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Chap 19
 Unknown Comfort

She whispered against his chest still gripping him against her "Aap mera phone kyun nahi uthaye Arnav ji? (why did not you pick up my phone?)
Aap jantey bhi hai? Mujhe aapki kitni zaroorat thi uswaqt? (do you even know how much I need you that time?)
Arnav could sense some wetness near his chest. He could here her whispering sobs, her head movement digging this chest. "Kitna sms kiya aapko, aur aapne usk ek bhi jawab nahi diye. (how many sms I had sent you, but you did not answer one.), she said while pouting her rosy lips.
He relaxed his fist and his hand made its way towards her back. When his cold hand touched her bare back of her salwar kameez she flinched a little and then immediately relaxed feeling the warmth of his cozy chest.
"Kyun nahi uthaye phone Arnav ji? (Why did not you pick my my phone?)
"Am I supposed to answer you?" he said with a firm emotionless voice. "Don't you think you are crossing your limits Miss Gupta? His voice still calm.
He could sense her grip loosen, she pulled herself away from the hug. She looked down, he face all red in embarrasement. Tears were flowing down on their own accord. She wiped her tears and looked directly at him.
"why you wanted to talk to me Miss. Gupta? And why do you think I am supposed to answer your calls and non stop msgs? Who are you? My wife? And even if you have been my wife still I don't owe any explanation to her. Do you get that?
Three four drops fell from her eyes hearing him. Yet again his words hurt her. But this time he did not shout at her. He just stood at a distance, sliding his hand inside his pocket and looking at her.
Khushi looked at him and gulped her sobs. She took a little time to become normal and then spoke.
"Arnav ji, mujhe pata hai, mera koi haq nahi hai is tarha se yahan aneka. Mujhe koi haq nahi hai aapko phone karne ka, Mujhe koi haq nahi hai aapse koi bhi explanation mangne ka". I know I am just a mere employee in AR company and you are my BOSS. I should have know my limits but meye kya karun? Mere saath aaj batein share karne wala koi nahi hai. Aisa koi nahi hai jisse mere apni har baat kehe sakhu, jo mujhe sun sake. Jab tak pulkit tha, I used to talk to him. Mujhe pata tha who mujhse bol nahi sakta hai par sun to sakta tha. Aur jab who America chala gaya meye akeli pad gayi Arnav ji. Aur aaj jab meye bohot Khushi hoon, siwaye aapke meye aur kisiko nahi janti yahan.
(I know I don't have any right to come here in this guest house like this, I know I don't have any right to call you, sms you and even want any explanation. I know I am just a mere employee of AR and you are my boss. I should have known my limits but what can I do Arnav ji, I don't have anybody to share my pain, my sorrows, my joy with. When pulkit was here I sued to talk to him, I knew he couldnot talk to me but he could here me. I had became very lonely when he left. And today when I am so happy, I only know you.
So I thought of sharing my joy with you. Here tears were not stopping. She was being honest today. She took few steps towards Arnav and said "Meye janti hoon ek middle class ladki ko yeh bah karna shobha nahi deta hai. Aap iska koi aur matlab bhi nikal sakte hai (I know a middle class female like me is not supposed to behave like this and you can take out a different meaning about this whole act).
She wiped her tears and smiled at him. "Koi baat nahi hai Arnav ji". I think I should just leave now and I am really sorry for barging in like this.
She turned her heels to leave when she felt a tug on her belly. Immediately she sank into his broad chest, his arms proudly embracing her. His chest muscles kissing her back, his nose inhelling her sweet perfume near the corner of her ears. She closed her eyes and slid her fingers inbetween his which was holding her waist.
He nuzzled his nose against her nape, he could see a little glimpse of her cleavage peeping through her kamiz.
"Kya baat karna chahti thi?" came out his ever jusky voice against her ears, tickling her a little.
Khushi immediately turned towards him and hugged him. This time he also hugged her back caressing her head.
He pulled her and made hr face him. He removed few strands of hair which was tickling her face behind her ears. He looked at her forehead and the marks which was still prominent but dried. He caressed her there by toughing it with his thumb and then again looking into her eyes "It still hurts?"
She smiled back and nodded "No".
He cupped her face, his mind was in the verge of erupting with his emotions. He kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. She so wanted his touch today. But she did not know why. He kissed her cheeks somewhere very near to her lips.
He looked at her and leaned further to capture her lips when the door knocked.
