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Chap 49
"Their First Fight"
"Hum aapse bohot bohot pyaar karte hai Arnav ji, shayad meye yeh aapko kabhi nahi bol paungi". (I love you a lot Arnav ji, I can never tell you how much I love you)

she slid against the refrigerator and cried her heart out.

Just like the tap water even her tears were ot stopping. The more she tired to gulp the more it was coming out from her stomach.


"Yeh Khushi kahan reh gai?" (where did she go?) he frowned, his eyes sleepy.


"Nahi, I should just try to stay away from Arnav ji, I have to stop him from coming close to me and do whatever he feels like.

Some more tears fell on their own accord. The very thought of staying away from him tore her heart into pieces. She just cannot stay away from him. And she is very well aware of that. His presence, his one touch, his one look full of affection, his one kiss. His one hug melts her. She just cannot stay away from her Arnav ji.

She looked up and said "Hey devi maiya, mujhe sakti dena" (give me strength".

Just then she heard a click from his bed room. She immediately fluttered her lashes to remove her tears and with her dupatta she wiped her cheeks properly before getting up from the floor.

Arnav frowned and peeped inside the kitchen "Khushi! What are you doing for so long here?"

Khushi turned the other side in order to hide her red face, showing as if she is busy with some work.

Arnav without asking anything further walked towards the sink where she was standing.

She opened the water and took some detergent and pretended to wash utensils.

Taking the glass she started washing without giving any glance at the man who was standing behind and looking at his wife's antics.
She slid her fingers along the glass foam dripping down from her fingers, while she continued cleaning it. She washed it and kept it aside. She took their dinner plate and started washing it.

The moment she put some foamy water on the plate she felt his strong fingers holding hers and his breadth kissing her neck. His body pressed against her back. She slowly supported the plate on the basin so that it doesnot fall due to her almost frozen hand due to their close proximity and her heart which has already started racing at the speed of 1000 horse power.

He kept the plate aside and put some more foamy water in other hand. He held both the hands and started applying foams sending tingling sensation down her spine. She had to admit that her husband was the GOD OF TEMPTATION. He played with her soapy fingers while kissing her neck, placing feathery kisses. But his full concentration was on her fingers giving him his full attention. He slid his middle finger over her middle finger and dragged till her wrist. Holding it, he gave her one spun which made her open her eyes in shock and hit him on his chest.

His eyes, his intense eyes, which had a capability to make her knees weak, looking deeply into her eyes, scanning something hidden beneath her beautiful innocent look.

He frowned "you'' were crying Khushi?" immediately his concern towards her took over.

Khushi's eyes wide in shock. "How did he make out that I was crying?"

Arnav searched her face and waited for her to answer.

He tried to cup her face romving her concern marks from his face. But the moment he was about to touch she waved his hand and moved back.

"DUR REHIYE'..Stay away from me".

Arnav who was initially shocked to hear that, immediately changed his expression clutching his jaws.

He held her waist and pulled her towards him. Boring his eyes on her he said. Don't. You. Dare. Ask. Me. That. Again.

Khushi was truly sacred by his rage and firm voice. She knew when he was angry she better keep quiet. But unlike her natural self she answered him.
Narrowing her eyes she snapped "Why? Only you have the right to throw me out and take me back in your life?"

there was a silence for few minutes.

"Kyun kya huya? Boliye, jawab dijiye". (why, what happened now? Say, answer me)

Arnav just looked at her, the hurt, the pain, evident from her voice.

He tried to hold her but in return he got what he was list expecting

She pointed her fingers towards him and said "Unless you answer me you cannot touch me".

That's it, he lost his cool and grabbed her by her nape and smacked her lips with lips.

He was literally bitting her. She bit him back in rage. He tried to put his tongue inside her mouth but she blocked her mouth placing her tongue.

It was a tongue to tongue fight. Was that a fight or they were making out passionately it was very diffucult to undertand

The rage were on their faces. The fight was on in the kiss. But their hands failed to sync with the fight.

His hand pulling her towards him and her fingers fisted his shirt pulling him towards her.

Both did not know when their blood started to mingle with their kiss.

Their kiss grew, grew and grew. They were not in a mood to stop at all. It was as if if one pulls back from the kiss he or she is a loser. So both did not want to lose in this game. The game which started with a small fight was not moving towards a highly hot and passionate encounter.

In two time Arnav picked her up holding below her butts and kushi kept biting his lips in rage and frustration.
He walked towards their bedroom and dumped her on the bed still kissing her madly. The more she bit the more mad he got. The more he bit the more angry she was.

If one could add the term brutal then this was surely an example.

He locked her hand on the either side of her and locked her fingers with his.

After a minute or two he could feel her light sobs against his lips and that's when he realized what they were doing. It was no longer a fight for them. It was pure love, their want for each other, unknown desire which took over.

