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Chap 51
"Pyaar Ki Yeh Raat Hai"
He gave Khushi a last peck on her head and looked at the half sleepy musky, resting her head after such a long time on her mumma's shoulder. He flicked her chubby cheeks and she gave me the most beautiful smile slowly closing her lids and drowning in sleep in her peaceful world, her mumma's arms.
Just when he was about to close the door he saw misha crying near the door. He quickly hugged him and pressed herself. "I am so proud of you bhaiya, I am so proud" she said in between her sobs.
Arnav hugged her and just couldnot control his emotions any more. "I have hurt her a lot mish, a lot".
Misha could feel her brother's chest field fid so many emotions, her t-shirt getting soaked by his uncontrollable tears.
"Bhaiya, I know you will make everything fine".
He broke from the hug and kissed her. "Mish, you are an angel, you know that?"
Misha said in teary eyes, I am what, you have made me bhaiya, agaar aap mujhe nahi sambhalte to phir'.."
Arnav pressed his finger on her lips and pulled her tight hug.
"You are the best bhaiya and a best father in this whole world and I am sure you will be the best husband too".
He gave a sad smile to her and said biting his jaws "I hope so".
"Bhaiya, she loves you a lot and you know it".
"Yap, but I have hurt her a lot too".
"Just love her, she doesnot want anything more".
"I want her love back Mish".
"she will bhai".
The drive back home was a quite affair. She was a little grumpy on Arnav because she did not let her stay back in the bunglow with musky. After such a long time she met her and she even called her maah! But Arnav was hell bend on bringing her back to their apartment.
Khushi after a long time spent some quality time with mish, admiring her when she was sleeping in her arms, playing with her with her toys, talking to her, cuddling her, feeding her, making her sleep and finally crying when she left for the apartment.
Reaching home she straight away got down from the car without waiting for him to join her. He sensed the situation and avoided her moog swings.
She walked though the corridor while he followed her.
Some neibours saw them coming started talking to each other.
"Look, humlog kya samajte the aur yeh kya nikli"
"umma, dikai pe mat jao"
Arnav just stood and glared at them. Both of them went inside their respective rooms.
Khushi angrily opened the door and went inside their room and locked herself in the bathroom. Where as Arnav came and cuddled Acer, gave him her night food and fondled her for someone.
Khushi came out of the bathroom in her night dress and went towards the kitchen to give food to her baby.
Upon reaching there she found acer sleeping cozily on Arnav's lap and Arnav resting his head on the sofa.
She walked towards them and picked her up.
Arnav's little nap got interrupted, "umm, I already gave her food".
"I know that" came a sharp and firm reply.
"you have changed?"
she did not speak.
"I think I will go and change too".
He got up and walked inside their room.
Khushi was making bed for Acer when she heard him saying, "Khushi, where have you kept the cupboard keys?
"Its in the drawer" she screamed.
He opened the drawer and fetched the keys. Getting it he opened his cupbord to take out his night stuffs.
In the process he found a plastic packet in between khushi's dress. Out of curiosity he took it out to check what was there and to his surprise he found a grey "v" necked t-shirt and a cute small pink gown. He couldnot stop but to feel overwhelmed with the feeling that someone has got something for him.
For him?
For the beast?
For the person who has given her nothing but pain?
For the person who has given her sorrows, hurt, literally absued her?
She is brought something for him? When? Why? Why did not she gave that to him?
He took the t-shirt and crumbled it in his hand then kissed it. He felt his emotions rushing down her spine. He took his night outfit and went side the bathroom to change.
Coming out he took the packet and went straight towards the kitchen area where she was almost done fixing Acer's bed.
In no time he picked her up and walked towards their room.
"Yeh'.yeh kya kar rahe hai aap, utariye mujhe neechy" she tried to protest (what are you doing? Put me down)
Arnav without listenting to her brought her inside their room and put her down. She pushed him a little and made an angry face.
He tried to remove her hair but she shoved his hands off.
She was about to turn and leave the room when he went ahead and locked the door.
It was nothing new for Khushi, and she is already immune to all these ruthlessness of him.
She crossed her arms on her chest and stood fuming.
Her back was facing him, he slowly came towards her and hugged her from behind hiding his face on her shouders.
She was for some moment taken a back. She was expecting something else but he was totally different.
She could feel his heart thumping on her back, his breadth showering her shoulders, his head resting in a relaxed way on her and his arms lazily sliding around his petite waist.
"Khushi!" he called her in a husky voice.
She invariable closed her eyes hearing her name from his mouth. The anger, which she tried to sustain were all gone in drain immediately.
"ab woh Karen bhi to kya Karen? No one has ever taken her name with so much passion after all.
"Thanks", he said in a whispering tone.
Slowly he started swaying holding her firmly in his grip. Khushi opened her eyes in surprise and looked down feeling a little shy, because his hardened form was hitting her on her back.
He pressed himself more. Yes he was turned on, and it wasnot out of attraction. It was more out of emotional rollar coaster, which he was currently going through.
Slowly he started humming the lyrics in a shayari tone
Aankhen band kar loo jo mein dekhu bas tumhe
khwabo mein hi keh sakta hoon apna tumhe
rehne de mera yeh vehm pe hi yakeen naa ja abhi

