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Chap 50
"The Locket"
Before Khushi could knock, the door opened. Khushi flinched for not being able to anticipate that.
She saw Arnav who was in his serious mood.
He gestured her to enter the room. After she entered he closed the door and locked it.
He could anticipate that there was something big coming up.
"aapne mujhe bulaya hai?" (did you call me?)
He walked slowly towards her and touched her shoulder. Pressing his hand on her shoulder he gestured her to sit.
She looked at him nervously and took the seat.
He walked towards the other side and pulled his chair.
Khushi nervously shifted. She could clearly sense his tense face and the numb before the storm.
He pulled the drawer and took out the papers.
Khushi was looking down fiddling with her pallu just to ease her nervousness.
"Khushi!" he said in a very serious yet polite tone.
She looked up to meet his chocolaty brown eyes. She felt some shivers down her spine, her chest swelling up due to an unknown fear.
"I am sorry, I opened your bank statement envelope".
Khushi was hell shocked listening to that. She started sweating hearing him out.
Arnav could clearly see some sweat buds formed on her upper lip area.
He continued, "I went through the whole statement and noticed that you have practically no expense in last two months".
She gulped again.
"May I know the reason?"
she immediately got up to leave.
Arnav frowned looking at her standing.
"Khushi I have asked you something" he also got up.
"you did not do a right thing by checking my personal thing Sir".
"Cut the crap Khushi and answer me now. And stop calling me Sir at this instance. I think its Enough". He said in a firm yet soft tone.
"I don't think I would like to answer that".
Arnav tired to control his anger, which was rising up now. He went towards her and spun her around.
She hit his chest and looked at him.
"You have to answer me Khushi and don't you dare say that I have no right to ask you about your matters. Don't forget you are my wife and I am your husband and I have full right to ask you and you are answerable to me".
Khushi narrowed her eyes and a tear slipped from her eyes. "then tell me the reason why you have send me in delhi all of a sudden?"
Shocked was an understatement. Arnav suddenly felt that he was caught on a wrong foot.
He was blank for some moment.
"you claim your husband's right on me. Then even I can claim my wify rights on you, right?" she spoke again.
Arnav's mouth was hung open, for the first time he was in loss of words.
Arnav looked down and closed his eyes. "I misunderstood you seeing with Pulkit in the park. I thought'.." he was not able to complete when she spoke'
"and you thought I was''''" tears started rolling down.
Arnav looked at her stuttered state. He face which has gone red due to the hidden rage she was trying to suppress.
"I was married to you that time and you thought I'''." she just couldnot place right word in her mouth. She was too shattered to hear him.
"janna chahte hai na meye kyun nahi charcha?" (you want to know why I did not spend the money right?)
Waise bhi you have arrange for my stay and fooding so I don't think I need to spend on anything.
"Khushi! That cannot be possible. I am sure there is something more to it".
"Fine then listen" she spatted.
"Loan? What loan? And from whom you have taken a loan? Why did not you tell me?"
Arnav was highly surprised now. He frowned and asked her, "from'''me?"
"Khushi tum yeh kya keh rahi hoon? Tumne mujhse kab loan liya hai?" (hat are you saying? When did you take loan from me?)
Khushi turned the other side making him face her back, while arnav was utterly confused.
She remembered his words the day she left for delhi
"What good you are doing by staying here? What have you done so far? NOTHING'You did nothing. So you better go from here and join my branch office. I have better people in the head office to look after your position".
"My position?" she said in a chocked voice.
"Yes your position".
Khushi felt really bad thinking about their first night. She thought he was hinting that night".
She came back to her sense and gulped her sorrow and spoke "you have paid for something which I never did". She gulped. "I was unable to complete the entire thing that night for which I was paid for".
Arnav was furious now. He just hated to hear this. And coming out from her, he least expected that. He never thought she can go to this extent.
He gritted his teeth and clutched his jaw. Furiously walking towards her he grabbed her by her shoulder. She winced in pain. He turned her around.
"what did you say?" he spat back in full rage.
Khushi was now shivering seeing him like that.
"you are going to pay me back that money?"
Khushi looked down
He pulled her more close to him
"you think I paid you in return of that night?"
she remained quite.
"you think you were just a'''" he felt disgusted of himself for making her feel so cheaply of her.
he made her look at him holding her chin.
"Khushi don't you dare compare yourself with''."
"I was no different to you at that night".
"YOU WERE DAMN IT AND HOW CAN YOU THINK SO CHEAPLY OF THAT NIGHT? IT WAS OUR FIR''." He pushed her back releasing her shoulders and screamed, DAMN".
Arnav was about to continue to talk to her when there was a knock on the door.
Khushi immediately ran towards the bathroom and locked herself.
Arnav looked at her retreating back and then composed himself.
"Hi bhaiya!"
Arnav hugged mish and kissed her forehead.
"yahan kya kar rahi hai?" (What are you doing here?)
"I was just crossing your office while coming back from a mall, socha, milte chalu".
They both heard the bathroom door and Khushi came out managing her pleats.
"Khush!" misha screamed.
Khushi looked up and saw misha.
She practically ran towards her and hugged her.
They embraced each other like lost sisters meeting after ages.
Misha turned around Arnav ans asked in excitement, "Bhaiya can I take Khushi along with me today? I really wanna spend some time with her".
