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Chap 27
Two three days have passed. Khushi made sure that she stayed glued to ASR no matter how rude he behaves with her, no matter how much he shouts at her, but she has decided that at no cost she will roam in the office when that lusty male is around.
There were times when ASR really got pissed of with her and scolded her, but she never complained nor she reacted. She knew no matter what, she was going to be safe in his chamber.
But fate has something else stored for her today. She came early in the office and without looking anywhere she went straight up to his chamber.
She kept her bags and drank her cold tea.
She was so paniced that she never visited their canteen "Kya pata who leech kab ajaye".
She heard some foot-steps coming from outside. She smiled and looked at the door.
"Thank good Arnav ji agaye" (good that he is here)
Arnav opened to door and saw a smiling Khushi infornt of him.
He rolled his eyes and walked inside without looking at her.
"Good morning Arnav ji"
"Good morning!"
she happily sat on her chair and started working.
"Can you come here Khushi?"
Khushi immediately got up and went towards his table.
After about a minute he looked at her "What? Sit. Why are you standing?"
Khushi pulled the chair and sat.
Arnav closed his laptop and looked at her.
She was looking pretty in navy blue slawar kameez he thought.
Brushing his imagination he continued.
"Erm Khushi, well me and aman are going to Bangalore for some urgent work".
Immediately her face fell and her face turned into a horrified expression.
Arnav continued'
"So I think you take off from today and you can join after we are back. I don't want you in this office when we are not there".
"Khushi I am again reminding you, don't talk to anybody ok? Maintain professionalism and be strict".
Khushi looked at him nervously. His words gave her goose bumps her stomach performed some back flips.
"Khushi are you listening what I am saying?"
Khushi nodded "yes"
"Good so we will be leaving at 5pm you can take a leave after that. Great then, you may go and work now".
Khushi was about to go when he called her "Khushi!"
She turned.
"Are you ok? Do you wanna talk about yesterday?"
She looked down, finally she gathered her courage to say just when aman came inside his chamber
"oops sorry, I think I can come later".
"Koi kaam tha aman?"
"Ya ASR, out tickets and I needed you signature on Anjali Di's Property papers.
He looked at Khushi and then gestured Aman to come in.
He took the paper and ran through them.
"Great Aman, good job".
Did you talk to the lawyers about my WILL?
Khushi looked at him all shocked. How could he talk to his will? She felt a little hallow hearing that from him and her expression did not go unnoticed by him.
"Yap ASR I have already spoken to them".
"Great, and one more thing please add that clauses in roshni's paper. I don't want any confusion later on".
"ASR the marriage'."
"We will talk about that later. Talk to roshni and check her dates. She should be here a day prior".
"Ok ASR"
"Well then meet you at 7pm sharp. Wrap up your stuffs soon".
It was 6.30 and Khushi has checked her watch more than 100 times by now. She paced in his room feeling extremely nervous.
"Tu ghabra kyun rahi hai Khushi? Ek kaam karna tu unke saath hi nikal jana" (why are you so nervous Khushi? Do one thing leave along with them)
She smiled at her intelligent thought.
Arnav entered the room and saw her. He came inside and took his jacket. He was about to leave when he turned back and said "Take care, see you on Wednesday, take your time and come we will be reaching office at 2pm.
Khushi nodded and passed a cute but sad smile to him.
"you take care too Arnav ji".
"Arnav ji can I go and meet misha and gul please?"
"he looked at her twinkling eyes, he just couldnot refuse her".
He nodded in approval and moved out.
Khushi looked at the close door and felt a little bit sad. She looked at his chair and felt hollow inside her heart.
Suddenly the door opened and she jerked in fear.
"relax, its me. Leave now, we are leaving".
She quickly took her bag and headed outside with him.
While going down they met rohit.
"Hey ASR, happy journey".
rohit passed a disgusting look to Khushi.
She looked down and walked with Arnav. Aman joined them and all went outside.
Khushi caught an auto and left, while aman and Arnav drove off after checking their papers.
After about 15 mins drive she remembered she forgot to get ACER with her.
Her heat throbbed at the very thought that she have to go back to office.
She requested the auto driver to take a U turn towards the office.
"Bhaiya plese auto ghuma lijiye na".
she reached AR. Nervously she got down and ran towards the security room to take ACER.
But to her surprise ACER was not there.
"bhaiya aap usko kahan rakkhe?"
"Madam ji, uske to rohit ji leke gaye andar".
She clutched her dress and prayed to her devi maiya "Devi maiya, rakhsha karna".
Just then Arnav felt something.
He did not know why he dialed khushi's number but to his surprise her number was unreachable.
"Damn it!"
"Kya huya ASR?"
"aman take an cab and reach airport I will be back soon. And if I don't come don't wait for me, just board the flight".
"but ASR"
"do as say aman".
Arnav got down from the car and asked the driver to take out all the luggage and go with aman.
"ASR, is everything ok?"
"I am fine Aman, leave now".
"He ignite and made a U-turn. He looked at the road and raced the car towards AR.
AR was empty, no one was there in the office except her and rohit. Her brain told her 100 times not to go to him but her heart did not accept what her brain signaled.
She entered the studio and find rohit playing with the kitten holding her upside down.
Khushi furiously entered and growled at him.
"Leave her now".
"Oh I am scared miss gupta".
"I said leave her right now".
"what will you do if I don't leave her?"
"I will hit you heard rohit ji, you don't know me".
"hit and you?"
Evil Laugh
No way babies I want to hit on you.
"come to me and get her".
Khushi stood where she was right at the door. She did not enter.
"otherwise see me touchuring this poor soul hony".
With that he smashed the kitten paw with his palm.
"MEEEOW" ACER yelled in pain.
Khushi just couldnot control and came inside.
"rohit ji, please leave that poor soul, usne kya bigara hai aapka?"
"Oh honey, I don't want her I wont her mother and that his you".
He pulled his tail, and again she yelled in pain.
That was more than enough for Khushi to step forward to grab her.
Khushi managed to grab her but rohit was swift enough to grab Khushi and pull her zip immediately.
Khushi frozed where she was, holding acer in one hand.
In no time rohit picked her up and lied her on the table and opened the knot of her slawar.
Out flew the salwar.
She stuggled to move back still holding the poor soul, saving her from falling.
Rohit held her legs and pulled her towards him. Her held her face roughly and made her pout.
He slid her kameez exposing her shoulder and bite hard on her.
She yelled in pain.
Leave me Rohit ji, sjhe cried.
Rohit slid his hand along her bare legs she tired to hit him with her legs but she wasnot strong enough to do so. He immediately pressed her legs.
He leaned on her lip and was about to claim it when the door Arnav came in.
Arnav parked his car and ran towards the studio. He knew something wasnot right.
He stood there and saw rohit leaning on her. He couldn't see her face, only her bare legs visible to him.
His mind stopped working, he felt betrayed, he felt as if the same scene is been enacted by his Khushi with some other man, just like his jijaji.
rohit saw Arnav and was shocked.
Khushi took the opertunity and pushed rohit.
He ran to him and stood behind him clutching his shirt.
Arnav was furious.
He waved khushi's hand and advanced towards rohit.
"ASR, listen to me, you busterd, mana kiya than a maine ki aise koi harkat mat karna".
He punched his nose first.
"Mana kiya tha nah maine ki iss ladki ke aas paas mat ana?"
He slapped him hard
He held his coller and dragged him towards the exit while hitting his abs with his legs.
"ASR, she only came to me, believe me, I did not do anything".
"Shut the f*ck up, you think I don't know you?"
this time Arnav hit him with his legs on his face, marking his shoe soul on his face.
He continued dragging him outside
"Tumne socha kaise Khushi ko touch karne ke baren mein? How dare you talk so low of her? She is mine, do you understand she is only mine.
He hit him couple of time until he fainted.
He ordered his guards to take him to the police station.
He called the OC and informed about the whole thing saving Khushi's image by telling them that rohit attempted to rape her.
He folded his sleeve, gritted his teeth and entered inside AR.
He held her hand and pulled her along with him.
"Bohot garmi chadi hai right?".
Khushi was damn scared now, she tried to move out, but she failed.
"anrav ji meri baat suniye, rohit ji tired to'.".
"shut up".
Her dragged her to his chamber and dumped her on the sofa.
He looked the door and roughly opened her panty while she laid on the sofa.
She stopped breathing anticipating what was coming. She closed her eyes and fisted her fingers.
He pulled her by her waist and leaned.
In one slurp he claimed her famine part and she was numb. She couldnot register anything.


