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Chap 18
 Guest House
He looked at her blood filled maag. Blood still oozing out. He wanted to place his palm on her forehead and was about to do so when she stopped him.
"Don't touch me Arnav ji" was her cold words towards him.
He clutched his other fist.
"You think I did not wipe my forehead last time to create some kind of pressure on you? Arnav I could have done that the very next day of that night. But I am not that cheap what you think me to be. I know why I did that and I will be ever indebted to you for giving me a job and saving Pulkit's life. Rahe baat wiping of the blood stains, I can only say that I couldnot remove it Arnav ji. I don't know why but my hands, my mind, my heart did not approve it that time. I cannot give you any reason if you ask me. But at that moment I was just too shocked and got carried away. You can never imagine these emotions because you are a man and the man who pretends to be emotionless. If you had so much of a problem then why did not you yell at me that very moment when you saw me like that? Why Arnav ji? Can you explain me that? Or you will say that you don't owe me any explanation? Whether you except it or not we were going though similar kind of a feeling at that moment Arnav ji".
Arnav was unable to control his anger anymore. "How dare she talks in front of me? From where did she accumulate so much of guts? How dare she question me like this? Who does she think she is?
Arnav closed his eyes in anger and barked
"Just get the hell out of this house right now".

She looked down feeling very hurt.

She wiped her tears. He felt tug in his heart seeing her like that. He knew he has hurt her and when he said her to leave he felt dead again. No matter how much he tried to control his emotions but he just couldnot stop it when it came to Khushi.

She was about to wipe her oozing blood spreaded all over her forehead, when he held her hand to stop her from doing it.

"You are badly hurt Khushi, don't rub it like this. HP! HP! Get the first aid box now". He shouted.

"Koi zaroort nahi hai Arnav ji (it is not required) hum sambhal sakte hai (I can take care of myself) I can dress my own wond. I don't need help from you. Bachpan se yehi karti ayi hoon. Don't think I am emotionally weak. If I were then I wouldnot be able to stand in front of you after that night. Maybe I was too shocked with the whole thing that night and I reacted by hugging you, but trust me Arnav ji I have faced a lot of hardship in my life compared to them that was nothing.

Thanks for showing your concern. But I really don't need any further help from you.

She waved his hand off and was about to wipe again when again he held her hand.

"I am not used to so much of gyan Miss. Gupta and you better keep you mouth shout in front of me".


Misha stood shocked looking at both of them. Arnav practically leaning on Khushi, he face was somewhere near her ears, her forehead was filled with blood. His hand was red. She couldnot understand anything at that moment. Is his brother hurt? Or is Khushi hurt? Did he put his blood on her forehead?

"Khushi! Are you ok?"

"No mish, she is not. Get the fast aid kit".

Misha hurried towards her brother and handed the box to him.

He started cleaning her wounds with Detol (antiseptic solution) she hissed in pain. He looked at her state and started blowing to ease her pain.

Misha was silently looking at his brother who was taking care of someone for the first time other than Gul and her.

He wiped the last bloodstain present in her forehead carefully, so that she doesnot get hurt where her wound is.

She sometimes closed her eyes to gulp her pain and sometimes looking at the man taking care of her, the very man who gives her pain and the same man who ease her pain too.

He looked ar her scar and then in her eyes she too looked at him. Their eyes conveyed so much but they did not understand what.

Arnav hand started roaming around her forehead, then from her temple trailing down towards her cheeks, lingering his finger for sometime he started moving his finger towards her lips.

She closed her eyes panting slightly with her lips open. Her puffs blowing his ruffled hair, kissing his entire face.

Misha saw them loosing all control and decides to leave before she witness something embarrassing. So she tip toed and left the room closing the room behind them.

Arnav gulped looking at her loosing all her senses. Yes he could very well understand her state. She was effected by this touch. She never protested whenever he touched her the other way and today also it was no different.

His every touch on her created havoc senses. His every move made her go weak on her knees. His every hug spread warmth. Why does she always feels heavenly? Why cant she ever protest against him? Why had she never felt like this with pulkit? Why she never let pulkit touch her? What is in this man that she forgets all her values?

Arnav saw her facial expression changing each time and he knew that she was in deep thoughts. He saw her parted lips and he damned his control once again. Her dreamy eyes, her soft porcelain skin, her ever-submitting attitude fueled him more and more.

