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Chap 47
She saw misha smiling at her holding misha in her arms.
Khushi's sorrows were immediately washed away looking at her daughter's cute face. She so missed her these days.

She started crying bitterly looking at both of them.

Without delaying further she spread her arms to take muskaan in her arms.

She held her hand and was about to take when muskaan turned towards misha frowing her little face and dug her face towards misha.

"buiii" she let out an annoying tone hear which Khushi was shocked.

Misha uncomfortably looked at khushi and turned muskaan towards khushi saying "Musky, see you mamma is here baby".

But to her surprise muskaan did not want to turn towards Khushi. She failed to recognize khushi to everybodies surprise.

Khushi moved back two three steps feeling shattered from inside. Her heart failing to accept that her baby, her musky was not able to recognize her. The baby she loved the most, the baby who had become a very integral part of her life failed to recognize her.

"My baby is not able to recognize me". Tears flowing down her cheeks. Her hand still in spreaded in the air hoping for musky to turn and jump from misha's arms to come to her. But her arms remained empty.

Her vision blurred due to her freshly formed tears. Her heart skipped a beat. Her mind failed to receipt the reality.

Her baby couldnot recognize her maah!
Khushi moved few more step back when she hit on arnav's chest. Craning her neck she saw Arnav.
Arnav could relasie the rage in her eyes seeing him. He know inside she was hurt. He wanted her to lash it out on him but she reminded quite feeling defeated.
He know this was the final nail in the coffin. No matter how much he has hurt her, this was the greatest blow that she had faced.
He own baby, for whom she has done so much couldnot recognize her.
Arnav slowly held her shoulder to which she waved off his arms politely making her way towards the kitchen.
Arnav fisted his palm realizing what damage he is done by sending khushi to delhi, but this was not the time to think about it an feel guilty. He needs to act and act fast.
He went towards misha and practically snatched muskaan from her hands.
Muskaan initially protested but later understanding her fathers touch she stopped. Not that she liked to be in his arms but she was still ok. After khushi's departure to delhi, Arnav hardly concentrated to muskaan, she was always kept with muskaan during those 2 months, so he grew some amount of aloofness from Arnav too. But still atleast she saw him, heard him and felt him around her in the house so the damage was not as sevier as Khushi's.
Arnav walked towards the kitchen with an irritated musky and stood right beside khushi, who was trying to be normal by resuming household works.
Seeing Arnav and muskaan, she stopped and tried to escape from the scene but Arnav held her hand and stopped her.
Khushi lifted her lashes and looked at him blankly, tears still rolling down on their own accord.
Anrav turned muskaan who was not busy nuzzling her face on arnav's chest and spoke "look baby, your mamma is here"
He was in the verge of handing over muskaan to khushi, when muskaan made a crying fac and gripped his shirt.
Seeing that khushi started sobbing all the more.
Anrav forcefully made muskaan face towards khushi and dumped in her arms to which muskaan started crying badly.
Hearing her cry and pain khushi said "bus kijiye aap" (enough)
She shoot a deadly look towards Arnav.
Khushi handed over the howling muskaan to Arnav. "aapko kya lagta hai, you can force anybody and everybody?"
The sentence hit him hard. He exactly knew what she meant. This is how he had been behaving with her all these months too.
"kamse kam is bacche ko to chod dijiye" (atleast leave this innocent soul)
she wiped her tears with her palm. "you have achieved what you wanted right? Then why are you forcing today?"
Arnav was practically stunned. He did not understand what was she talking about.
He frowned "Khushi what are you talk ing about?"
Khushi gulped her tears and fired her words towards him.
"You wanted me to stay away from mukaan, do you remember?"
Arnav saw the madness in her word when she said that he remembered how he tried to keep muskaan away from her and how he rudely behaved with khushi in his office.
Arnav's expression immediately mellowed down. He took few steps towards khushi to which she moved back equal steps.
"Stop it, for god's sake. Please issey aur mat rulaiye" (please stop making her cry)
"the work is done and she is away from me" she said in a choky voice. Her words cracking due to her emotions, which took over her mind.
Muskaan continued to cry a lot stuggling in his arms.
Misha who was listening to all these approached Arnav and took musky in her arms and tired to pacify her.
"Buiii" she called her out.
"No baby don't cry like this.
"Paah!" she saw Arnav with her tiny eyes filled with tears.
Arnav kissed her cheeks and wiped her tears with his thumb. Kissing her forehead he said "I am sorry sweetheart, please forgive your paah!" Arnav made a sad face before muskaan.
Muskaan immediately threw her arms in air gesturing Arnav to hold her, stuggling in misha's arms.
Arnav took her in his arms and kissed her madly, while muskaan continued her sobs.
"I missed my baby so much".
"Paaah!" she let out a throaty voice, half chocked.
Arnav kissed her all the more furiously and pressed her against his chest.
Khushi saw the father and daughter bonding and did not stop her sobbing.
Misha quickly went towards khushi and hugged her with all her force.
"Oh khushi I missed you so much"
Khushi hugged misha back and started crying bitterly.
Arnav just could stand and watch the two most special people in his life due to her one move have been so deprived to be with each other.
He mentally cursed himself for doing so and promised himself to make things like before.
After this very emotional session Arnav asked misha to take muskaan with her as he did not feel it was a right time for them to be around the couple. He needs to talk to khushi before he make muskaan and khushi be face to face.
