Thursday, 13 September 2012


Chap 12
You made me Smile

The moment his lips touched her bossom, she froze.

Initially he wanted to be really hard on her, as he thought she was encroaching his boundary, but looking at her state specially her perfect shapped soft melting bossoms he was just too mesmerized to react in a beasty manner.

Khushi tried her best not to react. His words still echoing in her ears "i don't like to be marked by someone. If you can't control your desire then hold on to something else".

She gasped hard feeling his hungry mouth on her bare skin. She tried to push him with all her streanth but she failed thinking of what Arnav has done for her and pulkit. She tried to stebilze her breadthing which was running like a race horse but closing her eyes, letting him do what he has started off. But to her surprise after a few seconds she sensed him licking her lovingly with all passion filled emotions.

Immidiately when his desire took over him he realized what he was doing. He touched the same girl once again? He immediately stopped his act getting lost in his thoughts.

What was wrong with him?

Why did he felt the urge to touch her?

He was mad at her for crossing her limits today that's why he did that.

But why he mellowed down seeing her bare bosoms?

Is he getting attracted to her?

No ways. She was just an ordinary girl. Much much ordinary than the rest he had before. But then what made him think about this girl 24/7?

Why was he mad at her seeing with gul?

Does she remind him of Gul's mother?

Does she acts like her?

Why he can see the same person in her whom he has lost?

Why he forgets everything bad around him when he looks into her eyes?

How could he force her that night?