He leaned further seeing her inviting lips to capture them by his. Will this be his first ever kiss? He thought. Yes Arnav Singh Raizada was still a virgin when it came to lip kissing. He has never kissed a woman. He has done almost all kind of physical activities but he has never ever touched a woman's lips with his.

He has never felt the urge to kiss a woman, but with Khushi his mind and his heart was beyond his control. Kissing was extremely intimate for Arnav. He has never wished to kiss a girl because it was the only thing, that he was passionate about.

He parted his own lips and closed his eyes.


Khushi was aware of their closeness now, she knew it very well that few more seconds and her lips will be captured by his.

Thinking of yesterday's incident, it sent  shievers down her spine.

Will she consider this as their marriage?

Is she marked his forever?

What kind of roll, fate was playing with her?

And what about pulkit?

What about his commitment?

What about their parents promise?

What about the long wait which pulikit did just to marry her?

Their lips were inches part when he heard her say the name that he never wanted to here at this moment.
He closed his fist and banged it on the wall. He moved few steps back before opening his eyes.

Khushi was still in her place where she was, touching the wall, panting heavily, feeling a little dizzy, she opened her eyes after sensing some kind of lose when she felt his breadth retreating from her face.

She saw his expression, anger, and frustration quite evident.

She whispered Pulkit's name against his lips, which made him come back to the reality, the reality which he always feared.

Damn it, he was just about to kiss a girl. How could he?

He opened his eyes and looked at her.

There eyes met yet again.

There was nothing but silence between the two.

She was someone else, but she was marked by him.

She loves someone else, but he wanted to kiss her.


Both of them did not know the answer.

Or should I say both never wanted to explore the answer.

Reality hit them hard.

After that Khushi left for her house.


"Aman, ask her not to come to office today, I don't want her" he barked on the phone, bursting Aman's eardrums.

"and yes book my tickets for Delhi, I am going to attend the Singhania's bidding" he added further.

"ASR, are you ok? I mean why will you go when I am here? I will go and attend". Aman said.

"Don't you get it aman? I said I will be attending this and I don't want any further discussion on this".

"ASR, Roshni is back and this time she will be the one who is going to conduct this meeting".

ASR was silent for a moment.

"DO AS I SAY". He disconnected the line and fiddled with his phone for sometime.

He opened his contact list in his mobile and looked at her picture.

"It has been 4 long years Rosh, that I have met you".


It was almost a week ASR was in delhi. Khushi here was working extremely hard in the office, fully engrossed in the preparation of the upcoming fashion week. Aman was really happy with her performance and he time to time reported Arnav about her progress.

Looking at the empty seat of her boss, she always felt tug in her belly. The chair looked empty but she never failed to look at it and bid good moring everyday she came in and smiled before she wnet home.

She had tried calling him numerous times in between, but he has never picked her calls. She messaged him with some important queries. But he answered her back. In return he made sure he emailed all his answers to aman and asked him to let her know.

Aman could sense that his boss was avoiding someone for the first time and he very well knew it way. Her gestures reminded Arnav of someone who has been really close to his heart. Someone without whom he has never thought of serviving. But fate had played a different role. The biggest nightmare of Arnav Singh Raizada's life which he just couldnot wipe off.


On the other hand this separation was making him desperate. He has never been so restless. His half of the concentration was on Khushi all the time. Sometimes he just went blank in his meetings. Everybody around him saw his not so professional side and he hated the fact.

He did not want to come back from Delhi, but he couldnot stay further. Her thought was killing his patience level. He wanted to see her once.

While driving back to RM he called up Aman and said which he has never said to him.

"Aman get any damn girl in the guest house tonight".

Aman was shocked to here that from him. Everyone knows about this woman thing but he has never involved anybody in this.

After meeting gul and misha he drove straight to his guesthouse.

He barged in and throw his gadgets on the bed. He switched off his mobile making a last call to Aman and telling him to inform misha to call Aman if anything is needed until Arnav switch on his phone.


It was almost 7.30 pm in the evening

The girl twisted the latch.

He was standing near the poolside of his guest house.

The room was dark. He always liked darkness. It cuts him off from the rest of the world after all.