pyar ki yeh raat hain ab na jaa
chotti si ek baat hain ab na jaa'

As if the moment stood still in between them. Their heart was doing all talking. He made her face him and cupped her face.

"Why didnot you give me this?" he pointed towards the t-shirt which he led on the bed.

She was shocked to moticed that and then the reality hit her. The song lingering inside her ears, the feeling of to be loved, which was immersing suddenly drowned in some unknown world. The world of pain that he has given her time-to-time.

What could she say, why she has got it? What could she say why she has not given it to him?

She had tears in her eyes, her words chocking inside her throat. She just couldnot place herself to tell him.

he slid his arms around her waist and leaned near her ears and whispered.

"khushi! this is the first time someone got something for me, do you know? before this no one has gifted me anything. Maybe i had never gave them those kind of vibes so that they can give me". He said while turning her around.

she closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest feeling his entire form.

Arnav who was hugging her from the back slid his finger dragging entire length of her long silky arms said, "why khushi? why didnot you give me and musky these things?"

Breathing heard she replied, "I thought you might not like to be gifted by a middle class girl, this brand is nothing compared to what you wear. i thought i don't have the right to gift musky anything as she was your daughter". She tried to free herself from his grip. She put her arms on his arms and tried to move it but instead, she was twirled by him and landing on his chest directly.
"you are my wife khushi, and you not only have rights on me but anything and everything related to me", he said in a much heart tone. How he wished could undo what he did with her, but he knew words onces thrown out can never be taken back.
"aur musky? Who to tumhari bachhi hai na?" 
that's it listen to her name she just couldnot stop her tears any more. She started weeping to which Arnav pecked her lips and said "I am sorry baby, please don't cry sweetheart" he placed another kiss on her lips.
"muah!" he made a noise while kissing her with a chuckling effect.
He hugged her tightly and rubbed her back. "you know why I did not wanted you to stay there to night?"
Khushi looked at him and searched for the answer in his eyes.
He caressed the corner of her lips and said "because I wanted to spend your first birthday with you alone".
Suddenly Khushi felt a tug inside her belly. "He remembered her birthday? He did?" she thought.
"I remember anything and everything related to my wife Khushi, there is nothing to get so astomished" he said to which she couldnot control some more tears which kissed her warm red cheeks.
With a very low voice he asked "can I get a hug from you?"
Khushi looked at him with apologetic eyes. She knew he was missing her hugs these days and it was no less punishment for him given by her.
She slowly turned towards him and pressed her against him sliding her arms touching his back. 
He happily embraced her, though he knew it was not one of those special hugs, which she always gave him, but right now It was more than enough for him to feel her near him, embracing him.
"Happy Birthday baby!" he squeezed her in his embrace while she stuck to him like a second skin.
He claimed her lips and smooched her passionately not failing to touch every part of her body with his fingers. She too enjoyed his touch.
"Bohot mann kar raha hai" 
it came from no where.
Khushi nervously looked at him and was dumbfolded. She did not know what to answer.
He looked at her state and continued, "bohot din hogaya hai" and there couldnot be a better day to start it again.
Khushi was hell nervous now. "What does he mean? How can we have it?" she thought
"will you make jalebi's for me tonight?"
her breadth hitched, listening to what he asked. "Jalebi's" she thought. "how can he ask for jalebis? Is it for me he is asking? Then no, I cant do that, I know how much he becomes sad".
Some how she had a feeling that as he loves jalebi's he is don't it for her. And to be true he was doing this for her. If his wife can throw that in the dustbin and promise him that she will never have those despite of it being her favourite then "woh to itna kar hi sakta hai apni Khushi ke liye"
She quickly broke the hug and cupped his face.
"you don't have to do this for me".
He quickly pressed her finger on her lips and said, " I am doing it for us Khushi, and now we are not different people, we are same. And I want to make this birthday the best day of your life, please help me to do so. I need you help. I need you".
Arnav takes her out and Khushi gets high


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