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Chap 13
It Hurts Arnav ji

"May I come?" was the sweet voice interrupted khushi who was busy looking at the sleeping gul and thinking about the encounter she had few minutes back with Arnav.
Khushi jerked and looked at the door. A very sweet lady with dimple stood right at the door.
"hi!" khushi smiled looking at her.
The lady first looked a little confused "who is this girl, what is she going here in gul's room" she thought.
The lady moved inside and looked at gul, sleeping peacefully in the crib.
Khushi was literally scanning her from top to buttom and was wandering what was she doing here in gul's room.
She moved forwards and patted her shoulder. The lady turned back and looked at her.
"what are you doing her?" khushi barely whispered looking here and there.
"don't you know that no one is allowed in this room? If that khadoos laad governor sees you then he will not spare you.
The lady looked at her all amused.
"Only I am allowed in this room other than Aman. I wonder what you are doing here. And I was going to ask you the same question which you have asked". She said.
"yyyoou are allowed?" khushi asked widening her eyes.
"yes I am". The lady replied. In between who are you? And what are you doing here?
"oh sorry I am khushi, a new intern in AR"
"oh I see, that's why you did not know the rules, right?"
"well let me tell you miss khushi, no one other than me is allowed in this room. I think you better leave before ASR take your class ok? I am sorry if I am rude but trust me I don't want you get scolding from ASR. He is really bad when he is mad".
Khushi did not know why she did not like this lady talking negative about aranv and also did not like the fact that she was asking her to get out of this room and also the fact that only she was allowed in this room and not anyone else.
Khushi was practically fuming now. He decided to talk to arnav about this matter soon.
She knocked his cabin door. But there was not reply. She slowly rotated the knob and peeped in and found his chamber empty.
Suddenly her eyes fell on Acer who was sleeping peacefully on his chair.
Khushi rushed inside and picked her up in her arms. Acer stretched her arms and yawned.
"you naughty girl, don't you know you are not supposed to be here. If that laad governer sees you I will be screwed. And how dare you sleep on his chair? It's bad manners you know"
"oh my baby is hungry? Come mumma will feed you some milk"
After leaving Acer with the guards and kissing her more than 10 times she went inside to resume her work. She directed peons to arrange her chair and a table inside ASR's chamber.
Each and every stuffs were hell shocked. They have never seen their boss taking such a weird decision. Aman helped khushi in getting things done keeping in mind what ASR will like. He cannot afford to leave the arrangements on khushi not atleast till when he is aware of her taste too.
Later in the afternoon khushi sat with aman and understood each and everything from him regarding the fashion week. She noted every minute detail that needed to be taken care off. Aman was very impressed with the dedication she was showing. He learnt that Khushi was a quick learner and extremely serious about her work just like pulkit.
It was almost 8pm in the evening and khushi was preety exhausted after the tedious day. She was making note on what all she has done today she was waiting for her boss to come.
Suddenly she heard a faint noice and feel as if someone touching her shoulders.
"madam! Madam! Wont you go home?"
Khushi adjusted her vision to see a peon standing beside her with confused expression.
She immediately held the arm rest and jerked up.
"Arnav ji?"
"who to nikal gaye" the peon said.
"oh! But he did not meet me?" she frowned questioning the peon.
She picked her phone and was about to dial his number when she realized her havenot saved his number.
She thinned her lips and picked his business card, but to her surprise she couldnot find his mobile number there. Frustrated she sat on the chair holding her head and looking at the paper that she has prepared.
"madam, are you going to leave now? Because unless you leave I cant leave the office".
"is aman ji here?" she enquired.
"no he has left much before".
"oh ok. I will be leaving in 5 mins" she said.
After placing the list on the table she took her bag and went out.
Arnav was in his room sipping his coffee and sketching his new designs for fashion week.
Suddenly his phone rang. He took the phone and was shocked to see "khushi calling"
"what the?" itni raat ko koi phone karta hai kya?" He thought
Then suddenly his mind got diverted to pulkit. "I hope nothing happened to him, if not then why is she calling me at this hour?"
"Arnav ji!"
"Khushi! Is everything ok?"
She was again almost in her name. "It sounds so different when he calls me by my name".
"What the? Hello??"
"Arnav ji! Why did not you give me your number?"
"Why did not you make me save your number? Do you know after calling almost 10 unknown numbers I found yours and now my balance is too low, will you please call me back?"
He looked at the disconnected phone "what the? Yah ladki mujhe pagal karke chodegi"
"Uffo arnav ji, let me save your number first na, again I will lose it"
"shut up khushi kumari gupta"
Her eyes widened
"speak up, why did you call me?"
"woh I wanted to tell you what I did the whole day was told by you"
"Miss gupta, is this the time to call your boss?"
"but arnav ji you have only told me to tell you and then I can leave for home"
"what? Wait. Whare are you?"