Her memories were lingering in his mind. He was desperately trying to wipe it off before he hurt her more. He knew if this thing continues he will surely hurt her big time.

He heard the door open.

He closed his eyes.

He heard some quick footsteps towards him and the girl hugged him from behind practically throwing herself on him.

Her breast collided his back.

His eyes were shut.

His mind was still occupied with khushi's thoughts.

"Why the hell was he thinking about her all the time? 

The girl's hand immidiately slid her hands towards his chest grabbing him more and more

Flash Back of that night was still very much alive in his mind.

Her blood, her shock, her virginity, then her cry, her hug.

"Damn It"

Closing his eyes he pulled the girl grabbing her hair and made her face him.

She was panting on his face.

"Open your dress now" he barked before her.

The girl was about to fall getting disbalanced by his pull when he held her tight and opened his eyes.

"Arnav ji!"

Arnav was shocked to see her. She was in tears. She was smiling looking at him.

He just couldnot believe what he was witnessing. "Was it actually her? Or is he hallucinating?"

He closed his eyes and opened again but it did not change what he saw few seconds back. It was indeed Khushi, who was in his arms securely leaning.

He steadied her on the ground and just when he was about of bark at her, she pulled him in a hug.

Arnav just stood frozen at his place fisting his palm, shocked'

Precap: Khushi's flashback about how she reached at the guest house.


Ok guys no tomatoes i know again a cliff hanger for you guys. I cant tell you much about roshni so please dont ask about her. one thing i can say is she is a vital character in this story. but her role will come much later. 
I hope you guys are happy to see khushi's pov and some little secrets about Pulkit's and Her's relationship. I will be revealing it in bits and pieces about Khushi and pulkit coz in the next update will be a much awaited update. something regarding pulkit now.
I know this chapter is a little crappy but this chapter was required before i write the next chapter.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful update!! You are so good to us for consistantly updating! I like how everything is unfolding!! Wow...another cliff hanger! This got to be my most favorite FF!! Keep up the great work!!
    - Katelyn from IF

    1. hi dear thanks for menitoning your name here. and thanks for commenting in both :)
      Awe hugs to you.

    2. I couldn't stay silent any longer, dear!! I just really wanted to show you my appreciation of your awesome writting and creativity! Judging on your work on this FF, I can't wait to read your ONS3!!

      - Katelyn from IF

  2. great update.. I really enjoy your writing style as you dare to show the darkside of your lead and then show us the change that comes about ... but in the end they are still flawed but they love each other with the flaws thats good love... eagerly waiting for the next update...
    ...Luv K

    1. awe that is the whole intension buddy. I wanted to show both of them flawed not just one. Each is flawed in its own way. and thats the beauty of love which doesnot choose, which doesnot need any logical explanantion. it only loves to LOVE


    1. oh thank you so much dear. ONS1 is very close to my heart. coz that is something very different from its title maybe thats the very reason why i like it so much and so do you guys. Now coming to ONS2 i am extremely emotionally attached with this one. I am giving my best to it to show the most difficult characterization. It is really difficult for me to show a timid girl and an over agrressive dark guy. something which is very challenging. i hope i am doing well in that. thanks for your wishes

  4. Wow..Khushi is in the guest house..Somehow I too thought n wished she'll be there..
    Let me wait for the next update to know d reasons..
    I got a doubt when u mentioned abt Arnav's 1st kiss..So I got a doubt hasn't he kissed Gul's mother?? As time n again many a times its mentioned that he loved Gul's mother..So is not he the biological father of Gul?? That cant be..Coz seeing Gul doing things to Khushi which she does with her mother is actually turning him on so that cant me..I'm too confused now..
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    1. sorry wont be able to answer that buddy. arnav gets turned on with anything and everything related to khushi :D depso case hai bhai ;)

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    1. Ok some clarifications here. Gul is 8 months old not 3 years. and i am thoroughly enjoying this guessing game :D

  7. Lovely update like always , appy :)

  8. So from the sounds of it khushis been alone for most of her life, is it safe to assume that shes an orphan?? The promise that the parents made could have been before their death(arranged marriage)Khushi loves Pulkit but still isn't comfortable with him becoming intimate with her points towards a strong bond between the 2 but not in a 'IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER' kind of way.
    I have a few theories about who roshni is but im not gona say anything until i read a few more chapters.


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