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Chap 26

Needless to say that the entire journey remained like a silent movie. None of them talked. Some sniffing and sobs from Khushi's end and some deep sighs from Arnav's end.
The road seemed never ending
And both of them feeling suffocated with each other's presence.
Finally their long journey came to an end. He scratch stop the car in front of AR and she flew away immediately running inside as fast as she can.
Arnav looked at her retreating back and hit is fist on the steering before getting down and ordering his guards to take Acer from his car.
"Watch out"
Rohit grabbed Khushi before she fell on ground after hitting him straight entering the office.
Khushi held onto his shoulder for support.
Rohit was watching her rushing inside the office when he purposely came in her path.
He gazed his fingers on her waist and Khushi felt disgusting. She waved his hands off and headed toward Arnav's chamber.
"Hey mere jaan, katil hai teri ada, uff, you are so damn hot and sexy, cant wait to take you in". Rohit said looking at her a*s.
"Kuch karna padega maria" rohit said lusting on Khushi when she finally moved out from his sight.
"umm hmm. Not and easy treat Mister. She is not that kind of a girl" maria said in a disgusted tone"
"Oh mari, she is working in AR, so I know how she will be ok? She is already used by your genius boss and now I cant wait for my treat".
"Bichari, ASR to isko ghas tak nahi dalega, after all he never eats stale food".
"Well I am more experienced than you are rohit, if you take my opinion I will ask you to stay away from her. Otherwise you will have hard time".
"isss uff, I wanna have hard time maria, I am sure you are having too, after all you are not able to do anything with your hubby darling now a days with your over grown tummy, isnot it".
Rohit winked at her and entered AR studio.
Arnav entered his chamber and looked at Khushi who seemed to be really busy with her work. She just got up and acknowledged his presence and then sat down engrossed into her work.
Arnav just glanced ar her and took his seat.
He stole glance several times but Khushi never looked back.
He cleared his thoart anf flipped his files and inbetween he stole some more glances.
When he saw her not responding at all he said "Where the hell is my coffee".
Khushi closed his eyes in frustration and looked at him angrily.
"Stop glaring at me miss gupta, I have asked you where is my coffee?"
She got up and came near his table, removed the cover and handed over his cup to him without uttering a single word.
Arnav looked at her and took the cup in anger.
Few minutes passed but nothing as changed.
There was pin drop silence in the chamber both can here their sniffing and breathing.
Arnav was unable to concentrate on his work, her presence was making him restless. Nor than that her silence was killing him.
He slapped his file angrily on the table, that's when Khushi jumped on her chair.
"I need another cup of coffee, NOW"
Khushi rose up and was about to leave when he asked, "what the hell is your problem?"
Khushi passed a stale look towards him and then turned and went out of the chamber.
She entered his room to give him coffee "You need anything else Arnav ji?".
Arnav looked at her, she stood looking at him waiting for his answer. "No".
"I am going to the studio to check the new arrivals, three models will be coming today at 2pm, we have to choose the show stoppers. Jeff will be here soon for his photoshoot contract and so will jenny for her choreography contract. I have kept her papers on your table on Saturday, please check it".
Arnav was totally bowled by her words. He was in awe. "How could someone forget everything that has happened in fraction of a second and behave as if nothing has happened?"
"You may leave"
"Thanks Arnav ji, let me know if you need something".
"I need the damn you" he muttered to himself before looking at her leaving the room.
Khushi entered the studio and found rohit already there flirting with AR's regular models. Khushi felt a little uncomfortable looking at rohit there.
Rohit looked at his scrap goat and smirked.
"Julia, Sheena you me leave sweety."
Khushi pulled her kurti up to cover her exposed skin on her neck.
"So Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, right?" he stepped forward tilting his head.
Khushi ignored him and went inside the store room to get her materials. Rohit followed her.
Khushi took the materials and was about to exit store room when he came and stood right near the door.
"Itni bhi kya jaldi hai jaani?" (what is so hurry baby?)
"Jaane dijiye humme" (let me go) she said with a straight face not meeting his eyes.
"Oh come on babes, let me see you".
"aap battamizi kar rahe hai" (you are crossing your limits)
"Oh really? Do you say this to your sexy boss? Babes? Or you are exclusively his?"
Khushi looked at Rohit all shocked, she felt disgusted at the same time humiliated.
"that's non of your business rohit ji"
"Oh baby, don't add ji, just call me rohit".
He started advancing towards her and she stepped back.
"I wander how will my name sound when I will enter you". rohit grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.
All the materials fell from her hand and she winced in pain. She struggled in his arms.
"Uff, I am sure ASR has taken you roughly, tum ho hi aisi. I know he is a beast on bed. But know worry I will take you the way you want to slowly and passionately thrusting you babes".
He leaned on her to claim her lips when Khushi screamed Arnav's name "ARNAV JI!"
Rohit immediately released her from his grip and looked back but to his surprise he found no one.
He closed his fist and closed his eyes before he could react Khushi grabbed the opertunity and rum outside the store room closing the door behind and then ran out of the studio.
She ran thought the corridor and went straight to Arnav's chamber. She opened the door without knocking.
Arnav looked at her in anger but his anger melted away looking at her state.
"Khushi!" he asked looking at her confusingly.
"What is the matter? Why are you so tensed?"
Khushi just stood there near the door and looked at him with tears in her eyes.
Arnav got up and walked towards her.
He just took two three steps that's it, she came running towards him and crashing on his chest.
Arnav was shocked. He fumbled with his hands. He did not know what to do.
She was crying bitterly against his chest.
"Huya kya khushi?"
she did not say anything, she just hugged him as tightly as possible and moved her face from one side to the other sobbing badly.
Finally after few minutes he embraced her back without asking her any further question.
Khushi closed her eyes feeling secured and inhaling his perfume.
His warm hands caressed her back lightly comforting her.
She soaked his shirt with her tears.
"you want some water?"
She nodded no
"what is the matter?" he asked her in much composed state.
Her grip again grew stronger that's when he realized she doesnot want to discuss with him.
He pulled himself from the embrace and looked at her state. She looked at him as if her life is dependent on him.
He was about to cup her face when Aman entered.
Khushi moved back three four steps only to be pulled by him.
"Aman can you please excuse us for a moment?"
"Sure ASR".
"And make sure no one comes in. NO ONE and no calls please".
"Ok ASR"
After Aman left the room Arnav turned towards Khushi.
"Are you ok?"
Khushi looked at him.
He cupped her face "Khushi! Speak up"
"I am fine".
"then why were you so nervous when you entered in my cabin?"
"Nothing Arnav ji, I was just a little upset with you".
She lied. She just couldnot say anything to him regarding Rohit. She felt shy and humiliated actually.
"You ok now?"
She nodded in approval.
Precap: ASR out of Town Rohit Khushi alone in the office Ouch


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    - Katelyn from IF

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