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Chap 11
The Predator

Khushi smiled after coming out from his chamber. She happily kissed the kitty and cuddled her.
"Acer" now you should be a nice kitty and stay good ok? She kissed he again.
Suddenly while passing by she heard cute noises coming out from a room.
She craned her neck to see what was happening? She slowly moved towards the door and sneak peaked. She saw that cute little kid sitting on the high chair and playing with her toys alone.
Khushi opened the door and gul looked at her. Suddenly her full attention was on Khushi.
Khushi smiled her and went towards gul. She kept the acer in gul's play box and neared gul.
Gul was now frowning and looking at Khushi. Khushi stood right in front of her and bend down.
"hi!" she said cutely iching guls hand with her index finger. Gul was still frowning.
I am khushi, she said before her, and you are gul right?
Suddenly listen her name from khushi she got excited and started thumping her high chair. Khushi smiled at her and picked her up.
Gul looked at khushi as if she was scanning her with her beautiful big eyes. Suddenly she held her nose and twisted it.
Gul started giggling seeing khushi in pain.
Then gul suddenly leaned on her nose while holding it and gave an open mouthed kiss and started giggling.
Khushi hugged her tightly and cradled her in her arms while she rested her head on her shoulder putting her thumb inside her mouth.
Suddenly gul pointed towards the window and with an amused expression started making noises making an "O" shape lips and widening her eyes like a saucers.
Khushi looked back to check what was she showing, and to her wit she saw Acer who was inside the box has got out and now she was walking on the parapit of the window. Khushi immediately panicked and run towards the window to hold her. Thankfully she got her at the right time.
Khushi let out a huge sigh holding Acer.
"I told you to stay inside the box then why did you get out? She barked at Acer. On the other hand gul was enjoying khushi's scolding to Acer. It was something new to her. No one has scolded her ever since she was born. She was all very pampered by her dad and her bui.
Gul looked at Khushi all amazed and smiled at her.
Khushi continued scolding acer, who was now shivering in fear.
Khushi quickly held her and hugged her.
Awe baby mamma scolded you? Oh I am sorry sweetheart.
Khushi's eyes widened she looked at gul.
Maah! She said again this time placing a slap on khushi's cheeks.
Khushi got hell scared now. She put a fake smile on her face and touched her chubby cheeks. I am aunty she could manage to say that.
Maah! She said and again leaned towards her nose but this time to bite her.
In between she did not know when acer has gone out of her grip and walked out of the room.
Khushi was about to put her in the high chair when gul frowned and held her collar tightly and started rubbing her full face against her breadth as if she doesnot want to get down from her lap.
Khushi felt a little uneasy when gul did that. She kept on digging the head inbetwen her breast getting all frustrated.
Khushi understood that gul doesnot want to let go of her so she planned to stay with he for sometime.
But wait, why is she all alone? Where is aman ji? Who is she? She must be misha's sister, she thought. But they don't look like. She looks like Arnav ji, ya her eyes are like him only, only difference is her lashes. Gul had beautiful lashes where as Arnav ji's eyes are manlier. Hey Devi maiya, yeh meye kya soch raha hoon?
She was lost in her thought while gul started putting her saliva around her breast over her shirt. But she was so lost that she did not realize it.
By the time khushi came back to her senses her left breast was drenched with her salive.
Khushi saw gul who was in deep sleep in her arms. She looked at her cute face and kissed her on her forehead.
She touched her face and she did not know why she could only see his image in her face. "Could it be Arnav ji's daughter? Suddenly here eyes go wide remembering Aman's conversation. Oh my god, she is indeed Arnav ji's daughter, that's why she is in this room. This is her room. Arnav ji had made a room for her daughter in AR. But why? How is Arnav ji's wife then? No he doesnot have a wife. He is not married and I have never heard about his mistress. Then who is this kid? Why aman ji said that Arnav ji has a daughter? He cannot have a daughter. If he had then pulkit must have known about this. He never told me anything on that. But then if Gul is not his daughter then why her features matches with him? It could be he had an affair with someone and then she left her with him and Arnav ji doesnot have any choice but to keep her with him. This could be the case, khushi thought.
What the?
Arnav looked at the kitty who was actually sitting on his shoes for long time but he was so engrossed in his work that he did not hear or feel her. And when he felt her he couldnot move his legs.
He slowly picked her up and placed Acer on the table.
Oh bhaiya, she is damn cute.
Shut up Misha
Bhaiya can I please keep her with us?
No you cant
Please bhaiya, please pretty please.
Misha, she is khushi's I mean Miss Gupta's how can you keep her?
Bhaiya who is this khushi?
A new intern
Bhaiya you like her don't you?
What the?
Arnav looked at misha all shocked.
What do you mean Misha?
She wrapped around her circling his nape and said "Bhaiya, yesterday night you were having a very disturbed sleep and you were screaming on someone heavily panting and sweating and accusing that why did not she tell you. I could only here this and her name at last when you relxed a bit and then finally odsed off.
