Monday, 21 January 2013

ARSHI FF:ONE NIGHT STAND2 Epilogue (updated)


Misha opened the door to welcome her beloved bhaiya and bhabi holding Mushy in her arms.
The moment musky saw her mumma, she started struggling in her bui's arms to go to her mumma.
Khushi immediately took her from misha and kissed her.
"mumma ko missy kiya?"
"haaaw!" she said cutely as if saying yes to her question.
"awe! My sweety pie"
Arnav tried to take musky in his arms but she refused to go to him and turned towards Khushi.
Arnav made her face him and said "oh bachhu, apni mumma mil gai aur pah! Ko bhul gaye?" he pouted cutely seeing which musky started giggling.
Arnav dug his head on her cute tummy and nuzzled making her giggle more. Bursting out in laughter she fisted Arnav's hair crunching herself sucking her belly so that Arnav doesnot tickle her more.
Khushi carring Muskaan, Arnav and misha came in and went straight towards the mandir.
Khushi touched Devi Maiya's foot and then hugged misha.
Arnav came and hugged both misha and Khushi together, feeling complete in their arms.
"Bhai, I want you to put sindoor on Bhabi's maag to day" misha said still hugging Arnav.
Arnav broked the hug and looked at misha. She looked at Khushi whose tears started rolling down her cheeks.
Arnav held khushi's arms and brought her to the center of the mandir. He made misha hold muskaan and brought them to their centre.
Muskaan struggled to go to Khushi but Arnav held khushi's hand blocking her from taking muskaan in her arms.
"Arnav ji, muskaan…?" Khushi tried to protest but Arnav shh!ed  her.
"Kya tum in dono ko sakshi maan ke mujhse saadi karogi?"
Even misha started crying what Arnav just said.
"They are my world Khushi and nothing can be so sacred other than these two".
Khushi just couldnot control her emotios anymore she threw herself on her and hugged him tightly in his arm.
"just be like this with me forever Khushi.
You are the one who have changed this ASR to Arnav.
You are the one who brought out my feelings
You are the one who taught me to live
You are the one who showed me this beautiful world.
Never ever leave me. I will stop breathing if you do so".

"Marry Me"
Khushi broke the hug and saw his eyes beaming love and affection.
Arnav held her hand and started taking seven pheras circling misha and muskaan.
"I promise to share my entire life with you"
"I promise to be on your side whenever you wish me to".
"I will stand like a pillar and take away all your pain".
"and shower you with love and take you to the happiness lane".
"even the death cannot make us apart"
"because I promise love you with all my heart"
"today I am agreeing to all those promise those are made during marriage"
"I am lucky to have you as my mirage".
Narrating the 7 oaths Arnav and Khushi completed their 7 pheras.
Misha quickly brought the kumkum (not sindoor) which was kept near the devi maiya's idol and Arnav finally filled her mang with devi maiya's ashirwaad.

"Knock! Knock!"
"Khushi!" he shouted standing near the bathroom door.
"Let me come in. we are getting late for the haldi" Arnav knocked vigorously.
Khushi opened the door and tried to peep out to stop Arnav, but she was a little late.
Arnav pinned her near the door and said, "how dare you entered the bathroom without me?" he bit her lips.
"Arnav ji woh…"
"this is the time and last time you are trying this. Do you get it?"
Arnav picked her up in his arms and made her seat on the basin.
He quickly un dressed himself and plastered him with her nude from.
He made her wrap her legs around his waist.
"3 days you are avoiding me Khushi. This is not done" he said against her lips
"Arnav ji…" Khushi tried to speak
"No, I am not going to take any of your request today. I simply want you right now, in here".
"NO!" she screamed.
"Hadh hai Khushi" Arnav spoke in an angry tone and released her and went inside the shower cubicle.
Khushi pouted and got down from the basin counter and walked towards Arnav.
She hugged him from behind pressing herself on him.
"I don't want it" he protested cutely.
"No don't try your tricks on me Khushi. I said I don't want it".
"I am not calling you baby" came her reply.
Arnav turned towards her and gritted his teeth "what do you mean?"
Khushi was quite and was blushing furiously.
"what the?"
"Arnav ji…" he expression suddenly turned to concern.
Arnav saw her face and immediately cupped "what is the matter Khushi?"
Then he felt her hugging him with all her force.
Arnav was now really concerned.
"Relax, tell me what is the matter".
"Arnav ji I am…I am… I mean we are….".
Arnav's eyes went wide in shock, excitement etc.
He immidaitely pushed her holding her shoulder and searched in her eyes.
She looked a little sad.
"Khushi! You don't want this kid?" he asking keeping a rock in his heart.
Khushi immediately looked at him and cupped his face, "Nahi Arnav ji mujhe yeh baby chahiye" she looked down and blushed due to her sudden confession.
"then why are you sad?"
"Arnav ji muskaan?"
"Whats with muskaan Khushi?" Arnav asked understanding what Khushi was thinking.
"Arnav ji! Muskaan mere liye bohot important hai and I don't want her to feel neglected".
Arnav pulled her in his arms and said, "if I can manage both my babies so efficiently then why cant you?"
Surprised at his sudden statement Khushi looked at him.
Arnav touched her nose with his index finger and said, "one is muskaan and second is you".
"waise I like your babes too" making Khushi blush furiously now. She knew what he meant. Whenever he got any opportunity he touched her all over and specially her soft ones which he referred them as babies.
"Arnav ji, are you happy?"
Arnav looked at her and kissed her lips, "I am looking forward to this new journey Khushi. You have given me something, which no one can ever give me.
Our baby.

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