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Chap 48
"I can never say..."
Khushi did not know when see slept on Arnav's chest, resting her cheeks on his hard masculine body. The tiredness taking over her slowly due to the series of incident that had happened, how her own baby did not recognize her. Her tears dried but the sore still very fresh in her hert.
Arnav felt her sobs against her chest and finally feeling her calm in his embrace.
Arnav slowly ran her fingers in between her hair to sooth her pain and anxiety and stole glances to check whether she slept or not. Once he felt her whole body gave up her entire weight on him, he breathe sigh and kissed her head carefully without disturbing her.
The whole night he kept checking her time-to-time. He did not even want to move an inch, which may have woken her up. In spite of having stiffness and pain he still managed to keep her asleep on his chest. Like a father cuddling her baby in his arms to sooth all her pain.
He touched her locket and brushed his hands on it promising to god that he will be the reason of her smile sooner or later. And he will do what he can for her and only her. He had indeed given her enough pain in life in such a short time. Specially suspecting his khushi. Thought she never confessed that she loved him but still his heart always knew that she did love him and love him a lot. It was not pulkit who made him believe it was his heart, which won the battle over his mind.
It was very tough for a person like ASR to believe in love and togetherness going by what life his given him. But he just couldn't help but to fall for this simple girl and her unconditional love towards each and everything around him.
It was she from whom he has learnt that, TRUE LOVE still exist.
He looked at her lovingly and smiled. "Khushi Singh Riazada, you are indeed the one and only one for me".
He felt proud to have her in his life,
he felt proud to be a lucky man for once in his life,
he felt proud to be with her,
he felt proud to chose the right woman which whom he has fallen in love, if not madly then like an insane.
His heart stated to swell up due to the feeling and she pressed her more against him feeling the his wife's warmth.
He closed his eyes and inhaled.
"I can never love another woman like I love this woman in my arms, and no one can love me more than this woman" he noted mentally feeling happy and smiling like a happy husband.
"Khushi, I want you back in your normal self as soon as possible, just dying to hear Arnav ji from your mouth and just dying to feel your arms securing me in your embrace".
"I want that careing khushi back. I want you to pamper me and I would loved to be pampered by you just like you pamper Musky".
You and you daughter, the name, which you gave cannot be better than this. I am glad that I did not gave a second thought before changing her name otherwise I would have regrated big time. All thanks to mish who told be about it just before I filed the custody paper.
She is indeed your dauther khushi and she is the reason of my muskurahat (smile) whenever I am Khush (happy). It couldnot have got better than this.
Both of you will bring happiness in my dark and lifeless present".
He kissed her again and opened his eyes.
He slowly tried to remove his hand from her shoulder, result of which she smuggled more to him feeling some kind of lose that has happened.
She moved her face up towards his face adjusting her lips and pouting, resting her head on his chest.
He looked at her angelic face felt and urge to kiss her pouted lips. He just couldnot help himself but to lean on her face to claim her lips.
Slowly pecking her, and receiving a cute moan barely audible instantly, he smiled and looked at her.
He was, so loving the feeling of their closeness. He never thought, that a married life holds so much so much of positive aspects. He wished he married her before. He did not know what he was losing in life all these days hating the most lovable bond that a couple can have until khushi happened to him. Just her presence made such a difference in his life. Her vibes, her ruthna, his manana became his most happiest part in his life. He has never enjoyed something like this before. No matter how much he has achieved in life, this feeling was unique and cannot be compared.
It was almost 5.30 in the morning and Arnav was having his sleepless night just admiring his beautiful wife when khushi tried to toss.
Feeling something wrapped around her she frowned in her sleep. She once again tried to toss but she felt the same wrapper around her shoulder.
She opened her eyes tying to fix her vision, she saw her husband looking at her lovingly with a cute smirk on his face.
Her frowm immediately vanished and she tried to move back but Arnav pushed her with his hand which was resting at her back, making her fall against his chest.
Khushi widened her eyes and looked at him all scared, she did not know why she was sacred. Her heart beat was racing and she was having panic attack.
She again tired to get up when she heard "Relax". His warm breath brushed her lips.
She slowly lifted her lashes and met her eyes with him.
Arnav slowly turned her around holding her shoulder and leaned onto her face. He nuzzled his nose with her, which made her very nervous. In any case her booting was not completed and upar se hubby ki sweet torture that also in the early morning.