He bite her core slowly taking out his frustration. He dug her nose in between her flaps. He started rubbing his stubble.
She tried to protest but he held both her hands and pinned her more.
Khushi did not know how to react. She felt humilitated at the same time she was feeling something entirely different. Something which is new, something she never ever thought enyone could do.
He gripped her more and dug his face inside her core, tasting, sucking pressing, rubbing everywhere.
Slowly the frustration changed into passion.
Aranv just lost control over him, his desire, which brewed up these, he poured it out on her today.
He look out his tongue and started licking it.
When the tongue touched Cl*t she shivered. Arnav looked at her face, she was all red and heated up, her breathing calm, she was indeed enjoying what he was doing.
She tangled her fingers with him and he grabbed the opertunity to pull her more close.
There was not gap in between her core and his lips.
His tongue creating havoc senses inside her.
He slowly released her fingers and slid it down to her core.
Her core was filled with his saliva and his mouth filled with her juices.
He slowly put his finger inside her. She gasped and arched back.
He licked her cl*t while manipulating her core with his finger, exploring her inside feminine part.
She was bursting out in pleasure. He slid his full finger inside her and moved it upwards, giving her eternal sensation. She fisted his hair and opened her eyes to look at him.
He was looking mad, aroused and ready to take her there.
While looking at her he stuck his tongue out.
She was about to close her eyes when he clutched her fingers, which he held and gestured her to look at him while he touched her core.
Without breaking the eye contact he placed a warm open mouthed kiss and rubbed his nose.
With the other finger he continued to manuputale until felt her stiffen inside.
He knew she was about to come, he relaped his finger with his tongue and flicked several times.
She let out a throaty moan before she said "Arnav ji I think I am dying, I don't know what it happening".
"Cum on my face Khushi".
without further discussion he flicked her core vigorously until she jerked her hips, rubbed her core on his face, not able to stop herself from doing so, she proudly cum on his face. He could feel her throbbing core around his tongue. He happily licked her until she collapsed on the sofa breathing heavily.
For the first time in his life Arnav singh raizada was happy to pleasure someone.
Finally he kissed her core, making her flinch and got up. He picked her up and held her until her after shocks died down.
How was it? I was totally pissed with today's episode, my apology if it was crap. I just updated it for you guys.
I am an Animal Lover. It was hard for me to write animal abuse (I beg apology to you and god. Please forgive me).
This is my last update before I leave. Will update again once I am back.
Wish you all a very happy Navaratri


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    2. appy i am not taking the full concept of this just some parts i wannna change the nime and i will make sure to write ur name as inpiration i was going to wrte a story lik khushi is arnavs pa and oneday she mets gul and some after tht and i am not adding roshni in it

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