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Chap 21
 Important Decision

All the other girls were going gaga over Rohit. It has been ages ASR has stopped involving Rohit in AR fashion shows. But this time he was helpless. ASR new that only Rohit can work under pressure and he will never disappoint or degrade AR's reputation.
No matter how bad he was but he always cherish AR as it was his first mega fashion house he has ever orked it. And today his name and fame is only for the opertunity ASR gave him when he was nothing.
Their bond was really good until he started miss using his names tying to mingle with ASR's employee physically.
He had to think thrice before he gave a call to Rohit today in the morning. His fear was Khushi, he know that Khushi was indeed a very different girl. Her seduction was in her naiveness, which took his attraction towards her in a high level. And knowing Rohit's track records he was a little apprehensive about appointing him. But the lawyer's case took over his mind and he took a decision to appoint Rohit for his upcoming fashion week.
Khushi was in the studio checking the freshly delivered materials. Racking her mind to match the materials with the list. She has no education on garments and it looked nothing less then a Hebrew for her.
After matching all the materials rightly with the exhaustive list she sighed and sat back on the couch closing her eyes.
It was not more than 3-4 minutes when her cell phone rang.
Some unknown number calling
She picked up
"Hi Khushi! Busy?"
The voice was familiar to her but she couldnot figure out who it was
"Misha here yaar".
Khushi immediately smiled and excited acknowledged her
"Hi misha, how are you? How is gul doing?"
"I am fine dear. What about you?"
"Just resting for few minutes, loads of work to do".
"Why don't you rest with me? Would you mind joining me for lunch?"
Khushi bit her lips and was about to tell her that she wont be able to go as Arnav ji has given her lot of tasks.
"You want me to talk to bhai? I will take his permission".
"No misha, I will ask Arnav ji, he might not like the fact that you are taking permission on my behalf".
"Ok so someone is getting to know my bhaiya?" she said teasingly
Khushi immediately coloured listening to her tome but she did not no why. She shyly looked down.
"Khushi! You there?"
"yaaah. Misha let me ask him ok?"
"She took a lac of Rupees to keep shut" aman said before ASR who was furiously typing something on his laptop.
"Hmm good". What about Di's property papers?
"Here it is". He handed the file to him.
"Good. Anything else important aman?"
"yes, just spoke to NK, the deal is ours. Roshni will be couriering the papers soon. We just need to sign it".
"What about my meeting with the lawyers?"
"At 1500 hours".
"Any news about any girl who is ready for it ASR?"
"Nope. Looks like I have to talk to Roshni. She is the only hope now".
"Roshni? Are you kidding me? Do you think she will agree to do this? After what happened between you both?"
"I hope she agrees".
Message received from Arnie: Hi! Wanna Talk to you. Its urgent
Message received from Rosh: After 4 years you wanna talk to me?
Arnie: Yap its really urgent.
Rosh: Do I know you?
Arnie: It is about gul.
Rosh: (blank msg)
Arnie: Ok I don't know how to say this but Rosh, I want to marry you.
Rosh: Sorry you need a doctor not me.
Arnie: Rosh I am serious.
Rosh: Why am I wasting my time on a person like you?
Arnie: Look rosh, we can talk it out.
Rosh: there is nothing left between us Arnav Singh Raizada.
Arnie: Yes there is still something that's why I have msged you and only you.
Rosh: Maybe you have but I don't have.
Arnie: I know you still love me rosh.
Rosh: (blank msg)
Arnie: Rosh I need you.
Arnie: Please get me out of this mess.
Arnie: I cannot lose Gul
Arnie: Please understand.
Arnie: We will sort out everything.
Rosh: You don't love me Arnav.
Arnie: I know, I can never love anybody.
Rosh: Arnav I have not forgiven you.
Message received from Arnie: I don't want your forgiveness. Please help me out. I just need your signatures.
Message received from Rosh: Let me think, if I can put my everything on stake by marrying you.
Message received from Arnie: I wish you give me a positive answer.
he brushed his hair in frustration just when he heard a knock on the door.
"Come in".
He looked up and saw her angelic face. She was looking cute in her white top and skinny blue jeans. A pen holding her hair in a bun.
"Why is she blushing?" he thought? Or is it that she has put some make up?
Khushi looked at him nervously.
"Anything you wanna ask Miss Gupta? Why are your cheeks pink?" he immediately regrated his slip of tongue.
Khsuhi touched her hot cheeks and relpied "Woh studio ki AC kharab ho gai hai. And it was very hot inside".
"why the hell did not you switch off the fan? Then?"
"I did but all the dress materials flown away. So I have to switch it off".
Arnav's POV "I cant believe Arnav Singh Raizada you are f*cking talking about AC and Fan? Whats wrong with you?"
He diverted is mind and started concentration on his laptop.
"Wph sir, actually, hmmm, ummm, woh".
"come to the post Miss gupta, don't waist my time"
"Arnav ji can I go out for sometime? I have a lunch invitation".
He immediately got worried and looked at her in anger. His mind clouded with the very thought that maybe Rohit has proposed her of lunch.
He fisted his palm and got up in anger.
Khushi flinched looking at him. She turned her heels muttering. "no problem I will cancel it".
She took few quick steps towards the door and opened it. But to her surprise the door slammed shut, a stong muscular arm, vain protruding out, paln digging holes on the door.
Khushi nervously turned towards him. She looked up gather her guts just to see flashing anger in his eyes boring holes on her face.
"MANA KIYA THA NA MAINE" he hissed in his husky voice making his saliva drops burn her face being forced out in anger.
She closed her eyes when some drops went on her eyes and some on her lips.
She clutched her shirt and leaned back.
He leaned further. His nose was touching her nose but his eyes darted furiously on her.
" am sorry Arnav ji...but..."
Khushi immediately opened her eyes and looked at him.
"Kyun? Khali aap dekh sakte ho mujhe meye nahi?" she said that innocently.
But he was taken a back with that statement. He saw her lips delivering those words, her cheeks still red but this time due to their heated up discussion and their close proximity.
"Ladka? Who are you talking about Arnav ji?"
"I am ''"
the door pushed open which made Khushi fall on Arnav due to the push. They were in a hugging position now.
Misha was all shocked to see them like this.
Arnav was shocked to see misha in the office. She generally talks to him before she comes to the office. But today she did not mention anything.
Khushi was still lost in their hug was finally pulled by Arnav who steadied her on the ground.
Misha's cheeks turned red seeing his brother in that position, and that did not go unnoticed by Arnav.
Arnav failed to put any logical words to the scene so he remaind quite.
"Hi Bhiya"
"hi mish. Tu yaha kya kar rahi hai? Kuch bataya nahi?"
"Who bhai actually I wanted to go out for lunch today. I have invited Khushi. So just came here to let you know".
Arnav looked at Khushi with a sorry face thinking again how could he suspect Khushi like that? How could he lost his mind? Again he has suspected this innocent soul.
ASR being ASR and his big fat ego.
You could have told me about this Miss gupta.
Khushi raised one of her eyebrows
And he knew why she did that. When did he gave her a chance to explain?
He thinned his lips and looked at misha who mischeviously told him "Can I take her away from you for few minutes?"
"Nahi misha, I have lot of work here, I'."
"you can take her but make it fast".
"Someone is impatient"
"Shut up misha"
Khushi did not understand a sinlge thing.
She was dragged by misha in next few seconds.
Precap: Misha's plan for Arnav's birthday.


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