He kissed her nose and rested his forehead on her forehead.
"How was your sleep?" he asked her in a husky voice.
"Ummm...woh'.."she invariably stammered.
He leaned further looking at her lips and tired to kiss but khushi moved her head sideways clearly signaling her resistance towards him.
Arnav looked at her.
she looking at the other side
he leaned and kissed the corner of her lips.
Khushi closed her eyes feeling his lips on her lips and tried to protest in her mind but she failed again.
She felt him pressing his lips on the same area and she just gave in.
She parted her lips and slowly started turning her face towards him, making her breath kiss his lips.
Arnav allowed her to do so.
In the process he started pecking her lips, as she tilted her head towards him. Quater part of her lips then half , then almost the center of her lips.
She arched back and Arnav took that opportunity and gripped her sliding his arms around his waist.
She moaned in pleasure, her hormones taken over, she was again losing all her senses and preparing herself to melt in his warmth yet again.
With the other hand he fisted a bunch of her hair and pulled her to make her arch.
"Aaah!" she cried, to which he darted his tongue inside her mouth.
She gasped so did he.
Tasting his manly tongue she lost herself totally in some other world.
Aranv literally hovered over her and kissed her madly as if there is no tomorrow.
The room was field with imaginary mist due to their hotness. Their moans and groans escaping time-to-time making the room filled with their melodic whispers.
Enjoying every inch of togetherness losing themselves to each other, torturing each other with their sweet assault yet wanting them to crave for more and more.
His touch was different
His tease was different
His groans were different
His domination was different
His reception was different
He was more relaxed
He wasnot tensed
He was giving himself to her
He wanted her to kiss him the way she wanted to
He wanted her to hold him (which did not happen)
He wanted to hear his name desperately.
He broke the kiss and saw her face.
Her angelic eyes still closed.
Her lips parted and filled with his necter making it look more ravishing. He leaned and pecked again.
He brushed her hair with his finger and kissed her fore head.
For the first time in his life Arnav Singh Raizada did not want to complete the whole act. No matter now desperate he was to take her but he chose to kiss her, love her, and devour her more than satisfying his internal urge.
It would be wrong to say that khushi wasnot ready for it, she was anticipating his next move and was fully aware of what was coming next but to her surprise he just embraced her instead, dropping her entire body weight on her.
They remained like that for few minutes until the door bell rung.
Khushi opened her eyes and said "Ummm! I think the milk man is on the door".
She could feel his heart beat racing as fast as hers, his form a bit shaking due to the foreplay.
Before she spoke again she felt him move up from her and roll beside her taking her along with him.
He tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled.
"Go!" he said lovingly "and come back soon" he said in a perfect naughtily tone.
Khushi just couldnot help but to blush, her checks complimenting her red swollen lips and her eyes lowered due to shyness.
"Beautiful" he said
khushi searched in his eyes.
Arnav tapped her nose with his index finger and said "My wife is the most beautiful person in this world".
That's it she heard him saying "my wife".
Her blush vanished immediately, her pain taking over her facial expression.
Before Arnav could see a tiny tear accumulated in her eyes she just rushed out of the room.
He felt something different, but what? Why did she suddenly react like that? Why her expression changed? She was blushing few second back, then what did he do which made her rush outside like that?
she opened the door and took the milk from the milk man.
Shuting the door she walked towards the kitchen. Keeping the milk packets inside the fridge she covered her mouth and started crying. She opened the tap so that he doensot listen to her sobs.
"for the first time you called me your wife Arnav ji, but that will last for few months. Just 4 more months then everything will be lost" she thought while her eyes started flooding with her tears.
"the moment that I am spending with you is just for few months and after that I will be left alone in my house cherishing these special moments shared with you".
"Mishu, musky everyone will soon become my past".
"and you...", she sobbed harder.
"The past that will stick like a second skin".
"Hum aapse bohot bohot pyaar karte hai Arnav ji, shayad meye yeh aapko kabhi nahi bol paungi". (I love you a lot Arnav ji, I can never tell you how much I love you)
she slid against the refrigerator and cried her heart out.
I know the story has not moved much in this update but somehow while drafting i felt the need of both their POVs
Arnav is shocked while going though Khushi's Bank Statment
(this is going to be one of my favourite scene of this FF)


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