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Chap 17
Another Sign??

He walked towards Khushi and looked at her lovingly. He picked her up in his arms and that's when she opened her eyes.
"Arnav ji, what are you doing here?" she tried to protest and get down from his arms.
"Shh!", he gestured pointing at Misha, who was sleeping and Gul in the crib.
"Par aap mujhe, aise kaise?" she asked snaking her arms around his neck.
He looked at her with desired filled eyes. She felt a little shy the way he was looking at her. It was as if he was making love to her.
He placed her on the bed and adjusted the pillow behind her. Then he himself laid beside her.
Khushi kept turned towards him placing her head on the pillow and looked at him.
She touched his cheeks with her index finger and immediately took it away and flattered her lashes feeling nervous.
Arnav held her hand and made her touch him slowly caressing his face with her soft cute palm and then kissed her mount of venus.
Khushi closed her eyes gasping hard.
Arnav pulled her close to him holding her petite waist. Her arms stuck in between her chest and his. He leaned further to kiss her neck, trailing his lips across her entire neck.
She gripped him hard. He bit her neck and then trailed his tongue against his sweet torture.
"You are beautiful Khushi". He whispered against her neck, his warm breadth almost kissing her nape, burning her skin out.
"You are truly a beautiful lady, I have ever met. And do you know what makes you beautiful, your selflessness, your unconditional care or others, your innocence".
Arnav rolled on her. He is now on top of her. He kissed her forehead and then again rolled to make her on top of him.
Khushi looked at him and kissed on his eyes. One by one, taking time giving equal importance on each.
They again rolled and this time Arnav was on top. He kissed her nose and nuzzled.
Rolling once again Khushi was now on him. She kissed his stubbled cheeks and blushed. She hugged him tightly and whispered. "We need to stop Arnav ji! Misha might get up".
He made her look at him and slowly he was turning her concentrating on her lips, gulping down the lump on his throat. Their lips were inches apart just when
"Ouch!!" Amma!
"What the?" Arnav woke up from his sleep to find Khushi lying beside the recliner rubbing her hips in pain".
"Khushi! What happened?" misha quickly got up from the recliner and helped Khushi to sit on it.
Khushi was still in pain and half sleepy. She was unable to recognize those alien voices in the morning. Actually she forgot that she was else where. And those voices were not alien but she was the one who is alien in the new house.
Arnav was unable to figure out what was happening. Few minutes back Khushi was with him, sharing some intimate moment then how come she reached near the recliner?
Arnav snapped his toughts and realsied it was just a dream. Khushi was not in his arms. It was his fantasy not reality.
Immidiately Arnav's expression changed and he got up. He looked at Khushi and threw disgusting glances. He kissed sleeping gul and barged inside the bathroom and shut the door behind.
He opened the knob and let the warm water kiss his muscular body. He rubbed his skin and relaxed under the shower. He faced the shower so that the jet water brush away his thorughts.
He started recollecting'
He touched her maang where his blood was there and admired. He sealed that area with his kisses. Khushi kept tossing and turning in his arms and he enjoyed the feeling whole heartedly.

Sometimes he kissed her nose
Sometimes her cheeks
Sometimes he brushed his lips on her forehead
Sometime breathing on her lips.

He slid his other hand on his pocket and held her chain which came out sometimes back.
He slid his arms around her neck and made her wear it.
He zoomed his car beside the truck to over take and just then he was a shocked Khushi standing in the middle of the road looking at the truck.
His eyes widened "Oh shit" was his last word before he over took the truck and twirled his car infront of the truck to block it from running down on Khushi.
After stopping his car he looked at Khushi, tears forming in his eyes, Khushi looked at him and started running towards his car and then
He opened his eyes. It was blood shot red. Was it for the drops of water pricking his eyes or his inner rage that was burning out his eyes? He couldnot believe that he risked his life for that middle class girl. And what was that he was doing to her yesterday? How can he admire her? He is pulkit's fience. What if she was not? He still cannot be so weak for a girl. How could he lose his senses like this?
"DAMN IT!!!"
He screamed. Hitting the shower cubical.
"Why did I like seeing my blood on her forehead? When I don't believe this stupid thing which she tried to portrey in the hospital"? His anger was growing minute by minute.
"Why did not she erase that when I have asked her? What did she try to prove? That she is married to me? What the F***? Now I know her real motives. You are no different than other girls Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta. I wonder whether you love pulkit truly or not. Maybe you loved him but now you are hell bend on attracting me by your innocent charm. But Miss gupta, I am no ordinary man".
"Misha, I cannot wear this, this is too short for me".
"Khushi, try atleast yaar. I am sure you are going to look too cute in this".
"I havenot taken a bath yet, Mishu".
Misha looked at her and Khushi jerked her head up.
Misha's eyes welled up and she came running and threw herself on Khushi.
Khushi was couldnot understand anything. She just stood like a statue.
Khushi tried to recollect what did she say which made misha become so emotional.
She remembered calling her Mishu, instead of Misha, but it was just slip of tongue.
"Call my name once again Khushi!"
"No the other one which you have just said.
"Misha, it was just a".
"Please Khushi!"
Khushi cupped her face and wiped her tears "Mishu".
"You cannot imagine what you have given me today. I always saw her whenever I saw you. I miss her so much. No wonder why bhaiya behaves like that around you. He sees her in you. you are so much alike, the way you love gul, the way you scold my bhaiya, the way you have gelled up with me. You are so much like her".
"Khushi, she used to call me Mishu, and today after hearing the same name after such a long time made my heart swell up".
Khushi, couldnot understand a single thing other than that she was referring her with another woman. Maybe she was talking about some who had been very close to the siblings and gul. But who is she? Is misha talking about Gul's mother? Who is gul's mother?
Misha, cupped Khushi's face and was about to tell "Khushi you are just like my B'".
She was not able to complete her sentense when they heard the door flunged open and Arnav standing right in front of the door.
Misha quickly wiped her tears and excused her so that Arnav doesnot see her crying.
"I will get Gul for you from Stella".
Misha left her room leaving a fuming Arnav and confused Khushi behind.
Khushi pulled her dress down looking at Arnav's eyes roaming on her legs. The dress was really short. It hardly covered her half thighs. The more she tried to pull it down, the little she knew that it was exposing her milky cleavage.
Khushi nervous tried to hide her exposed skim from just and was about to turn and go inside the wash room, she heard his say "WAIT!"
Khushi stopped in her tracks and closed her eyes in fear.
Arnav thinned her lips and fisted his palm, his own nails digging his palm.
He walked angrily and pulled Khushi along with himself and took her in his romm. He threw her inside and pinned on the cupboard.
Khushi was now very nervous. She very well knows that when he is mad she starts forcing himself on her.
"LOOK UP!!" he growled.
"I SAID LOOK UP". He screamed.
"What do you think you are trying to do, haan?