Arnav was extremely shocked to hear such a thing from misha.
Yesterday he was dreaming about their encounter in the guest house. When khushi was practically senseless and was drenched in blood. He non stop accussed her for not telling the trust about her virginity.
Arnav punched his fist on the table thinking the same thing again.
Bhaiya, are you ok? If you don't want to talk about it, its ok I will never ask you again. But bhaiya she is definitely different. Different than rest of your girl friends.
She is my bloody employee misha, how can you talk about me and Miss gupta?
Bhaiya, she is more than an emplyee to you, even you know that and yesterday I came to know. You also panicked taking her name, as if something bad hs happened with her and you were continuously calling her. Then you hugged me tighting taking her name and carssing my head.
Bhaiya, I am telling you what I have witnessed, and you know I don't lie. Bhaiya there is nothing wrong to think about a girl.
You should tell enough to your so called dark life bhaiya, its high time you should just move on. You will get nothing out of this life bhaiya? There is a much beautiful life waiting for you.
Misha was shocked. She has never seen Arnav behave such rudely with her. This was the very first time. She could sense his dilemma, she could sense his battle, she could sense his inner feeling, she could sense his brother trying to suppress his feeling of happiness and she knew it was only because of her and gul. He loves both of them just too much and after her death he is become all the more emotionless man. But somehow today she could see a bit of her anrav bhaiya.
Misha cupped her face and wipped of his sweat dots formed on his forehead.
Relax bhaiya, I am sorry. She pouted and held her ear.
Arnav immediately embraced tightly hiding his all his emotions in that hug.
Misha remained quiet for the next 5 mins. until she got a call from Rohan.
 Bhaiya I have to leave now. She kissed arnav and bid good bye to him.
Arnav couldnot stop his anger after seeing Acer on his table. He immediately called the reception to ask where khushi is. But to his surprise maria was clueless about it.
Arnav opened his door and marched through the corridor when saw a lady's back in gul's room.
He barged in
Khushi made a noise without looking at who it was.
Aman ji! Aap kahan the? She was all alone and now you are making noise? She has just fallen asleep. Keep quite. No wander why you act like that laad governer. Sangat ka asar hai after all.
Suddenly khushi felt as if someone pulled her by this hand and made him stand.
Khushi turned to see who was it and was shocked.
I mean, she gulped, Arnav ji aap?
What the hell are you doing here? He said gritting his teeth.
Khushi gulped again, I was I was
I was making her sleep, she pointed towards gul
Arnav closed the gap between them and said, are you her nanny? Do I pay you for this? Don't you have other work to do? Why are you hell bend on interfaing in my personal life? Who do you thing you are? A bloody middle class female?
Khushi stood frozen where she was, she just couldnot believe what arnav has just said.
Arnav was about to take gul from her arms when ghe saw gul's grip tightly held her collar.
Arnav clutched his fist and slowly removed her tiny fingers. Gul frowned a little sensing a lose. But she was in deep sleep so she did not react much.
Listen you female, don't you dare enter this room in future. You understand? Otherwise mujse bura koi nahi hoga.
Kyu arnav ji? Why cant I enter this room?
Arnav was not extremely irritated with her.
Because I don't want you to enter and gul will not like you.
But she already likes me Arnav ji and even I like her. I love kids arnav ji. What is the harm if I take her in my arms for sometime?
ArArnav's gaze immidiatly feel on her breast which was all wet and he immediately knew how it happened. Arnav was a little shocked to see that. It reminded him of Gul's mother. Gul always did that to her mother when she was hungry. But she never did that to Misha or Stela her nanny.
Arnav laid gul inside the cradle. He turned to see where khushi.
So, Miss gupta, looks like you are hell bend on becoming her mother?
Excuse me? I did not get you.
Arnav walked towards the door and looked it. He kept the keys in his pocket and then glared at Khushi who was standing in the middle of the room.
Arnav advanced towards her and she walked backwards until she was pinned on the nearest wall.
She was breadthing heavily.
Suddenly she felt his finger circling her left breast with her fingers. She was just to shocked to react.
So you wanted to feed her?
Khushi did not understand anything he was saying. She did not even notice gul's saliva marks on her breast.
Arnav started opening her shirt buttons
Why don't you feed me? With that he pull out her left breast and took it in his mouth.


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    So Arnav couldn't control his emotions towards Khushi & did wat Gul wished to have..
    Loved the cute time Khushi spent with Gul..And the little one is bang on..called her Ma..
    And Gul's shock on seeing Acer over the parapet wall & enjoyment seeing Khushi scolding her..It was so cute..
    So now Gul is THE CUPID in uniting Arnav n Khushi..
    Khushi analysing Gul's features & putting things together thinking she must be Arnav's daughter & thinking abt her mother..
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