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Chap 24
 The Missing Piece
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He was in his room, lost in some thoughts, leaning on the head rest of the bed covering his face with his hand.

Unlike other days gul was sleeping right beside him instead of sleeping in her crib. Her favorite tortie was beside her as always.

(tortie is a tortoise softy toy).

Whenever he was trying to get some sleep he was ending up visualizing Khushi. Her stupidity, her care, her helplessness, her sad face whenever he scolded her, her eyes'

Beautiful they are, her lashes

Have never seen such long black naturally curled lashes ever, her honey brown eyeballs which has so much of love. Her lips'

They are beautiful jut like two evergreen rose petals. Perfectly shaped and accurately pout, her neck'

which connects her head with her perfectly carved body, her bosoms'

He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling removing his hand from his face. How harsh he was on her that day in the guesthouse. He bit her there. How much pain she must have felt?

He did not want to think further as it kept on reminding his something, which he wanted to forget.

He brushed of his imagination and walk up towards his bathroom.

He came out after something and sat on the bed. He looked at his sleepy beauty who looked a little red than usual day.

He looked at her lovingly and remembered her encounter with Khushi few hours back, how she was enjoying playing with her locket. How Khushi enjoyed feeding her and gul never protested.

Lost in all khushi's thoughts he leaned on Gul to kiss her forehead. The moment his lips touched her skin he froze.

He immediately cupped her face and was shocked to witness her skin burning with fever.
He picked her up and hugged her feeling a little shakey.


Arnav couldn't control any more he hugged her more and more and patted her back.
Gul kept her head on his shoulder and sucked her nipples. She stayed calm as her daddy was with her.

He paced around his room for sometime, literally blank when suddenly he remembered something.

He placed gul on the bed and tucked her with her comforter and then pulled his comforter on her.
He cupped her face again, she looked pale, her eyes still on Arnav, blinking occasionally.

"Will my princess stay her while papa get a thermometer and crocin syrup for you?"
Gul was about to make a crying face but Arnav kissed her forehead and said "Papa will be right back baby".

Gul sobbed a little but she was calm.

Arnav rushed towards Misha's room through the poolside and entered inside from the French window. He did not wanted to disturb misha as he knew she has got her weekly exam tomorrow.

He tiptoed near the bed ans saw Khushi sleeping peacefully. He sat on the bed beside her whatever space was there and started searching for baby thermometer.

Khushi was a deep sleeper, but tonight she could hardly sleep after the conversation with Misha hours back.

She immediately woke up when she heard some noise beside her. She was about to panic when Arnav stopped her from screeming covering her mouth with his palm.

Khushi adjusted her vision and saw arnav as if she has seen some horrible ghost.

Arnav released her mouth once khushi was in her fully awake and registered everything. He pointed his index finger towards khushi and gritted his teeth. "Shut up, don't you dare shoot".

With that he continued his search.

Khushi gulped several times seeing him sitting right beside her.

"Damn it, where the f*ck is the thermometer?"

Arnav banged his fist on the drawer in a less audible manner.

"Kyyya Huya Arnav ji?" (what happened?)

Khushi gulped.

"Shut up".

"You have fever Arnav ji?" she touched his hand to check.

He immediately waved of her hand and got up.

"Stay away".

Khushi got up and saw several thermometers lying beside her. She held couple of them in front of them and asked "Arnav ji, yeh sab kharab hai kya?" (are all these dead?)

"Arnav gritted his teeth and roared, do you think these are for babies?"

Khushi looked at him cluelessly and nodded a No.

I am not getting a thermometer for Gul.

Khushi was now up from the bed. She totally forgot what she was wearing. "Gul? Fever? But she was with you na Arnav ji".

"ya she is in my room".

"your room alone?"


Arnav turned and ran towards his room through the French window and khushi followed him.

Arnav entered his room and immediately leaned to check Gul.

She has turned paler. He could easily feel the heat around her. He got really worried now.

Khushi came inside his room and stood infront of the bed.

"Get out right now Miss. Gupta, how has given you the permission to enter my room?"

Khushi without further delay she crawled on the bed, arnav was shocked. "What the hell is she doing? How dare she?" was his thoughts.

