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Chap 28
 We Talk Wink


(as i said whenever i can manage i will be posting shorter parts. Here you go)

Khushi was trying to calm herself pressing her les together, while he caressed her back.
Her cheeks flushed on his heart, his hand in between her silky hair, his back pressed against her hand, he body flushed with his.
After a minute or door, her tears started rolling down her cheeks, her lips quivered, her nose sniffed. She opened her lips to intake some air. She kept on pressing herself on him.
"Arnav ji, please listen to me".
He kissed in between her hair and whispered "I am listening, what happened?" he asked in a concerned tone.
She broke the hug and looked at him, she cupped his face and looked at his lips which were swollen.
She again looked at his eyes shyly and said "rohit ji……"
"he doenot deserve your respect Khushi, stop behaving like a bichari".
Khushi gulped her tears and started tellinh him what has happened.
The more she said, the madder he became.
"why did not you tell me that day when I have asked you?"
"I was scared Arnav ji".
"Scared of what Khushi? You know you can tell me anything right?"
Khushi raised her eyes and looked at him and nodded positively.
He cupped her face "then why did not you tell me?"
He saw some more tears started rolling down her cheeks.
"You are suspecting me Arnav ji?" she said in a sad tone.
He pulled her towards him holding her cheeks and kissed her.
Lingering his thumb on her soft yet warm cheeks he said, "If I would have suspected you then I would not have been sitting here missing my flight and talking to you Khushi".
"I trust you".
A simple line had so much effect at that point of time, she sobbed harder and harder before she hugged him tightly and kissed him on his chest.
For a moment he was a little surprised but later he embraced her taking her entirely in his arms.
She looked at him still embracing, stealing glances at his lips and gulping feeling the closeness.
He too looked at her and her parted lips.
Raising his hand he touched her lips with his finger, lingering for sometime he leaned admiring her lips.
Khushi closed her eyes when his finger touched her lips, she quivered her lips, brushing her lips slowly on his finger.
He gulped again when she did that, he knew it very well that he was again losing all his senses, passion, desire taking over his mind.
His Khushi was in hi arms, all surrendered to him. What is it that only she was able to attracted him everytime? What is it that he never got bored with her? It is not that she was expert in all these. Arnav singh Raizada spend nights with much more experienced girls, but they could never leave a mark on him. But his Khushi was different, his Khushi was like a newly wedded wife, his Khushi was untouched.
The word hit his head. He looked at her carefully. "Untouched".
A simple word but yet again a huge effect it had on him.
Why was he feeling disgusted with the word "Untouched".
It never mattered to him.
He closed his eyes in frustration, wanting to move that very word away from his mind "Untouched".
He slowly moved his hand, that's when Khushi looked at him.
She smiled and hugged him. But he did not hug her back.
For the first time in his life he was guilty, he was guilty of being tagged as touched.
He felt awful thinking that she can never be his first. He is "used", yes he is, and he can never ever change that. That is the bitter fact of life.
"Khushi, its late I think we should start for your house".
She looked at him and smiled.
"stay at my place today, he said before he got up from the sofa.
An unknown happiness took over her heart.
He nodded, "wear your slawar and come outside, I will be waiting for you".
Her heart stopped "he will be waiting for me?"
(pms after Dasera)


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