He practically raped her.
Why did not she stop him?
Why did not she tell him the truth that she was a virgin?
What was I doing to her just now?
Again forcing her?
Why man why? Why do I always end up doing something, which I hate?
Why do I fell that I keep on forcing me on her?
This is not the feeling, which I got while sleeping around with other girls? Then why do I feel like that with her?
But she knows why is she here. And what I expect from her. Then why at the end of the day I feel guilty?
He leaned on her unconsciously near her nape and closed his eyes.
Khushi could smell his musky fragrance, his warm breadth kissing her nape, his grip on her slowly loosening, her cheeks flushed with his rough stubble.
His hand slowly adjusted her bra and then hooked the buttons. Finally he straightened her shirt, removing the creases.
By this time khushi is damn confused by this man. One time he is like a beast and in the very next second he is a total different man.
Khushi thought
What made him force himself on me like that?
What did I do?
Did he do it because of gul?
He wanted to punish me?
Then why did he stop?
What made him stop?
Why is he so whimsical?
Khushi slowly put his hand hear his chest when she felt his warm equally errotic breadth on her nape.
Arnav pecked her on her nape and whispered, "I am sorry"
He slowly hugged her after that while she slid her arms around his back slightly resting herself on his shoulder.
She did not know why all the time she felt warmth in his embrace after his cruelty towards her. Why she always ended up hugging him as if she is the only person in this world who can ease her pain when he is the only person who is capable of giving her the greatest pain in this world.
"Please don't make me made next time" he whispered.
"I am sorry Arnav ji" please forgive me. I shouldnot have come here when you have asked me not to but I just couldnot help myself coming inside when I saw her. She is just too cute to be avoided Arnav ji.
"Stay away from her" he said in a calm composed voice, not letting his previous anger take over. He feared of hurting khushi once again so he gulped his frustration and anger and decided to remain calm.
"Why Arnav ji?" she muttered against his chest.
"Because this is not your work, you have other important things to do in this office." Stop becoming so personal in your professional field. This will lead you nowhere trust me. People should know through your achievements.
She had so many questions to ask him but she decided to remain quiet at that time drinking his loneliness, his hidden affection, his different side which even pulkit never mentioned to her.
They broke the hug and arnav pushed her locks behind her ears, brushed her cheeks with his rough hand and then looked into her eyes.
"Don't make me made in future. I don't want to repeat what has happened today."
Khushi put up a nervous smile across her face and nodded in approval.
"Now go and meet aman, he will explain you about the fashion week and what you need to do. From now onwards you can report to him, you don't need to come to me.
"Why?" she said bluntly.
Arnav looked at her with amused expression.
He always wondered, knowing her nature why she is always comfortable and fearless in front of him after what he keeps on doing to her?
"Because I don't want you to disturb me with pety issues which aman can solve". He explained her with lot of patience.
"But if I still need some clarifications? I mean if I don't understand something then?" she enquired.
Arnav closed his eyes and thought, "here I am thinking how to make her stay away from me and she is hell bent on meeting me"
"Listen miss khushi kumari gupta, there is a syatem called intercom, you can ask me whatever you want to. But make sure that you don't disturb me during my important meeting".
"What if I have to show you something?"
ENOUGH, we will see then. Now stop wasting my time and go.
Khushi turned to go but she again turned to face him. "But will be sitting in your cabin right? What if you have a meeting and I want to come and sit on my seat?"
Arnav sighed, don't you think miss gupta you ask too much of questions?
Khushi looked nervously towards him.
"Well if that is your last question then I would say stand outside my chamber when I am in a meeting."
"But wont it look it I am some security guard standing outside your room protecting your cabin?"
Arnav just couldnot help this time but to smile at her antics for miliseconds.
Khushi widened her eyes and looked at him slowly planting a smile on her face.
Excited she spoke "Arnav ji?" you smiled?
Immidiately arnav became serious.
Khushi took three four steps towards him and clapped her hands in excitement. She patted her back to acknowledge herself as if she did an impossible work possible.
"What? Are you crazy or something?"
"well Arnav ji, Arnav Singh Raizada ko hasana mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai (it is not only difficult but it is impossible to bring smile on your face) and I am so proud of myself that I did it today. Do you even know how nice you look when you smile?
Both of them froze immediately.
Khushi froze thinking about her stupidity how she blurted out.
And arnav froze thinking about the fact that this female told him openly about his looks without hesitating 1%.
But she was right, it is difficult to make me smile and she did it effortlessly. After mish, gul and her, its khushi who brought on my face.
But she is a crazy female.
How can someone be so excited about the fact that she made the other person smile?
How can she be so happy for this?
How can she just forgive me so easily and forget the whole thing as if its nothing but a peanut for her?
How can she think I look good after behaving like an animal with her?
"You know why I am happy arnav ji? Because rulana to bohot assan hota hai, par hasana utna hi mushkil" (you can easily make someone cry, but you cannot make someone laugh so easily) yehi khasiat hai khushi kumari gupta mein. And you cannot deny arnav ji.
I think I have already heard you a lot, now can you please move out of the room?
Khushi pouted and looked at him and he surely didot miss her pout. He so wanted to capture her pouted lips and kiss her madly melting her petite body in his arms.
Arnav immediately brushed his thoughts and moved out of the room.
Happy? No cliff hanger?


  1. loved arnav feeling guilty ...beautiful update

    - roze

  2. Cute update..
    The way Arnav change his way of punishing into passion..and later asking her sorry n making her understand not to make him mad at her..somewhere these to have some sort of a cute bond..
    I so wish Gul asks for Khushi soon..
    Awaiting the next part..

    1. awe lovely yaar. i loved the last time which you wrote. can i incorposte that in my FF?
      "I so wish Gul asks for Khushi soon.."

  3. So the Arnav in ASR is slowly coming out. Loved the new chapter.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing such a beautiful job with this FF! It's highly addicting and I've been stalking your blog for updates! I love the change in ASR!! He seems to always be able to surprise Khushi and vice versa! He is so drawn to her! Please update soon!

    - Katelyn

  5. I believe your sense of detail is awesome and you portray it so so so well .. the characterization is so strong , even for the baby , i can almost imagine the baby in real in front of me lol .. so yeah very very well done and please know that you are one talented writer *hugz*

    - Roze

    1. OMG! thank you so very much for the compliment dear.


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