"in the office"
"yes arnav ji, how can I leave before letting you know?"
"wait there. I am coming".
He banged his car door and barged inside his office. He met the poor poor who was waiting for khushi to leave.
He gave his some tips and asked him to leave.
He angrily walked towards his chamber and found khushi dozing off keeping her head on her new desk.
"what the? Yeh ladki mujhe pagal karke chodegi".
Miss gupta?
Miss gupta?
"MUMMY!" she flinched with his loud voice.
She got up all scared and hugged Arnav.
"arnav ji, you scared me"
He could feel her halving chest against him. This was the first time he was actually feeling her body. The last few encounters were so sudden that he did not pay any attention. But right now it was different. He was calm and that made him feel her rather than force her.
He did not know why but he slid his arms around her waist and stood like that for sometime.
Khushi broke the hug and saw him. Without moving back he asked him "why did not you tell me before you left?"
"am I supposed to tell you that sweetheart?"
"ofcouse you do arnav ji, I was waiting for you to let you know what I did the whole day"
Arnav was all lost looking at her mesmerizing eyes.
He tucked her hair strands and kissed her cheeks, then he replied huskily "why were you waiting for me khushi?"
Now it was her time to get lost in his husky tone and her damn name which sounded so orgasmic in his voice.
"woh meye…arnav ji…meye"
"kya khushi?"
She was all lost in his eyes.
He did not know why she closed her eyes in the next moment. Was she expecting a kiss from him? He thought.
For the first time Arnav Singh Raizada was out of control. He did not know what to do, how to react. He gulped looking at her and leaned.
His breadth was kissing her lips, her cheeks turned red, her lips parted in anticipation. He cupped her chubby cheeks and leaned further. He closed his eyes feeling her warm breadth on his lips making his lips burn.
He parted his lips to capture her lips when his phone rang and both of them snapped open their eyes and looked at each other.
Khushi felt extremely embarrassed while arnav became very angry with his behavior.
He finished his called and growled at her
"what the hell were you doing?"
khushi looked at him all confused.
"Arnav ji meine kya kiya hai woh aapne.." she was not able to finish it when he held her shoulder tightly.
"I told you arnav ji that I was waiting for you"
He took the paper from her hand and tore it into pieces.
"Arnav ji yeh aap kya kar rahe hai? Itna gussa kyun arnav ji?"
"Mind your own business miss gupta and leave right now".
"par arnav ji"
"I said LEAVE"
"there is nothing to shout like this arnav ji".
He gritted his teeth and held her hand and dragged her outside the office
"yeh aap kya kar rahe hai? Chodiye mujhe, arnav ji, aah! You are hurting me"
He did not listen to her pleading and continue to drag her outside. He swirled her outside and pointed his index finger towards her.
"listen miss gupta mind your own business otherwise I will though you out of this office. I will not care how you will manage to save your boyfriend. Do you get me?"
She was in tears now "arnav ji aap kaise kyun bol rahe hai?"
"tumko kya lagta hai I don't know your motives?"
"arnav ji mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aah rahi hai"
"don't cant innocent khushi. You think I am a fool that I will not know why you called me in the office?"
"but I never called you here"
"shut up. Smart very smart. You called me indirectly here and then tried to get physical with me bu hugging me? You think by giving this extra time you will get extra money?"
Khushi was shocked to hear this, she has never expected arnav to say such cheap before her.
"Arnav ji, aap mere barein mein aise sochte hai?"
He grabbed her shoulder and jerked her "I know you middle class people very will miss gupta"
She looked at him tears rolling down her cheeks not in a position to speak anything to defend herself. He was looking at her innocent eyes, those eyes which showed hurt, as if her most der person has stabbed her.
He loosened his grip and she took few steps back.
He closed his eyes immediately regretting what he has just said. He knew he was wrong. He knew he has hurt her terribly by his words.
Before he could say anything she turned to go.
She stopped and looked at him
"I will drop you home, sit in the car"
Without telling anything she turned to leave.
Khushi! Listen to me
But she did not care and started walking in the opposite directing.
She walked on the road looking down lost in his venomous words. She was so lost that she did not hear the horn. When the horn became louder she turned to see a truck coming towards her. She became too shocked to react and move.
And then bang!


  1. awwww..poor khushi..
    Arnav control ur emotions that u dont want to show her na..y r u lashing out the poor thing..
    btw i think the lady in gul's room was misha..oh may be not..she met her earlier na??then who is she??r did khushi not meet misha??
    hope khushi didnt get into any big accident..hope arnav got her right on time..
    awaiting the next part..

  2. Thanks for the update!! Wow, what a cliffhanger!! Hope Khushi is ok!! I'm so worried for her! *biting my nails*

    I feel sorry for Khushi too! Arnav was so mean to her! Yeah, he should control his temper and give her a chance to explain herself!

    I don't understand Hindi!! Would you please include English translation too? Thanks in advance!! I'm looking forward to your next update!!


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