With heavy heart khushi bd bye to muskaan and misha and closed the door behind.
the rest of the day day was a quiet affair. Though Arnav wanted to talk to her but she mostly avoided him through out.
it was night, khushi changed into her night dress and came out from the bathroom and saw Arnav sitting on the bed in his side looking at khushi.
She knew he was waitng for her to join but she totally ignored him and tried to took the quilt which she had managed to bring it down.
When she was about to leave, Arnav held her hand.
She closed her eyes in frustration and her grip became tighter on the quilt.
Arnav saw that and then saw her face once again.
With her fingers he opened her fist and snatched the blanket from her. And one twril he turned her towards him and pulled her.
She got misbalanced and fell exactly on him.
Arnav gripped her waist tightly and looked at her.
She looked at him and frowned while protesting in his grip. But Arnav looked at her holding her securely in his arms.
With the other hand he tired to remove her locks, which was coming on her face and distracting his view from his any wife.
Awe he so loved to see her all fisty and angry. He quilty gave her a naughty glare before planting a kiss on her lips.
Khushi pressed her lips tightly so that he was unable to make his way inside her mouth.
Arnav realized it and mentally smiled feeling her resistant.
He rolled her beside him and looked at her lovingly, still removing her excess strands of hair.
He cupped her face and kissed her forehead.
He made her come a little bit close to him and finally hugged her after the long day.
But as he expected he did not hug her back.
After almost few minutes of exchanging silent conversation Arnav broke the hug and pressed his lips on her drinking her sorrows but nibbling her soft lips with his.
Caressing her back with is strong arms, he deepen the kiss result of with he felt light quiver and some soft sniffing in return.
When he pulled himself off from the kiss, he saw her crying silently. He kissed kissed away her tears and caressed her cheeks with his thumb.
"My baby couldnot recognize me" she let out her inner turmoil finally.
That is exatly what Arnav wanted her to react. He never wanted to be intimate to her but he know that was the only way he could crack the silence. He know she becomes too emotional once he is physically loved.
Arnav kissed her forehead once again and said "I am sorry khushi! I really am for keeping you both away from each other".
Khushi gripped his night shited and sobbed. "What harm did I do to her that you wanted me to stay away from her?"
"You have not done anything khushi. It is my fault"
"she can never recognize me".
"she will".
"She will not"
"she will" he said firmly.
Three four drops traced her cheeks.
"Khushi! She is your daughter right?"
Khushi suddenly felt her heart skip a beat hearing that.
"right?" he asked again.
"I……..I don't know" she bit her lips and sobbed harder.
"She is khushi! She is your daughter and no one, I mean it haan! No one has more right on her than you".
Arnav pulled her towards him, making her rest her head on his chest.
"you know what khushi? Even if di comes today, still you will be muskaan's sole mother. No one deserves hers more than you do".
Khushi closed her eyes, her tears bathing Arnav chest now, soaking her t-shirt. But he felt nice that atleast she is crying on his chest.
"she has orphaned her when she was really small, I can never forgive my di for that no matter how much I love her. Being a mother she just cannot leave her child like this".
"Musky is really very lucky to have you" he said caressing her hair.
"She will get the best mother in this world". For the first time I don't regret that di has left her. Yes I do feel bad about the emptiness, but I have faith in you that you will give her more than my di could have ever given her.
Khushi started crying bitterly hearing those words from his mouth. Even Arnav couldnot control in emotions and if one could see though his word he would have able to see his wet lashes.
"but……" she was about to say something when Arnav slowly picked her up by her shoulders and rested her on the pillow
he got up from the bed and walked towards the cupboard.
Khushi looked at his retreating back and calmed herself down a bit.
After coming back he showed the locket to her to which khushi got up and held it.
Wiping her tears and composing herself she said "yeh? Yeh to meine musky to diya tha". (this I have given it to muskaan)
"How dare you?" Arnav said in a firm tone.
Khushi looked at him surprisingly not understanding his last line.
"Khushi! Do you know I made you wear this?"
Khushi had no idea what he is talking about. She stared at him blankly.
Arnav opened the hook and made her wear it once again while telling her "that day when I met with an accident, this locket came out in musky's hand while playing but you did not come to know as you were too busy with her that time." After locking it securely he looked at khushi and continued "later when you slept in my room I made you wear this locket".
Khushi understood what he wad impling too. He meant it was a symbolic mangalsutra that he had tied around her neck.
Khushi felt her heart swell hearing such a thing from her Arnav ji which was beyond her imagination.
She touched the "Om" locket and looked at him.
"do not open it in future. Ok?" he said in a polite tone.
Arnav hugged her back feeling something inside him tiring the chain once again around her neck and kissed her shoulder.
Khushi slid her arms around lightly feeling his warmth.
After 5 minutes of their silent embrace Arnav spoke "I know I don't have the right to ask you this khushi, but still I would ask, do you trust me?"
After a couple of seconds he sensed her nodding in approval.
He hugged her more and said "then don't worry, I will make things alright".
"Musky is all yours khushi, give her sometime she is a baby, and I know you will win her back and very soon she will call you Maah!
He said wiping his tears which was about to fall any moment.


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