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Chap 15
Clouded Thoughts

"Khushi!" the man called her.
"Aman Ji" she ran towards him still holding Gul in her arms.
"Aman Ji, dekhiye na kya ho gaya hai (look what has happened).
Aman looked at Khushi is shock, he couldnot say anything for few seconds after he saw her.
"Relax Khushi, where is ASR? How is he?" aman asked a worried Khushi.
"Aman Ji, woh emergency ward mein hai (he is there in the emergency ward) unconscious".
Aman cupped gul's cheeks and asked Khushi to relax.
"Mrs Riazada, you need to sign on the papers"
both of them looked at the nurse who was standing behind Khushi holding some papers.
"Look madam I am…." (she gets cut of by aman)
"I will do the formalites" aman took the papers from the nurse's hand and smiled at Khushi before signing on the paper
"You are?" the nurse enquired
"His manager" aman reliped.
After the nurse has gone he turned towards Khushi and said "I think you should go to the wash room and wash your face before ASR wakes up"
Khushi touched her face and asked him stilling touching her face "whats wrong with my face aman ji?"
Before aman could say anything further Misha cmae running towards Khushi and started dragging her towards the emergency ward.
"Misha whats worng?" she asked panicked.
"aman bhaiya, bhai ko hosh agaya hai"(bro is coming back in his senses)
that was enough for Khushi to increase her pace towards the ward along with misha. And aman followed the two ladies.
First he flinched a little while trying to open his eyes. He was unable to make out anything at the beginning. The light right above his face was not helping him to open his eyes. But after few seconds he adjusted his vision and opened his eyes.
He saw a crying misha standing beside him sobbing hard.
That was if, she crashed on his chest crying madly.
"Hey princess, I am alright, ok?"
Immediately he visualized what has happened few minutes back, he panicked.
Misha smiled and broke the hug and cupped his face. "she is here only bhaiya"
Misha stood up and moved aside so that he could see Khushi.
There she was holding sleeping gul, tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Khushi!" he called her once again.
Misha took gul from Khush's arms so that she can go to Arnav.
And just when misha took gul, Khushi started walking towards Arnav and then she did which was the most unexpected thing for everyone in the room.
She crashed on his chest and hugged him. She cried..cried..and cried holding him tightly until he put his arm around to sooth her.
He looked at the ceiling trying not let the tear roll down but there are certain things in this world which cannot be controlled by the great Arnav Singh Raizada. He immediately wiped the drop before it could fall.
Then came the next shocking question "How could you arnav ji?" Khushi asked still hugging him and sobbing on his shoulder.
"how could you risk your life like this for me? Did you forget about Misha? And what if anything serious happened to you? Aapne ek baar bhi gul ke barein mein nahi socha (not even for once you thought about gul)? Kyun Arnav ji? Why?"
Ek ehsaan kya kam tha ke aap dusra kar diya? (wasnot one ehesaan enough that you ended up doing the second)
How would I have faced these two if something happened to you? Phele pulkit who did not care about his life just to save my life and now you? Ek to apne zindegi se lard rahe hai but you? How can you be so irresponsible Arnav ji?
Khushi did not know from where she got the power to scold Arnav, she did not know why she was scolding him and kis haq se. but all she knew was she was guilty and over burdened now. First pulkit and then Arnav. Infact arnav's contribution was more.
He made her face him by pulling her up.
A tear fell down from her eyes on his cheeks.
He wiped her tears and said "I am so sorry Khushi, for hurting you once again. I did not mean a single word. I was just.." (she cuts him off)
"Mad at me, I know" she pouted.
"Again I have behaved in a stupid manner Arnav ji. And I am sorry for that. And I am sorry for this too".
Misha and Aman who was witnessing these two were totally dumb stuck.
First of all a girl hugs Arnav without any hesitation
Second she cries madly hugging him
Thirdly there was no anger in ASR's eyes
Fourthly he hugged him back infornt of them
Fifthly he did not react seeing Khushi
Sixth Khushi was pouring her heart out. Infact she was literally scolding him and he did not react in a negative way
Seventh Arnav was patiently listening to her that is very unlike his character.
Their thought were interrupted by the nurse "Excuse me, please leave him for sometime, we need to do his final check up. And you Mrs Raizada" she held khushi's shoulder and turned her "I know what you are going through just calm down madam".