Khushi flinched a little and straightened herself. She was shocked with her behavior. How could she? Why did she?
The servent came inside. Khushi was about to move away when Arnav held her in his arms not letting her move.
"Kya baat hai?" he asked.
"Arnav bhaiya, aap se koi aurat milne aya hai".
"thik hai, ussey wait karne bolo".
The servent dispersed. He let Khushi go but he held her hand. "Can you give me two minutes? I will be back soon".
Khushi was shocked. Arnav Singh Raizada was requesting her? She was just too perplexed to answer her back.
He made her sit on the bed, the very bed when he claimed her as his, the very bed that held so many memories so many emotions.
Khushi was all lost in her thoughts when she saw him once again. He was back.
He came and sat beside her. Something is very different today. He looked very calm and composed. He was not hurting her.
"Khushi, how did you know that I am here? What if I wasnot here when you came?"
"Arnav ji, woh actually I was in the office when I heard aman ji talking to someone over the phone. I heard him mentioning that you were in the guest house. That time I came to know that you have reached Mumbai and you were there in the guest house. I know it is bad manners to over hear someone else's talk. But I just couldnot help myself. I am sorry about that Arnav ji".
"Khushi, do you have any idea what am I here for? Did you listen to Aman's full conversation?"
Khushi bit her lips and nodded in denial.
"I am here to spend a night with a girl Khushi". I hope you understand what I am saying.
Khushi's eyes widened. She went blank for a moment. What if he is mad at her? What if he forces her?
He touched her hand and she waved it off in fear.
"What are you here for Khushi? Tum mujhe kya bolna chahti thi?"
Khushi came back to her normal sense and looked at him who was still sitting calmly waiting for her answer.
Khushi once again hugged him and whispered "Pulkit"
He was shocked. Suddenly an unknown fear took over her senses.
He held her shoulder and jerked her "What the hell has happened to him? Why didn't you ask aman to tell me about it?"
"I spoke to him today" she whispered griping his shirt.
"I heard her voice for the first time after so many months Arnav ji. My Pulkit took my name. Yet again she started crying bitterly against his chest.
Arnav did not know whether he should he happy or sad, whether he should ask her to get the hell out of here or sooth her emotions buy hugging her more.
"I have never felt so happy in my life Arnav ji. And the only reason for my happiness is you. Yes Arnav ji, if it wouldnot have been you, I would have lost him today. How can I ever return back this favour of yours Arnav ji?"
"I am really very happy today and the reason being you I wanted to tell you this".
He hugged her more, how can someone ever thank a devil like him who has only given her pain. But here she is all obliged. How can she always find something positive in so many negetives? How can someone be so good?
Khushi closed her eyes feeling his warmth and unconsciously caressing his back with her tiny fingers.
Khushi pulled back from the hug and leaned towards his cheeks and placed a warm peck.
"Thank you Arnav ji for everything. I promise you today that I will do anything for you for saving the love of my life. Anything you ask me to do I will do it.
Rohit's Entry
Holy F*ck, i would be so fun to grind the naive soft chic, her A*s is just perfect for me to place myself. Who is this new chic in AR? Umm looks like a tasty treat for me. Chalo bariya hai my one month is set.
"Her name is khushi and she is working directly working under ASR".
"Umm, good friends kiss din kaam ayega? I am sure ASR will never refuse me. After all i have grown licking is left overs.

Scared? Well i have warned you about this story being dark.


  1. wow just brilliant how hot can your writing get

  2. Felt happy that Arnav didnt shout at her n just held her..But feel bad even now the much awaited kiss didnt happen.(Looks like I'm so desperate to see them kiss..LOL!!!)
    So does it mean that Pulkit is recovering slowly or is it something else..ie,People used to say "a light which is abt to die out glows better"
    So did Arnav sent the other woman for Khushi..
    Rohit..I'm just waiting for Arnav to blast him..Awaiting the next part..Continue soon..

    1. lolz poor pulkit, i really feel pity for him actually all my I-F buddies want him to die ;) trust me even i thought something like that when i had concieved his story but then i though, wont it be too predictable and a easy cake walk for A and K? Then i changed my mind. Pulkit is recovering and he will be soon enter.

  3. Great to see ASR soften a bit ..

    - R

  4. whoa more problems??! Why is khushi still hanging onto pulkit, i feel sad for arnav...


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