"We both are coming for lunch misha to our house".
Khushi shot a look towards him and before she could react misha dragged her outside the chamber and made her away towards their car.
They reached their bungalow and made their way towards the entrance.
Entering the hall area khushi's eyes searched for only one person, her baby, her Musky.
Arnav understood her anxity and asked misha where gul is. Misha told him where she was and then Arnav held khushi's hand and walked towards Musky's room.
Khushi tried to struggle in him his grip but failed.
"Mujhe nahi mila hai musky se woh mujhe nahi pehechanti hai, please ussey rulaiye mat", she pleaded.
(I don't want to meet her please, she doesnot recognize me, please don't make her cry).
Without listen to her single plead he walked through the corridor and reached near her room where stella and musky was present. Arnav also noted that Khushi is not yet called him by his name.
He opened the door and aksed to stella to leave.
Musky saw Arnav and started jumping in joy. "paah" she called.
Khushi's heart made a back flip listen to her tone. The same tone how she calls her maa.
Arnav pulled Khushi towards musky who was sitting on the mattress and playing with her toys.
Musky started crawling towards Arnav thumping her tiny hands on the floor and dragging her knees.
Arnav immediately picked her up in his arms and kissed her cheeks.
She happily slapped his face and pulled his nose to take it in her mouth.
"Misshy kar raha tha papa ko?" he said in a baby tone
"Paah!" she gave him the widest smile and bobbed her head furiously as if she understood his words.
"Aawww! My baby" he tossed her in the air and then nuzzled her belly making her giggle.
He brought her back near his face and pecked her on her rosy lips.
"Look who is here" he made her face Khushi whose condition has already worsen to see musky. She was missing her so much.
Muskaan looked at Khushi holding Arnav thumb which she was about to put in her mouth.
Khushi immediately stopped her from doing so pulling back his thumb and nodding her head in denial.
Musky widened her eyes and made a perfect "O" with her lips and sucked some air and made a "uuu" noise with amusement.
Arnav hit her head on her forehead playfully to which she retured back the same gesture by advancing her head towards Arnav.
"Ab mamma ke saath karenge, hai na?" (now we will do the same thing with your mummy)
Khushi looked at Arnav with a cute face and before she came to know what was coming he hit his head with her.
"Ouch!" Khushi rubbed her forehead.
And Musky giggled.
Both Arnav and Khushi exchanged their looks and was happy to see musky reacting in a positive way
Now my baby will do the same thing with her mamma.
Musky happily clapped her hand and waited for Khushi to repeat the game.
Khushi nervously came towards her and leaned on Arnav to touch her head holding his arms for support.
She hit musky's head and she hit back instantly.
Musky found the game to interesting and wanted to repeat it. Khushi saw her responding she responed back by hitting her forehead. After three four session Khushi threw her arms around her taking Arnav also into her embrace unintentionally and started weeping in joy.
She kissed musky on her cheeks and was about to move up when she got pulled by her locket.
When Khushi was hugging musky, musky grabbed her favourite locket, which she used to play with everyday during khushi's absence. Everyone used to refer that locket as Maah! To her.
"Maah!" she called.
Khushi looked at her with teary eyes and bursted out in tears.
She helg her arms high asking musky to come to her. Musky gave her, her trademark toothy smile and started moving her hips up and down. Leaning towards Khushi she came to her.
Khushi just embraced her as tightly as she can kissed her entire face.
Musky squeezed khushi's nose and nuzzled her face on khushi's face excitedly.
"Muummah!" she called her while taking her nose inside her mouth and biting with her sharp milk teeth.
"My baby" she sobbed and sniffed.
"Oh my baby, I missed you so much"
"Mamma is very sorry baby. Manna is bad no? she left you". Khushi held her ear and made a puppy face towards musky.
Musky widened her mouth and placed her open mouth over khushi's lips.
Khushi embraced her making her head rest on her shoulder.
Musky after all time rested on her mamma's arms. Those arms which she has missed, those arms which has comforted her. The most secured arms in this whole world. Her mumma, her strength, her everything.
Arnav just couldnot hold back his tears anymore. He batted his lashes to cover up his tears but his stubborn tears did not let him go easily.
He walked towards Khushi and hugged her from behind kissing her cheeks first and then caressing musky's soft and silky hair.
He pressed himself more and embraced is small family with his arms promising himself that he will take care of these two ladies forever.
"Thank you" she said to him while leaning her head towards musky.
"Bola tha na meine sab kuch thik kar dunga" (I have told you that day, that I will make everything alright)
Khushi tunred toward him and waited for him to embrace her once again this time from the friont.
Arnav smiled and took her in his arms. Musky sandwiched between her parents.
Khushi's Birthday
This two scenes were indeed my very favourite scene of this FF and I am really happy to complete the 50th chapter of this FF. I am just too emotional to say or comment anything right now.
Thank you so much guys for your support and love. Because of you guys today I am able to reach its 50th thread. And this experience was wonderful and this story has become and integral part of my daily life and I know like you all I will miss this FF too when I complete it.
This wasnot the last chapter. There are some more to come as there are some other things that need to get cleared between ARSHI before I end it.
Maybe another 4-5 chapters will be required.
Thanks once again.
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