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Chap 22
 Terrible Incident

Munching away the French fries and tearing the burgers both the girls were having gala time, doing masti and fun.
Khushi fell in love with chirpy misha and misha found her new pal in Khushi. Misha always has a liking towards Khushi since the day she saw her. Khushi initially was a little skeptical thinking he is Arnav ji's sister but when misha approached her she was absolutely comfortable.
When two girls are together then you can very well imagine what gossips can be round. But when our Misha and Khushi are together something like that never happens. They are list bothered about what is going on around them. They are busy discussing about new films and televions.
Their lunch was just superb and misha saw khushi's chirpy side today. She has never thought Khushi can talk so much. She realized that it is just because of her bhaiya, who is khushi's strict arrogant grumpy boss, Khushi never opens up infront of him.
"Khushi! Erm! Actually!"
Khushi smiled and gulpled down her food.
"Sorry bol kya baat hai?" (tell me what it is?)
"Erm! Khushi can you cook?"
"Yyya!" she said proudly brushing away the bread crumbs.
"Will you teach me how to cook?"
Suddenly misha saw a naughty grin on her face.
She wiggled her eyebrows and said "Kyun boyfriend ko impress karna hai kya?" (you wanna impress your boyfriend or what?)
"Not mine but yours".
Her smile faded.
"Dumbo, I wanna cock for bhaiya. Its his birthday tomorrow".
Misha hled khushi's hand excitedly and said "will you come tomorrow in our house?"
Khushi immediately got nervous and replied "Nahi nahi mishu, I cannot come. Your brother will not like it".
"chill babes, he wont be there in the house tomorrow in the morning. He has an appointment with some laywers. So the den is clear".
"no mishu, I still think it is not a good idea".
"Oh khush come on, I am telling you na, he wont be there. He will be back in the evening. He has never celebrated his birthday after that incident, and I have never forced him also. But tomorrow I want to do something for him. He loves to eat but he never bothers anyone. Please Khushi, please help me out".
"Ok. But what incedent are you talking about mish?"
"woh meye baad meye bataungi. Bhaiya will kill us if we delay it further".
Khushi looked at her watch and panicked. "hey devi maiya, aaj mujhe bachalena".
"Tum itni darti kyun ho? (why are you so afraid of him?)
Khushi opened the door and was about to enter his chamber when she heard someone fall on the round.
"Ouch! My nose".
Khushi covered her face not wanting to see the sight in front of her. Arnav singh Raizada, lying on the floor holding his nose and telling her what the.
But to her surprise nothing of that sort happened and the voice is different also not that sexy husky one she thought.
"you woman" a voice shouted.
Khushi removed one palm and opened her one eye to see who was it.
She saw a handsome hunk rolling on the floor holding his nose.
"Erm! I am sorry".
Khushi advanced her hand for help.
The guy held it and got up.
He brushed his thumb seductively on her smooth skin.
Khushi pulled back immediately feeling uneasy.
"you may leave now rohit, I have something to talk to Khushi" Arnav barked seeing rohit's sick behavior with Khushi.
Khushi's eyes widened hearing his name.
"Noce meeting you lady. Hope to see you soon down after sometime". With that he winked and Khushi looked down frowning.
Rohit left the chamber.
Khushi gulped nervously and sat on her seat.
"No need of coming tomorrow".
Khushi was about to blurt our nervously "erm, Arnav ji I already told…"
"I wont be here in the office, so you don't need to come to office tomorrow" he said signing some files.
Khushi sighed in relief. Thank god she did not say further otherwise she would have betrayed misha.
"And stay in the chamber until I tell you to go anywhere".
Next Day
She worshiped her Devi Maiya innumerous times before entering the gate of Raizada mansion.
She nervously pressed the bell.
"Chill babes"
"Mishu, you scared me. Yeh kya halat bana rakhhi hai tune?" (what have you done to yourself?)
"Oh this?" she took out some besan from her skim "I was trying to reach besan, but as it was kept high up the container fell on me. I was about to go and change just when you rang the bell". (gram flour) "Come get in. the road is clear".
Misha held her hand and pulled her inside.
Both the ladies had fun cooking meal for him. Misha followed each and every instruction given by Khushi and the food tasted brilliant.
Gul was accompanying then inside the kitchen sitting and enjoying inside her cute pink high chair.
Khushi never falied to cuddle her time to time and gul enjoyed khushi's cuteness thoroughly licking her lips whenever khushi pouted before gul.
She clapped her hands seeing the other two clapping hands. He wanted to go to them when they hugged each other after every successful meal.
After an exhaustive session of cooking, which took almost the entire evening they planned to relax for sometime. Khushi took gul in her arms and walked with misha.
Just when they entered misha's room, misha got a call from Rohan.
"Hi rohu, how are you sweetheart?"
"Khushi blushed seeing misha behave so romantically with her boyfriend.
She found Rohan very cute when misha showed her his photo.
"Rohu, just a moment". Khush I totally forgot about the sweet dish"
"Don't worry mishu, I will make it".
Misha pecked her and said "make it sugar free".
Khushi smiled and nodded in approval.
She was almost done with her famous jalebis when the door bell rang.
She chocked while testing the jalebis hearing the door bell. Her intution was telling that it is none other than Arnav who is on the door.
She tried to gulp down her jalebi and searched some place to hide. But that damage has been done already.
HP ji opened the door.
"ya aman I have received a confirmation message from roshni. Please apply"
~ Flash Back ~
He was sitting on the couch in his room lost in thoughts when his phone beeped
New Message Received



Arnav pressed the read button and prayed to God


When I felt her inside the womb for the first time, I felt so emotional.

