towards her and held her face.
Misha threw herself in a hug and started weeping badly. Khushi caressed her hair and placed feather lite kisses.
"Khushi I am missing Di a lot today".
"where is she mishu? Why aren't she with you and Arnav ji? And gul?"
"Khushi we lost her".
Khushi was shocked to here that.
"She left us Khushi, she left her gul, her beloved brother and me".
Please chup ho jaayo mishu.
"Di used to call me mishu"
Khushi broke her hug and wiped her tears.
"How could someone sleep with someone else when he is commited? And that bitch, how could she do this? Just for money? She did not even think twice before taking away my jijaji from my Di? How low a girl can get Khushi?"
"My anrav bhaiya will never be able to love a woman just for this bitch and his own mom, whom he always holds culprit. He doesnot have a very high thonking about any woman Khushi. I can never ever see my bhabhi. He will never marry anyone".
"What happened to Di mishu?"
"She stayed with her inlaws for 3 more months. Jijaji shifted to Australia after that incident. Bhaiya asked her to come and stay with us but she refused. But when she came to know what jijaji was in a livin relationship with that bitch she just couldnot hold it anymore she came and stayed with us. Her inlaws were really good specially rosh".
"ya Di's sister in law". Infact we know Singhania's before di was married to jijaji. Roshni was Bhaiya's childhood friend".
"Arnav ji had a friend?"
"yes, she was a good friend".
"Ya, I exactly don't know what happened between them, one day she left for US".
"Di's life was not less than a hell till the time gul came in her world after delivering Gul, gul became her whole world. She wanted to forget everything that has happened and stay happy but the fate had something else stored for her".
"Gul was two months old when jijaji send her court papers, their divorce papers. She pleaded for the sake of gul. But he refused and he also accused my di that Gul is not his daughter. Without thinking anything she commited suiside by burning herself".
Khushi hugged misha thightly. "Arnav ji ko itna sab kuch sehena pada (he had so face so much in his life?"
Misha cupped Khushi's face and looked at her loving. She could sense that his brother was pulling Khushi and somewhere she liked it. Khushi was definitely not one of those girls whom Arnav hated. She also knew if someone could ablt to bring back Arnav out of ASR it can only be Khushi no one else.


  1. beautiful and heart touching update once again .. thanks so much for sharing your creative writing with us , makes our day :)
    - R

  2. poor arnav so much of pain in his life you r n awesome writer biggg hug

  3. wonderful update. Pls. keep updating. Cant wait for the next chapter.

  4. Thanks for another amazing update!! Anjali's story is such a tragedy! I feel so terrible for Arnav, Misha and Gul!! He had kept his pain to himself and now maybe he will be able to open up a little more to Khushi!! Misha is a smart girl that she's able to sense that there is something special between Arnav and Khushi! It's so beautiful to see this amazing bond growing between Khushi and Misha. Khushi fits perfectly with this family! Please update soon!!

    - Katelyn

  5. Finally their past is out.Now I'm all geared up to know their future..
    So as the creepwa said he is not the father of Gul now who have the rights to claim her..Goli maar unko..
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  6. Its so nice to see Khushi and Misha bonding. Love the way Gul responds to Khushi, the girl is so grounded amidst all the things that are happening in her life.


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