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Chap 9
Acer in AR

The girl stood near the window, recapitulating the turn of event that took place in her life. She crossed her hands against her chest holding her OM locket looking up in the sky.
Few minutes' back she got a call from the hospital that Pulkit's state is detoriating and the Indian hospital's will not be able to look after him. But after few minutes she got a call from Aman stating that pulkit will be soon transferred to US for his check up. Fisrt she was shocked to listen to that. Why will Arnav Singh Raizada do so much for her? She is just an employee to him. Why is he going out of the way for her?
Her thought process was broken by a cry of a kitten. She looked here and there to find out where that little one is. She ran out of her house.
"where are you kitty?"
She looked inside the trash bin, she bent down to check under some taxi's parked there.
"Meaow…kitty where are you?"
She bent down to check below her scooty and found a really puffy cute kitty shivering due to fear.
She stretched her arms to pick her up but she moved back.
Khushi bent further to check her.
The kitty could see khushi's eyes now.
Khushi could see kitty's eyes glowing in darkess. A little simple escaped her lips and she spoke.
"Hey buddy, come out. I wont harm you. Look I will not touch you until you are comfortable"
Just then images of Arnav forcing on her came across her mind.
"He did not force me" she clutched her night kurti. "Stop thinking like that Khushi"
She remembered how he stopped when he came to know that she was a virgin. "Uff that pain", unbearable.
She remembered how he picked her up and placed her inside the tub and touched her private parts to stop the blood. His eyes.
His eyes said something to her that time. But what? She wondered. Why was he so restless at that time? Why was he so mad at me when he got to know that I am not a virgin? And why do a person care so much whether the girl is a virgin of not when he himself doenst have a problem having S*X with them without any commitment? Why is he so complicated? Why his action and his eyes talk differently?
Why am I thinking about his eyes? Wait why am I thinking about him at all? Why will I not think about him? After what he has done for me irrespective of why he did that at the first place but he did. He took pulkit's responsibility and now he is sending him to US for his further treatement. No matter what I do everything will be less infront of what he is doing. I will be indebted to him for the rest of my life. He is saving my love, my pulkit.
She closed her eyes and flashes of his accident still quite young in her mind. Pulkit did to save her life. She did to save his life. But Arnav Singh Riazada? What has he got to do with all these?
Khushi once again heard the kitten. This time she took her out holding her lightly so that she doesn't end up hurting her. Just like the way Arnav cared for her by giving her the meds. He was rough no doubt but he did care for her and today in the morning when she misunderstood him, he actually saved her from getting hurt.
Khushi smiled thinking about him and placed the tiny kitten on her palm then pecked her head lightly while the kitty brushed herself against khushi's soft cheeks and closed her eyes feeling the warmth in her hug.
Khushi happily took the kitten inside her house and placed her on the table.
She pointed her finger towards her and said "you better stay here, I will be back soon. She quickly took a cardboard box and placed her inside it so that she doesn't fall off from the table.
After few minutes she came back with some warm water and a towel. She picked the kitty and placed her on her lap.
"So kitty, where is your mother?" she said brushing her vigorously with the warm wet towel to clean her fur.
"Oh my baby" khushi pouted.
She placed the kitten on the table once again and looked at her. Khushi giggled.
"Hey buddy you are looking so lanky"
She dried her with her dupatta.
The kitten brushed off the excess water wiggling her full form and khushi was all Awe stuck.
She pointed her index fnger and the kitten placed her soft paws on her finger to play with her.
She quickly picked her up and kissed her while kitty stretched herself.
Khushi gave her some milk and biscuits dipped in it.
After placing her new found friend in the cardboard box and took her to her room.
Good night Acer
Meow!! She called before cubbling herself inside the box.