When she first kick on my hand, I felt nothing can be so pious.
I loved Gul, and I cannot let anyone take her away from you. No matter how much worse our relationship has become but one thing remains the same, I loved bhabhi a lot and I cannot see someone else take away her baby from you.

I am ready to sign the 6 months contract marriage papers till you move to NY.
I am ready to become wife.

Send me the papers I will sign it.

Let me know if my presence is required their. I am ready to face you once again Arnav Singh Raizada.


he smiled and replied back

thanks Rosh

I will be applying of the marriage and prepare the legal papers. It will take some time.
~ Flash Back Ends ~
He immidately froze looking something flying in white. No not something its someone. Wait its not someone its Khushi. What the hell is she doing there?
Khushi forze
"Bhaiya I have called Khushi" misha immidately told Arnav before he start accusing her.
Arnav inheld and composed himself
"what is she doin her?"
"Happy birthday Arnav ji"
the way she said it, so cutely and lovingly looking at him, he just just his words. He looked at the princess drapped in white slawar looking like and angel, fiddling with her dupatta, biting her rosy lips, nervously looking at him.
"T…thh…thhaa, Whatever"
"Oh bhaiya she has come here to help me in cooking".
"What cooking? Misha I told you not to go infront of the gas".
"Oh bhaiya" hugging his arms "Nothing has happened to me, see I am fine and please bhaiya aaj aap gussa nahi hoyehge".
Arnav smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Ok"
Misha clapped in excitement and pulled him to the dining table "come Khushi you also join up".
"erm! Ok I will get the sweet dish".
ok bhaiya lets start with the sweet dish, as there is no cake here.
Misha opened the lead and was about to pick the mithai (sweet) her hand froze. She tired to gulp her reaction but she couldnot. "Jalebi?"
Khushi looked at her not able to understand whats wrong.
"Arnav took the thal from misha's hand as saw. His eyes became dark, his one hand fisted, he closed his eyes
"Woh misha"
Arnav looked at misha who was looking down, tears started escaping her eyes.
"Misha did you?"
She still looked down.
"She just aksed me to make some sweets".
Arnav angrily got up from his chair and throw the thal on the floor.
Tum samajhti kya ho aapne aapko?
You think you doing this you will….
"Par Arnav ji yeh to sirf jalebi hai"
"how can a birthday be someone's worst day Arnav ji?"
I wish I have never forced her to make jalebies for me that day. She so wanted to go and visit her husband. But I was just nagging her. She stayed back for and and when she went her entire life fell apart.
She saw her husband sleeping with someone on their bed. My little girl was growing in her womb Khushi. And his dad was lusting over other females.
Arnav closed his eyes in frustration and anger. He was genuinely hurt today. He has never blurted out like this in his life but today he just couldnot hold anymore.
"Chali jao yahan se Khushi"
Khushi looked at his state and wanted to go and hug him. But she couldnot. She silently turned to leave.
Misha came running towards Arnav and hugged him, gul who got up hearing arnav's loud voice also came with her nanny crying.
Arnav picked her up and started concoling the poor soul.
Khushi felt horrible for making the entire family sad today.
She saw the thal and the jalebis scattered on the floor.
Arnav closed her eyes and flashes of that night when Khushi was about to meet with an accident started clouding her eyes.
"Khushi!" he opened his eyes and gave gul to misha and ran outside.
"DAMN IT, Khushi!"
After searching for 3-4 minutes he saw somebody sitting on the bench on their lawn. He was releaved to find her.
He stepped forward and sat beside her.
Khushi saw him once with her teary eyes and looked down.
"Ander chalo" (Lets go inside)
He picked her up holding her and and walked inside.
Misha hugged Khushi seeing her coming back. But Khushi remained like a statue until when Arnav cleaned the jalebi syrup from the corner of her lips with his thumb.
"I am sorry Khushi, it wasnot your fault".
Khushi just couldnot hold any more and hugged him tightly.

It was a little long i know but i had to fit it in one Chapter. Ok now happy about the fact that Gul is Anjali's Daughter? Not Arnav's. Hmm so those who will say that i have confirmed that Arnav is Gul's Dad what about that. I was absolutely right if he is taking care of her like a father then he is the father. i have never mentioned that gul is arnav's own daughter. 
Now the question as about what relation does roshni has with Arnav i confirm they are not bro-sis or they are cousins. Roshni told anjali bhabhi that means she is her sister-in-law.


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