For the first time in his life Arnav singh Raizada decided to lose this battle because he knew he has already won it.

He pulled back from the kiss and looked at her wife sobbing. Her tiny red nose flairing in anger, her lips brutally bruised, blood oozing out from almost every corner.

He caredssed her cheeks and kissed away her blood. She closed her eyes and gave in.

He whispered against her lips, "forgive me Khushi". Was the only thing he said to her to which she opened her eyes and looked directly towards him.

She saw his face, she saw his eyes, she saw he meant that sorry from his heart.

He closed his eyes and said "don't ask me to stay away from you, I'..cant".

He opened his eyes and looked at her. Placing his forehead on his he said "I know you are angry, but trust me I will make everything fine between you and muskaan".

Khushi wanted to hear something else, not this, he wanted to say something else but he couldnot bring it out.

She wanted to listen "I never wanted to part you from me" he wanted to say "you are blood that runs throughout my body and I cannot live a single second without you" but it just couldnot happen.

Khushi pushed him with all her force and rushed towards the bathroom. Before anrav could stop her, she locked the door.

He wanted to knock but he preffered not to. He wanted to give her sometime.

it was almost 8am, the morning was gloomy for both of them. Each lost on their own thoughts.

Khushi prepared breakfast for her and him while he made friends with Acer.

"Erm! Your breakfast is ready." He heard her.

"coming!" she heard him.

Picking up Acer in his hands he walked towards the dinnig table.

Khushi saw Acer in his hands and could help but to admire the new bond.

He handed over Acer to her and said "Lo pakro tumhari A.S.R ko"

Khushi immediately looked at him.

She corrected Acer, her name is Acer.

"did I say something else? Mrs Raizada?"

Khushi again looked at him in amused expression.

He wiggled his eyebrows and asked again "did i?"

Khushi stammed and said "you said'..aah! forget it".

She made a face bringing back her trademark pout while he smirked naughtily.


"Ya NK, I will pick her up you don't need to pick her from today".

He cut the call and saw Khushi already walking towards the door with her bag.

"WAIT!" he screamed.

Khushi stopped in tracks and waited for him to speak.

"you are coming with me".

She turned and looked at him "No I am not coming with you".

"Khushi stop this please. You are coming with me and that is final".

"FINE!" She spat out angrily.

"You are the boss, and I have to obey my bosses words I guess". She continued.

"Husband! I am your husband, and its your duty to obey what your husband say". He smiled while dragging her out of the house.

The neibours eyes them suspiciously.

Khushi felt a little uncomfortable and asked him to leave. "chodiye humme, sab dekh rahen hai"

"To? Big deal".

He continued walking towards his car and made her sit in front.


Arnav entered khushi's cabin and sat on her chair. Infact it was his cabin only, which he has asked NK to make it into her cabin.

After two mintues Khushi entered the same cabin and was shocked to see him sitting there. Immediately she recovered thinking that it was his cabin anyways. She was about to move out when he called her

"Kahan ja rahi ho? Isn't this your cabin?"

"it is the master cabin in this office, so it think it belongs to you know".

"come here".

Khushi felt a little uncomfortable.

"I said come here"

Khushi walked towards him and stood infront of him.

He checked her out from top to buttom, "since when did AR approved sarees in the office Mrs Raizada?"

Khushi remained quite. No matter how many times he had addressed her with this name she cannot help but to feel unknown rush down her spine. And the way he was addressing in his husky tone, she just couldnot utter a sinlge word after that.

"come this side"

Khushi walked towards him and stood beside him.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him, making her fall on his lap.

He made her sit on his lap and kissed her shoulder, "abhi tak gussa ho sweetheart?" (you are still angry on me?) he said in a soft caring tone.

He kissed her cheeks from the side and slid her hand on her bare belly sending her tingling sensation.

She covered his arm placing her palm over his.

"you know Mrs Riazada, I thing saree is more convineant". He said naughtily, crawling his fingers towards her swells. Before he could touch them, though he did not intend to touch right now. Khushi got up from his lap and snapped. "Please sir, maintain some decency in the office".

But what she couldnot hide from her husband was her blush and a tiny satisfactory smile on her face. She ran out of the cabin instantly.

"Pagal hai".

He was trying to fix her laptop when his eyes fell on an envelop named Khushi Kumari Gupta.

He took it and saw the bank's name.

He opened the envelop and then the letter.

It was a band statement.

Going through the statement he was shocked to find, she has spend hardly any money from her salary account. Few hundreds, here and there. The entire two months salary was kept intact.

He wondered why? Coz her last statement which he has gone through while he was in Mumbai stated that she spend all her pervious salary when she came to delhi. Her debit card statement tallied with the shopping bills.

But what happened suddenly? Why she did not spend any money? He called up reception to get Khushi in his chamber.

Khushi blurt out the reason why she didnot spend the money.


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