She picked up gul and checked her temperature with her mouth below gul's ear loabs.

"She must be having 101 deg C".

Arnav was surprised.

We need to put some wet cloth on her forehead and stop the temperature from rising.

"I can do it, you leave now".

"Har kaam aap akele nahi kar sakte hai arnav ji". (you cannot do everything on your own arnav ji)

Kamse Kaam mukha dekhke baat kijiye (atleast analyze the situation before you say something)

Arnav was dumb stuck. "this girl is teaching me what to do?"

"Arnav ji, you please stay here I will get some cold water from the refrigerator".

Arnav held Gul and sat on the bed caressing her head.


He heard her coming and entering his room once again. He felt his heart skip a bit when she entered with the bowl. He saw her face and then looked back to Gul.

In no time khushi was on his bed beside him waiting for him to hand over Gul to her.

When she saw him all numb she picked up gul from his arms and placed her in her lap. Gul grabbed Khushi's locket once again and looked at her lovingly. She blinked her eyes and closed it. A lone tear escaped from khushi's eyes. She immediately wiped it off in order to hide her emotions from Arnav. She remembered each and everything misha told her and tonight she really felt bad of this little girl in her lap. How she is away from motherly love? Who other than khushi could feel her pain? Who other than khushi could understand how it feels when you don't have someone whom you can call Maa.

Couple of tears dropped on their own accord.

Without wasting further time she squeezed her dupatta piece and dipped it in the icy cold water and placed it on Gul's forehead.

Arnav just sat beside khushi brushing his hand on Gul's forehead.

He was not able to stop himself from admiring her tonight. She looked like an angel who came just for him and his family to take away all the emptiness from them. She indeed seemed to be the missing piece of their puzzled life.


She repeated her actions until she felt her temperature came down. She again checked her temperature placing her lips near her ear lobe "she is around 100 deg C now".

Arnav looked at her, "I will get her syrup".


He took her tiny spoon and fed her the syrup. Khushi wiped her tiny mouth and kissed her forehead. "hey strong girl, feeling better?"


"Oh my baby, you will be fine sweetheart" Khushi kissed her madly

Shocked would be an understatement Arnav was numb. He lost all his words after listening to that one word "maah!" from his daughter's mouth.

He looked at Khushi who was cuddling his baby and rocking on the bed holding her. Gul was nuzzling her face on Khushi's bosoms, that's when he realized what she was wearing.

Her long creamy legs constructed his black bed spread. Hot pants would have never looked so hot until he saw her wearing this pair. It cupped her perfectly shaped butts and ended rightly below the curve. The buckle was just below her naval making it more attractive. His eyes fell on her having chest. Gul's face was just near her cleavage.

She was indeed looking like a temptress tonight. And her innocent charm and the way she carried gul made arnav feel weak tonight. His desired filled eyes even got darker when she crawled towards the crib to put gul in.

Khushi slowly removed her locket from Gul's fist and kissed her.

She turned back and looked at arnav who seemed to be lost in some kind of thoughts.

"erm! Arnav ji, she will be ok".

She got up from bed and walked towards the French door to go to misha's room just when a strong hand flew from behind and slammed the half opened door.

In few seconds khushi found herself pressed against the glass door. He pressed his lower part against her hips to stop her from moving.

Precap: Seduction or Seperation?
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  1. Super amazing update! So great that Arnav realized that Khushi is the missing piece in their life!! Loved his reaction when Gul called Khushi "maah".
    Thank you so much!! I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your FF!! I can't wait until the next update!! I will also comment on IF!!

    - Katelyn

  2. absolutely lovely update .. totally got lost in Arnav's thought process :)
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    Cant wait for the next udpate. Looking forward for your updates before you take off for durga puja.

  4. Amazing chapter! Khushi is such a kind soul. The way khushi feels Gul's pain and the motherly love towards her is so nice...

  5. Loved the update..Loved the way she asked him to analyse the situation before asking her to stay away..
    Finally Arnav got to hear Gul calling her Maah..that is very much necessary..
    Am waiting for them to realise wat they mean to each other..
    Pulkit ko kuch karo yaar..R make them come out of the relation that they thought of taking up out of some responsibility n things..
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