Khushi stepped inside the office again before time.
She looked inside her bag and scolded her. "you are not supposed to make noise Acer. Otherwise Arnav ji will through you out from here.
She patted her lovinly and walked straight to her bosses chamber.
She knocked the door. But there was no reply.
She opened the latch and popped her head inside to check.
She saw him resting his head on the back rest of his chair.
"Arnavji" she whispered.
Arnav opened his eyes and saw her popping her head.
Khushi bit her lips nervously "should I get your coffee Arnav Ji?
Khushi looked at arnav nervously.
What are you doing? He said in a calm voice gulping his anger.
What the hell is this?
Khushi nodded no frequently.
Khushi immediately slammed the door hard enough to break his ear drum.
WHAT THE? Whats wrong with her?
Khushi to herself: Hey DM raksha karna yeh Acer mujhe phasayega lag raha hai.
She placed Acer on the table and got her some milk from the coffee machine. She licked happily.
Khushi made his coffee and looked back to see Acer who wa happily taking a nap now on the table after finishing her milk.
She took her and placed her inside her bag and took the coffee and marched towards Arnav's room.
Knock! Knock!
"Come in"
Khushi came in and placed the coffee mug on his table and looked at him smiling.
Arnav took a sip and sighed.
"coffee is nice"
Khushi smiled more.
"Why are you smiling?", "Don't you have work?"
immediately her smile faded. "ji woh"
the less Arnav knew that she was in her mission talking to him. Yesterday night before going off to sleep she made up her mind that she will talk to arnav ji regarding pulkit's treatement in US.
And the less he knew that he was in his mission avoiding her.
"Par arnav ji?"
Arnav looked at her angrily. "GET OUT I SAID"
"Not before you tell me my seat. I don't have a seat arnav ji, where will I keep my things? I cannot more around like a vagabond. You should have shown my seat yesterday.
Arnav couldnot believe his ears now. Did she say something in front of him? Did she say it that long? How can she talk in front of the mighty ASR?
He saw her standing folding her arms against her chest waiting for him to respond.
"Whose office is this?" he said gritting his teeth.
"Haan?" khushi was dumbstuck
Khushi bit her lips and replied "yours"
Then you are telling me what I should do? You are telling me that I should have SHOWN you, your seat?
Khushi looked down.
Arnav got up from his chair and advanced towards her while she turned towards him.
He was standing right in front of her.
She was sandwitched between him and his table now.
She leaned back and he leaned on her.
"Fine Miss Gupta, if that's what you want. Arrange yourself a table and a chair right inside my chamber. You are going to sit here right in front of my eyes. Do you get it?
Khushi's eyes widened and her lips were perfect "O" shaped.
Arnav put his finger on her chin and closed her mouth.
Do it when I am not here. I will be leaving for an important meeting after an hour. Arrange your table before I am back. I don't want any nonsense after that.
He couldnot resist but to place a sweet peck on her cheeks before he slid the bag from her shoulder and took it with him.
Khushi held her hand up in the air and gulped.
Arnav opened cabinet and placed the bag inside and locked the door.
Khushi stood there helplessly.
How can she even say that she brought her kitten in the office? She dared not. Otherwise Arnav would have surely thrown her out of his office.
"You can take your back whenever you need it, as you cannot roam with the bag in the whole office. Here is the key. Keep it with you". Now get me another cup of coffee and meet Aman. He will brief you on your today's to-do list.


  1. awesome update
    hmm khushi baby thinks about asr
    loved kitty khushi scene
    khushi arnav both in one room
    lets see aage kya hota hai
    loved ur ff appy
    thnks for dis
    n thnks for pm

  2. The kitty was so cute..the way she took care of it & compared acer-kushi with kushi-arnav..
    that was nice..
    bechaari brought the kitty to office & now arnav has locked it inside the cabinet..hope it is fine..
    loved the way he pecked her before leaving..wow..he asked her to arrange her table in his chamber..always keeping her in front of his eyes..
    kya ho raha hai yahaan pe..

  3. omg asr's gona eat both khushi and the kitten....aww the kiss was cute =)

  4. awww,the peck..it was lovely :-)


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