"Yeh kya natak hai Miss Gupta?

what are you trying to prove?

He looked at her maag and pointed her finger towards it.

Why didnot you remove this bloody stain?

You think you are very smart?

You think you try to act all bichari and then gain sympathy?

You think by coming close to Gul you will impress me? How cheap and middle class mentality Miss Gupta? Well, what else can I expect from you?
Khushi was struggling in his grips trying to move him away from her. She was again getting hurt by his words.

"You slept with me despite of having a boyfriend.You dont even look worried for him. I have never heard you talking about him. Kya ho tum? How can you remain so carefree when your loved ones is dying?

Khushi shot a look towards, her tears beaming out from her eyes. "How could he think so cheap of me?" she thought.

"So is this some kind of a web that you are trying to put around me? Miss Gupta, dont you dare think that i will fall onto you web. And keep this innocent seducing tactics with you. This is not going to work on me".

With that he wiped the dried blood-stain from her forehead. Khushi was too shocked to say anything before he wiped it off. But when he did that she retreated back in anger.

"Who are you to ask me this Arnav ji? Do I owe you any explanation?  Why do you think I am answerable to you? firstly I have never tried to seduce you, secondly I slept with you because (she gulped the lump which formed inside her thoat) because I had to save my pulkit's life and only my only option was you, isse aap meri durbhagya hi samjhiye (my bad fate)

"How dare you talk to me like that?", he dug his finger in her skin. He jerked her more towards the cupboard making it shake and everything started falling which was kept above the cupboard. A metal bowl fell and hit khushi's forehead just near her mang making her forehead bleed yet again. Her forehead was filled with her own blood in no time and she yelled in pain.

Arnav saw the blood and immediately released her grip on her.

Before she could hold her forehead he pressed his hand on her forehead just near her mang to stop the blood from coming out.

"Shit! You are bleeding Khushi!"

Khushi just stood looking at him, her pupil still on his eyes, her heart racing yet again.

"Khushi!" he jerked her a little
"Khushi!" He jerked her again

She lowered her eyes and held his hand, which pressed her forehead and slowly started removing.

Just then Arnav understood her silence. It could he her blood this time but the very fact is he spread that blood with his hand this time in her entire forehead unknowingly.
Aman i want any damn girl in my guest house tonight at any cost.
(no rotten tomatoes for the precap please. I am hibernating then)


  1. the entire part was good , but the precap was odd .
    hope what precap tries to show does not happens in the next part.....
    and i have few doubts
    is khushi and the too be compared women r something like twins or resemble only by face ??
    is the track something like "khushi is the same women and see meet with an accident and lost her memory "??????????//

  2. I know arnav's plan *evil grin*

    Loved the update .. phew it was a dream , I almost found myself thinking "bacho kai saamne? " lol

    - Roze

  3. getting better at each update

  4. Rotten tomatoes toh zaroor phenkna hoga..
    But I hope ki u'll make Arnav not able to take Khushi out of his system n have his time with the other woman..
    So whoever were related to that one woman found Khushi very much like her..So obviously she must get that place..
    I'm still waiting for Arnav to see how Gul gels with Khushi..
    Sign sign sign..This time for sure he spread her maang with blood..Earlier it was unknown to both..Now both knows..
    And kya dream tha..When will it happen for real that too in d same manner without any forcing?
    Awaiting the next update..

  5. Ramzz, in this dream , khushi wasnt being forced , she was reciprocating his love ..

    - roze

    1. I know that n i wanted things to happen for real like the dream.. *blush*

  6. Let Arhi make love!! No random girl please!!







  7. It was beautiful. Thnks for the pm. Update fast pls.


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