Khushi was shocked and scared. Her heart was racing. She chanted Devi Maiya's name and looked at Arnav who was lying calmly looking at her.
"Aaarnav ji, I don't know why everyone here is calling me Mrs. Raizada" she said in a shakey tone.
Arnav exhaled and looked at everyone around him "Go and wash your face Khushi"
Khushi again touched her face here and there and said "aap hi Arnav ji? Kuch samaye pehle aman jib ho yehi bole hai"
"Just go and wash without wasting further time Khushi" he said in a firm voice.
Khushi immediately got up and ran to the nearest bathroom. She opened the tap to wash her face when some strands of hair fell on her face. She looked up to the mirror to remove it just then she froze.
It was as if like the land beneath her is about to move and she was fall. She blinked her eyes stiring at the mirror for few seconds.
Her hand moved up on its own accord and touched her forehead.
She was blank
She was numb
She lost her mind
She could hear her own heart beat
She could hear her own breadth
She could hear the sound of flowing water
She could hear some jabbering coming from the corridor.
But her eyes darted on her forehead through the mirror. Without a blink a tear rolled down.
Was this some kind of sign from devi maiya?
Was this supposed to happen like this?
Was she supposed to wipe it off just like that?
Does she have any right to wipe it off?
How did this happened?
Why did this happen?
She looked at herself couple of tears fell down.
She smiled looking at her. She was looking pretty no doubt. It was her dream to see her maang full of sindoor and today her dream came true.
But it was blood not sindoor
It was his blood
It was Arnav Singh Raizada's blood.
"Am I married to him?"
"no. It cant be. It was just an accident.".
She closed her eyes and images of the accident kept on flashing in front of her closed eyes.
How she saw his car over took the running truck and spun around shielding her. How he was looking at her as if it was his last breadth and she was the person whom he wanted to see last before closing his eyes. How she ran towards him seeing the advancing truck just to save him and then bang!
How she held his lifeless body in her arms helplessly and hugged him as if she was losing him. How she placed her forehead on his and that's when his blood got transferred on her forehead.
She opened her eyes and looked at him for the last time on the mirror before she left just like that without removing it from her forehead.
She did not have the courage to remove it
She did not have the strength to remove it.
Neither she had the right to remove it.
She slowly took heavy steps towards the emergency ward.
The doctors checked Arnav was the last time and declared that he can go home. Gul was in arnav's arms.
All of them saw Khushi entering the room; still having Arnav's blood stains on her forehead.
Their eyes met and there was silence for few seconds.
Aman and Misha exchanged looks.
Arnav thinned his lips and was about to bark at Khushi when misha held his hand to stop him.
"Mish! you and ASR go home, I will go and get the car from the accident site".
Aman helped them to get into Misha's car and said "I will drop stella back home".
Arnav looked at Khushi for one last time and got in the car.
"Aman! drop Khushi home" Arnav ordered.
"don't worry ASR I will drop her home once she takes me to the location and we find he car".
After that they drove off leaving Khushi, Aman and Stella behind.
After dropping stella they reached the accident site and found the car. To their luck the car was just dented. They ordered the driver to take the car to RM.
Just when Aman and Khushi was about to enter Aman's car, Aman's phone rang.
It was misha's call. She told something to aman.
"Khushi, misha was asking for you", he gave the receiver to Khushi.
Khushi took the phone.
"Khushi! Misha here"
"hi Misha is everything ok? I mean did you guys reach home? Aur Arnav ji?" she stopped feeling awkward suddenly.
"Khushi bhaiya is fine, he is in his room, I have called you to ask you that whether it is ok if you come and stay here in RM tonight?"
Khushi was blank for few seconds. She did not know what to say.
"Actually the problem is I am not able to make gul sleep. Woh kabhi aise nahi karti hai par aaj she is very cranky. She is crying a lot. Other days bhaiya is always there to make her sleep but today I don't want to disturb him as he is already in high dose of medications. Gul seems quite comfortable with you around that's why I am asking you to come over if that's ok with you that is".
"Arnav ji?"
"I will manage that Khushi, he will not say anything"
"Ok misha, I will be there soon".
"thanks a lot Khushi".
"you are most welcome misha".
After disconnecting the call she looked at aman. Before she could say anything Aman said "I will drop you in RM"


  1. Now thats good..Coz Arnav is not in grave danger..
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